April 12 Birthdays in History - April 12 Deaths - April 12 Events
1979 Claire Danes, New York City, actress, Angela-My So Called Life, Romeo and Juliet
1978 Eddie Robinson, actor, Neil Atwater-Swan's Crossing
1975 Marcie Alberts, WNBA guard for the Cleveland Rockers
1975 Sofie Rahman, Miss Universe-Hong Kong 1996
1974 Kabir Khan, cricketer, Pakistani slow left-armer 1994-
1974 Roman Hamrlik, born in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Lightning, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1973 Antonio Osuna, Sinaloa Mexico, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1973 Claudia Jordan, Miss USA-Rhode Island, 1997, top 10
1973 Pamela Polk, Berlin Wisconsin, Miss America-Wisconsin 1996
1971 Fernando Meligeni, Argentina, tennis star
1971 Kent Manderville, Edmonton, NHL left wing for the Edmonton Oilers
1971 Shannen Doherty, born in Memphis, Tennessee, actress, Little House, Bev Hills 90210
1971 Tyrone Chatman, CFL linebacker for the BC Lions
1971 Nicholas Brendon, American Actor
1970 Patrick Brugnoli, hockey forward, Team Italy 1998
1969 Michael Jackson, NFL wide receiver, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens
1968 Adam Graves, Toronto, NHL left wing for the New York Rangers
1968 Alicia Coppola, actress, Lorna Devon-Another World
1968 Neal Fort, CFL tackle, Montreal Alouettes
1967 Bobby Abrams, NFL outside linebacker for the New England Patriots
1967 Donna Andrews, Lynchburg, Virginia, LPGA golfer, 1994 Nabisco Dinah Shore
1967 Kirk Everist, Houston Texas, water polo driver 1996 Olympics
1967 Mellow Man Ace, Cuba, spanish rapper/actor, Only the Strong
1966 Jeffrey Hunter, WLAF DE for the London Monarchs
1966 Lorenzo White, NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns
1966 Theo Blanco, WLAF receiver for the Amsterdam Admirals
1965 Elaine Zayak, New Jersey, figure skater, Olympics-6th-1984
1964 Mike Macfarlane, Stockton California, catcher for the Kansas City Royals
1961 D. D. Verni, heavy metal rocker, Overkill-Hello From the Gutter
1961 Julius Kariuki, Kenya, 3K steeplechaser 1988 Olympics gold
1959 Elissa Leeds, New York City, actress, Cissy-Dorothy
1959 Pascal Barre, France, sprint relay team 1980 Olympics bronze
1958 Tony James, rock bassist, Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Love Missile F-111
1958 Will Sergeant, rock guitarist, Echo and Bunnymen-Killing Moon
1956 Alexander Briley, vocalist, YMCA-Village People
1956 Andy Garcia, Cuba, actor, Stand and Deliver, 8 Million Ways to Die
1956 Doris EHP Baaten, Dutch actress, Sesame Street, Fien
1956 Walter Salles, Brazilian Director
1954 Pat Travers, rock guitarist, Puttin' it Straight
1952 Alexis Arguello, born in Managua, Nicaragua, featherweight boxer, 1974 champ
1952 J. D. Nicholas, English guitarist, Heatwave, Commodores
1951 Jackson Spires, rock drummer, Blackfoot
1950 David Cassidy, New York City, singer and actor, Keith-Partridge Family
1950 Tom Werner, owner for the San Diego Padres/producer, Roseanne, Cosby Show
1949 Scott Turow, American Novelist
1948 Raphick Jumadeen, cricketer, WI slow left-armer of the 70's
1948 Joschka Fischer, German Politician
1947 Dan Lauria, actor, Jack Arnold-Wonder Years, 1947 approx
1947 David Letterman, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, comedian, Late Night
1947 Tom Clancy, American Novelist
1946 Ed O'Neill, actor, Al Bundy-Married with Children
1946 Peter L de Baan, Dutch actor, director and playwright, Leonce and Lena
1946 Rene Krijnen, Dutch keyboardist, Les Baroques
1945 Hilary Nicolle, educationist
1945 Serge Schmemann, Journalist
1944 John Kay, Joachim F Krauledat, Germany, rock vocalist, Steppenwolf
1944 Karel Kryl, born in Kromenz, Czechoslovakia, folk singer, songwriter, guitarist, wrote protest songs critical of the Communist regime
1943 Charles Ludlam, New York City, playwright/actor, Big Easy
1942 Bill Bryden, theatre director
1942 Daniel Winslow Schmidt, composer
1942 Frank Bank, born in Hollywood California, actor, Lumpy-Leave it to Beaver
1941 Julio B. Euson, Aruban singer, I Use the Soap
1941 Bobby Moore, English Athlete
1940 Herbie Hancock, Chicago, pianist, I Thought it Was You
1939 Alan Ayckbourn, born in London, playwright
1937 Igor Petrovich Volk, born in Russia, cosmonaut, Soyuz T-12
1937 Raymond Ceulemans, Belgian world champ billiards player
1936 Charles Napier, actor, Night Stalker, Rambo
1936 Kennedy A. Simmonds, premier, St. Kitts and Nevis, 1983-95
1935 Wendy Savage, obstetrician/gynaecologist
1933 Montserrat Caballe, born in Barcelona, Spain, soprano, Mimi-La Boheme
1932 Henri Lazarof, born in Sofia, Bulgaria, composer, studied with Paul Ben-Haim, teacher, UCLA, known for Tableaux, written for piano and orchestra
1932 Jack Gelber, U.S., playwright, Connection, Apple
1932 Dennis Banks, American Educator
1931 Billy Vaughn, born in Glasgow, Kentucky, singer, Chapel by the Sea
1931 Martin Boykan, composer, professor, studied at Harvard, Yale, awarded Fulbright Fellowship, Guggenheim Fellowship, studied with Edward Steuermann, Aaron Copeland
1930 Betty Clooney, born in Maysville, Kentucky, singer, Jack Paar Show
1930 Bryan Magee, born in Hoxton, England, broadcaster, author, politician, presented current affairs television show This Week, made philosophy accessible with his 'Men of Ideas' television series
1930 Lou A de Graaf, Dutch Assistant Secretary of Social Affairs, VDA
1930 Uwe Kitzinger, President, Templeton College, Oxford
1930 Patrick Pery, born in Ireland, born Patrick Edmund Pery, 6th Earl of Limerick, The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Irish peer, public servant
1929 Elspet Gray, Lady Rix, actress, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Solo, Tenko
1928 Brooklyn Supreme, born in Belgium, stallion, heaviest known horse, 1450 kg
1928 Hardy Kruger, born in Berlin, Germany, actor, Barry Lyndon, Wrong is Right
1928 Uwe Kitzinger, President, Templeton College-Oxford
1927 Jane Withers, Georgia, actress, All Together Now, Josephine the plumber
1926 James Hillman, born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, psychologist, credited with developing archetypal psychology
1925 Tiny Tim, Herbert Khaury, singer, Tiptoe Through the Tulips
1924 Julius Moormann, student/resistance fighter, WW II
1924 Sergiu Natra, composer
1923 Ann Miller, Lucille Ann Collier, Cherino, Texas, dancer, On the Town
1923 E. C. Meade, British chartered accountant
1920 H. R. Hewitt, CEO, Johnson Matthey
1920 Robert Fizdale, born in Chicago, Illinois, pianist, Misia
1919 Istvan Anhalt, composer
1919 Lady Ricketts, CEO, National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux
1919 Maurice Girodias, French publisher
1919 Wilson Charles Geoffery Baldwin, hero
1917 M Marie Widlow, born in St. Louis, Missouri, softball pitcher, Hall of Fame 1957
1917 Vinoo Mankad, cricketer, India's greatest all-rounder to his time
1916 Brian Connell, writer/broadcaster
1916 Beverly Cleary, American Author
1915 Emil [Theodore] Petaja, U.S., sci-fi author, Star Mill, Tramontane
1912 Eric Feldary, born in Budapest, Hungary, actor, 16 Fathoms Deep
1912 Georges Franju, born in France, director, Judex, L'homme sans visage
1912 Harold Maguire, British air marshal
1912 Herbert Mills, singer, Mills Brothers
1911 Darrell A. Amyx, U.S. archaeologist, Greek Ceramics
1911 Geoff Chubb, cricketer, South Africa pace bowler vs. England 1951-52 aged 40
1910 Jurgen Rausch, German philosopher/author, End of the Playboys
1908 Carlos Lleras Restrepo, president of Colombia
1908 John T. Hughes, Bishop to Forces
1908 Virginia Cherrill, actress, Lake Extra, Brat, City Lights, Delicious
1905 Inger J. Hagerup-Halsor, Norwegian poet
1904 Harald James Penrose, pilot
1903 Jan Tinbergen, Dutch economist and U.N. advisor, Nobel 1969
1902 Louis J. M. Beel, premier of Netherland, 1946-48, 58-59
1898 Grantley H. Adams, president of Barbados
1894 Francisco H. Craveiro Lopes, Portuguese general and president, 1951-58
1892 Johnny Dodds, early jazz clarinettist
1889 Pierre-etienne Flandin, French premier, 1934-35, and minister of Foreign affairs
1885 Robert Delaunay, French painter
1884 Otto Meyerhof, Germany, psychologist/biochemist, Nobel-1922
1883 Imogen Cunningham, photographer, 1965 ASMP award
1879 Frederick G. Melcher, U.S., publisher/editor/founded children book week
1878 Richard B. Goldschmidt, German and U.S. zoologist
1871 Ioannis Metaxas, Greek general and dictator, 1936-41
1863 Raul d'Avila Pompeia, Brazilian writer, Boarding School
1856 William M. Conway, English historian and explorer, Spitzbergen
1852 [Carl L] Ferdinand von Lindemann, German mathematician
1851 Emil Liebling, composer
1840 Edmond Audran, composer
1839 Victorin de Joncieres, composer
1838 John Shaw Billings, U.S., librarian and army physician
1831 Constantin Meunier, Belgian painter and sculptor
1831 George Burgwyn Anderson, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1831 Grenville Mellen Dodge, Major General Union volunteers
1827 Edward Mollenhauer, composer
1823 Aleksandr Ostrovsky, Russian playwright, Artists and Admirers
1818 Josh Billings, American Comedian
1815 Henry Hugo Pierson, composer
1802 Francois MP Liberman, French relig leader, Congregation of Heart
1801 Henry de Cock, Dutch reformed vicar/secession leader
1801 Josef Franz Karl Lanner, Austria, composer/violist
1794 Germinal P Dandelin, Belgian mathematician, geometry
1793 Ferdinand I KLJM, the Good Natured, Emperor of Austria/king of Hungary
1792 John George Lambton, London, statesman, 1st Earl of Durham
1791 Francis Preston Blair, newspaper editor, Washington Globe
1788 Johann Erik Nordblom, composer
1778 John Strachan, Canadian Clergyman
1777 Henry Clay, the Great Compromiser, U.S. politician
1769 Giovanni Agostino Perotti, composer
1764 Dirk van den Boetzelaer, regent of Holland
1760 Juan Manuel Olivares, composer
1727 Gaspare Gabellone, composer
1724 Lyman Hall, U.S. physician, signed Declaration of Independence
1722 Pietro Nardini, composer
1716 Felice de' Giardini, composer
1695 Caspar Burman, born in Utrecht, Netherlands, historian and mayor
1692 Giuseppe Tartini, composer, Istria
1626 Paul Hainlein, composer
1579 Francois de Bassompierre, marshal of France
1573 Jacques Bonfrere, Dutch bible expert
1500 Joachim Camerarius, Liebhard Kammerer, German humanist