April 13 Birthdays in History - April 13 Deaths - April 13 Events
1992 Jett Travolta, son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston
1991 Dylan Francis Penn, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright
1978 Grace Murray Tubbs, Miss Montana Teen USA 1996
1976 Everton Matambanadzo, Zimbabwean cricket pace bowler, vs. Pakistan 1996
1976 Jonathan Brandis, born in Danbury, Connecticut, actor, Lucas Wolenczak-seaQuest DSV
1974 Sergei Gonchar, born in Chelyabinsk, Russia, NHL defenseman, Capitals, 1998 Olympics
1973 Aaron Hayden, NFL running back, San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers - Superbowl 31
1973 Dave Wohlabaugh, corner for the New England Patriots
1972 Dave Wohlabaugh, NFL center and guard for the New England Patriots
1972 Jeroen Thesseling, pop bassist, Pestilence, Spheres
1972 Mariusz Czerkawski, born in Radomsko, Poland, NHL right wing for the Edmonton Oilers
1972 Mike Kennedy, Vancouver, NHL left wing for the Dallas Stars
1971 Charles Outlaw, NBA forward, Los Angeles Clippers, Orlando Magic
1971 Corey Yothers, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Off the Rock
1970 Eddie Robinson, NFL linebacker, Houston Oilers, Jacksonville Jaguars
1970 Monty Brown, NFL linebacker for the Buffalo Bills
1970 Rick Schroder, born in New York, actor, Ricky-Silver Spoons, Champ, Earthling
1969 Harold Pruett, rocker, Outsiders-Time Won't Let Me
1968 Tami Lyn Jameson, born in Minneapolis, team handball goalie, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1968 Ted Washington, NFL nose tackle for the Buffalo Bills
1968 Toni Lee Jameson, Minneapolis, team handball back court 1996 Olympics
1967 Dana Barros, NBA guard for the Boston Celtics
1966 Rodney Smith, born in Washington D.C., 149 lbs greco-roman wrestler, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1965 Quinn Early, NFL wide receiver, NO Saints, Buffalo Bills
1964 Davis Milton Love III, born in Charlotte, North Carolina, PGA golfer, 1987 MCI Heritage
1964 Doug Strange, born in Greenville, South Carolina, infielder for the Seattle Mariners
1964 Jose Rijo, pitcher, New York Yankees, for the Cincinnati Reds
1964 Page Hannah, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Kate Riley-Fame
1964 Caroline Rhea, Canadian Comedian
1963 Gary Kasparov, U.S.S.R., world chess champion, 1985-
1963 Jan Willem van Ede, Dutch soccer player, FC Utrecht, PSV
1963 Mark Leiter, Joliet, Illinois, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants
1963 Garry Kasparov, born in Azerbaijan, Soviet Union, former World Chess Champion, writer, political activist
1961 Tammy Stephens, Arlington, Texas, singer, Girls Next Door-Don't Be Cruel
1959 Vicki Witt Lansing, Michigan, playmate, Aug, 1978
1958 Randy Piper, heavy metal rocker, Wasp-Wildchild
1957 Gary Kroeger, born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, comedian, SNL, Return of Shaggy Dog
1957 Saundra Santiago, born in Bronx, New York, actress, Gina-Miami Vice
1957 Wayne Lewis, keyboardist, Atlantic Star-Touch a 4 Leaf Clover
1957 Amy Goodman, born in Bay Shore, New York, journalist, author, host of 'Democracy Now!' public radio news program, focusing on peace, human rights movements
1956 Michael Nikolay, born in East Germany, gymnast, Olympics
1955 Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, born in Buganda, Uganda, crowned the 36th Kabaka, the king of Burganda
1955 Louis Johnson, born in Los Angeles, California, rock bassist/vocalist, Brothers Johnson
1954 4/13/1954 Barbara Roche, born Barbara Maureen Margolis, Labour Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green
1954 Jimmy Destri, rock keyboardist, Blondie-Heart of Glass, Rapture
1953 Stephen Byers, born in Wolverhampton, England, British politician, Labour Member of Parliament for Tyneside North
1952 Jonjo O'Neill, born in Castletownroche, Ireland, racehorse trainer, former jockey, won British Champion Jockey title, Cheltenham Gold Cup
1952 Jim Costa, American Politician
1951 Beatrix "Trixie" Schuba, Austria, figure skater, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1951 Jack Quinn, born in Buffalo, New York, Representative-R-New York 1993 - 2005
1951 Max Weinberg, rock drummer, E Street Band, Conan O'Brien Show
1951 Peabo Bryson, born in Greenville, South Carolina, R&B vocalist, I'm So into You
1951 Peter Davison, actor, Dr. Who, Sink or Swim, Fiddlers Three
1950 Riff West, rock bassist, Molly Hatchet
1950 Ron Perlman, born in Bronx, New York, actor, Quest for Fire, Beauty and the Beast
1950 Terry Lester, Indianapolis, actor, Young and Restless, As World Turns
1949 Jean-Jacques Favier, born in Kehl, Germany, astronaut, STS-78
1949 Philippe Petit, born in Nemours, France, juggler/aerialist
1949 Christopher Hitchens, American Author
1948 Amy Robinson, born in Trenton, New Jersey, writer/actress, Mean Streets
1948 Kathleen Battle, U.S. soprano, Tannhauser
1946 Al Green, Forest City Arkansas, singer, Lets Stay Together
1946 Jim Pons, rocker, Mothers Of Invention
1946 Roy Loney, rocker, Flaming Groovies
1945 Carlos Gimenez, Argentina/Venezuela founder, Theater festival of Caracas
1945 Edward J. Caruthers, Jr., Troy Ala, high jumper, Silver Medal 1968 Olympics
1945 Lowell George, rock vocalist and guitarist, Little Feat-Time is a Hero
1945 Raymond van Geytenbeek, Dutch singer/drummer, Les Baroques
1945 Stacy Johnson, U.S. singer, Sharpees-Tired of Being Alone
1945 Tony Dow, born in Hollywood, California, actor, Wally-Leave it to Beaver
1944 Brian Pendleton, rocker, Pretty Things
1944 Charles Burnett, director, When it Rains, Glass Shield
1944 Jack Casady, born in Washington D.C., rock bassist, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane
1944 Michael Saunders, barrister
1944 Susan Davis, American Politician
1943 Eve Graham, rocker, New Seekers
1942 Bill Conti, born in Providence, Rhode Island, composer, For Your Eyes Only, Rocky IV
1941 Margaret Price, Tredegar Wales, soprano, Pamlina-Die Zauberflote
1940 Lester Chambers, vocalist, Chamber Brothers-Time Has Come Today
1939 Barbara-Rose Collins, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1991 - 1997
1939 Paul Sorvino, actor, Chiefs, Dick Tracy
1939 Seamus Heaney, born in Ireland, poet, writer, poetry professor at the University of Oxford, Nobel Prize in Literature recipient, wrote play The Cure at Troy, Seeing Things, The Spirit Level, Beowulf: A New Translation
1939 Wijnie Jabaaij, Dutch MP, PvdA
1938 Frederic Rzewski, born in Westfield, Massachusetts, composer, Spacecraft
1938 John Weston, born in England, diplomat, UK Permanent Representative on the North Atlantic Council, 1992 - 1995, British Permanent Representative to the United Nations 1995 - 1998
1937 Edward Fox, born in London, England, actor, M-Never Say Never Again
1937 Lanford Wilson, U.S. playwright, Hot L Baltimore
1937 Peter M. Harris, Official Solicitor, Supreme Court
1935 Erich von Daniken, author, Chariots of the Gods
1935 Kenneth Hayr, air marshal
1935 Lyle Waggoner, Kansas City Kansas, actor, Carol Burnette Show, Wonder Woman
1934 Horace Kay, U.S. singer, Tams-You Lied to Your Daddy
1934 Siegfried Matthus, composer
1933 Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Sen-D Colorado
1933 Shani Wallis, Ireland, singer and actress, Oliver
1932 Barney Simon, theatre director/writer
1932 Karl Kroeger, born in Louisville, Kentucky, composer, studied with Claude Almand, head, American Music Collection, New York Public Library
1931 Beverley Cross, playwright
1929 Marilynn Smith, born in Topeka, Kansas, LPGA golfer, 1972 Pabst Open
1927 Lord Wedderburn of Charlton, QC
1927 Mari Blanchard, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Kathy-Klondike
1927 Maurice Ronet, born in Nice, France, actor, Frantic, Sphinz, Circle of Love
1927 Rosa Joyce Plesters Brommelie, conservation scientist
1926 John George Vanderbilt Henry Spencer-Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, born in England, 11th Duke of Marlborough, justice of the peace, cousin of Sir Winston Churchill
1926 11th duke of Marlborough, English large landowner
1926 Don Adams, born in New York City, comedian, Maxwell Smart-Get Smart, Check it Out
1925 Frank Chamberlain, CEO, Test and County Cricket Board
1925 Hilda Dianda, composer
1924 Stanley Donen, South Carolina, film director/producer, Bedazzled, Damn Yankees
1924 Jack T. Chick, American Cartoonist
1924 Jack Chick, American Cartoonist
1922 John Braine, English novelist, Life at the Top
1921 Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza, industrialist
1921 Carlo Prosperi, composer
1921 James Wilson, British Lieutenant-General
1921 Maxwell Henley Harris, Australian poet/publisher, Gift of Blood
1921 Alexander Harman, born in Athens, West Virginia, judge, United States Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia 1969 - 1979
1920 Liam Cosgrave, leader, Fine Gael Party
1919 Madalyn Murray O'Hair, American atheist, opppsed prayer in school
1917 Howard Keel, born in Illinois, actor/singer, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Kiss Me Kate
1915 Bert [Albert L F] Peleman, Dirk Dyckmans, Flemish writer
1915 R N Coote, Bishop, Colchester
1915 Stephan Hermlin, writer
1915 Stephen Roberts, CEO, British Milk Marketing Board
1915 Tom Greenshields, sculptor
1913 Bernard Chacksfield, Air Vice-Marshal
1913 David Donald Albritton, born in Danville, Alabama, high jumper 1936 Olympics silver
1913 Bruce Palmer, Jr., American Soldier
1912 Roy Winsor, born in Chicago, producer, Search for Tomorrow, Love of Life
1911 Nino Sanzogno, composer
1909 Eudora Welty, born in Jackson, Mississippi, novelist, Optimist's Daughter-Pulitzer 1973
1909 Jan Veldkamp, Dutch geophysicist/director, KNMI
1909 Mervyn Hugh Cowie, willife conservationist
1909 Sheri S. Tepper, American Author
1909 Stanislaw Ulam, Polish Mathematician
1907 Harold Stassen, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Minnesota Governor, Republican perennial President candidate
1906 Budd [Lawrence] Freeman, U.S. jazz saxophonist, Eel
1906 Samuel Beckett, French playwright, Waiting for Godot, Nobel 1969
1905 Bruno Rossi, Italian Scientist
1904 Georges Yves Marie Congar, dominican Theologian cardinal
1903 Rex Evans, actor, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Zara, Matchmaker
1902 Philippe de Rothschild, Paris, manager, Bordeaux Vineyard
1901 Rene-Jean Pleven, French premier, 1950-52
1901 Jacques Lacan, French Psychologist
1899 Alexander Alexandrovich Davidenko, composer
1899 Alfred Moser Butts, game inventor, Scrabble
1899 Alfred Schutz, Austrian/US architect/philosopher
1895 Olga Rudge, violinist
1895 Olof R Jandel, Swedish poet
1894 Ludvig Irgens Jensen, composer
1892 Arthur Harris, Cheltenham, Marshal of the RAF
1892 Robert A. Watson-Watt, England, physicist, radar
1890 Frank Murphy, American Politician
1886 Ethel Leginska, composer
1885 Gyorgy Lukacs, Hungarian philosopher, Zerstorung der Vernunft
1885 Pieter S Gerbrandy, Dutch lawyer/premier in London, 1940-45.
1883 Alexander Alexandrov, composer
1883 Demjan Bednyi, writer
1881 Ludwig Binswanger, Swiss psychiatrist, ober Ideenflucht
1873 Theodore Morse, composer
1868 John Blackwood McEwen, composer
1867 Sammy Woods, cricket bowler, Australia and England Rugby wing-forward
1865 Heinrich Reinhardt, composer
1860 James Ensor, Flemish painter/etcher, De lampenjongen
1854 Richard T. Ely, U.S. economist, Hard Times
1852 Frank Woolworth, 5 cents and 10 cents King, Woolworths
1849 Enrique Jose Varona, Cuban sociologist/psychologist
1847 Cornelis Pijnacker Hordijk, Governor-General, Netherlands East-Indies
1832 James Wimshurst, British designer/inventor, electricstatic generator
1830 Eduard Lassen, composer
1828 Joseph B. Lightfoot, English theologist/bishop of Durham
1822 Leroy Augustus Stafford, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1822 William Stephen Walker, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1817 Alphonse Wauters, Belgian historian/archivist, Brussels
1816 William Sterndale Bennett, composer
1810 Felicien C. David, French composer, Perle du Bresil, Desert
1799 Heinrich F L Rellstab, German music theorist
1799 Joseph Rastrelli, composer
1791 Felix PBOG earl de Merode, Belgian minister of War/Finance
1784 Cornelis Smit, Dutch ship builder
1771 Adam FJA van der Duyn, Dutch governor, South Holland
1771 Richard Trevithick, Cornwall, inventor, steam locomotive
1762 Johanna C Wattier-Ziesenis, Dutch actress, Phaedra, Lady Macbeth
1762 Karl Friedrich Horn, composer
1756 Louis H J Conde, French prince
1749 Frederik Sigismund van Bylandt, Dutch count/Vice-Admiral
1743 Thomas Jefferson, Virginia, D-R, 3rd President, 1801-09
1735 Isaac Low, American Businessman
1733 Johann Heinrich Zang, composer
1732 Frederick North, C, British Prime Minister, 1770-82
1732 Lord North, British Statesman
1729 Thomas Percy, English literary/bishop of Dromore
1721 John Hanson, Maryland, 1st U.S. President under Articles of Confederation
1713 Pierre de Jelyotte, composer
1648 Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Mothe-Guyon, French mystic, quietisme
1626 Aert Jansz van Nes, Lt-admiral, baptised
1618 Roger de Rabutin, French Writer
1593 Thomas Wentworth, London, earl of Strafford/Viceroy of Ireland
1545 Elisabeth van Valois, French queen of Spain/daughter of Henri II
1519 Catherine de' Medici, Queen of Spain/daughter of Henry II
1519 De Medicis, queen consort, Henry II of France