April 15 Birthdays in History - April 15 Deaths - April 15 Events
1990 Emma Watson, born in Paris, France, British actress, model, known for role as Hermione in 'Harry Potter' film series, earning her more than $10 million pounds
1982 Mark Mizzark, Marlis Pugh, born in Akron, Ohio, rapper, Another Bad Creation
1977 Lisa Bell, Rockford, Illinois, figure skater, 1997 Midwestern Sr champ
1976 Susan Ward, American Model
1974 Marena Bencomo, Miss Universe-2nd place, Venezuela, 1997
1974 Mike Quinn, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1974 Sergei Krivokrasov, born in Angarsk, Russia, NHL right wing, Blackhawks, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1973 Jeremy Burkett, NFL/WLAF tight end, New York Giants, Barcelona Dragons
1972 Melvin Johnson, NFL safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1972 Peter Billingsley, born in New York City, actor, Real People
1972 Ricky Otero, born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies
1972 Ronald Cherry, NFL tackle, Detroit Lions
1972 Vickie Johnson, WNBA guard and forward, New York Liberty
1971 Finidi George, born in Part Harcourt, Nigeria, soccer player, played as a midfielder for Ajax, played Football World Cups in 1994 and 1998, played in England and Spain
1971 Craig Whelihan, NFL quarterback for the San Diego Chargers
1971 Derek Brown, NFL running back for the New Orleans Saints
1971 Guivi Sissaouri, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Canada freestyle wrestler, Silver Medal 1996 Olympics
1971 Jason Sehorn, NFL cornerback and safety for the New York Giants
1971 Rich McKenzie, NFL linebacker for the Cleveland Browns
1971 Tim Tindale, NFL running back for the Buffalo Bills
1971 Lara St. John, Canadian Musician
1970 Darrin Smith, NFL linebacker, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles
1969 Chris Smith, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Nike golfer, 1993 BC Open-8th
1969 Jeromy Burnitz, born in Westminster, California, outfielder, Cleveland Indians
1969 Michael Jones, NFL linebacker, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams
1969 Phillippi Sparks, NFL cornerback for the New York Giants
1968 Billy Brewer, born in Fort Worth, Texas, pitcher, New York Yankees
1968 Stacey Williams, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, model, SI Swimsuit 1996
1968 Ed O'Brien, English Musician
1967 Dara Torres, born in Beverly Hills, California, U.S. Olympic swimmer, Olympics gold 84
1967 Lance Zeno, NFL/WLAF corner, Rams, Scottish Claymores
1967 Mark Mortimer, actor, Nick Hudson-Another World
1967 Suzy Green, born in Detroit, Michigan, LPGA golfer, 1995 Fieldcrest Cannon-26th
1966 Andrei Olhovskiy, born in Moscow, Russia, tennis pro
1966 Graeme Clark, bassist, Wet Wet Wet-Angel Eyes, Love is All Around
1966 Samantha Karen Fox, born in East End London, England, singer, Touch Me
1966 Samantha Fox, English Model
1965 Anthony Miller, NFL wide receiver, Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys
1965 Kevin Stevens, born in Brockton, NHL left wing for the Los Angeles Kings
1965 Mark Dennis, NFL tackle, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers
1965 Michele Redman, born in Zanesville, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1995 Star Bank-3rd
1965 Soichi Noguchi, born in Yokohama, Japan, astronaut
1964 Lydie Denier, born in St. Nazaire, France, actress, General Hospital
1964 Nadeem Abbasi, cricketer, three Tests for Pakistan vs. India 1989
1963 Manoj Prabhakar, cricketer, Indian opening batsman and opening bowler
1963 Teresa Wentzel DeWitt, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, double trap 1996 Olympics
1961 Lynne Austin, born in Plant City, Florida, playmate, Jul, 1986
1961 Tiina Lillak, born in Finland, javelin thrower 1984 Olympics silver
1960 Marvin Clyde Goodwin, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, murderer, FBI Most Wanted List
1959 Emma Thompson, born in England, actress, Henry V, Howards End, Oscar-1992
1959 Kevin Lowe, Lachute, NHL defenseman for the New York Rangers
1958 John Bracewell, New Zealand cricketer, premiere spinner of 80's
1958 Matt Reid, rock keyboardist, Berlin-Takes Your Breathe Away
1957 Evelyn Ashford, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, 100m runner, 4 Gold Medals 1976, Silver Medal 1984 Olympics
1956 Gregory J Harbaugh, born in Cleveland, Ohio, astronaut, STS-39, 54, 71, 82
1956 Michael Cooper, NBA star, Los Angeles Lakers
1955 Enith Salle Brigitha, Netherlands, 100m/200m swimmer 1976 Olympics bronze
1952 Sam McMurray, born in New York City, New York, actor, television, film, voice actor, appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show, movie roles include Raising Arizona, LA Story
1951 John L. Phillips, born in Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, PhD/astronaut
1951 Marsha S. Ivins, born in Baltimore, Maryland, astronaut, STS-32, 46, 62, 81
1950 Amy Wright, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Inside Moves, Accidental Tourist
1947 Bojoura, Raina GB van Melzen, Dutch singer/wife of Hans Cleuver
1947 DeDe Lind, born in Los Angeles, California, playmate, Aug, 1967
1947 Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, TV producer, Designing Women, Murphy Brown
1947 Michael DeBello, singer, Maniac
1947 Mike Chapman, Australian songwriter/producer, Chinn and Chapman
1947 Wooly Wolstenholme, keyboardist/vocalist, Barclay James Harvest
1946 Wayne Gilchrest, born in Rahway, New Jersey, Representative-R-Maryland 1991 - 2009
1945 Jos F B van Rey, Dutch MP, VVD
1944 Dave Edmunds, born in Wales, singer/guitarist, Rockpile-Baby I Love You
1944 Dzhokhar Dudayev, separatist leader
1944 Gerard Schoenaker, Dutch singer, Les Baroques
1943 Riem de Wolff, Indonesian/Dutch singer/guitarist, Blue Diamonds
1942 Kim Il Jong, son of North Korean President Kim Il Sung, 1972-94
1942 Walter Raphael Hazzard, Wilmington Del, basketball 1964 Olympic gold
1942 Kenneth Lay, American Businessman
1941 Howard Berman, born in Los Angeles, California, Representative-D-California 1983 -
1941 Howard Berman, American Politician
1940 Edy Hubacher, born in Switzerland, 4-man bobsled, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1940 Jeffrey Archer, born in England, Tory-Commons, author, Matter of Honor
1940 Robert Walker, Jr., New York City, actor, Ceremony, Ms Don Juan, Ensign Pulver
1939 Claudia Cardinale, born in Tunis, actress, Blindfold, 8, Pink Panther
1939 Marti Wilder, father of rocker Kim Wilde
1938 Jay Garner, American Soldier
1936 Hector Quintanar, composer
1936 Jack Noreiga, cricketer, 9-95 WI vs. India 1971
1936 Maurice Shock, rector, Lincoln College in Oxford
1935 Gene Cherico, born in Buffalo, New York, Eugene Valentino Gene Cherico, bassist, American jazz, toured with Toshiko Akiyoshi, recorded with Paul Desmond, accompanied singer Peggy Lee
1933 Boris Strugatski, U.S.S.R., sci-fi author, Tale of Troika
1933 Elizabeth Montgomery, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Samantha/Serena-Bewitched
1933 Roy Clark, born in Meherrin, Virginia, country singer, Hee Haw
1932 David Bolton, director, British Royal United Service for Defense
1932 Nikolai Stepanovich Porvatkin, Russian cosmonaut
1931 Florian Zabach, born in Chicago, Illinois, violinist, Hot Canary, Club Embassy
1931 Kenneth Bloomfield, BBC governor, Ireland
1931 Tomas G. Transtromer, Swedish psychologist/poet, Morkerseende
1930 Elijah Barayi, head of South Africa union centre, COSATU
1930 Vigdis Finnbogadottir, president of Iceland, 1980-
1929 Adrian Cadbury, candy manufacturer, Cadbury, Schweppes
1929 Jocelyn Barrow, deputy chair person, British Broadcast Standards
1928 Norma Merrick Sklarek, 1st black woman architect in New York and California
1928 Richard Evans, British diplomat
1927 Abha Gandhi, servant to Gandhi
1924 John Grigg, British historian
1924 Neville Marriner, born in Lincoln, England, conductor, Minnesota Orchestra 1978
1923 Douglas Wass, CEO, Equity and Law Life Assurance Company
1922 Harold Washington, 1st black mayor of Chicago, D, 1983-87
1922 Michael Ansara, Lowell Massachusetts, actor, Cochise-Broken Arrow, Centennial
1921 Georgi Timofeyevich Beregovoi, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz 3
1921 Norman Ewart Thurston, musician
1920 Richard von Weizsacker, baron/president, Germany, 1984-94
1920 Richard von Weizsaecker, German Politician
1920 Thomas Szasz, American Psychologist
1919 Elizabeth Catelett, sculptor/lithographer
1919 Meriol Trevor, novelist/biographer, Civil Prisoners
1918 John Baragrey, born in Haleyville, Alabama, actor, Creeper, Colossus of New York
1917 Hans Conried, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor, Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy
1917 Pietro Grossi, composer
1915 Ernest Borneman, sexual researcher psychotherapist writer/musicologist
1914 John Gregory, dancer
1912 Kim II Sung, President of North Korea, 1945-94
1912 Peter Menzies, CEO, British Electricity Council
1911 Jacob Fresco, Dutch architect, Antilles Brewery/Autonomy Monument
1910 Lord Grey of Naunton, chancellor, Ulster University
1909 Alice Rivlin, American Economist
1908 Eden Ahbez, songwriter
1908 Louise Chaplin, actress
1907 Gerald Abrahams, born in Liverpool, author, Teach Yourself Chess
1907 Nicholas Tinbergen, Netherlands/British biologist/zoologist, Nobel 1973
1906 A J "Sandy" Bell, South Africa cricket fast bowler, 16 Tests 1929-35
1906 Susan Walker, vice CEO, WRVS
1903 John Williams, born in England, actor, Niles-Family Affair, Dial M for Murder
1903 Waverley Lewis Root, American Journalist
1901 Joe Davis, English snooker/billiards-world champ, 1927-46
1898 Nini de Boel, Flemish operette singer, White Horse
1897 Marian Jordan, actress, Molly-Fibber McGee and Molly
1895 Corrado Alvaro, Italian writer, Gente in Aspromonte
1895 Harry F V Edward, born in British Guiana, 100m/200m runner, Olympic-bronze-1920
1894 Elizabeth Mae "Bessie" Smith, Empress of Blues, over 200 songs
1892 Corrie Ten Boom, Dutch Celebrity
1891 Alvin Carter, born in Virginia, vocalist, Carter Family
1891 Vaino Raitio, composer
1891 Wallace Reid, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor/dir/screenwriter, Every Inch a Man
1889 Asa Philip Randolph, labor leader, Railroad Porter's Union
1889 Thomas Hart Benton, born in Missouri, painter/muralist, Lonesome Road
1888 Florence Bates, born in San Antonio, Texas, actress, Kismet, I Remember Mama
1882 Giovanni Amendola, Italian antifascist/editor-in-chief, Il Mondo
1878 Robert Walser, writer
1875 Klaziena "Ina" Boudier-Bakker, Dutch playwright/novelist, Poverty
1874 Johannes Stark, Germany, physicist, Stark effect, Nobel 1919
1861 Bliss Carman, Canadian Poet
1858 Anton G O Ridder Van Rappard, Dutch painter/lithographer/etcher
1858 Emile Durkheim, French sociologist, Division du travail social
1856 Jean Moreas, Yannis Papadiamantopoulos, Greek/French poet
1856 Tom Mann, British Businessman
1850 John Munroe Longyear, U.S., capitalist/bank president
1845 Dave Gregory, cricketer, Australia's 1st Test captain
1843 Carl Eilhardt, composer
1843 Henry James, US/British writer/critic, Turn of the Screw, Bostonians
1837 Horace Porter, Brigadier General Union Army
1829 Mary Harris Thompson, 1st American woman surgeon
1827 Julius Tausch, composer
1822 Napolean Jackson Tecumseh Dana, Major General Union volunteers
1821 Emerson Brown Joseph, Confederacy
1821 Joseph E. Brown, American Politician
1820 Evander McNair, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1814 John Lothrop Motley, U.S., historian/author, Rise of Dutch Rep
1812 Pierre-Etienne-Theodore Rousseau, painter
1809 Hermann Gunther Grassmann, mathematician
1806 Alexander Duff, Scottish Clergyman
1800 James Clark Ross, explorer, British Antarctic
1793 Friedrich Struve, Germany, founded dynasty of astronomers
1766 Friedrich Bouterwek, German philosopher/critic
1757 George Knowil Jackson, composer
1741 Charles Willson Peale, U.S., portrait painter and inventor, George Washington
1707 Leonhard Euler, Bassle Sweden, mathematician, Euler's Constant
1689 Ferdinand Zellbell, composer
1688 Johann Friedrich Fasch, composer
1684 Catherine I, empress of Russia, 1725-27
1682 John van Huysum, Dutch painter, flowers/fruit
1651 Domenico Gabrielli, composer
1637 Valentin Molitor, composer
1588 Claudius Salmasius, Claude Saumaise, French linguist
1469 Nanak, 1st guru of Sikhs
1452 Leonardo da Vinci, Italy, painter/sculptor/scientist/visionary