April 18 Birthdays in History - April 18 Deaths - April 18 Events
1984 America Ferrera, American Actress
1977 Aaron Stanford, American Actor
1976 Melissa Joan Hart, born in Sayville, New York, actress, Clarissa, Sabrina
1973 Derrick Brooks, NFL linebacker for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1973 Haile Gebresleassie, born in Ethiopia, 10k runner, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 James "Jamie" Koven, born in Morristown, New Jersey, rower, Olympics-5th-1996
1973 Haile Gebrselassie, Athlete
1972 Jeff Traversy, CFL defensive tackle for the Calgary Stampeders
1971 Dan Kordic, born in Edmonton, NHL defenseman for the Philadelphia Flyers
1971 Kerry Lynn Kemper, Miss Nebraska USA 1996
1971 Oleg Petrov, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL right wing, Montreal Canadiens
1970 Carl Simpson, NFL defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears
1970 Francois Leroux, Ste-adele, NHL defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins
1970 Heike Friedrich, born in East Germany swimmer, world record 200m
1970 Peter Giles, born in London, Ontario, kayaker 1996 Olympics
1970 Vladimir Antipin, hockey defenseman, Team Kazakhstan, 1998 Olympics
1970 William Roaf, NFL tackle for the New Orleans Saints
1969 Vladimir Tsyplakov, Inta Rus, NHL left wing, Los Angeles Kings, Belarus 1998
1969 Christian Slater, born in New York City, New York, actor, films include 'Broken Arrow', 'Heathers', 'Robin Hood'
1967 Jayce Fincher, Jr., heavy metal bassist, Southgang-Tainted Angel
1967 Kenneth Gant, NFL safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1967 Marcel Valk, soccer player, RKC, Go Ahead Eagles
1967 Maria Bello, American Actress
1966 Chuck Wade, born in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, diver 1996 Olympics
1966 Michelle Chryst, WPVA volleyballer, Santa Cruz-17th-1994
1966 Valeri Kamensky, born in Voskresensk, Russia, NHL left wing, Avalanche, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1963 Conan Chris O'Brien, born in Brookline, Massachusetts, TV host, Late Night
1963 Phil Simmons, cricketer, West Indian opening batsman
1963 Conan O'Brien, American Entertainer
1963 Eric McCormack, Canadian Actor
1962 Mick Sweda, heavy metal, Bulletboys, King Kobra-Ready to Strike
1962 Shirlie Hollman, rocker, Pepsi and Shirley-All Right Now
1962 Wilber Marshall, NFL linebacker for the New York Jets
1961 Ian Doig, born in Seaforth, Ontario, Canadian Tour golfer, 1985 Florida Classic
1961 Jane Leeves, born in London, actress, Murphy Brown, Daphne Moon-Fraiser
1961 Jeff Cook, Muncie, Indiana, Nike golfer, 1990 Greater Ozarks Open
1961 Kelly Hansen, heavy metal rocker, Hurricane-I'm on to You
1961 John Podhoretz, American Writer
1959 Jim Eisenreich, born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, outfielder, Philadelphia Phillies, Florida Marlins
1958 Bernadette Robi, model/ex-wife of football player Lynn Swann
1958 Lee Pattinson, rock bassist, Echo and Bunnymen-Heaven Up Here
1958 Malcolm Marshall, cricketer, WI quickie 1978-91, WI top wicket-taker
1956 David Wayne Edwards, born in Neosho, Missouri, PGA golfer, 1980 Walt Disney
1956 Eric Roberts, born in Mississippi, actor, Pope of Greenwich Village, King of Gypsies
1956 John James, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor, Jeff Colby-Dynasty
1956 Melody Thomas Scott, actress, Nikki-Young and Restless
1955 Amschel Mayor James Rothschild, born in Paris, France, banker, joined family banking firm N M Rothschild & Sons, chief executive of Rothschild Asset Management
1955 Anne-Marie Palli, born in Ciboure, France, LPGA golfer, 1992 ShopRite
1954 Kim Stone, bassist, Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance
1953 Rick Moranis, born in Toronto, SCTV, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs
1952 Jim Scholten, Midland, Michigan, country singer, Betty's Bein' Bad
1951 Gwen Moore, American Politician
1950 Bill Sudderth III, trumpeteer, Atlantic Star-Touch 4 Leaf Clover
1948 Catherine Malfitano, born in New York City, soprano, Metropolitan Opera
1948 Skip Stephenson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, comedian, Real People
1947 David Gee, director, Friends of the Earth
1947 Dorothy Lyman, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, All my Children, Naomi-Mama's Family
1947 James Woods, born in Warwick, Rhode Island, actor, Salvador, Against All Odds
1947 Lori Martin, born in Glendale, California, actress, Velvet-National Velvet
1946 Alexander "Skip" Spence, born in Canada, guitarist and vocalist, Moby Grape-Omaha
1946 Hayley Mills, born in London, England, actress, Parent Trap, Pollyanna
1946 Lenny Baker, rocker, Sha Na Na
1946 Mike Murdock, born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, author, televangelist, pastor, Wisdom Center ministry, Fort Worth, Texas, hosts Wisdom Keys with Mick Murdock television program, mentored with Jimmie Swaggart, preached with Tammy Faye Bakker
1944 Irvine Shillingford, cricketer, cousin of Grayson, 4 Tests for WI
1944 Rudy Shackelford, composer
1942 Dick K J Tommel, chemist, Dutch Assistant Secretary of State, 1994-
1942 Jochen Rindt, German race car driver
1941 Mike Vickers, rock guitarist, Manfred Mann-Mighty Quinn
1940 Ed Garvey, labor leader, Major League Baseball Players Association
1940 Ira von Furstenberg, Virginia Caroline, Rome, Italy, Princess, Monaco
1940 Joseph L. Goldstein, born in Sumter, South Carolina, physician, Nobel-1985
1940 Skip Stephenson, born in Omaha, Nebraska, comedian, Real People
1939 Glen Hardin, born in Wellington, Texas, musician, piano, member of the Shindogs, recorded, arranged Elvis Pressley hits 'The Wonder of You', 'Let It Be Me'
1939 Von McDaniel, baseball player
1938 Andreas J "Cat" Liebenberg, supreme commander, South Africa army
1937 Robert Hooks, Washington D.C., actor, Fast Walking, Aaron Loves Angela
1937 Tatyana Shchelkanova, U.S.S.R., long jumper 1964 Olympics bronze
1936 Brian Fuller, commandant, Fire Service College, England
1936 Harold Innocent, HS Harrison, English actor, Tall Guy
1936 Madeleine Gillian Jinkinson, medical administrator
1935 Joel Hefley, born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, Representative-R-Colorado 1987 - 2007
1935 Paul A Rothchild, record producer.
1934 Jaap F. Scherpenhuizen, Dutch MP, VVD
1934 James Drury, New York City, actor, Virginian
1934 Jan Klusak, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, composer, author of incidental music, and music for television, film
1934 Mark Kingston, actor, Intimate Contact
1933 Alan Devereux, CEO, Scottish Tourist Board
1932 Dominic Milroy, OSB/headmaster, Ampleforth College England
1931 Klas Lestander, Sweden, 20K biathlon 1960 Olympics gold
1930 Clive Revill, born in Wellington, New Zealand, actor, Legend of Hell House
1929 Peter Hordern, British CEO, Fina
1929 Peter Jeffrey, actor, Dr. Phibes Rides Again, Twinsanity
1928 Jean-Francois Pailliard, Vitry-le-Francois France, conductor
1927 Jim De Courcy, cricketer, in Newcastle Australian batsman 1953
1927 Samuel P. Huntington, Sociologist
1926 Doug Insole, cricketer, England batsman of the 50's, nine Tests
1926 Gunter Meisner, born in Germany, actor, Between Wars, Quiller Memorandum
1925 Bob Hastings, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, McHale's Navy, All in the Family
1925 Lionel Edmund "Sonny" Taylor, musician
1925 Robert Caldwell Crawford, composer
1924 Buxton Daeblite Orr, composer
1924 Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Vinton, Louisiana, blues singer, Mary is Fine
1924 Henry Hyde, born in Chicago, Illinois, Representative-R-Illinois 1975 - 2007
1924 Lord Mason of Barnsley, MP, Lab, British defense secretary
1924 Raf de Linde, Raphael van Hecke, author, Vaarwel on Gertrude
1923 Baroness Platt of Writtle, British CEO, Equal Opportunities Comm
1923 Leif Panduro, Danish writer, 'k Have varnish on traditions
1922 Avril Angers, actress, Brass Monkey
1921 Barbara Hale, born in Dekalb, Illinois, actress, Della Street - Perry Mason
1920 Walter Clegg, born in England, politician, Conservative Party, served as Comptroller of the Household, Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, Member of Parliament for Wyre, Member of Parliament for North Fylde
1918 Robert Zimonyi, born in Hungary, cox, Olympic-Hungary-bronze-1948/US-gold-64
1918 Roger de Grey, president, Royal Academy
1918 Tony Mottola, born in Kearney, New Jersey, guitarist/host, Melody Street
1918 Andre Bazin, French Critic
1917 Louise Frederika, Queen of Greece
1914 C S Nayudu, cricketer, brother of C K, 11 Tests as leggie
1914 Henk Lankhorst, pacifist/Dutch MP, PSP
1913 Al Hodge, actor, Captain Video
1913 Kent Wheeler Kennan, composer
1913 Milos Sokola, composer
1913 Susan Bosence, textile designer
1912 John Lapworth Holt, boat Designer
1912 Wendy Barrie, born in Hong Kong, hostess, Wendy Barrie Show
1911 Francis Frederick Johnson, architect
1911 George Huntington Hartford II, born in New York City, heir, A&P
1910 Jamie L. Whitten, born in Cascilla, Mississippi, Representative-D-Mississippi 1941 - 1995
1910 Sylvia Fisher, soprano, Albert Herring Opera
1909 Paul Crouch, American Clergyman
1908 Edward Roberts, bishop, Ely
1908 Henry Guinness, missionary
1908 Joseph Keilberth, German conductor, Bayreuther Festspiele
1907 Miklos Rozsa, born in Budapest, Hungary, movie composer, Atomic Cafe, Fedora
1907 Stephen Longstreet, American writer, All or Nothing
1906 Clara Eggink, Ebbele, Dutch poet, Life with JC Bloem
1906 Edgar Unsworth, Justice of Appeals, Gibralter
1903 Leonid Kinskey, St. Petersburg Russia, actor, Casablanca
1903 Yury Sergeyevich Milyutin, composer
1901 Laszlo Nemeth, Hungarian physician/author, Gyasz/Galilei
1900 Louise Tazewell, Louise Skiller Tazewell, entertainer
1898 Lord Leatherland, British journalist/Labour peer
1896 C Eugene Wegmann, Swiss geologist, Le Jura plisse
1890 James Rennie, born in Toronto, Ontario, actor, Lash, Little Damozel
1889 Jessie Street, Austrialian pro womans/aborigine rights fighter
1889 John Kilbane, U.S., featherweight boxing champ, 1912-23
1888 Arnold Henry Moore Lunn, skier
1884 Magda Janssens, Flemish/Netherlands actress/acting teacher, Maria Stuart
1882 Leopold Stokowski, born in London, England, conductor, Cincinnati Symphony
1881 Hermann KJ Zilcher, German pianist/composer, Dr. Eisenbart
1881 Max Weber, Polish/Russian/US painter
1873 Jean Roger-Ducasse, composer
1871 Henry Stephenson, British WI, actor, Conquest, Little Old, New York, Mr. Lucky
1868 Didericus G van Epen, genealogist, Dutch Patriciate
1864 Richard Harding Davis, U.S., journalist/author, In The Fig
1863 Felix Blumenfeld, composer
1859 Eduard G H H Cuypers, architect, Sanatorium High-Laren
1857 Clarence Darrow, defense attorney at Scopes monkey trial
1855 Abraham Bredius, Dutch art historian, Jan Steen
1855 Josef Gruber, composer
1852 George Clausen, painter
1845 Wilhelm Gericke, composer
1842 Antero Tarquinio de Quental, Portugal, poet, Beatrice
1839 Frantz Jehin-Prume, composer
1839 Henry Clarence Kendall, New South Wales Australia, poet, Bell Birds
1819 Franz von Suppe, Spalato Dalmatia, composer, Light Cavalry Over
1817 George Henry Lewes, English philosophical writer, Life of Goethe
1806 Ludwig Schuberth, composer
1803 Charles F Pahud de Montagnes, Governor-General of Netherlands East Indies, 1856-61
1797 Louis-Adolphe Thiers, president of France
1786 Franz Xaver Schnyder von Wartensee, composer
1777 Ignac Ruzitska, composer
1764 Bernhard Anselm Weber, pianist/conductor/composer
1759 Jacques-Christian-Michel Widerkehr, composer
1744 Pieter 't Hoen, Dutch journalist/patriot
1740 Francis Baring, banker/merchant
1732 George Colman, "the Elder", playwright, baptised
1729 Gaetano B Vestris, Italian/French ballet dancer.
1605 Giacomo Carissimi, composer
1590 Ahmed I, 14th sultan of Turkey, 1603-17
1580 Thomas Middleton, English playwright, Game of Chess
1521 Francois de Coligny, ruler of van Andelot, French general, Jarnac
1480 Lucretia Borgia, murderess, poison, daughter, Pope Alexander VI