April 2 Birthdays in History - April 2 Deaths - April 2 Events
1975 Deedee Magno, rocker, Party-Rodeo, That's Why
1973 Roselyn Sanchez, Puerto Rican Model
1972 Graham Hood, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1.5k runner, Olympics 1992, 1996
1971 James Ransom, born in Toronto, Ontario, Epee fencer 1996 Olympics
1971 Jenny Craig, Miss Georgia USA 1996
1971 Todd Woodbridge, born in Sydney, Australia, tennis star, '95 doubles Wimbledon
1970 Jerry Reynolds, NFL guard and tackle for the New York Giants
1970 Jon Lieber, born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates
1970 Marcus Christensen, born in Toronto Ontario, figure skater, 1995 Canadian-2nd
1970 Tammi Reiss, WNBA guard, Utah Starzz
1966 Andrei Kovalev, NHL forward Belarus, 1998 Olympics
1966 Bill Romanowski, NFL linebacker, Eagles, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1966 Willie Green, NFL wide reciever, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1965 Rodney King, born in Sacramento, California, black motorist beaten by LA cops
1964 Pete Incaviglia, born in Pebble Beach, California, outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies
1963 Dermot Reeve, cricketer, in Hong Kong England all-rounder 1992
1962 Alex Tripolski, born in Israel, Men's Shooting 50M air pistol, Olympics 1996
1962 Billy Dean, born in Quincy, Florida, country singer, Billy the Kid
1962 Bruce Kozerski, NFL tackle and guard for the Cincinnati Bengals
1961 Cindy Mackey, born in Athens, Georgia, LPGA golfer, 1986 MasterCard International Pro-Am
1961 Gijs Steinmann, Dutch soccer player, Go Ahead Eagles
1961 Keren Jane Woodward, born in Bristol, England, rock vocalist, Bananarama-Venus
1960 Linford Christie, born in St. Andrews, Jamaica, 4x100m runner, Gold Medal 1992 Olympics
1959 Adrian Meagher, Australian baseball pitching coach, 1996 Olympics
1959 Brian Goodell, U.S., 400m and 1500m freestyle swimmer, 2 Gold Medals 1976 Olympics
1959 Carmen Ayala-Troncoso, born in New York City, 5K runner
1959 Dean Townson, born in St. Petersburg, Florida, singer, Pirates of Miss-Fred Jake
1959 Gelindo Bordin, Italian marathon runner, Gold Medal 1988 Olympics
1959 Ken Macleay, cricketer, at Bedford-on-Avon Aussie ODI medium pacer
1959 Victoria Jackson, born in Miami, Florida, comedian, SNL, Casual Sex
1956 Farrukh Zaman, lefty cricket spinner, bowled 10 overs Pak vs. New Zealand 1976
1955 Dana Carvey, comedian, SNL, Wayne's World
1954 Ron Palillo, born in Connecticut, actor, Arnold Horshack-Welcome Back Kotter
1953 Debralee Scott, born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, actress, Cathy-Mary Hartman, Angie
1952 Dan Halldorson, born in Winnipeg, Canadian Tour golfer, 1985 World Cup
1952 Joseph Kent Massey, born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, soling yachter, 1996 Olympics bronze
1952 Leon Wilkerson, rocker, Lynard Skynard
1951 Ayako Okamoto, born in Hiroshima, Japan, LPGA golfer, 1990 Sara Lee
1949 Pamela Reed, born in Tacoma, Washington, actress, Grand, Kindergarten Cop, Home Court
1949 Paul Gambaccini, British disc jockey
1949 David Robinson, born in Woburn, Massachusetts, drummer, musician, played with various rock bands including The Cars, The Modern Lovers and DMZ
1948 Eleanor Margaret Burbridge, astronomer and educator
1948 Joan [Carol] D[ennison] Vinge, U.S., sci-fi author, 2 Hugos, Dune
1948 Kerry Minnear, rocker, Gentle Giant
1948 Marlene Floyd, LPGA golfer
1947 Camille Paglia, born in Endicott, New York, actress, Female Misbehavior, It's Pat
1947 Emmylou Harris, born in Birmingham, Alabama, country singer, Together Again
1946 Kurt Winter, rocker, Guess Who
1946 Richard Collinge, cricketer, New Zealand rec wicket-taker, 116, before Hadlee
1946 Sue Townsend, English Novelist
1945 Don Sutton, baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1945 Linda Hunt, born in Morristown, New Jersey, actress, Bostonians, Eleni, Silverado
1945 Lord Skelmersdale, British minister, C
1943 Glen Dale, Richard Garforth, rock vocalist, Fortunes Deal
1943 Larry Coryell, born in Galveston, Texas, jazz guitarist, 11th House
1942 Graham Bright, private sec to British PM
1941 Leon Russell, born in Lawton, Kansas, pianist and singer, Carny
1940 Penelope Keith, British actress, Norman Conquests, Priest of Love
1940 Peter Haining, writer and editor, Anatomy of Witchcraft
1939 Marvin Gaye, born in Washington D.C., singer, Sexual Healing
1937 Paul E. Kanjorski, born in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, Representative-D-Pennsylvania 1985 -
1936 Jack Brabham, Australian race car driver, world champ 1966
1935 Sharon Acker, born in Toronto, Canada, actress, Della Street - Perry Mason 1973
1934 Brian Glover, actor, McGuffin
1934 Christopher France, British permanent secretary, Department of Health
1934 Diane Cilento, Rabaul, actress, Hombre, Tom Jones, Wicker Man
1934 Peter Middleton, British permanent secretary, Treasury
1933 George Konrad, Hungarian Novelist
1932 Mahmood Hussain, Pakistani cricket swing bowler, 68 wkts in 27 Tests
1930 Girolamo Arriego, composer
1930 W Hambleden Smith, English newspaper magnate
1929 Catherine Gaskin, romantic novelist, Fiona, Coporation Wife
1929 Frans H J J Andriessen, Dutch MP, KVP/CDA
1928 Joseph "Cardinal" Bernardin, of Chicago
1928 Rita Gam, born in Pittsburgh, actress, Distortions, Hannibal, Sierra Baron
1928 Serge Gainsbourg, Ginsburg, Russian/French singer, Ford Mustang
1927 Billy Pierce, pitcher, Chicago White Sox, seven time all star
1927 Kenneth Tynan, English Critic
1926 Elena Verdugo, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Consuelo-Marcus Welby MD
1926 Michael Rizzello, sculpter and coin designer
1925 George MacDonald Fraser, poet and author, Flashman at the Charge
1924 Denis Rooke, CEO, British Gas
1923 Hugh Overton, British diplomat
1923 Jacob "Jaap" Firet, Dutch theologist, Agogisch Moment
1922 Nikolaj G. Bassov, born in Russia, atomic physicist, laser, Nobel 1964
1920 Jack Webb, born in Santa Monica, California, actor, Joe Friday-Dragnet
1920 Lambertus MJU van Straaten, geologist, Waddenzee, Rhone-delta
1919 Antoon J. Hubben, Dutch mayor and trade union leader
1919 Ian Hunter, impresario
1917 Dabbs Greer, born in Fairview, Missouri, actor, Gunsmoke, Little House on Prairie
1917 Lou Monte, born in New Jersey, singer, Peppino the Italian Mouse
1915 Antony Dornhorst, professor of medicine
1914 Alec Guinness, born in London, England, British actor, Bridge on River Kwai
1911 Charles "Honi" Coles, tap dancer, Tap
1910 Arnie Herber, born in NFL quarterback, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants
1910 Irene Mayer Selznick, producer, Street Car Named Desire
1910 Joeri German, Russian writer
1909 Jean Kurt Forest, composer
1908 Buddy Ebsen, born in Belleville, Illinois, actor, Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones
1905 Edmond Jouhaud, general
1905 Kurt Adler, therapist and writer
1905 Serge Lifar, born in Kiev, dancer, choreographer, Paris Opera Ballet
1901 Anis Fuleihan, composer
1900 Heinrich Besseler, German musicologist
1894 Rudolph P. Cleveringa, Dutch anti-nazi lawyer
1894 Walter Mittelholzer, Swiss aviation pioneer, Swiss Air
1891 Max Ernst, born in Germany, painter and sculptor, founded surrealism
1877 Arnold Schering, German musicologist, Humor, Heldentum, Tragik
1875 Walter Chrysler, founded car company, Chrysler
1868 Eduard Jacobs, singer and pianist, Dutch cabaret
1863 Henry C Van de Velde, Flemish painter and architect, Art Nouveau
1862 Nicholas Murray Butler, U.S., Columbia University president and pacifist, Nobel 1931
1844 George Haven Putnam, American Soldier
1841 Clement Ader, French engineer
1840 Emile Zola, born in France, novelist, Nana, J'Accuse
1834 Frederic-Auguste Bertholdi, born in France, sculptor, Statue of Liberty
1833 Thomas Howard Ruger, Major General Union volunteers
1827 William Holdman Hunt, English painter, Light of the World
1826 Philip Dale Roddey, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1817 Teodulo Mabellini, composer
1814 Henry Lewis "Old Rock" Benning, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1806 Giacomo Antonelli, Italian cardinal and assistant sec of state for Pius IX
1805 Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark, author of 150 fairy tales
1805 Hans Christian Anderson, Danish Author
1803 Franz Paul Lachner, composer
1798 H vs. Fallersleben, writer
1763 Giacomo Gotifredo Ferrari, composer
1740 Armand-Gaston Camus, French CEO, Council of 500
1735 Christian Gotthilf Tag, composer
1735 Franz Volrath Buttstett, composer
1733 Giacomo Tritto, composer
1728 Franz Asplmayr, composer
1725 Giacomo Casanova, writer, author, adventurer, book, 'Histoire de ma vie', or, 'History of My Life', profiles customs of 18th century European social life
1713 Onno Zwier van Haren, Frisian poet, Fatherland
1711 Jan Punt, Dutch engraver, illustrator and actor, Gideonschool
1632 Georg Caspar Weckler, composer
1628 Constantin Christian Dedekind, composer
1618 Francesco M. Grimaldi, mathematician and physicist, light defraction
1602 Maria de Jesus de Agreda, Maria Coronel, Spanish franciscan
742 Charlemagne, 1st Holy Roman emperor, 800-14