April 25 Birthdays in History - April 25 Deaths - April 25 Events
1985 Jonathan Halyalkar, born in Ramsey, New Jersey, actor, Billy-Who's the Boss
1977 Jonathan Angel, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Tommy Delucca-Saved By The Bell
1977 Marguerite Moreau, actress, Connie-Mighty Ducks, D2, D3
1976 Tim Duncan, NBA forward for the San Antonio Spurs
1975 Jacque Jones, born in San Diego, California, baseball outfielder 1996 Olympics bronze
1975 Ruben Gomez, rocker, Menudo-Cannonball
1974 Brad Hassell, Australian soccer striker, Olyroos, 1996 Olympics
1974 Libor Prochazka, hockey defenseman, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1974 Tricia Dunn, ice hockey forward, USA, 1998 Olympics
1974 Twan Russell, linebacker for the Washington Redskins
1973 Alek Stojanov, born in Windsor, NHL right wing for the Pittsburgh Penguins
1973 Barbara Rittner, born in Krefeld, West Germany, tennis star, 1992 Schenectady
1973 Paige Gordon, born in North Vancouver BC, diver, Olympics-16-92, 96
1973 Wes Martin, born in Calgary, golfer, 1990 Alberta, Jr. Masters-2nd
1972 Percell Gaskins, linebacker for the Carolina Panthers
1971 Andrew Grigg, CFL receiver for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1971 Brad Clontz, born in Stuart, Virginia, pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1971 Eric England, NFL defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals
1971 Joel Bourgeois, born in Moncton New Brunswick, 3000m Steeplechase 1996 Olympics
1971 Michelle Harris, born in Newark Delaware, Miss America-Delaware 1996
1971 Pam Schaffrath, born in Chicago, Illinois, female catcher, Colorado Silver Bullets
1970 Corwin Brown, NFL safety, New York Jets, New England Patriots
1970 Steve Tovar, NFL linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals
1970 Jason Lee, born in Orange, California, actor, professional skateboarder, known for playing Earl Hickey on 'My Name Is Earl' television series
1969 Darren Woodson, NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys
1969 Gavin Bruk-Jackson, cricketer, Zimbabwe Test batsman 1993
1969 Jon Olsen, U.S., 100m freestyle/400m/800m medley, 4 Gold Medals 1992, 1996 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1992 Olympics
1969 Marisa Pedulla, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, half-lightweight judoka 1996 Olympics
1969 Nir Shental, Israel, Men's 470 yachter, 1996 Olympics
1969 Sanjeeva Ranatunga, cricketer, Sri Lankan Test batsman 1994-
1969 Travis Fryman, born in Lexington, Kentucky, infielder for the Detroit Tigers
1969 Renee Zellweger, born in Katy, Texas, actress, producer, Academy-Award winning film, 'Cold Mountain, other films include 'Jerry Maguire', 'Bridget Jones' Diary'
1967 Angel Martino, Americus Georgia, 50m/100m freestyle, Olympic-gold/2 br-92, 96
1967 Jane Clayson, American Journalist
1966 Darren Holmes, born in Asheville, North Carolina, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
1966 Isabelle Pasco, born in France, actress, Ave Maria, model, Elle, Vogue
1965 Denis Perez, hockey defenseman, Team France 1998
1965 Mark Bryant, NBA forward and center, Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets
1965 Eric Avery, American Musician
1964 Andy Bell, rocker, Erasure-Oh L'Amour
1964 Jackie Campbell, born in Los Angeles, California, WPVA volleyballer, Nationals-5th-1993
1964 Jamie Siddons, cricketer, Victorian and SA batsman ODI for Australia 1988
1964 Hank Azaria, born in Forest Hills, New York, actor, director, voice actor in 'The Simpsons', appeared in films, 'Godzilla', 'The Birdcage', 'Huff'
1959 Billy Rankin, Glasgow, Scotland, rocker
1959 Tony Phillips, born in Atlanta, Georgia, baseballoutfielder: Chicago White Sox
1958 Chris Johnson, born in Arcata, California, LPGA golfer, 1990 Atlantic City Classic
1958 Fish, Derek William Dick, Scottish vocalist, Marillion-Sugar Mice
1957 Eric Bristow, "Crafty Cockney", England, dart thrower, 5 World Masters
1955 Buster Mottram, born in Kingston upon Thames, in south-west London, English tennis player, ranked 15th best tennis player in the world, represented Great Britain in Davis Cup eight times
1955 Joanne Abbott, born in Sarnia, Ontario, yachter 1996 Olympics
1955 John Nunn, born in London, England, champion chess player, chess writer, publisher, mathematician, once ranked among the world's top ten, two-time champion in chess problem solving
1954 Rob Crosby, born in Sumter, South Carolina, country singer, She's a Natural
1954 Randy Cross, American Athlete
1953 Gary Cosier, cricketer, Australian batsman 1975-78, 109 on debut vs. WI
1952 Cory Day, born in Bronx, New York, rock vocalist
1952 Vladislav Tretiak, U.S.S.R. hockey player, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics, 76
1951 Ian McCartney, born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland, British politician, Member of Parliament for Makerfield
1950 Steve Ferrone, Sussex, rock drummer, Average White Band
1949 Michael Brown, born in New York City, keyboardist, Left Bank-Don't Walk Away Renee
1948 Mike Selvey, cricketer, England pace bowler of late 70's
1947 Bill Fontana, born in Cleveland, Ohio, composer, sound art pioneer, created sounds sculptures in 1976, using urban surroundings as a source of musical information, to evoke visual imagery
1947 Jeffrey DeMunn, born in Buffalo, New York, actor, Blaze, Frances, Windy City
1947 Johan Cruyff, Dutch soccer player and coach, Ajax/Barcelona
1946 Zhirinovsky, Edelstein, Russian ultra nationalist/anti semite
1946 Digby Fairweather, jazz trumpeter
1946 Peter Sutherland, CEO, Allied Irish Banks
1946 Ronnie Gilbert, rocker, Lifeline, Harp
1946 Talia Shire, Coppola, Lake Success, New York, actress, Adrienne-Rocky
1946 Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Edelstein, Russian nationalist/anti-semite
1945 Bjorn Ulvaeus, rock vocalist and guitarist, ABBA-Waterloo, Dancing Queen
1945 Stu Cook, rock bassist, Creedence Clearwater Revival-Proud Mary
1945 Walt Wesley, NBA star, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers
1944 John Bryant, editor, Europeans
1942 John Martin Dalby, composer
1942 Jon Kyl, born in Oakland, Nebraska, Representative-R-Arizona 1987 - 1995, Senator-R-Arizona 1995 -
1942 John Kyl, American Politician
1941 Bertrand Tavernier, actor, Captain Conan, L627, Daddy Nostalgie
1941 Chris Augustine, rocker, Every Mother's Son
1941 Lawrence J. Smith, born in Brooklyn, New York, Representative-D-Florida 1983 - 1993
1940 Al Pacino, born in New York City, actor, And Justice For All, Godfather, Scorpio
1940 O. B. McClinton, Burnett, country singer, Keep your arms around me
1939 Richard earl of Lichfield, English photographer
1939 Veronica Sutherland, British diplomat
1937 Bo Brundin, born in Stockholm, Sweden, actress, Rhinemann Exchange
1934 David de Peyer, cancer research campaigner
1934 Denny "Scott" Miller, Bloomington, Indiana, actor, Wagon Train
1933 Helen Paling, British circuit judge
1933 Jerry Leiber, songwriter, Leiber and Stoller
1932 Lia Manoliu, Romania, discus thrower, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1932 William Roache, born in England, actor, Ken Barlow-Coronation Street
1931 David Shepherd, born in Britain, painter, artist, considered world's most famous conservationists, famous for paintings of wildlife
1930 Dotty Mack, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Paul Dixon Show
1930 Paul Mazursky, born in Brooklyn, writer and director, Moscow on the Hudson
1930 Roy Marshall, cricket opener, prolific Hampshire only 4 Tests for WI
1929 Jose Angel Valente, Spanish poet, A modo the esperanza
1929 Yvette Corlett, athlete
1929 Yvette Williams, New Zealand, long jumper, Gold Medal 1952 Olympics
1927 Ernst Widmer, composer
1926 Paul Walter Furst, composer
1925 Anthony Christopher, British trade unionist
1924 Erzsebet Szonyi, composer
1924 Franco Mannino, composer
1923 Aafje J R Bouber, Blom, actress, Traveller Without Baggage
1923 Albert King, born in Mississippi, blues singer/guitarist, Bad Look Blues
1923 Anita Bjorak, actress, Miss Julie, Loving Couples, Night People
1923 Francis Graham-Smith, British astronomer
1923 Melissa Hayden, born in Toronto, Canada, ballerina, 1961 Silver Bowl
1921 Jean Mogin, Belgian poet
1921 Karel Appel, painter, Vragende Children
1920 Jean Carmet, actor, Cache Cash, Miss Mona, Night Magic
1920 Marre, reformer of the bar
1919 Heinz Wunderlich, composer
1918 Astrid Varnay, born in Stockholm, Sweden, soprano, Met Opera 1941-56
1918 Ella Fitzgerald, Newport News, Virginia, jazz singer, Is it live or Memorex
1918 [Ibolyka] Astridm Varnay, Hungarian/U.S. singer, Walkure
1918 Flora Lewis, American Journalist
1915 A J A Quintus Bosz, Indonesian/Suriname lawyer
1915 William Goyen, born in Trinity, Texas, writer, storyteller, married actress Doris Roberts, wrote The House of Breath, The Fair Sister, Wonderful Plant
1914 Claude Mauriac, born in France, writer, journalist, author, personal secretary to Charles de Gaulle1944 - 1949, co-scripted his father's novel titled Therese Desqueyroux, wrote study of Marcel Proust
1914 Marcos Perez Jimenez, president/dictator Venezuela
1913 Earl Bostic, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, alto sax player, Flamingo, Temptation
1913 Russ Conway, born in Brandon, Manitoba, actor, Richard Diamond Private Eye
1912 Gladys L Presley, mother of Elvis
1912 David F. Powers, American Politician
1909 Jaroslav Doubrava, composer
1909 Laurence Tribe, American Lawyer
1908 Edward R. Murrow, Pole Creek, North Carolina, newscaster, Person to Person
1907 Paula Trueman, New York City, actress, Gran-Billy
1907 Vasily Pavlovich Solov'yov-Sedoy, composer
1906 Sally Salminen, writer
1906 Zoltan Gardonyi, composer
1906 William J. Brennan, Jr., Judge
1905 Hugh Willatt, solicitor/public servant
1905 Walter Hassan, engineer
1903 Camilla Horn, actress, Rebus, Vertigine, Polterabend, Matinee Idol
1903 Carl Gustav Sparre Olsen, composer
1901 Ernst Gernot Klussmann, composer
1900 Hubert Miles Gladwyn Jebb, diplomat
1900 Lord Gladwyn, MP, Liberal
1900 Wolfgang Pauli, Swiss/U.S. physicist, Pauli inhibition, Nobel 1945
1897 Haro Levoni Step'anyan, composer
1897 VAA Mary, English princess
1895 Stanley Rous, British soccer official
1889 Charles Kellaway, cricketer, great Australian all-rounder of 1920's
1883 Elsa Maxwell, born in Keokuk, Iowa, writer, Jack Paar Show
1881 Hans Windisch, German new testament expert
1876 Ruben Marcos Campos, composer
1874 Guglielmo Marconi, born in Bologna, Italy, inventor, radio, Nobel 1909
1872 Charles Burgess Fry, cricketer/world record long jumper
1871 Sara Amsel, Indonesian/Dutch actress
1869 Karl Prohaska, composer
1867 Jean Demoor, Belgian physician/physiologist
1862 Edward Grey, English viscount of Fallodon/minister of Foreign affairs
1849 Felix Klein, German mathematician, Evanston Colloquium
1842 Antonio Fogazzarro, Italian writer/poet, Il santo/Leila
1841 Pauline Lucca, soprano
1840 James Dearing, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1840 Peter Il'yich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer, 1812 Overture, 5/7 NS
1837 William Charles Levey, composer
1825 Charles Ferdinand Dowd, U.S., standardized time zones
1824 Gustave-Rodolphe-Clarence Boulanger, painter
1818 Marek Konrad Sokolowski, composer
1792 John Keble, Anglican priest/founder, Oxford Movement
1769 Mark Isambard Brunel, engineer/inventor
1730 Fedele Fenaroli, composer
1723 Giovanni Marco Rutini, composer
1710 James Ferguson, astronomer
1690 Gottlieb Theophil Muffat, composer
1677 Guillaume Coustou Sr, French sculptor, Chevaux the Marly
1666 Johann Heinrich Buttstett, composer
1621 Roger Boyle, British Soldier
1614 Hieronymus van Beverningk, chief Dutch treasurer/maecenas
1614 Marc'Antonio Pasqualini, composer
1608 Jean BG duke of Orleans, brother of French King Louis XIII/general
1599 Oliver Cromwell, Puritan lord protector of England, 1653-58
1567 Aurelio Signoretti, composer
1284 Edward II, King of England, 1307-27
1228 Koenraad IV, Roman Catholic German king, 1237-54
1214 Louis IX, King of France, 1226 - 1270