April 3 Birthdays in History - April 3 Deaths - April 3 Events
1986 Amanda Bynes, born in Thousand Oaks, California, singer, actor, former cast member on Nickelodeon's 'Figure It Out' and 'All That', films include, 'Big Fat Liar', 'Hairspray'
1979 Esmeralda Gonzales, Miss Wyoming Teen USA 1997
1978 John Smit, professional rugby player, born in Pietersburg, South Africa, hooker, tight head prop, forward, played for Clermont, Natal Sharks
1977 Veronique De Kock, Miss Universe-Belgium 1996
1976 Keith Closs, NBA center for the Los Angeles Clippers
1975 Thomas Hamilton, NBA center for the Boston Celtics
1973 Greg DeLong, NFL tight end for the Minnesota Vikings
1973 Jim Campbell, born in Worchester, Massachusetts, U.S. hockey forward 1994 Olympics
1973 Kelly Lochbaum, CFL linebacker for the BC Lions
1972 Jennie Garth, born in Champaign, Illinois, actress, Kelly Taylor-Beverly Hills 90210
1972 Sandrine Testud, born in Lyon, France, tennis star, 1993 Strasbourg
1971 Anthony McClanahan, CFL linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders
1971 Kevin Farkas, WLAF tackle for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Peter Schwab, born in Boston, Massachusetts, rower 1996 Olympics
1971 Picabo Street, skier, 1984 Olympic gold
1971 Quilvio Veras, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, infielder for the Florida Marlins
1970 Keith Franklin, WLAF linebacker for the Amsterdam Admirals
1970 Matt Gay, WLAF safety for the Rhein Fire
1969 David Morland, born in North Bay, Ontario, golfer, 1992 Trafalgar Rookie of Year
1969 Reid Hayston Hamilton, born in New Zealand, beach volleyball player 1996 Olympics
1969 Rodney Hampton, NFL running back for the New York Giants
1968 Bernd Karbacher, Germany, tennis star
1968 Sebastian Philip Clerk Bach, born in Bahamas, rock, Skid Row-Psycho Love
1968 Sebastian Bach, Canadian Musician
1967 Brent Gilchrist, Moose Jaw, NHL center for the Dallas Stars
1967 Pervis Ellison, NBA forward and center for the Boston Celtics
1966 Bo Orlando, NFL safety, San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals
1966 Shelley Michelle, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Golden Eye
1964 Ajay Sharma, cricketer, Indian spin all-rounder played one Test 1988
1963 Chris Bosio, baseball pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
1963 Zakir Khan, cricketer, two Tests for Pakistan 1986 - 1989
1963 Michael Schiavo, American Celebrity
1962 John Gruffith, rocker, Red Rockers
1962 Mike Ness, rocker, Social Distortion
1962 Nancy Filteau, Swift Current, Saskatchawan, 72k judoka 1996 Olympics
1961 Eddie Murphy, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, SNL, 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop, Raw
1961 Melissa Etheridge, rock guitarist and vocalist, Come to My Window
1959 David Hyde Pierce, born in New York, actor, Niles Crane-Fraiser
1958 Alec Baldwin, born in Amityville, New York, actor, Joshua-Knots Landing, Beetlejuice
1957 Charles Jones, NBA forward for the Houston Rockets
1956 Miguel Bose, born in Panama, spanish singer and actor, El Avaro, Queen Margot
1956 Ray Combs, born in Hamilton, Ohio, comedian, host of 'Family Feud' television game show
1955 Aleksandr Nikolayevich Yablontsev, Russian Lt-colonel and cosmonaut
1953 Huub van der Lubbe, Dutch rock singer, Stampei-The Dike
1951 Gwen Welles, U.S. actress, Desert Hearts, Nashville
1951 Mel Schacher, born in Michigan, bassist, Grand Funk Railroad-Some Kind of Wonderful
1950 Curtis Stone, born in Hollywood, California, singer, Highway 101-Cry Cry Cry
1949 Jan Keizer, Dutch singer, BZN-Rhythm of My Heart
1949 Lyle Alzado, NFLer, Los Angeles Raiders and actor, Oceans of Fire, Hangfire
1949 Richard Thompson, vocalist and guitarist, Shoot Out the Lights
1948 Garrick Ohlsson, born in Bronxville, New York, pianist, International Busoni winner 1969
1948 Jaap G de Hoop Scheffer, Dutch MP, CDA
1948 Mary Gordon-Watson, born in England, equestrian 3 day event, 1972 Olympics gold
1946 Carlos Salinas de Gortari, president, Mexico, 1988 - 1994
1946 Dee Murray, rocker, Elton John Band
1946 John Virgo, British snooker player
1945 Catherine Spaak, born in France, actress, Libertine, Hotel, Circle of Love
1945 Richard Manuel, rock pianist and vocalist, Band-Up on Cripple Creek
1945 Wim J Deetman, Dutch minister of education and MP, CDA
1944 Barry Pritchard, rock guitarist, Fortunes
1944 Tony Orlando, born in New York City, singer, Dawn-Tie a Yellow Ribbon
1943 Jonathan Lynn, born in Bath, England, writer and actor, Greedy, Bar Mitzvah Boy
1942 Billy Joe Royal, born in Valdosta, Georgia, country singer, Down in the Boondocks
1942 Marsha Mason, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Blume in Love, Cinderella Liberty
1942 Michael Elliott, U.S., skier 1968 Olympics
1942 Rick Sylvester, parachute ski jumper, world record 3,300'
1942 Wayne Newton, born in Roanoke, Virginia, singer, Danke Schon
1941 Eric Braeden, born in Austria, actor, Victor Newman-Young and Restless, Colossus
1941 Jan Berry, born in Los Angeles, California, rock vocalist, Jan and Dean-Deadman's Curve
1940 Lino Brocka, born in San Jose, Philippines, director, Macho Dancer, Jaguar
1940 R S Burman, CEO, Association of British Chambers of Commerce
1939 Malcolm Thornton, born in England, politician, Conservative party, Member of Parliament for Liverpool 1979 - 1983, Member of Parliament for Crosby 1983 - 1997
1939 Vitaliy Davidov, born in U.S.S.R., ice hockey player, Gold Medals 1964, 1968, 1972 Olympics
1938 Jeff Barry, born in Brooklyn, New York, rock writer, Tell Laura I Love Her
1938 Philippe Wynne, U.S. soul singer, Detroit Spinners, Ghetto Child
1937 Sandra Spuzich, LPGA golfer
1937 Simon Brown, British high court judge
1937 William Gaunt, born in Leeds, England, actor, Champions
1935 Jeffery Bowman, CEO, Price Waterhouse Europe
1934 David Jones, British reverend and headmaster, Bryanston School
1934 Jane Goodall, born in London, England, ethologist, studied African chimps
1934 Jim Parker, NFL guard, tackle for the Baltimore Colts
1934 John Lelliott, English contractor and multi-millionaire
1933 Bob Dornan, born in New York City, New York, Representative-R-California 1977 - 1983 and 1985 - 1997
1932 Janet Bately, Professor of English Language, King's College London
1932 Nourse, British lord justice
1931 Johnny Nicholss, soccer star
1930 Helmut Kohl, chancellor, Germany, 1982-
1930 Lawton Chiles, Florida Senator 1971 - 1989, Governor of Florida 1991 - 1998, Democrat
1930 Max Frankel, journalist, Tables of Id of Organic Compounds
1929 Dennis Farr, director, Courtauld Institute Galleries
1929 Miyoshi Umeki, born in Japan, actress, Mrs Livingston-Courtship of Eddie's Father
1928 Don Gibson, born in Shelby, North Carolina, singer/writer, I can't Stop Loving You, Oh Lonesome Me
1927 Eva Szekely, Hungary, 200m backstroke swimmer, 1952 Olympics gold
1926 Andrew Keir, actor, Rob Roy, Absolution, Blood Hunt, Catholics
1926 Virgil Grissom, born in Mitchell, Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel USAF/astronaut, Merc 4, Gemini 3
1925 Tony Benn, British minister of technology, 1968
1924 Canon A. D. Caesar, Sub Dean, HM Chapels Royal
1924 Doris Day, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, girl next door actress, Pillow Talk
1924 Marlon Brando, born in Omaha, Nebraska, actor, Superman, Godfather
1924 Murray Dickie, opera singer and director
1923 Jan Sterling, born in New York City, actress, 1st Monday in October, HS Confidential
1923 John Smith, English large landowner/financier/MP, C
1921 Harry Landers, born in New York City, actor, Ted Hoffman-Ben Casey
1920 Stan Freeman, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, pianist, Melody Tour
1919 Hugh FitzRoy, born in Cape Town, South Africa, 11th Duke of Grafton, Deputy Lieutenant, KG, patrilineal descendant of King Charles II's third eldest illegitimate son
1918 Enrique Iturriaga, composer
1918 Louis Applebaum, composer
1918 Sixten Ehrling, born in Malmo, Sweden, conductor, Royal Opera of Stockholm
1917 Bill Finegan, born in Newark, New Jersey, Sauter-Finegan Band, Sat Night Revue
1917 Tibor Andrasovan, composer
1916 Herb Caen, born in Sacramento, California, columnist, SF Chronicle
1916 Robert Jesse Charleston, museum Curator
1914 Katherine Stammers Menzies, born in England, doubles tennis player, Wimb 1935
1913 F H Tate, vice-CEO, Tate and Lyle
1913 George Barati, composer
1912 Addeke H Boerma, Dutch dir-gen, FAO
1912 Bert Bakker, Dutch publisher, Free Netherlands
1911 Harold Watkins Shaw, musicologist
1911 Michael Woodruff, FRS, surgeon
1911 W R Lee, language teacher
1909 Hutton Gibson, American Writer
1907 Isaac Deutscher, Polish/English historian, Stalin/Trotsky biography
1906 Kathleen Tillotson, Emeritus Professor of English, Bedford College
1904 Iron Eyes Cody, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, actor, Black Gold, Ernest Goes to Camp
1904 Peter Van Steeden, born in Amsterdam Netherlands, orchestra leader, Break the Bank
1903 Peter Huchel, writer
1902 Henri Garat, born in Paris, France, actor, Congress Dances
1902 Siguringi Eirikur Hjorleifsson, composer
1900 Camille Chamoun, president of Lebanon
1899 Cees Lasseur, Dutch actor and owner, Hague Comedy
1898 George Jessel, toastmaster general/entertainer, Diary of Young Comic
1898 Henry R. Luce, born in Tengchow, China, publisher, Time, Fortune, Life
1896 Douwe Kalma, Dutch literary and leader, Young Frisian Movement
1895 Bjarne Brustad, composer
1895 Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Firenze, Florence, Italy, composer
1894 Dooley Wilson, born in Tyler, Texas, actor, Bill-Beulah, Casablanca
1894 Dora Russell, English Celebrity
1893 Leslie Howard, born in London, actor, 'Gone With the Wind'
1889 Grigoras Dinicu, composer
1888 Neville Cardus, cricketer, doyen of cricket writers
1885 Harry St. John Philby, sheik Abdullah, British explorer
1885 Allan Dwan, Canadian Director
1884 Jackie Matthews, cricketer, Australia leg-spinner, two hat-tricks 1912
1882 Simon Elzinga, Dutch educator
1881 Alcide de Gasperi, Italian premier, 1945 - 1953
1880 Otto Weininger, Austrian Philosopher
1874 Eduardo Sanchez de Fuentes, composer
1871 Jose Juan Tablada, Mexican poet, El Florilegio
1866 James B. Hertzog, South African general/premier, 1914 - 1939
1860 Frederik W van Eeden, Dutch utopian writer, Walden
1859 Reginald De Koven, composer
1858 Matthew Ricketts, 1st Black man elected to Neb State Legislature
1842 Ulric Dahlgren, Col Union volunteers
1838 Leon Michel Gambetta, French attorney/premier, 1881 - 1882
1837 John Burroughs, writer/nature enthusiast, Burroughs Medal namesake
1825 Adolf Rzepko, composer
1823 Boss Tweed, corrupt Democratic political boss, Tammany Hall in New York City
1822 Edward Everett Hale, U.S., clergyman/author, Man without a Country
1812 Louisa Maria, Queen of the Belgians, 1832 - 1850, wife of Leopold I
1798 Charles D. Wilkes, Commander Union Navy
1783 Washington Irving, U.S. writer, Legend of Sleepy Hollow
1764 John Abernethy, London, surgeon
1757 Ferenc Verseghy, composer
1751 Jean-Baptiste Lamoyne, composer
1727 Philippe-Lambert-Joseph Spruyt, Flemish painter/engraver
1720 Elia van Vilnius, Elijahu ben Salomo Zalman, Latvian rabbi
1682 Johann Valentin Rathgeber, German benedictine and composer
1649 Joseph-Francois Salomon, composer
1627 Johann Caspar Kerll, composer
1617 Antimo Liberati, composer
1603 William Smith, composer
1593 George Herbert, English metaphysical poet, 5 Mystical Songs
1569 Giovanni Battista Massarengo, composer
1485 Lieven van der Maude [Ammonius], born in South Netherland, poet
1438 John III van Egmont, Manke John, viceroy of Holland
1367 Henry IV, Bolingbroke Lincolnshire, King of England, 1399 - 1413
1245 Philips III, the Stout, King of France, 1270 - 1285