April 6 Birthdays in History - April 6 Deaths - April 6 Events
1981 Robert Earnshaw, born in Mufulira, Zambia, Welsh international soccer player, striker, plays for Nottingham Forest
1980 Matthew Thomas Carey, actor, Once You Meet a Stranger
1979 Ali Burr, Miss North Carolina Teen USA 1997
1979 Frederick MGDL Windsor, son of English prince Michael
1976 Candace Cameron, American Actress
1975 Zach Braff, American Actor
1973 Donnie Edwards, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs
1973 Randall Godfrey, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys
1972 Dickey Simpkins, NBA forward, SF Warriors, Chicago Bulls
1972 Donald Blair, CFL slot back for the Edmonton Eskimos
1972 Hurvin McCormack, NFL defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys
1972 Jason Hervey, actor, Wayne Arnold-Wonder Years
1971 Anthony Redmon, guard for the Arizona Cardinals
1971 Tamara Henry, Miss USA-Arkansas 1997
1971 Tom Sorensen, born in Racine, Wisconsin, volleyball middle blocker 1996 Olympics
1971 Vivian Y. Herding, born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Miss America New Mexico 1996
1970 Olaf Kolzig, born in Johannesbourg, South Africa, NHL goalie for the Washington Capitals
1970 Oliver Miller, NBA forward and center for the Toronto Raptors
1969 Andy Harmon, NFL defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles
1969 Ari Meyers, born in San Juan PR, actress, Emma McArdle-Kate and Allie
1969 Bret Boone, born in El Cajon, California, infielder for the Cincinnati Reds
1969 Brian Williams, NBA center and forward, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers
1968 Chris Anderson, Australian high jumper 1996 Olympics
1967 Derrick Fenner, NFL running back for the Oakland Raiders
1966 Kymberly Paige, born in Newport Beach, California, playmate, May, 1987
1965 Gerald Diduck, born in Edmonton, NHL defenseman, Hartford Whalers
1965 Rica Reinisch, born in East Germany, 100m/200m backstroke, 1980 Olympics gold
1965 Virginia Lee, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1965 Frank Black, born in Boston, Massachusetts, guitarist, singer, songwriter, albums include, 'Bossanova', 'Trompe le Monde', released two albums with band, Pixies
1964 Bill Brooks, NFL wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills
1964 Johnny Dee, heavy metal drummer, Britny Fox-Boys in Heat, King Kobra
1963 Lorenzo Lynch, NFL safety, Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders
1962 Stan Cullimore, bassist, Housemartins-Happy Hour, Over There
1961 Mike Schuchart, born in Omaha, Nebraska, Nike golfer, 1994 NIKE Tour Championship
1961 Rory Bremner, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, impressionist, political satirist, comedian, appeared on Channel 4 with 'Rory Bremner, Who Else?', host of award-winning show, 'Bremner, Bird and Fortune'
1959 Dianne Brill, born in Tampa, fashion designer and party girl, Queen of the Night
1957 Maurizio Damilano, Italian speed walker, 30K World Record
1956 Dilip Vengsarkar, cricketer, prolific Indian batsman 1976-92
1956 Mudassar Nazar, cricketer, son of Nazar Mohammad Pakistani bat
1954 Judi Bowker, born in Shawford, England, actress, Clash of the Titans
1953 Janet Lynn, ice skater, 1972 Olympics bronze
1953 Andy Hertzfeld, American Inventor
1952 Judith McConnell, actress, Sophia Capwell-Santa Barbara
1952 Marilu Henner, born in Chicago, actress, Taxi, Man Who Loved Women, Eve Shade
1952 Udo Dirkshneider, heavy metal rocker, Accept-Balls to the Wall, Udo
1952 Clayton Christensen, American Businessman
1951 Ralph Cooper, born in Australia, drummer, Air Supply-All Out of Love
1950 Dennis E. Eckart, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1981 - 1983 and 1983 - 1993
1949 Jane Actman, born in New York City, actress, Barbara-Paul Lynde Show
1949 Mary Maples Dunn, college president, Smith College
1947 Jan Kees Wiebenga, Dutch MP, VVD
1947 John Ratzenberger, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, actor, Cliff Clavin-Cheers
1947 Tony Cooner, born in Essex, drummer, Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing
1946 Paul Beresford, born in Levin, New Zealand, Sir Alexander Paul Beresford, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Mole Valley
1945 Rodney Bickerstaffe, trade unionist
1945 Neal Boortz, American Journalist
1944 Felicity Palmer, British mezzo-soprano
1944 John Stax, rocker, Pretty Things-Don't Bring Me Down
1944 Michelle Phillips, rocker, Mamas and The Papas
1943 Harry Conroy, trade unionist
1943 Joaquin Agostinho, Portuguese cyclist
1943 Roger Cook, investigative journalist and broadcaster
1943 Susan Tolsky, born in Houston, actress, Madame's Place, Here Comes the Brides
1942 Phil Austin, comedian, Firesign Theater
1941 Hans W. Geissendorfer, born in Augsburg, Germany, director, Sternsteinhof
1940 Anne Campbell, born in England, politician, Labor Member of Parliament for Cambridge, portrayed by Harriet Walter in 10 Days to War, a BBC drama on events leading up to the Iraq War
1940 Homero Aridjis, Mexican poet, La Tumba de Filidor
1938 Paul Daniels, British magician
1938 Roy Thinnes, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, Invaders, Falcon Crest, General Hospital
1937 Billy Dee Williams, born in Harlem New York City, actor, Chiefs, Empire Strikes Back
1937 Merle Haggard, Bakersfield, California, country singer, Death Valley Days
1937 Tom Veivers, cricketer, Australian off-spinner in the 60's
1936 Manfred Schoof, born in Madgeburg, Germany, composer, founder, European free jazz, professor in Cologne, interpreter of works by Bernd Alouis Zimmermann
1935 James Graham, born in Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, Africa, 8th Duke of Montrose, the only Duke with a seat in the House of Lords as a hereditary peer
1935 John Pepper Clark, born in Nigeria, writer, Horn, Song of a Goat
1934 Antonius Geesink, Holland, judo 1964 Olympic gold
1934 Reijo Jyrkiainen, composer
1933 Dudley Sutton, British actor, Leather Boys, Brimstone and Treacle
1931 Ivan Dixon, born in New York City, actor, Car Wash, Hogan's Heroes
1931 Joan Carlyle, British soprano
1931 Ram Dass, American Psychologist
1929 "Crazy" Joe Gallo, mobster
1929 Andre Previn, born in Berlin, Germany, conductor London Symphony, and pianist
1929 Arthur S. Taylor, Jr., U.S. drummer and band leader, Taylor's Wailers
1929 Edison Vasalievich Denisov, composer
1929 Li Yuan-chia, artist
1929 Willis Hall, British writer
1928 James D. Watson, chemist, co-discovered structure of DNA
1928 Joi Lansing, born in Salt Lake City Utah, actress, Bob Cummings Show
1927 David Ingram, Vice-Chancellor, University of Kent at Canterbury
1927 Gerry Mulligan, British saxophonist and orchestra leader, Jazz on a Summer Day
1926 Ian Paisley, North Ireland, clergyman and MP
1926 Gil Kane, American Artist
1925 Arthur D. Larsen, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1950
1925 John Knox, British supreme court justice
1925 Marcus Worsley, Lord-Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
1922 Barry Levinson, director, Rain Man
1921 Andrew Welsh Imbrie, composer
1921 Franta Belsky, British sculptor
1921 Lord Moore of Wolvercote
1920 Bernard Carter, British painter and etcher
1920 Edmond H. Fischer, Swiss Scientist
1918 Joan Bernard, Principal, Trevelyan College, Durham
1918 Karen Verne, born in Berlin, Germany, actress, Madame X
1917 Julian Faber, CEO, Willis Faber
1917 Shakey, Walter Horton, Mississippi, harmonicist, Everybody's Fishin'
1914 George Reeves, born in Ashland, Kentucky, actor, Superman, 'Gone With the Wind'
1912 Endre Szekely, composer
1912 Wilhelmus H L "Willem" Tollenaar, actor and director, Don Carlos
1911 Phyllis Margaret Duncan Tate, composer
1910 Desmond Dreyer, British admiral
1908 Vano Il'ich Muradeli, composer
1906 John Betjeman, English Poet Laureate 1972-1984, Mount Zion
1904 Kurt G. Kiesinger, German chancellor, Wherever They May Be
1903 Harold Edgerton, foremost high-speed photographer
1903 Mickey Cochrane, baseball hall of fame catcher, .320 avg
1902 Gertrude Short, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Stella Dallas, Blonde Venus
1901 Willem Pelemans, Flemish composer and music reviewer
1900 Leo Robin, U.S. writer, Thanks For the Memory
1898 Bobby Gilbert, PA
1896 Juan Tomas Perez, composer
1895 Dudley Nichols, American Screenwriter
1892 Donald Wills Douglas, U.S., aircraft pioneer, McConnell Douglas
1892 Lowell Thomas, born in Woodington, Ohio, newscaster, High Adventure
1892 Mateusz Glinski, composer
1890 Andre L. Danjon, French astronomer
1890 Anthony Herman Gerard Fokker, born in Holland, aircraft pioneer, Spider
1889 Barry Macollum, born in Northern Ireland
1889 Gabriela Mistral, writer
1888 Daniel Andersson, Swedish poet and writer, Svarta Ballader
1885 Carlos Leon Salzedo, composer
1884 Walter Huston, actor, Maltese Falcon, Treasure of Sierra Madre
1883 Mien Labberton, Dutch poetress
1878 Carl Emil Theodor Ehrenberg, composer
1878 Erich Muhsam, writer
1871 Alexander, grandson of England's Queen Victoria
1869 Louis Raemakers, Dutch draftsman/painter
1866 Butch Cassidy, U.S. desperado, Wild Bunch Passage
1866 Joseph Lincoln Steffens, muckraker and journalist, Shame of the Cities
1866 Lincoln Steffens, American Journalist
1860 Rene Lalique, French jewel designer
1844 Joseph Ludwig, composer
1835 Jose Marraco y Ferrer, composer
1833 Johan H C Kern, Dutch linguist, Sanskrit, Old Javan
1830 James Augustine Healy, born in Macon, Georgia, 1st black Roman Catholic bishop
1828 Charles William Field, Major General Confederate Army
1826 Gustave Moreau, French painter
1823 Joseph Medill, born in St. John, Canada, newspaper editor, Chicago Tribune
1819 Johann A. H. Scheler, Belgian librarian
1818 Francis Henry Brown, composer
1815 Friedrich Robert Volkmann, composer
1812 Aaron Bernstein, writer
1812 Gavril Yakimovich Lomakin, composer
1810 Philip Gosse, intentor of institutional aquarium, writer, Omphalos
1806 Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, poet
1778 Joseph Funk, composer
1773 James Mill, born in Scotland, philosopher and historian, History of British India
1757 Alessandro Rolla, composer
1752 Johann Friedrich Kranz, composer
1741 Nicolas de Chamfort, born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, known for aphorisms and witty epigrams, wrote successful comedy, 'La Jeune Indienne'
1708 George Reuter, composer
1672 Andre Cardinal Destouches, composer
1671 Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, French playwright and poet, Sacred Odes and Songs
1660 Johann Kuhnau, composer
1631 Vincenzo De Grandis, composer
1483 Raphael Sanzio, Italian painter and master builder, Madonna Sistina