April 7 Birthdays in History - April 7 Deaths - April 7 Events
1978 Siobhan Drake-Brockman, born in Bunbury, Australia, tennis star, 1994 Port Pirie
1976 Erich Goldmann, born in Dingolfing GER, hockey defenseman, Team Germany 1998
1975 Ronde Barber, cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1975 Tiki Barber, running back for the New York Giants
1975 Victoria Adams, "Posh Spice", Hertfordshire, vocalist, Spice Girls
1974 Anita Maxwell, WNBA forward for the Cleveland Rockers
1972 Greg Clark, tight end for the San Francisco 49ers
1972 Joanne Brown, Australian softball catcher and 1st baseman, 1996 Olympics bronze
1972 Lovett Purnell, wide receiver for the New England Patriots
1972 Malcolm Huckaby, NBA guard for the Miami Heat
1972 Shana Williams, Bridgeton, New Jersey, long jumper and heptathlete
1971 Cara Kendra Bernosky, Miss USA-Pennsylvania 1997
1971 Mark Thompson, born in Russellville, Kentucky, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
1971 Stephen Brimacombe, Australian 100m/200m 1996 Olympics
1971 Victor Kraatz, born in Berlin, Germany, Canadian ice dancer, 1995 World Champs-4th
1970 Alexander Karpovtsev, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL defenseman for the New York Rangers
1970 Kevin Smith, NFL cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys
1969 Clark Sheehan, born in Denver, Colorado, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1969 Jeremy Lincoln, NFL cornerback, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks
1969 Peggy Clasen, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, speed skater 1994 Olympics
1969 Ricky Bones, born in Salinas, Puerto Rico, pitcher, Mil Brewers, New York Yankees
1969 Ricky Watters, NFL running back for the Philadelphia Eagles
1969 Jack Black, American Actor
1968 Bill Bellamy, actor, Fled, How to be a Player, Joey Breaker
1968 Don Smith, born in North Tonawanda, New York, rower 1996 Olympics
1967 Steve Wisniewski, NFL guard for the Oakland Raiders
1966 Teri Ann Linn, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Kristen-Bold and Beautiful
1965 Kaushik Amalean, cricketer, two Tests for Sri Lanka 1986-88
1964 Helen Wadsworth, born in Wales, golfer, Curtis Cup 1990
1964 Joe Durant, born in Pensacola, Florida, Nike golfer, 1992 Boise Open-7th
1964 Russell Crowe, born in Wellington, New Zealand, actor, musician, Academy-Award winning film, 'Gladiator', films include, 'L.A. Confidential', 'A Beautiful Mind'
1962 Andy Hampsten, born in Columbus, Ohio, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1962 Bonny Warner, born in Mount Baldy, California, lugist
1962 Hugh Edward Ralph O'Connor, actor, In the Heat of the Night
1962 Alain Robert, French Athlete
1960 Simon Climie, rock vocalist and keyboardist, Climie Fisher-Love Changes
1958 Alexandra Neil, born in Boston, actress, Rose-Guiding Light
1958 Tony Aire, rocker, Adventures-Sea of Love
1956 Christopher Darden, American Lawyer
1954 Jackie Chan, martial art actor, Rumble in the Bronx
1954 Tony Dorsett, NFL running back, Dallas Cowboys, Heisman Trophy
1953 Everard Endt, U.S., yachting 1952 Olympics gold
1952 Jane Frederick, U.S. pentathlete 1976 Olympics
1951 Janis Ian, born in New York City, lesbian and folk rocker, At 17
1951 John Dittrich, born in Union, New Jersey, country singer, Restless Heart-Wheels
1951 Bruce Gary, born in Burbank, California, rock drummer, Knack-My Sharona
1949 Mitch Daniels, American Politician
1947 Patricia Bennett, U.S. singer, He's So Fine
1946 Barbara Benary, born in America, composer, co-founder, Gamelan Son of Lion, New York City repertory ensemble, composes theater music, chamber music
1945 Robert A. Brady, American Politician
1944 Gerhard Schroeder, German Statesman
1943 Dennis Amiss, cricketer, prolific English batsman
1943 Mick Abrahams, rock guitarist, Jethro Tull-Thick as a Brick
1943 Roberta Shore, born in Monterrey Park, California, actress and singer, Virginian
1943 Spencer Dryden, born in New York City, rock drummer, Jefferson Airplane-Go Ask Alice
1942 Edda Barends, actress, Arthur and Eva
1940 Jan Wilhelm Morthenson, composer
1940 Patricia Paay, Dutch singer, You are not hip
1939 David Frost, born in Tenterdon, England, TV host, That Was the Week That Was
1939 Donald L. Holmquest, born in Dallas, Texas, astronaut
1939 Francis Ford Coppola, born in Detroit, director, Godfather, Apocalypse Now
1938 Freddie Hubbard, born in Indianapolis, jazz trumpeter, Art Blakey
1938 Jerry Brown, California Governor 1974 - 1983 and 2011 - , Democrat
1938 Yvonne Lime, born in Glendale, California, actress, Father Knows Best, Dobie Gillis
1937 Charley Thomas, rocker, Drifters
1935 Bobby Bare, born in Irontown, Ohio, country singer, Detroit City
1935 Hodding Carter III, press secretary, Jimmy Carter
1935 Yvonne Fedderson, co-founder, Childhelp USA
1934 Ian Richards, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, actor, Montgomery-Ike
1933 Wayne Rogers, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actor, M*A*S*H, House Calls, Chiefs
1932 Louis "Mr Bo" Collins, blues SInger
1931 Daniel Ellsberg, whistleblower, Pentagon Papers
1931 Donald Barthelme, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, writer, Snow White, Sadness
1931 Ted Kotcheff, Canadian Director
1930 Andrew Sachs, actor, Manuel-Fawlty Towers
1928 Alan J. Pakula, director, All the President's Men, Klute
1928 James Garner, born in Norman, Oklahoma, actor, Rockford Files, Bret Maverick
1928 James White, sci-fi author, Star Surgeon, Star Healer
1927 Babatunde Olatunji, Nigerian Musician
1926 Johannes Rood, Dutch immunologist, Eurotransplant
1924 Harry Cordon, comic and host, Fred Hache Show
1924 Ikuma Dan, born in Tokyo, Japan, composer, graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, studied under famous opera composer Kosaku Yamada
1924 Nick Perito, born in Denver, Colorado, orchestra leader, Don Knotts Show, Big Show
1922 Kenneth Howard Peacock, composer
1920 Ravi Shankar, born in Benares, India, sitar player, Sounds of India
1920 Terence Edward Armstrong, polar geographer
1919 Edoardo Mangiarotti, Italy, epee 1952 Olympics gold
1919 Ralph Flanagan, born in Loraine, Ohio, orchestra leader, Let's Dance
1918 C B Bertie Clarke, cricketer, Barbados and West Indian leg-spinner
1918 Peanuts Hucko, born in Syracuse, New York, dixieland clarinetist, Lawrence Welk Show
1918 Peter Aryans, PCJ Vander, Dutch radio actor, Shoot Out
1918 Ronald Howard, born in Norwood, England, actor, Naked Edge, Africa-Texas Style
1917 R G Armstrong, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actor, T.H.E. Cat
1915 Billie Holiday, born in Baltimore, singer, Aint Nobodys Business
1915 Henry Kuttner, U.S., sci-fi author, Dark World, As You Were
1914 Sydney Thompson, rock climber
1912 John Adrian Hope, politician and businessman
1912 Valere Depauw, Flemish writer
1912 Harry Hay, American Celebrity
1908 Le Duan, Vietnamese politician
1908 Percy Faith, conductor, Summer Place
1903 Willi Forst, Austrian actor and director, Im weissen Rossl
1899 Robert Marcel Casadesus, French pianist and composer, Prix Diemer
1897 Harald Sigurd Johan Saeverud, composer
1897 Walter Winchell, born in Harlem, New York City, newscaster and columnist, Untouchables
1896 Benny Leonard, lightweight boxing champ, 1917-25
1895 Eduardo Toldra, composer
1895 Lewis B. Combs, naval commander and civil engineer
1894 Gerald Brenan, English writer
1893 Allan W. Dulles, U.S. diplomat and CIA head 1953-61, Germany's Underground
1893 Irene Castle, dancer, leader in anti-vivisection movement
1893 Allen Dulles, American Public Servant
1891 David Low, British Cartoonist
1890 Marjory Stoneman Douglas, environmentalist, 1st Lady of Everglades
1889 Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet, Desolacion, Tenderness and Nobel 1945
1884 Charles Dodd, English new testament authority
1884 Louis H N Bosch van Rosenthal, Dutch politician and resistance fighter
1884 Bronislaw Malinowski, Polish Scientist
1882 Bert "Dainty" Ironmonger, cricketer, belated Australian rep 1928-33
1882 Kurt von Schleiger, German chancellor, 12/2/32-1/28/33
1881 Daisy Ashford, born in Petersham, England, English witer, wrote 'The Young Sisters'
1878 C M M Hathorn, cricketer, South African Test centurion in 1905-06
1878 Jozef C. Bittremieux, Flemish theologist, Virgin and Mother of God
1874 Frederick Carl Frieseke, American Artist
1873 John McGraw, born in Truxton, New York, MLB player and manager of the New York Giants, nicknamed 'Little Napoleon'
1872 William Monroe Trotter, famous African
1870 Gustav Landauer, German socialist
1870 Joseph Ryeland, Belgian composer/Baron
1869 David Grandison Fairchild, U.S., botanist and explorer, brought plants to U.S.
1860 Will Keith Kellogg, born in America, vegetarian, founder of Kellogg Company, pioneered process of making flaked cereal, promoted corn flakes as a healthy breakfast cereal
1859 Walter Camp, Connecticut, father of American football, Yale
1858 Adrien H Gerhard, Dutch socialist politician, SDAP
1851 Otto Adolf Klauwell, composer
1847 J. P. Jacobsen, writer
1841 Alfred Cogniaux, Belgian botanicus
1841 Joseph H. Neuhuys, painter
1826 Johann Hermann Berens, composer
1822 Gershom Mott, Major General Union volunteers
1820 Gyorgy Klapka, Hungarian general and MP, Komarom-castle
1819 Hubert Leonard, composer
1803 Flora Tristan, writer
1801 Henry Eagle, Commander Union Navy
1786 William Rufus DeVane King, D, 13th Vice President, 1853
1780 William Ellery Channing, U.S., Unitarian clergyman
1775 Francis C. Lowell, founded 1st raw cotton-to-cloth textile mill
1775 Francis Cabot Lowell, American Businessman
1772 F M Charles Fourier, French socialist
1770 William Wordsworth, England, poet laureate, Prelude
1768 Karl Theodor Toeschi, composer
1763 Domenico Dragonetti, composer
1756 Charles Felix, King of Sardina, 1821-31
1748 Georg Wenzel Ritter, composer
1745 Georg Druschetzky, composer
1727 Henri Hardouin, composer
1727 Michel Adanson, French biologist, Natural History of Senegal
1718 Hugh Blair, Scottish Theologian
1699 Andreas Benedikt Praelisauer, composer
1694 Coelestin Praelisauer, composer
1648 Ferdinand van Kessel, Flemish painter
1629 Juan Jose, of Austria, Spanish general and governor of Netherlands
1622 Louise Hollandine, daughter of King Frederik V and Elizabeth Stuart
1613 Gerard Dou, Dutch painter, Night School
1534 Jose de Anchieta, Spanish jesuit and missionary, Brazilian Tupi-Indians
1506 Francis Xavier, saint and Jesuit missionary to India, Malaya, and Japan