April 9 Birthdays in History - April 9 Deaths - April 9 Events
1990 Marston Glenn Hefner, son of Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad
1987 Jesse McCartney, American Musician
1980 Kristin Lee, born in Bethesda, Maryland, rhythmic gymnast, U.S. team 1996
1979 Keshia Knight Pulliam, born in Newark, New Jersey, actress, Rudy-Crosby
1978 Rachel Stevens, English Musician
1975 Robbie Fowler, English Athlete
1974 Ben Bordelon, tackle for the San Diego Chargers
1974 Kevin Mathis, cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys
1974 Sharon Pelletier, Madawaska Maine, Miss America-Maine 1996
1972 Brian DeMarco, NFL tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1972 Craig Jones, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1972 Jeff Wilkins, kicker for the St. Louis Rams
1972 Karen Clark, born in Calgary, Alberta, synchro swimmer, 1996 Olympics silver
1971 Anthony Redmon, NFL guard for the Arizona Cardinals
1971 Austin Peck, born in Hawaii, actor, Austin Reed-Days of Our Lives
1971 Derwin Gray, NFL center for the Indianapolis Colts
1971 James Hundon, wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals
1971 Mujaahid Maynard, Brooklyn, 105 lbs/48 kg greco-roman wrestler 1996 Olympics
1971 Wang Yang, youngest Olympic record breaker at age 17 1988 Olympics
1971 Jacques Villeneuve, Canadian Celebrity
1970 Chuck Bradley, born in CFL/WLAF tackle, BC Lions, Barcelona Dragons
1970 Neal Caloia, born in Torrance, California, free pistol 1996 Olympics
1970 Olaf Kolzig, born in Johannesburg SAF, NHL goalie, Team Germany, Washington
1969 Amy Feng, born in Tianjin, China, U.S. table tennis player 1996 Olympics
1969 Karl Krikken, cricketer, Derbyshire 1989-, wicketkeeper
1969 Timothy Young, born in Philadelphia, rower 1966 Olympics silver
1968 Janne Ojanen, Tampere FIN, hockey forward, Team Finland
1968 Terry Brands, born in Omaha, Nebraska, 125 lbs/57 kg freestyle wrestler, 1996 Olympics
1968 Tom Brands, born in Omaha, Nebraska, 136 lbs/62 kg freestyle wrestler, 1996 Olympics gold
1967 Graeme Lloyd, born in Australia, pitcher, New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers
1966 Cynthia Nixon, born in New York City, actress, Addams Family Values, Pelican Brief
1966 Oliver Barnett, NFL defensive end for the San Francisco 49ers
1965 Hal Morris, born in Fort Rucker, Alabama, infielder for the Cincinnati Reds
1965 Helen Alfredsson, born in Goteborg, Sweden, LPGA golfer, 1993 Dinah Shore
1965 Paolo Cane, born in Italy, tennis star
1965 Paulina Porizkova, Prostejov, Czechoslovakia, model, Playboy-Aug 87
1965 Jeff Zucker, American Businessman
1964 Shane Robinson, Adelaide SA, Australasia golfer
1963 Joe Scarborough, American Politician
1963 Marc Jacobs, American Designer
1962 Freddie Joe Nunn, NFL defensive end for the Indianapolis Colts
1962 Jeff Turner, NBA forward for the Vancouver Grizzlies
1961 Kirk McCaskill, born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, pitcher, Chicago White Sox
1961 Mark Kelly, born in Dublin, Ireland, keyboardist, Marillion-Real to Reel
1959 Dave Innis, born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, country singer, Restless Heart-Wheels
1958 Tony Sibson, born in Leicester, England, professional boxer, Middleweight, Light heavyweight, during the 1970's and 1980's
1957 Ednita Nazario, Ponce PR, spanish singer
1957 Seve Ballesteros, born in Spain, golfer, British Open 1979, 1984, 1988
1954 Dennis Quaid, born in Houston, Texas, actor, Big Easy, Dreamscape, Right Stuff
1954 Iain Duncan Smith, British Politician
1953 Hal Ketchum, born in Greenwich, New York, country singer, Small Town Saturday Night
1950 Ehtesham-ud-din, cricketer, Pakistani pace bowler in 5 Tests 1980-82
1950 Kenneth D. Cockrell, born in Austin Texas, Astronaut, STS-56, 69, 80
1950 Nathan Cook, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actor, Milton-White Shadow, Billy-Hotel
1949 Chico Ryan, rock vocalist, Sha Na Na
1949 Steve Gadd, jazz drummer, Triplet Hop, Complex Jazz
1946 Alan Knott, great English cricket wicketkeeper, 1967-81
1946 Les Gray, vocalist, Mud-Cat Crept In
1946 Philip Wright, rocker, Paper Lace
1945 Gus Hardin, born in Tulsa
1944 Gene Parsons, rock drummer, Byrds, Gene Clark Group
1943 Terry Knight, rock vocalist, Gloria, Terry Knight and the Pack
1942 Brandon De Wilde, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Jamie, Wild in the Sky
1942 Earl F. Hilliard, born in Birmingham, Alabama, Representative-D-Alabama 1993 - 2003
1942 Galina A. Kulakova, born in U.S.S.R., nordic skier, Olympics 3 golds 1972
1941 Hannah Gordon, actress, Oh Alfie
1940 Vasily Dmiotriyevich Shcheglov, Russian cosmonaut
1939 Michael Learned, born in Washington D.C., actress, Olivia-Waltons, Nurse
1937 Barrington J[ohn] Bayley, born in UK, sci-fi author, Collision Course
1937 Valerie Singleton, British broadcaster
1936 Jerzy Maksymiuk, composer
1936 Michael Somare, British foreign affairs minister, Paupa and New Guinea
1936 Valerie Solanas, American Writer
1935 Aulis Sallinen, born in Finland, composer, contemporary classical music, studied with Joonas Kokkonen, works commissioned by Kronos Quartet
1935 Avery Schreiber, born in Chicago, Illinois, comedian, My Mother the Car
1933 Gian Maria Volonte, born in Milan Italy, actor, Fistful of Dollars
1933 Jacques Molicard, translator and navigator
1933 Jean-Paul Belmondo, born in Paris, France, actor, Casino Royale, Magnifique
1933 Richard Rose, Professor of Public Policy, Strathclyde University
1932 Carl Perkins, born in Jackson, Tennessee, singer and songwriter, Blue Suede Shoes
1932 Jim Fowler, born in Albany, Georgia, naturalist, Wild Kingdom
1932 Paul Krassner, comic strip cartoonist, MAD Magazine, and founder, Yippies
1932 Peter Moores, director, Littlewoods
1932 Vladimir Aleksandrovich Degtyaryov, cosmonaut
1931 Bill Gilbert, born in Washington D.C., sports author, They Also Served, Big E
1931 Martin Rogers, director, Farmington Institute for Christian Studies
1930 Nathaniel Branden, born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, psychotherapist, known for work in psychology of self-esteem, writer, associate of novelist Ayn Rand, promoted her philosophy, idea of Objectivism, profiled in movie, 'The Passion of Ayn Rand'
1929 Harvey Lichtenstein, President, Brooklyn Academy of Music
1928 Brian Cubbon, British senior civil servant
1928 Floyd Spence, born in Columbia, South Carolina, Representative-R-South Carolina 1971 - 2001
1928 Tom Lehrer, parody and folk singer, That Was The Week That Was
1926 Graham Hills, principal, Strathclyde University, England
1926 Harris Wofford, born in New York City, New York, Senator-R-Pennsylvania 1991 - 1995
1926 Hugh Hefner, born in Chicagp, magazine publisher, Playboy
1926 Lord Fitt, MP, Belfast Ireland
1925 Michael Richardson, vice CEO, N M Rotschild
1925 Tom Jackson, British union leader, Post Office
1924 Harald Heilmann, composer
1922 Carl Amery, born in Munich, Germany, writer, used pen name Christian Anton Mayer, studied at University of Munich, participant in Gruppe 47, a post-World War II literary association
1922 Gerald Moverley, Roman Catholic bishop, Hallam
1922 Michael Palliser, head of British diplomatic service
1921 Frankie Thomas, born in New York City, actor, Tom Corbett Space Cadet
1920 Alexander Moulton, English bicycle designer, folding bicycle
1920 Art Van Damme, born in Norway, Michigan, jazz accordionist, Chicago Jazz
1920 David Walker, Professor of Law, Glasgow University
1920 F Don Miller, born in Racine, Wisconsin, Boxing coach 1946 Olympics
1919 John Presper Eckert, co-inventor, 1st electronic computer-ENIAC
1918 Jorn Utzon, Danish architect, Sydney Opera House
1917 Johannes Bobrowski, writer
1917 Vincent O'Brien, racehorse trainer
1914 Richard Young, CEO, Boosey and Hawkes
1911 Albert Remy, born in Sevres, France, actor, Grand Prix, Gigot, Train
1911 Lord Deramore, architect
1910 Abraham A. Ribicoff, born in New Britain, Connecticut, Senator-D-Connecticut 1963 - 1981, Governor of Connecticut 1955 - 1961
1910 Sharon Lynn, born in Weatherford, Texas, actress, Way Out West, Big Broadcast
1909 Domenico Enrici, Apostolic Nuncio
1909 Ivan Ivonovich Dzerzhinsky, composer
1909 Robert Helpmann, born in Mount Gambier, Australia, actor, Second Time Lucky
1909 Robert Murray Halpmann, dancer
1908 Fred Lohse, composer
1908 Victor Vasarely, Hungarian/French painter and author, Op Art
1908 Thomas Cavendish, English Explorer
1906 Antal Dorati, born in Budapest, Hungary, conductor, Dresden Opera 1928-29
1906 Todd Naylor "Hugh" Gaitskell, MP, Labour
1905 J. William Fulbright, born in Sumner, Missouri, Senator-D-Arkansas 1945 - 1974
1904 Lyle Latell, born in Iowa, actor, Not of the Earth, Sky Dragon
1903 Ward Bond, born in Denver, Colorado, actor, Seth-Wagon Trains
1903 Willem Pee, Belgian linguist
1902 David Cecil, English Writer
1900 Allen Jenkins, born in Staten Island, actor, Hey Jeannie, Top Cop, Girl Habit
1899 James S. McDonnell, American Businessman
1898 Earl "Curly" Lambeau, NFL coach for the Green Bay Packers
1898 Julius Patzak, Austrian tenor singer
1898 Paul Robeson, born in Philadelphia, singer, Old Man River
1895 Mance Lipscomb, born in Texas, blues musician, Texas Sharecropper
1895 Michel Simon, born in Geneva, Switzerland
1895 Rudolf Kattnigg, composer
1894 Ernest Kanitz, composer
1891 John Gobau, Flemish/Dutch actor, Electricity, Hostage Rights
1889 Efrem Zimbalist, Rostov on Don Russia, composer and violinist
1888 Florence Smith Price, U.S. composer, Wanamaker Prize 1932
1888 Sol Hurok, theatrical impresario
1884 Franco Vittadini, composer
1883 Renzo Bossi, composer
1879 Gerald Festus Kelly, artist
1874 Julius Bittner, Austrian composer, Little Violet
1872 Leon Blum, French premier, People's front government
1871 Arthur Fickenscher, composer
1865 Charles Proteus Steinmetz, born in Germany, experiment with AC electricity
1865 Erich Ludendorff, general, Germany
1861 Charles Holroyd, painter and etcher
1855 Gyula Reviczky, Hungarian author and poet
1854 Seaborn M. Denson, composer
1851 C E Arthur Wichmann, German/Dutch geologist, Netherlands Indies
1850 Herman Zumpe, composer
1848 F. A. MacKinnon, cricketer, later the 35th Mackinnon of Mackinnon
1848 Helena Lange, German feminist
1847 Francesco Paolo Tosti, composer
1847 Francis William Davenport, composer
1835 Leopold II, King of Belgians, 1865-1909
1830 Eadweard Muybridge, born in England, pioneered study of motion, photography
1826 Thomas Hewson Neill, Major General Union volunteers
1821 Charles Baudelaire, born in France, symbolist poet, Flowers of Evil
1812 Randolph Barnes Marcy, Major General Union Army
1806 Isambard Kingdom Brunel, designer of 1st transatlantic steamer
1806 Louis count of Barrthyanyi, premier of Hungary
1802 Elias Lonrot, folklorist
1798 Giuditta Pasta, soprano
1794 Theobald Bohm, flautist and composer
1785 Sibrand Acker Stratingh, Dutch physician and chemist, electric car 1835
1757 Wojciech Boguslawski, composer
1754 Antonio Frantisek Becvarovsky, composer
1754 Pieter Paulus, Dutch lawyer/CEO, National Convention
1717 Georg Matthias Monn, composer
1716 Johann Georg Zechner, composer
1649 James Scott, duke of Monmouth, bastard son of English king Charles II
1634 Albertine Agnes, princess of Orange-Nassau
1627 Johann Kaspar Kerll, composer
1611 Giacomo Maria Predieri, composer
1598 Johann Cruger, German organist, composer and music theorist