August 26 Birthdays in History - August 26 Deaths - August 26 Events
1980 Macaulay Culkin, New York City, actor, Home Alone, My Girl, Richie Rich
1979 Jamal Lewis, American Athlete
1977 Liam Botham, cricketer, son of Ian Hampshire all-rounder 1996
1976 Carey Tally, born in Memphis, Tennessee, soccer midfielder, 1996 Olympics gold
1975 Shea Seals, NBA guard, Los Angeles Lakers
1974 Freddie Scott, NFL wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons
1974 Kelvin Cato, NBA center, Portland Trailblazers
1973 Barret Robbins, NFL center for the Oakland Raiders
1972 Sherell Ford, NBA forward, Seattle Supersonics
1971 Jocelyn Borgella, NFL cornerback, Detroit Lions
1971 Sharon Tina Jenkins, Auckland New Zealand, badminton player 1996 Olympics
1970 Brett Schultz, cricket pace bowler, South African Test
1970 Jacco Eltingh, Heerde, Netherlands, tennis star, 1993 ATP World Doubles
1969 Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, Allentown Penn, wife of John Cougar
1969 Mike Gisler, NFL guard/center for the New England Patriots
1969 Nicole Arendt, Somerville, New Jersey, tennis star, 1996 Australia doubles finalist
1969 Ricky Bottalico, New Britain CT, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1968 Courtney Hall, NFL center for the San Diego Chargers
1968 Gavin Stratfold, Darwin NT, Australasia golfer
1967 Myron Guyton, NFL full safety for the New England Patriots
1967 Jeff Tweedy, American Musician
1966 Shirley Manson, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, actress, musician, keyboardist, lead singer, Garbage rock band, also performed with Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie
1965 Chris Burke, actor with down syndrome, Corky-Life Goes On
1965 Jon Hensley, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, actor, Holden Snyder-As the World Turns
1964 Bobby Jurasin, CFL defensive end for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1964 Chad Kreuter, Marin County California, catcher, Chicago White Sox
1964 Dave Boyes, St. Catharines Ontario, rower 1996 Olympics
1964 Karla Karch-Gailus, Vancouver BC, basketball guard 1996 Olympics
1964 Tom Walsh, American Celebrity
1963 David Byas, cricketer, left-handed Yorkshire batsman
1962 Roger Kingdom, U.S. 60m hurdler, world record
1961 Jeff Parrett, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1961 Jimmy Olander, Palos Verdes Cal, singer, Diamond Rio-Meet in Middle
1960 Branford Marsalis, jazz saxophonist, Bring on the Night, Tonight Show
1960 Nancy Martinez, born in Montreal, Quebec, rocker, musician, singer, known for dance-pop music hit songs 'For Tonight', 'Move Out'
1960 Ola Ray, born in St. Louis, Missouri, playmate, Jun, 1980, actress, Thriller
1959 Jim Rutledge, Victoria, Canadian Tour golfer, 1995 Indian Open
1959 Kathryn P Hire, Mobile Alabama, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut, sk: STS-90
1957 Alex Trevino, catcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1954 Michael Chetwood, born in Telford, England, rocker, musician, played for pop band T'Pau, which had Top 40 hits in the United Kingdom in the 1980's
1954 Sarah Lundy, born in America, horse trainer, won Sam F. Davis Stakes, Tampa Bay Downs, 1993, first female trainer to saddle a horse in the Belmont Stakes
1954 Steve Wright, Britain's wacky DJ/actor, Funny Man
1954 Pauline Hanson, Australian Politician
1952 John Kinsella, USA, swimmer, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1952 Michael Jeter, born in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, actor, Fisher King
1951 Robert Torricelli, born in Paterson, New Jersey, Representative-D-New Jersey 1983 - 2003
1951 Edward Witten, American Mathematician
1950 Richard Cowsill, Newport, Rhode Island, rocker, Cowsills-Hair, We Can Fly
1949 John Baldwin, Detroit, light middleweight boxer 1968 Olympics bronze
1949 Leon Redbone, American Musician
1948 Jet Black, rocker, Stranglers-Dreamtime
1948 Valerie Simpson, Bronx, singer, Ashford's partner, Like a Rock
1947 Candy Moore, Maplewood, New Jersey, actress, Lunch Wagon, Tomboy and Champ
1946 Alison Steadman, Liverpool England, actress, Life is Sweet
1946 Tom Ridge, American Politician
1945 Mel Watt, born in Steele Creek, North Carolina, Representative-D-North Carolina 1993 -
1945 Tom Ridge, born in Munhall, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Pennsylvania 1983 - 1995, Governor Pennsylvania 1995 - 2001, 1st Secretary of Homeland Security
1945 Mel Watt, American Politician
1944 Cornelia J "Corry" Arends, Dutch actress, Fool's Hat
1944 Richard A W G, English prince/duke of Gloucester
1943 Ulf Sundelin, Sweden, yachtsmen, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1942 John E Blaha, San Antonio, USAF/astronaut, STS-29, 33, 43, 58, 79/81
1942 Vic Dana, Buffalo, singer/dancer, Talent Scouts
1941 Barbet Schroeder, director, Barfly, Single White Female, More
1941 Chris Curtis, Chris Crummy, rock drummer/vocalist, Deep Purple
1941 Barbara Ehrenreich, American Writer
1938 Francine York, Aurora, Minnesota, actress, Slattery's People
1937 Tom Heinsohn, NBA star/coach, Boston Celtic
1936 Yvette Vickers, KC, playmate, Jul 1959, actress, Attack of 50' Woman
1935 Cornelis B Vaandrager, Cor Vaan, Dut poet, Long Live Joop Massaker
1935 Geraldine Ferraro, born in Newburgh, New York, Representative-D-New York 1979 - 1985, 1st female Democratic Vice Presidential candidate 1984
1934 Arthur Gordon Clough, journalist
1932 Joe H. Engle, born in Abilene, Kansas, Brigadier General USAF/astronaut, STS-T-2, T-4, 2, 51I
1932 Leon Hughes, born in Los Angeles, California, born Thomas Leon Hughes, member of The Coasters with Bobby Nunn, Carl Gardner, Billy Guy
1931 Guy Vander Jagt, born in Cadillac, Michigan, Representative-R-Michigan 1966 - 1993
1930 Joe Solomon, cricketer, WI batsman of 50's Cap fell on wkt vs. Australia
1927 Francois Leydet, sierra club, Last Redwoods
1927 Sam Massell, Mayor-Atlanta
1922 Lazar Nikolov, composer
1921 Ben Bradlee, Boston, editor/journalist/executive, Washington Post
1921 David Begelman, film producer
1921 William Preston, Columbia Penn, actor, Fisher King, Waterworld
1919 Ronny Graham, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actor, Bob Crane Show, Chico and the Man
1918 Louis W. "Louis" Stotijn, bassoonist/conductor, Residence Orchestra
1917 Jan Clayton, Tularosa, New Mexico, actress, Ellen Miller-Lassie
1917 William French Smith, Attorney General, 1981-85
1917 Eileen Caddy, born in Alexandria, Egypt, new age author, spiritual teacher, founded Findhorn Foundation commune, an international New Age community, dubbed 'Vatican of the New Age', today home to 400 residents from more than 40 countries
1916 Allan Leslie Merson, historian
1915 Gre Brouwenstijn, Dutch singer
1915 Humphrey Searle, England, writer, 20th Century counterpoint
1915 Jim Davis, born in Edgerton, Missouri, actor, Jack Ewing-Dallas
1915 William Bardwell, composer
1914 Julio Cortazar, Argentina, writer, We Love Glenda So Much
1913 Cees de Lange, Dutch conferencier
1913 Robertson William Davies, novellist essayist/dramatist
1911 Lester Lanin, orchestra leader, 40 Beatle Hits
1909 Eric Quail Davies, cricket pace bowler, 5 Tests for South Africa 1935-39
1909 Frank Gasparro, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, U.S. chief engraver, 1965-81
1908 Bill Hunt, cricketer, NSW slow left-armer, Test for Australia 1933
1906 Albert B Sabin, Russia, U.S. microbiologist, oral polio vaccine
1904 Christopher W. Bradshaw-Isherwood, British/US writer, Goodbye to Berlin
1904 Christopher Isherwood, American Author
1903 Jimmy Rushing, U.S. blues singer
1901 General Maxwell D Taylor, former U.S. Army chief of staff
1901 Jan de Quay, Dutch minister of war/premier, KVP, 1959-63
1901 Tullio Campagnolo, Italy, bicycle manufacturer, Fiat
1901 Maxwell D. Taylor, Soldier
1899 Rufino Tamayo, Mexican painter
1898 Peggy Guggenheim, art patron and collector
1896 Richard Hammond, composer
1895 Earl Long, American Politician
1891 Emmy van Lokhorst, Dutch author
1891 Ferdinand Bruckner, Theodor Tagger, Austrian playwright, Races
1890 Tommy Andrews, cricketer, NSW and Aussie player of the 1920's
1887 Luis Abraham Delgadillo, composer
1885 Jules Romains, France, novelist/playwright/poet, Men of Good Will
1884 Earl Biggers, author, "Charlie Chan" detective series
1882 James Franck, German naturalist, Nobel 1925
1882 Johannes Lindeboom, vicar/church historian, Netherlands Archives
1880 Guillaume Apollinaire, France, poet and movie critic, 'Alcoola'
1875 John Buchan, Scotland, Governor-General of Canada/writer, Battle of Somme
1873 Lee De Forest, Council Bluffs, inventor, Audion vacuum, radio, tube
1870 Aleksander Kuprin, Russian author, Pojedinok
1850 Charles Richet, French physiologist, anaphylaxis-Nobel 1913
1843 George August Lumbye, composer
1842 Heinrich I Quincke, German internist, Lumbaalpunctie
1838 John Wilkes Booth, actor/assassin, President Lincoln
1835 Theodore Washington Brevard, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1833 Charles Jackson Paine, Major General Union volunteers
1828 Erik Anthon Valdemar Siboni, composer
1825 Jacobus J Backer, German sea historian
1823 Wilhelm Troszel, composer
1820 James Harlan, Rep-Iowa, U.S. Secretary of Interior, 1865 - 1866
1819 Albert "Bertie" von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha, husband of queen Victoria
1813 Nicaise de Keyser, Flemish painter, Battle of Guilder Tracks
1811 Danville Leadbetter, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1788 Aloys Schmitt, German music theory/composer/royal pianist
1749 Johann Ernst Rembt, composer
1745 Francois Guichard, composer
1743 Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, Paris, father of mod chemistry, Oxygen
1743 Antoine Lavoisier, French Scientist
1740 Joseph Montgolfier, France, aeronaut, ballooning
1726 Karl Kohaut, composer
1687 Willem the Fesch, Dutch violinist and composer, Joseph
1676 Robert Walpole, Whig, British Prime Minister, 1721-42
1627 Thomas Bullis, composer
1596 Frederik V, king of Bohemia, White Mountain