August 30 Birthdays in History - August 30 Deaths - August 30 Events
1982 Andy Roddick, born in Omaha, Nebraska, professional tennis player, ranked number one in the World for singles in November 2003
1977 Shaun Alexander, born in Florence, Kentucky, football, running back, played college football at University of Alabama, drafted by Seattle Seahawks, placed 19th overall in 2000 National Football League Draft
1975 Natalia Nadtochey, Miss Ukraine Universe 1997
1974 Matt Bongiovi, heavy metal rocker, cousin of Jon Bon Jovi
1973 Jimmy Herndon, offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears
1972 Cameron Diaz, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Mask, My Best Friend's Wedding
1972 Jose Herrera, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, outfielder for the Oakland A's
1972 Ryan Leahy, WLAF OL for the Amsterdam Admirals
1972 Shonte Peoples, CFL linebacker for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1971 Aubrey Beavers, NFL/WLAF linebacker, Miami Dolphins, Rhein Fire
1971 Joseph Fitzgerald, born in Brooklyn, New York, team handball center back 1996 Olympics
1971 Tre Johnson, NFL guard for the Washington Redskins
1969 Jerold Jeffcoat, WLAF defensive tackle for the Scottish Claymores
1968 Vladimir Malakhov, Sverdlovsk Rus, NHL defenseman, Montreal Canadiens
1967 Barbara Anne Kendall, Auckland New Zealand, mistral yachter, Gold and Silver Medals 1992, 1996 Olympics
1967 Catrin Nilsmark, Goteborg Sweden, LPGA golfer, 1995 PING Welch's-14th
1967 Frederique [Van derWal], Netherlands, model, Victoria Secrets
1967 Justin Vaughan, cricketer, New Zealand all-rounder 1992-
1966 John Terry, CFL tackle for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1966 Michael Michele, Evansville, Indiana, actress, Nikki-Central Park West
1966 Simon Wheeldon, hockey forward, Team Austria 1998
1964 Joan Bennett, born in Chicago, Illinois, playmate, January, 1985
1964 Michael Chiklis, actor, Wired, Commish
1964 Stephen Baker, NFL receiver for the New York Giants
1964 Steve Smith, NFL fullback for the Seattle Seahawks
1962 Ricky Sanders, NFL wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins
1960 Vic Wilk, born in Los Angeles, California, Nike golfer, 1994 NIKE Knoxville Open
1956 Jayne Irving, English TV hostess, Live at 3
1955 Martin Jackson, rocker, Swing Out Sister-Swing Out
1955 Butch Johnson, born in Worcester, Massachusetts, archer, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics, Bronze Medal 2000 Olympics
1954 David Paymer, actor, Love Mary, Mr. Saturday Night
1954 Gerard Hadders, Dutch postage stamp designer, 1991 children stamp
1953 Robert Parish, NBA center, Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets
1951 Dana, singer and actress, Flight of the Doves
1951 Timothy Bottoms, born in Santa Barbara, California, actor, Paper Chase, East of Eden
1950 John Landis, born in Chicago, Illinois, actor, American Werewolf in London
1948 Lewis Black, American Comedian
1947 Peggy Lipton, Lawrence, New York, actress, Julie-Mod Squad, Twin Peaks
1946 Anne-Marie, Danish princess/daughter of Frederik IX
1944 Charles Colbert, born in Chicago, Illinois, rocker, American Breed
1944 Freek de Jonge, Dutch comedian, Neerlands Hoop
1944 John Surman, jazz musician
1944 Tug McGraw, American Athlete
1944 Molly Ivins, born in California, newspaper columnist, author, political commentator
1943 David Henry Maslanka, composer
1943 Jean-Claude Killy, born in Saint-Cloud, France, French alpine skiier, 3 Gold Medals 1968 Olympics
1943 Robert Crumb, U.S., cartoonist, Father Time, Fritz Cat
1942 Jonathan Aitken, English MP
1942 Pervez Sajjad, Pakistani cricket left-arm spinner, 19 Tests 1964-73
1941 John McNally, Liverpool, rock guitarist and vocalist, Searchers
1941 Sue MacGregor, BBC-radio hostess
1939 Elizabeth Ashley, Cole, Ocala Florida, actress, Coma, Evening Shade
1939 John Peel, British Entertainer
1938 Steve Delaney, Dobbs Ferry, New York, newscaster, Monitor
1936 Fabrizia Ramondino, writer
1935 John Phillips, singer/guitarist, Mama and Papas-California Dreaming
1934 B P "Baloo" Gupte, cricketer, brother of Fergie, Indian leggie
1934 Eric Schneider, Dutch actor, Drop Out, Family, Flanagan
1933 Arne Mellnas, born in Stockholm, Sweden, composer, studied, taught orchestration at Royal College of Music in Stockholm, musical language filled with diverse moods
1931 Carrie Saxon Perry, 1st black mayor of a major U.S. city, Hartford CT
1931 John Leonard Swigert, Jr., Denver Colorado, astronaut, Apollo 13
1930 Noel Harford, cricketer, brother of Roy New Zealand Test batsman in 1950's
1930 Warren Burger, U.S., author, The Midas Touch
1930 Warren Buffett, American Businessman
1928 Johnny Mann, born in Baltimore, Maryland, music director, Johnny Mann Stand Up and Cheer
1928 Ruth Westerheimer, sex therapist, Dr. Ruth
1927 Geoffrey Beene, Louisiana, dress designer, 8 Coty Awards
1927 Pieter Willem Kee, composer
1927 Bill Daily, Des Moines Iowa, actor, 'I Dream of Jeannie', 'The Bob Newhard Show'
1926 Olgerts Gravitis, composer
1925 Julien Schoenaerts, Flemish actor, Daens/Medea
1923 Elias Victor Seixas, U.S., mixed double tennis player, Wimbeld 1953-56
1923 Gerhard Wimberger, Austria composer, Glove
1922 Regina Resnik, New York City, mezzo-soprano, Sieglinde-Bayreuth
1920 Ben Cami, Flemish writer/poet, Rose from Mud
1919 Kitty Wells, born in Nashville, Tennessee, country singer, Grand Ole Opry
1918 Ted Williams, Baseball's last .400 hitter for the Boston Red Sox
1917 Denis Healey, English politician
1916 John Thoday, geneticist
1916 Kornelis M R van der Beek, reformed vicar, Arnhem
1916 Lord Keith of Castleacre, English banker
1915 Liesbeth Saijers, Dutch sculptor
1914 Julie Bishop, born in Denver, Colorado, actress, My Hero, Northern Pursuit, Threat
1914 Rafael Jose Luis Fernandez de la Calzada y Ferrer, restaurateur
1913 Allan David, actor, director andproducer, Cry of the Children
1913 Thomas Torrance, theologist
1912 Edward M Purcell, U.S. physicist, Nobel 1952
1912 Edward M. Purcell, American Scientist
1910 Donald Bisset, Dutch children book writer and actor, Battle of the Sexes
1909 Barry Appleby, cartoonist
1909 [Rose] Joan Blondell, New York City, actress, Real McCoys, Here Come the Brides
1908 Leonor Fini, painter
1908 Willie Bryant, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, singer, Sugar Hill Times
1907 Fred MacMurray, Kankakee, Illinois, actor, Caine Mutiny, My 3 Sons
1907 Shirley Booth, actress, Hazel
1906 Countess of Longford, biographer/historian
1902 Arnold Maria Walter, composer
1901 John C. Stennis, born in Mississippi, Senator-D-Mississippi, 1947 - 1989
1901 John Gunther, born in Chicago, Illinois, author/host, John Gunther's High Road
1901 Roy Wilkins, civil rights director, NAACP
1900 Franklin C Fry, U.S. minister, Lutheran World Relief
1896 Raymond Massey, born in Toronto, Canada, actor, Dr. Gillespie-Dr. Kildare
1893 Huey Long, American Politician
1890 Sandor Remenyik, Vegvari, Hungary, poet, Campfire
1889 Edward Ciannelli, Ischia Italy, actor, You Can't Escape Forever
1887 Adam Kuckhoff, writer
1884 Theodor Svedberg, Sweden, chemist, worked with colloids, Nobel 1926
1883 Theo Van Doesburg, Christian EM Kupper, painter/architect, Style
1882 Meijer de Hond, Dutch rabbi/writer
1878 Paul Hazard, French literature historian
1871 Ernest Lord Rutherford, England, physicist, atomic nucleus; Nobel 1908
1866 Georges Minne, Flemish sculptor
1852 Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff, Netherlands, physical chemist, Nobel 1901
1849 Joseph Mallaby Dent, Dutch publisher
1844 Friedrich Ratzel, German social-geographer, Lebensraum
1842 Victor Alphonse Duvernoy, composer
1837 Ellen Lewis Herndon Arthur, 1st lady, 1881-85
1820 George Frederick Root, composer
1811 Thomas Gautier, writer
1809 Adolf Friedrich Hesse, composer
1805 Michael Sars, Norwegian zoologist
1804 Aleksandr I Polezjajev, Russian poet, Sasjka,
1797 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, born in London, England, author, Frankenstein
1772 Henri D Count de Larochejacquelin, French royalist leader
1769 Bonifacio Asioli, composer/music writer
1767 Christian Frederich Gottlieb Schwencke, composer
1748 Jacques-Louis David, France, Neoclassical painter, Death of Marat
1693 Jacobus Nozeman, Dutch composer/organist
1687 Francesco Maria Vallara, composer
1609 Artus I Quellinus "the Old", Flemish sculptor, baptised
1334 Pedro, the Cruel, King of Castilia and Leon
580 Mohammed, Arabic prophet/founder, Islam