August 5 Birthdays in History - August 5 Deaths - August 5 Events
1978 Kristin Link, born in Fairfax, Virginia, diver 1996 Olympics
1978 Lorrie Fair, born in Los Altos, California, soccer defender 1996 Olympics
1976 Germain Wattamaleo, soccer player, Sparta
1975 Ami Foster, actress, Margaux-Punky Brewster
1975 Erin Gingrich, born in Yuma, Arizona, Miss America-Arizona 1997
1974 Frankie Hejduk, born in La Mesa, California, soccer defender, 1996 Olympics gold
1974 Jamie Lynn Bolding, born in Lakeland, Florida, Miss America-Florida 1997
1974 Jason Shelley, WLAF wide receiver for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1973 Brendan Todd, Australian mistral yachter 1996 Olympics
1973 Ed Burman, WLAF linebacker for the London Monarchs
1972 Aaqib Javed, cricketer, Pakistani pace bowler 1989-
1972 Arthur Reid, born in Nashville, Tennessee, pairs skater, & Jennifer Darst
1972 Darryl Yung, Victoria BC, badminton player 1996 Olympics
1972 John Wasdin, Ft. Belvoir, Washington, pitcher for the Oakland A's
1971 Perry Carter, cornerback for the Oakland Raiders
1971 Valeri Karpov, Chelyabinsk Rus, NHL left wing, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1970 Andy Antoine, CFL receiver, Montreal Alouettes
1970 Everett McIver, NFL guard, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins
1970 Travis Moore, CFL receiver for the Calgary Stampeders
1969 Halle Cioffi, born in Cleveland, Ohio, tennis star
1969 James Fuller, NFL/WLAF safety, N O Saints, Frankfurt Galaxy, Scotland
1969 Robert Scott, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1969 Vasbert Conniel Drakes, cricketer, Barbados fast bowler, WI ODI 1995
1969 Venkatesh Prasad, cricketer, consistent Indian Test pace bowler 1996-
1968 Andreas Lupzig, Straubing GER, hockey forward, Team Germany 1998
1968 John Olerud, born in Seattle, Washington, infielder for the Toronto Blue Jays
1968 Terri Clark, Canadian Musician
1967 Mike Fox, NFL defensive end for the Carolina Panthers
1966 Jonathan Silverman, actor, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Single Guy
1965 M V Sridhar, cricketer, score 366 for Hyderabad vs. Andhra Pradesh 1994
1964 M C A, Adam Yauch, rapper, Beastie Boys
1963 James Wilder, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor, Scorchers, Zombie High, Murder 1
1962 Otis Thorpe, NBA forward, Vancouver Grizzlies, Detroit Pistons
1962 Patrick Ewing, born in Jamaica, NBA center, New York Knicks, Gold Medal 1984, 1992 Olympics
1962 Richard De Groen, cricketer, New Zealand medium pacer 1993-
1962 William Roberts, NFL guard, New York Jets, New England Patriots
1961 Athula Samarasekera, cricketer, Sri Lankan batsman
1961 Tawny Kitaen, SD California, actress, Bachelor Party, Witchboard
1960 Heidi Sorenson, Vancouver BC, playmate, Jul, 1981
1959 Pete Burns, rocker, Dead or Alive-Spin Me Round
1957 Andrei Yevgeniyevich Zaitsev, cosmonaut
1957 Pavel V Vinogradov, Russian cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-26
1956 Ferdi Bolland, Dutch singer/guitarist, Bolland and Bolland
1956 Maureen McCormick, actress, Marcia-Brady Bunch
1954 Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda, Bx, New York, Twisted Sister-We're Not Gonna Take It
1953 Samantha Sang, born in Melbourne, Australia, singer, pop genre, hit song at age 15 titled, 'You Made Me What I Am'
1952 Hun Sen, born in Peam Koh Sna, Cambodia, politician, Cambodian People's Party, Prime minister of Cambodia, governed since the 1979 overthrow of the Khmer Rouge
1950 Holly Palance, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Thorn Birds, Ripley's Believe It
1950 Rosi Mittermaier, born in West Germany, slalom/downhill 1976 Olympics gold
1948 Tony DiCicco, Wethersfield, Connecticut, U.S. women's soccer coach 1996 Olympics
1947 Rick Derringer, rocker, I am the Real American, Hulk Hogan's theme
1946 Erika Slezak, born in Hollywood, California, actress, Viki-One Life to Live
1946 Rick van der Linden, Dutch keyboardist, Ekseption
1945 Jacob Reitsma, economist/Dutch MP, CDA
1945 Jo Collins, born in Oregon, Playboy playmate, Dec, 1964
1944 Loni Anderson, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, actress, Jennifer-WKRP in Cincinnati
1943 Sammi Smith, born in Orange County, California, born Jewel Faye Smith, musician, songwriter, famous hit 'Help Me Make It Through the Night' written by Kris Kristofferson, part of 1970's 'outlaw country' movement
1942 Rick Huxley, guitarist, Dave Clark 5-Glad All Over
1941 Leonid Denissovich Kizim, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz T-3, T-10, T-15
1939 Irene, Princess of Netherlands
1938 Hayes Wendell Jones, born in Sturksville, Michigan, 110m hurdler, Gold Medal 1964 Olympics
1938 Ja'net Dubois, born in Philadelphia, actress, Willona-Good Times, Beverly Hill 90210
1937 Herb Brooks, American Coach
1936 John Dancy, born in Jackson, Texas, newscaster, Prime Time Sunday
1935 John McCartan, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, ice hockey player, Gold Medal 1960 Olympics
1935 John Saxon, born in Brooklyn, actor, Bees, Nightmare on Elm St, Electric Horseman
1935 Zakes Mokae, Johannesburg South Africa, actor, Comedians
1934 Vern Gosdin, Woodland Al, country singer, Set 'em Up Joe
1934 Wendell Berry, American Poet
1933 Joan Weldon, SF, actress, So This is Love, Them
1932 Sister Vince Otto, mental health activist
1932 Tera de Marez Oyens, composer
1930 Neil Armstrong, born in Ohio, X-15 pilot, 1st Moonwalker, Gemini 8, Apollo 11
1929 Al Alvarez, English Poet
1927 Gunnar Bucht, composer
1926 Betsy Jolas, born in Paris, France, composer, studied at the Conservatoire national superieur de Musique, wrote vocal music, works recorded on EMI, Erato, performed by London Sinfonietta
1926 Lewis Thompson Preston, American Businessman
1925 Cor Witschge, Dutch actor, Pipo the Clown
1923 Richard Kleindienst, attorney general, 1972
1921 Nazar Mohammad, cricketer, Mudassar's pop, Pakistan's 1st centurion
1920 Gillespie V. Montgomery, born in Meridian, Mississippi, Representative-D-Mississippi 1967 - 1997
1920 Selma Diamond, London Ontario, comedienne, Selma-Night Court
1914 Anita Colby, Washington D.C., model/actress, Pepsi Cola Playhouse
1914 David Brian, New York City, actor, Accussed of Murder, Dawn at Sorocco
1914 Stjepan Sulek, Croatian violinist and composer, Coriolan
1913 Nelly Aenders, Petronella Meyer, Dutch actress, Spanish Fly
1912 Abbe Pierre, born in Lyon, France, French Catholic priest, founded Emmaus movement aiding poor, homeless, refugees
1911 Robert Taylor, Filley, Nebraska, actor, Death Valley Days
1910 Jacquetta Hawker, English archaeologist/author, A Country
1910 Nan Gindele, U.S. javelin thrower, World Record 1932-38
1910 [Johan] Erik Lindegren, Swedish poet/librettist, Aniara
1908 Harold Holt, Prime Minister of Australia, 1966-67, ; supported U.S. in Vietnam
1908 Harold Edward Holt, Australian Politician
1907 Ernestine "Tiny" Davis, jazz vocalist/trumpeter
1906 Francis Walder, Francois Waldburger, Belgian author
1906 John Huston, born in Nevada, Missouri, director and writer, African Queen, Chinatown
1906 Wassely Leontief, Russian/U.S. economist, Nobel 1973
1904 Kenneth Thimann, botanist
1901 Juan Carlos Paz, composer
1900 Bodi Rapp, Johanna PAC Goetmakers, Dutch mezzo-soprano/teacher
1899 Conrad Aiken, U.S., poet/short story writer/critic, Selected Poems
1891 Donald Kerr, born in Eagle Grove, Iowa, actor, Carnival Lady, Devil Bat
1890 Erich Kleiber, born in Vienna, Austria, conductor, NBC Symphony 1945-46
1890 Hans Gal, born in Brunn am Gebirge, Austria, pianist, composer, teacher, trained at New Vienna Conservatory, director, Mainz Conservatory
1890 Naum Gabo, Pevsner, Russian/US sculptor, Stillife Flower
1889 Conrad P Aiken, U.S., poet and writer, Ushant/Conversation
1888 Victor Francen, Belgium, actor, J'Acusse, San Antonio
1887 Reginald Owen, born in Wheathampstead, England, actor, Dr. Watson-Sherlock Holmes
1886 Oscar Espla, composer
1886 Bruce Barton, American Author
1882 Joe English, Irish/Flemish signaler, WW I
1880 Gertrude E Durden Rush, U.S. composer/playwright, Black Girls Burden
1876 Mary R. Beard, born in Indianapolis, historian, Woman as a Force in History
1868 Oskar Merikanto, composer
1866 Alfred Holy, composer
1864 Resurreccion Maria de Azkue, composer
1860 Joseph Carey Merrick, "Elephant Man"
1856 Achad Ha'am, Asjer Ginsberg, Hebrew philosopher and writer
1850 Anton Simon, composer
1850 Guy de Maupassant, born in France, author, Boule de Suif
1843 James Scott Skinner, composer
1830 James A. Healy, 1st black bishop in America
1829 Heinrich Franz Daniel Stiehl, composer
1829 Milo Smith Hascall, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1828 Giovanni Rossi, composer
1828 WFAA Louisa/Lovisa, queen of Sweden/Norway/princess of Netherlands
1823 Joseph E Labbe, French lawyer
1822 Johann Georg Herzog, composer
1815 Edward J Eyre, British explorer/governor, Jamaica
1813 Carnot Posey, Confederate Brigadier-General
1813 Ivar A. Aasen, Norwegian linguistic/poet
1811 C L Ambroise Thomas, French composer, Caid, Francoise de Rimini
1802 Niels H Abel, Norwegian mathematician, Abel's Comparisons
1797 Friedrich August Kummer, composer
1749 Thomas Lynch, signer, Declaration of Independence
1711 Johan Lulofs, Dutch physicist, philosopher, and astronomer
1694 Leonardo Ortensio Salvatore de Leo, composer
1624 William, Jamestown, Virginia, 1st black child born in English America
1623 Antonio Cesti, composer
1607 Philipp Friedrich Boddecker, composer
1604 John Eliot, "Apostle to Indians," Bible translator, baptized
1540 Joseph Justice Scaliger, proposed Julian dating