December 16 Birthdays in History - December 16 Deaths - December 16 Events
1979 Nicole Werra, Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 1996
1973 Kristie Boogert, born in Rotterdam, Netherlands, tennis star, 1996 Paris
1971 Catherine "Cathy" Symon, Washington D.C., rower 1996 Olympics
1971 Kristen Kane, born in Jacksonville, Florida, diver 1996 Olympics
1971 Michael S McCary, Boss, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, rapper, Boyz II Men
1969 Charles Mincy, NFL safety, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1969 Craig White, cricketer, England all-rounder 1994-95, AIS graduate
1969 Martin Ulrich, hockey defenseman, Team Austria 1998
1968 Darryll Lewis, NFL cornerback, Houston/Tennessee Oilers
1968 Paul Scherrer, actor, Children of Corn II, Free Spirit
1968 Wendy Doolan, Sydney Australia, LPGA golfer, 1991 British Amat Champ-2nd
1967 Donovan Bailey, born in Manchester, Jamaica, Canada 100m runner, 2 Gold Medals 1996 Olympics
1967 Miranda Otto, Australian Actress
1966 Clifford Robinson, NBA center, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers
1965 Brent Franklin, Barrie Ont, Canadian Tour golfer, 1992 Japan Open-2nd
1965 Chris Jones, Utica, New York, outfielder for the New York Mets
1965 Cynthia Lynne White, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Miss Okla-America, 1991-top 10
1965 Moe Elewonibi, NFL/CFL tackle, Philadelphia Eagles, BC Lions
1965 Page Dunlap, Harrisonburg, Virginia, LPGA golfer, 1994 Atlanta Women's-8th
1965 Romallis Ellis, Washington D.C., lightweight boxer 1988 Olympics bronze
1964 Billy Ripken, Havre de Grace, Maryland, 2nd baseman, Bal Orioles, Texas Rangers
1964 Evelyn Conley, born in San Francisco, California, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-7th-1989
1964 Gail Harris, Dewsbury England, actress, Virtual Desire
1964 Heike Drechsler, Gera, East Germany, sprinter, 1988 world record
1963 Benjamin Bratt, California, actor, Det Reynaldo Curtis-Law and Order
1963 Brian Clark, Brandon Man, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Morden Pro-Am
1963 Cathy Johnston-Forbes, High Point, North Carolina, LPGA golfer, 1990 du Maurier
1963 Silvio Diliberto, WLAF kicker for the Amsterdam Admirals
1962 Maruschka Detmers, Schoonebeek Holland, actress, Devil in the Flesh
1962 Melanie Smith, Scranton, Pennsylvania, actress, Emily-As the World Turns
1962 William "The Refrigerator" Perry, NFL defensive back for the Chicago Bears
1961 Kelly Tough, Vancouver BC, playmate, Oct, 1981
1961 Jon Tenney, born in Princeton, New Jersey, actor, lead role in television series, Brooklyn South, appeared in Fools Rush In, Nixon, was married to Terri Hatcher
1959 Alison La Placa, New Jersey, actress, Duet, Catherine-John Larroquette Show
1959 Steven Irvine, rock drummer, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions
1958 Bart Oates, NFL center, New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers
1955 Carol M Browner, U.S. Administrator, EPA
1955 Graeme Stevenson, cricketer, England medium pacer 1980-81
1955 Xander Berkeley, American Actor
1954 Joslyn Y Hoyte-Smith, Barbados, 4X400m hurdler 1980 Olympics bronze
1953 Filip Bolluyt, Dutch actor, Daybreak
1952 Elayne Boosler, comedienne, Night Court
1952 Joel Garner, cricketer, two-metre West Indian pace bowler 1977-87
1952 Joel Garner, born in Christ Church, Barbados, right-handed, fast bowler, nicknamed 'Big Bird', West Indian cricketer, played 1979 Cricket World Cup, 1983 Cricket World Cup
1952 Susan Estrich, American Journalist
1950 Ieremia Tabai, President of Kiribati, Gilbert Islands, 1979-91
1949 Billy Gibbons, born in Houston, Texas, jazz guitarist, Moving Sidewalks, ZZ Top
1947 Ben Cross, England, actor, Chariots of Fire, Far Pavillions
1947 Vincent Matthews, U.S., 400m dash, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1946 Adriaan van Dis, Dutch TV host/writer, Promised Country
1946 Benny Andersson, Stockholm Sweden, singer, ABBA-Money! Money! Money!
1946 Fred Borgman, Dutch 2nd chamber member, CDA
1944 John Abercrombie, born in Port Chester, New York, jazz guitarist, know for songs with jazz-rock band, Dreams
1944 Jim Gibbons, American Politician
1943 Anthony Hicks, rock guitarist, Hollies
1943 Steven Bochco, prod, Hill St. Blues, LA Law, St. Elsewhere, New YorkPD Blue
1943 Tony Hicks, rocker, Hollies-The Air That I Breathe
1942 Dennis Conner, American Athlete
1942 Donald L. Carcieri, American Politician
1942 Dick Murphy, American Politician
1941 Lesley Stahl, newscaster/correspondent, CBS
1941 Vittoria Mezzogiorno, Italian actor, L'homme blesse, Tre fratelli
1940 Dimitri van Toren, Dutch vocalist/composer
1940 Norm Dicks, American Politician
1938 Michael Greer, Durham, North Carolina, actor, Bobby Gentry Show
1938 Liv Ullman, Tokyo, Japan, actress, Cries and Whispers, 40 Carats
1937 Jim Glaser, Spalding, Nebraska, singer, Glaser Bros-Getting to Me Again
1937 Joyce Bulifant, Newport News, Virginia, actress, Marie-Mary Tyler Moore Show
1932 Rodion Konstantinovich Schedrin, Moscow, composer, Humpback Horse
1929 Ian Board, barkeeper
1928 Peter Nailor, civil servant/historian
1928 Philip K[indred] Dick, U.S., sci-fi author, Hugo-1963, Blade Runner
1927 G Randall P D Garrett, U.S., sci-fi writer, Takeoff, too, !
1927 Peter [Malcolm] Dickinson, Zambia, sci-fi author, Heartsease
1926 Alfred Koerppen, composer
1926 James McCracken, born in Gary, Indiana, dramatic tenor, Rodolfo-La Boheme
1923 Tip [Silvio A] Marugg, Antillian writer, Weekend pilgrimage
1923 Werner Haentjes, composer
1922 Pierre Chany, writer/cycling journalist
1919 Manke Nelis, Cornelis Pieters, Dutch folk vocalist, Small Yodel Boy
1918 Henry Clarke, fashion photographer
1917 Arthur C. Clarke, sci-fi author, 2001, 2010, Childhood's End
1917 Arthur C. Clarke, born in Somerset, England, science fiction author, inventor, wrote '2001: A Space Odyssey'
1916 Theo Bitter, Dutch painter/set designer
1916 Udom Patpongsiri, property developer
1915 Georgi Sviridov, composer
1915 Georgy Vasilevich Svirdov, composer
1914 O. Winston Link, American Photographer
1910 Robert Noehren, composer
1910 Stanojlo Rajicic, composer
1909 Henricus Verbunt, civil servant/resistance fighter
1909 Lall Singh, cricketer, scored 15 and 29 in India's 1st Test match
1908 Remedios Varo, Spanish Artist
1907 Ray C Bliss, R, Ohio State Republican Chairman
1907 Syd Curnow, cricketer, South African batsman in 7 Tests 1930-32
1906 John Morrison, politician/landowner
1906 Lord Margadale, English Conserv parliament leader/large landowner
1905 Piet Hein, poet/inventor
1904 Edward Morris Bernstein, economist
1904 Norbert E Fonteyne, Flemish writer, Guest house Vives
1903 Hardie Albright, Pittsburgh, actress, Silver Streak, Scarlet Letter
1903 Rafael Alberti, Spanish poet, El hombre deshabitado
1901 Margaret Mead, born in Philadelphia, anthropologist, Coming of Age in Samoa
1900 Victor S Pritchett, literary critic/author, Myth Makers
1899 Harold Walter Bailey, philologist
1899 Noel Coward, England, playwright, In Which We Serve-1942 Academy Award
1897 Jacobus Petrus Duminy, cricketer, three Tests for South Africa 1927-29
1897 Paul Neuhuys, Belgian playwright, Le Canari et le Cerise
1895 Lidj Jasu, emperor of Ethiopia
1893 Vladimir Golschmann, Paris, France, conductor with Immortal Downbeat
1892 A "Shon Nene" Morales, Antillean/Netherlands very old lady
1892 Cameron Prud'Homme, Auburn California, actor, Rainmaker
1890 Harlan Sanders, founder/CEO, Kentucky Fried Chicken
1888 Alphonse Juin, French marshal
1883 Max Linder, Caverne France, actor/comic/director, Max Prend un Bain
1882 Jack Hobbs, cricketer, 1st-class runs, the most ever
1882 John Berry Hobbs, England, 1st cricket played knighted, 1953
1882 Walther Meissner, German physicist, Meissner effect
1882 Zoltan Kodaly, Kecskemet Hungary, composer, Psalmus Hungaricus
1879 William Duncan, Scotland, actor, Thunder Trail
1869 Albert F Pollard, British historian, Dict of natural biography
1865 Victor Rousseau, Belgian sculptor
1863 George Santayana, born in Spain, philosopher/poet/humanist, Last Puritan
1863 Ralph Adams Cram, U.S., gothic architect, Cathedral of St. Joan New York City
1862 Eugene Demolder, Belgian writer, Sous la robe
1857 Edward Emerson Barnard, born in Tennessee, astronomer, Jupiter's 5th satellite
1857 Edward E. Barnard, American Scientist
1851 Theodoor H de Meester, Dutch premier, 1905-08
1850 Fred Morley, cricketer, legendary Notts and England bowler 1880-83
1847 Augusta Mary Anne Holmes, composer
1834 Leon Walras, French economist, border use theory
1830 John Frederick Hartranft, Major General Union volunteers
1828 John Beatty, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1827 John A. C. Oudemans, Dutch geographer and astronomer
1825 Henry Heth, Major General Confederate Army
1825 Robert Prescott Stewart, composer
1822 Charles Edward Horsley, composer
1819 Robert Selden Garnett, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1812 William Grose, Major General Union volunteers
1809 Peter P van Bosse, Dutch attorney/liberal minister of Finance
1777 Janos Fusz, composer
1775 Francois-Adrien Boieldieu, composer
1775 Jane Austen, England, novelist, Pride and Prejudice
1770 Ludwig von Beethoven, Bonn Germany, composer, Ode to Joy
1748 Ferdinand-Philippe-Joseph Staes, composer
1742 Gebhard Leberecht Furst Blucher von Wahlstatt, German Field Marshal
1734 Georg Peter Weimar, composer
1714 George Whitefield, American Clergyman
1685 Charles Cressent, France, cabinetmaker, Regence
1652 Giovanni Maria Casini, composer
1622 Kurt S Adeler, Danish admiral/ship builder
1584 John Selden, English Statesman
1485 Catherine of Aragon, Spanish princess/1st wife of Henry VIII