December 19 Birthdays in History - December 19 Deaths - December 19 Events
1981 Stevie Ficker, Miss Oregon Teen USA 1997
1980 Jake Gyllenhaal, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, appeared in films, 'The Day After Tomorrow', 'Jarhead', 'Brokeback Mountain'
1978 Lauren Petty, Miss New Jersey Teen USA 1997
1977 Maria Joana Parizotto, Miss Universe-Brazil 1996
1975 Casual, born in Oakland, California, born Jon Owens, rapper, hip hop, vocalist, songs use a verse-chorus-verse arrangement, member of Hieroglyphics
1975 Kristin Folkl, born in St. Louis, Missouri, volleyball outside hitter
1974 Bryant Westbrook, cornerback, Detroit Lions
1974 Jake Plummer, quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals
1974 Ricky Ponting, cricketer, prodigious Tasmania batsman, Australia 1995
1973 Kebu Stewart, NBA forward for the Philadelphia 76ers
1972 Warren Sapp, NFL defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1972 Waverly Jackson, DL for the Carolina Panthers
1972 Alyssa Milano, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, singer, appeared in Broadway production, 'Annie', appeared in 'Who's the Boss' television sitcom
1971 Amy Locane, Trenton, New Jersey, actress, Andrea-Spencer, Sandy-Melrose Place
1971 Jen[nifer] Dore, Kearny, New Jersey, rower, Olympics-4TH-1996
1971 Mike Groh, WLAF quarterback for the Rhein Fire
1970 Jon Cleveland, born in Fresno California, Canadian 100m/200m swimmer, Bronze Medal 1992, 1996 Olympics
1970 Robert Lang, Teplice, Czech Republic, NHL forward, Team Czech Republic, Los Angeles
1970 Wendy Miles, Australia, golfer, 1993 T77 Alpine Australia Ladies Masters
1970 Zac Foley, rock bassist, EMF-Unbelievable
1969 Chris Robinson, Atlanta, rocker, Black Crowes-Shake Your Money Maker
1969 Kristy Swanson, actress, Knots Landing, Buffy Vampire Slayer
1969 Michael Bates, NFL wide receiver, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers
1969 Mike Alexander, WLAF corner for the Rhein Fire
1969 Nayan Mongia, cricketer, Indian Test batsman-wicketkeeper 1994-
1969 Santana Dotson, NFL defensive tackle, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1969 Scott Pearson, Cornwall, NHL left wing for the Buffalo Sabres
1969 Tom Gugliotta, NBA forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves
1968 Jennifer Devine, born in Portland, Oregon, rower 1996 Olympics
1967 Doug Johns, South Bend, Indiana, pitcher for the Oakland A's
1966 Alberto "La Bomba" Tomba, Italian skier, Gold Medal 1988, 1992 Olympics
1966 Courtney Griffin, CFL defensive back for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1966 Eric Weinrich, Roanoke, NHL defenseman, Chicago Blackhawks
1966 Monique Oliver, Malibu California, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-4th-1994
1966 Rajesh Chauhan, cricketer, Indian off-spinner since 1993
1966 Robert MacNaughton, New York City, actor, ET
1966 Roberto Beam, soccer player, Vitesse/MVV
1965 Chuckii Booker, born in Los Angeles, California, rocker, singer, songwriter, bandleader, rhythm and blues artist, musical director, recorded and produced with Barry White, Janet Jackson
1965 Jessica Steen, Toronto, actress, Earth II, Homefront, Trial and Error
1964 Arvydas Sabonis, NBA center, Portland Trailblazers
1964 Beatrice Dalle, Breast France, actress, Betty Blue, Sabbath
1964 Lorie Kane, PEI Canada, LPGA golfer, du Maurier Ltd-1994, 95
1964 Mike Fetters, Van Nuys California, pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers
1964 Randall McDaniel, NFL guard for the Minnesota Vikings
1963 Chris Greatrex, LPGA golfer, 1995 Fielcrest Cannon Classic-71st
1963 Jennifer Beals, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Flashdance, Bride
1963 Karen Bliss-Livingston, Quakertown, Pennsylvania, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1962 Bettina Huebers, born in Hamburg, Germany, illegitimate daughter of Paul McCartney
1962 Charith Senanayake, cricketer, played for Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand 1991
1961 Reggie White, NFL defensive end, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1961 Eric Allin Cornell, American Physicist
1960 Daryl Hannah, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Splash
1960 Mike Lookinland, born in Mount Pleasant, Utah, actor, Bobby-Brady Bunch
1959 Edward Metgod, Dutch soccer goalie, Haarlem, Sparta
1959 Kathryn "Furu" Carpenter, Marshall, Michigan, fencer-epee 1996 Olympics
1958 Iqbal Sikander, cricketer, Pakistan leg-spinner 1992 World Cup
1958 Limahl, British rocker, Kajagoogoo-Too Shy
1958 Rick Pearson, Marianna, Florida, Nike golfer, 1990 Yuma Open
1957 Doug Johnson, rock keyboardist, Loverboy-Get Lucky
1957 Kevin McHale, NBA forward for the Boston Celtics
1957 Liz Glazowski, born in Chicago, Illinois, playmate, April, 1980
1956 Alice Barrett, born in New York City, actress, Frankie Frame-Another World
1955 Susil Fernando, cricketer, 5 Tests for Sri Lanka 1983
1955 Rob Portman, American Politician
1953 Peter McEwan, cricketer, New Zealand batsman early 80's
1951 Fred W. Leslie, Ancon Panama, PhD/astronaut, STS-73
1949 Claudia A. Kolb, U.S., 200m breast stroke swimmer 1964 Olympic silver
1949 Lenny White, born in New York City, New York, musician, drummer, performed on Miles Davis' 'Bitches' Brew', recorded 'No Mystery', 'Romantic Warrior' with Return to Forever
1947 Janie Fricke, South Whitley, Indiana, singer, It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy
1946 Marianne Faithfull, born in Hampstead, England, singer, Money, As Tears Go By
1946 Robert Urich, Toronto Ohio, actor, SWAT, Spenser for Hire, Vega$
1945 Elaine Joyce, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, City of Angels, Mr. Merlin
1945 John McEuen, rocker, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
1944 Alvin Lee, Nottingham England, rock vocals/guitarist, 10 Years After
1944 Richard Leakey, anthropologist
1944 Tim Reid, born in Norfolk, Virginia, comedian, Venus Flytrap-WKRP, Frank's Place
1944 Zal Yanovsky, rock guitarist, Lovin' Spoonful-Do You Believe in Magic
1943 William De Vries, Brooklyn, surgeon-inventor, Symbion artifical heart
1942 Jean-Patric Manchette, thriller writer
1941 Maurice White, born in Memphis, Tennessee, nicknamed Reese, rocker, singer, songwriter, record producer, founded band Earth, Wind and Fire
1940 Phil Ochs, born in El Paso, Texas, anti-war folk singer, Joe Hill, War is Over
1934 Al Kaline, born in Baltimore, Maryland, Hall of Fame outfielder for the Detroit Tigers
1934 Rudi Carrell, Rudolf W. Kesselman, Dutch showmaster
1933 Cicely Tyson, born in Harlem, New York City, actress, Roots, Miss Jane Pittman
1933 James Booth, born in London, England, actor and writer, Zulu, Robbery, Revenge
1933 Mel Gussow, American Critic
1929 Herman T M Lauxtermann, Dutch 2nd chamber member, VVD
1928 Galt MacDermot, Montreal Canada, composer, Letting Down My Hair
1928 Michael Hurd, composer
1926 Bobby Layne, NFL quarterback, Detroit Lions
1926 Jeanne Kirkpatrick, U.S. ambassador to UN
1925 Jimmy Dickens, Bolt, West Virginia, country singer, Grand Ole Opry
1924 Edmund Purdom, England, actor, Asissi Underground, Pieces
1924 Peter Prowtiny, English real estate developer/multi-millionaire
1923 Luigi Innocenti, designer
1922 Walter Hollerer, writer
1921 Ludvik Podest, composer
1920 David Susskind, New York City, TV host, Open End, David Susskind Show
1920 Ragnild Hveger, Denmark, 400m swimmer 1936 Olympics silver
1917 Graham Sharp, ice skater
1916 Adriaan van der Veen, Dutch writer, Sister at Sea
1916 Hal Hastings, New York City, orchestra leader, Chevrolet on Broadway
1916 Mervyn Wallace, cricketer, 13 Tests for New Zealand, latterly as captain
1915 Edith Piaf, E Giovanna Gassion, Paris, chanteuse, Little Sparrow
1910 Jean Genet, born in Paris, France, criminal/novelist/dramatist, The Blacks
1910 Jose Lezama Lima, Havana Cuba, poet and novelist
1906 H Allen Smith, Illinois, humorist/author, Low Man on Totem Pole
1906 Leonid I Brezhnev, Ukraine, 1st Secretary of U.S.S.R., 1964 - 1982
1906 Leonid I. Brezhnev, Politician
1905 Charles Robert Owen Medley, dancer/choreographer
1903 Cyril Dean Darlington, England, biologist, hereditary mechanisms
1903 George Davis Snell, Bradford Massachusetts, geneticist, H-2 gene
1903 George Snell, genetecist
1903 George D. Snell, American Scientist
1902 Leonard Hirsch, British violinist and orchestra leader, RAF Symph Orch
1902 Ralph Richardson, born in England, actor, Anna Karenina, Dr. Zhivago
1901 Oliver [Hazard Perry] La Farge, New York City, anthropologist/novelist
1901 Vitorino Nemesio, Portuguese author, Presenea
1897 Louis Darquier de Pellepoix, France, anti-Semite/nazi collaborator
1896 John Seldon Whale, theologian
1895 Ingeborg Refling-Hagen, Norwegian author and poet, Loke Saar Havre
1895 Maurice Roelants, Belgian author, Jazz Player
1894 Ford Frick, baseball commissioner, 1951 - 1965
1894 Paul Dessau, Hamburg Germany, composer/conducter, Berlin, 1925-33
1894 Yoshida Isoya, Tokyo, Japan, architect, modern sukiya style
1893 Harry Blomberg, Swedish author, Master Jacob
1891 Edward Bernard Andre Maria Raczynski, Poland, president-in-exile, 1979 - 1986
1890 Klaas Schilder, Dutch theologist/vicar, Occupied Territory
1888 Fritz Reiner, Budapest Hungary, U.S. conductor, Chicago Symphony Orchestra
1885 F S Flint, born in London, England, translator/poet, imagist movement
1884 Antonin Zapotocky, premier/president of Czechoslovakia
1884 Ferdinando Liuzzi, composer
1883 Louis Davids, Simon David, Dutch cabaret performer/chorus performer
1883 [Francis] Barry Byrne, born in Chicago, Illinois, architect
1882 Walter Braunfels, composer
1880 Nemesio Otano y Eugenio, composer
1879 Beals C Wright, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1905
1879 Otto Emanuel Olsson, composer
1878 Anton Lajovic, composer
1876 Carlo Gatti, composer
1875 Carter G Woodson, New Canton, Virginia, American historian, black studies
1875 Carter G. Woodson, American Historian
1869 Eduard Hermann, Coburg Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, German linguist, Homer
1868 Eleanor Porter, American Novelist
1865 Hermann Hirt, Magdeburg Prussia, linguist, Indo-European Grammar
1865 Minnie Maddern Fiske, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actress, Henrik Ibsen's plays
1865 Tikhon Toropets, Pskov Russia, patriarch of Russian Orthodox/saint
1864 Adolf Sandberger, composer
1861 Constance [Clara] Garnett, Brighton England, Russian-English translator
1861 Italo Svevo, Trieste Austria, Italian novelist, La Coscienza di Zeno
1852 A[lbert] A. Michelson, Strelno Prussia, U.S. physicist, Nobel 1907
1849 Henry Clay Frick, Penn, built world's largest coke and steel operation
1837 John Carpenter Carter, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1836 Maria L Sanford, pioneer educator, PTA
1832 John Kirk Barry, Scot, Dr/companion to explorer David Livingstone
1825 George Frederick Bristow, composer
1824 Hercules Robinson, Ire, South Africa Commissioner, 1880-89, 1895-97
1821 Mary Ashton Livermore, American reformer/women's suffrage leader
1819 James Clifford Veatch, Major General Union volunteers
1817 James Jay Archer, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1814 Edwin M[cMasters] Stanton, Ohio, U.S. Secretary of War, 1861 - 1865
1814 Edwin M. Stanton, American Lawyer
1813 Thomas Andrews, Belfast Ireland, chemist/physicist, ozone
1809 Pierre-Joseph van Beneden, Belg, paleont, life cycle of tapeworms
1797 Josef Theodor Krov, composer
1796 Manuel Breton de los Herreros, Quel Spain, poet/comic playwright
1792 [Andries] Hendrik Potgieter, Cape Colony, settled Transvaal
1790 William Parry, England, Arctic explorer
1783 Charles-Julien Brianchon, France, mathematician, Brianchon's theorem
1779 Auguste-Gaspard-Louis Desnoyers, Paris, France, engraver
1778 Marie-Therese-Charlotte, daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette
1753 John Taylor, Virginia, philosopher, Jeffersonian Democracy
1744 Jacobus J Cramer, priest of Holland/Zealand/West-Friesland
1723 Susanne K von Klettenberg, German friend of Goethes mother
1683 Philip V, Versailles France, King of Spain, 1700-24, 24-46
1676 Louis-Nicholas Clerambault, Paris, France, composer/organist
1498 Andreas Osiander, Germany, Protestant Reformation theologist
1036 Su Tung-p'o, China, poet/essayist/painter/calligrapher