December 21 Birthdays in History - December 21 Deaths - December 21 Events
1978 Amber Corwin, Harbor City California, figure skater, 1997 National Sr - 5th
1978 Michael Vitar, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, D2, D3, Sunset Grill, Sandlot Kids
1978 Jackie Stiles, American Athlete
1974 Karrie Webb, born in Queensland, Australia, LPGA golfer, 1994 Australia Strokeplay
1974 Raymond Austin, cornerback and safety for the New York Jets
1974 Tommie Boyd, wide reciever, Detroit Lions
1973 Mike Alstott, fullback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1971 Ernest Hunter, NFL running back for the Cleveland Browns
1971 Irena Slavutskay, Israel, athlete, 1996 Olympics
1971 Jey Phillips, WLAF DB for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Tommie Boyd, NFL/WLAF receiver, Detroit Lions, Rhein Fire
1970 Irving Spikes, NFL running back for the Miami Dolphins
1970 Monique Ambers, WNBA forward, Phoenix Mercury
1970 Ronnie Woolfork, WLAF linebacker for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1969 Chuck Smith, NFL defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons
1969 Julie Delpy, actress, Before Sunrise
1969 Leon Searcy, NFL offensive tackle, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jackson Jaguars
1968 Anthony Lynn, NFL running back, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1968 Khrystyne Haje, Santa Clara, Cal, actress, Simone-Head of the Class
1967 Ervin Johnson, NBA center, Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks
1967 Kristi Cooke, Marion Ohio, Miss Ohio-America 1991
1967 Terry Mills, NBA forward, Miami Heat, Detroit Pistons
1967 Mikhail Saakashvili, Georgian Statesman
1966 Kiefer Sutherland, actor, Young Guns, Stand by Me, Lost Boys
1965 Andy Dick, Charleston, South Carolina, actor, Matthew-Newsradio
1965 Gabrielle Glaser, musician, Luscious Jackson
1965 Rodney Thomas, WLAF cornerback, Barcelona Dragons
1965 Sue Thomas, Texarkana, Texas, LPGA golfer, 1991 Orix Hawaiian Ladies-14th
1964 Ed Jongsma, Dutch pop bassist, Sleeze Beez-Look Like Hell
1964 Joey Kocur, Calgary, NHL right wing, Vancouver Canucks
1964 Keith Taylor, NFL safety for the Washington Redskins
1962 Christy Forester, Lookout Mt, Georgia, country singer, Forester Sister-Men
1961 Trevor Bayliss, cricketer, NSW batsman
1960 Andy Van Slyke, born in Utica, New York, professional baseball player, outfielder, played for the St. Louis Cardinals, coached first base for the Detroit Tigers
1960 Michael Swain, Elizabeth, New Jersey, judoka, Olympics-bronze-88
1960 Roger McDowell, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, pitcher, New York Mets, Baltimore Orioles
1959 Florence Griffith Joyner, born in Los Angeles, California, runner, Olympic-3 gold-1988
1957 Joshua Mostel, New York City, actor, Delta House, At Ease
1957 Lisa Gerritsen, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Bess-Mary Tyler Moore Show
1957 Ray Romano, born in Queens, New York, actor, Ray Barone-Everybody Loves Raymond
1956 Kevin Burnham, Hollis, New York, 470 yachter, Olympics-8th-1992, 96
1956 Lee Roy Parnell, Abilene Texas, country singer, Oughta be a Law
1955 Jane Kaczmarek, American Actress
1954 Chris Evert, Ft. Lauderdale, tennis pro
1953 Andras Schiff, Budapest Hungary, pianist, Tchaikovsky-1974
1953 Arie Luyendyk, born in Netherlands, Indy-car racer, 1990 Indianapolis 500
1953 Betty Wright, born in Miami, Florida, singer, rhythm and blues, soul music, influenced the world of hip hop, sang with Alice Cooper, Gloria Estefan, song Shoorah! Shoorah!, used in movie Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
1953 Tina Brown, born in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, journalist, magazine editor, talk-show host, columnist, author of The Diana Chronicles
1952 Dennis Boutsikaris, Newark, New Jersey, actor, Batteries Not Included
1952 Steve Furniss, U.S. swimmer, Olympics-bronze-1972
1952 Joaquin Andujar, Dominican Republican Athlete
1950 Jeffrey Katzenberg, American Producer
1948 Barry Gordon, Brookline Massachusetts, actor, Gary-Archie Bunker's Place
1948 Carol Potter, New York City, actress, Beverly Hills 90210, Today's FBI
1948 Dave Kingman, baseball player, Mets, Yankees, Giants
1948 Willem AFG Vermeend, Dutch economist/undersecretary of Finance, 1994-
1948 Samuel L. Jackson, actor, Amos and Andrew, White Sand, Pulp Fiction
1947 Zoe Lofgren, American Politician
1946 Carl Dean Wilson, Hawthorne California, rock vocalist, Beach Boys-Barbie
1946 Christopher Keene, born in Berkeley, California, conductor, La Traviata
1946 Josh Mostel, New York, actor, Windy City, Animal Behavior, Money Pit
1945 Doug Walters, cricketer, Aussie batting genius 1965-81 Extrovert
1945 Millie Hughes-Fulford, Wells, Texas, astronaut, STS-40
1944 Jared Martin, New York City, actor, Varian-Fantastic Voyage, Dusty-Dallas
1944 Michael Tilson Thomas, born in Los Angeles, California, conductor, New York Phil Young People
1943 Albert Lee, born in Leominster, Herefordshire, Grammy-award winning English guitarist, musical director, celebrated finger-style and hybrid picking technique, played with the Crickets
1943 Jack Nance, actor, Rubbed Out
1943 Walter Spanghero, French rugby player
1942 Carla Thomas, U.S. singer, Let Me Be Good to You
1942 Hu Jintao, Chinese Statesman
1940 Frank Zappa, born in Baltimore, rocker, Mothers of Invention, Catholic Girls
1939 Wen Ho Lee, American Scientist
1938 Larry Bryggman, Concord California, actor, Dr. John Dixon-As the World Turns
1937 Harald, Crown Prince, son of King Olav V, heir apparent of Norway
1937 Jane Fonda, New York City, actress, Barbarella, Klute, physically fit
1935 Phil Donahue, born in Cleveland, Ohio, talk show host, Phil Donahue Show
1934 Hanif Mohammad, cricketer, prolific Pakistani batsman 1952-69
1933 Huib Eversdijk, Dutch 2nd chamber member, CDA
1933 Jackie Hendriks, cricketer, West Indian wicket-keeper of 60's
1931 Caroline Kaart, Paterson Raitt, Dutch alto singer
1931 David Baker, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, composer, Reflections
1930 Willem R "Wim" van der Zee, secretary of Council of Churches
1929 Jack Philip Cannon, composer
1928 Ed Nelson, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, actor, Peyton Place, A Long Came a Spider
1928 Thomas Rajna, composer
1927 Michael Carreras, film director
1926 John Herbert McDowell, composer
1926 Pedro Gonzales-Gonzalez, Aguilares, Texas, actor, Rio Bravo
1925 Paul Kurtz, American Philosopher
1924 Joe Paterno, football coach, Penn State, SI Sportsman of 1986
1924 Johan W "Jo" van Marle, KNVB-chairman, 1980-93
1924 Rita Reys, Dutch jazz singer
1922 Paul Winchell, New York City, ventriloquist, Jerry Mahoney, Knucklehead Smith
1921 Alica Alonso, Havana, ballerina
1921 James Tye, safety expert
1921 Joan Dickson, born in England, cellist, professor at Royal College of Music in London, studied with Enrico Mainardi in Paris, performed with Joyce Rathbone
1919 Gert Fredriksson, Sweden, 1K kayak, Gold Medals 1948, 1952, 1956 Olympics
1918 Donald Regan, White House staffer and U.S. Secretary of Treasury, 1981 - 1985
1918 Kurt Waldheim, born in Austria, Austrian diplomat, politician, Secretary-General of the U.N., ninth President of Austria
1918 Donald T. Regan, American Public Servant
1917 Alicia Alonso, Havana Cuba, ballerina, American Ballet Theatre
1917 Andre Eglevsky, choreographer, Limelight
1917 Heinrich Boll, Germ, writer, Group Portrait with Lady, Nobel '72,
1916 Eve Perrick, journalist
1916 John Boon, publisher
1913 Raich Carter, soccer star
1911 Paul Burkhard, composer
1909 George Ball, Iowa, lawyer/undersecretary of state
1909 Seicho Matsumoto, Dutch Japanese detective/playwright, 10 to Sen
1908 Pat Weaver, born in Los Angeles, California, TV Executive, started Today show
1907 Garmt Stuiveling, Dutch literary, Poet in Love
1905 Anthony Powell, England, novelist, Infants of Spring
1901 Juan A de Zunzunegui y Loredo, Spanish writer
1901 Robin Irvine, born in London, England, actor, Easy Virtue
1900 Oda Schaefer, German author and poet, Die Windharfe, Ladies Only
1899 Guy Wilkerson, Texas, actor, Dead or Alive, West of Texas, Shootin' Iron
1898 Eugene Dabit, French writer/painter, Hotel du Nord
1898 Ira S. Bowen, U.S. physicist and astronomer, Mount Wilson/Palomar
1896 Carl Romme, Dutch catholic foreman/KVP-Minister Socialist Business
1896 Constantine Rokossovski, Russian marshal/vice-premier of Poland
1896 Leroy Robertson, composer
1896 Eric Johnston, American Businessman
1895 Paul Hoffer, composer
1892 Rebecca West, Cicily I F Andrews, English author, Meaning of Treason
1892 Walter Hagen, born in Rochester, New York, PGA golfer, U.S. Open 1914, 19
1891 John W. McCormack, D, Speaker of House, 1962-70
1891 John William McCormack, American Politician
1890 Fred M Vinson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1946-53
1886 George Norman Peterkin, composer
1886 Hermann A. J. Kees, German Egyptologist, Problems of Egyptology
1879 Joseph Stalin, Russian dictator; murdered 11,000,000
1879 Theodore Limperg, business economist, substitute value
1874 Juan Bautista Sacasa, President of Nicaragua, 1932-36
1872 Albert P. Terhune, U.S., novelist, Lad, a Dog
1867 John Winter Thompson, composer
1860 Henrietta Szold, founder, Hadassah
1859 Gustave Kahn, France, poet, claimed to have invented vers libre
1853 Isolde Kurz, German writer/poet, Meine Mutter
1850 Zdenek Fibich, composer
1849 James Lane Allen, U.S. writer, Kentucky Cardinal
1848 Edward Everett Rice, composer
1843 Thomas Bracken, Irish Poet
1840 Mehmed N Kemal, Turkish journalist, Vatan
1832 John Henry Ketcham, Major General Union volunteers
1826 Ernst Pauer, composer
1823 Jean Henri Fabre, France, entomologist, insects and spiders
1818 Amalia, wife of king Otto of Greece
1818 Lewis H. Morgan, U.S., etnologist, Systems of Consanguinity
1815 Thomas Couture, French painter/author
1810 Ludwig Schuncke, composer
1804 Benjamin Disraeli, Tory, British Prime Minister, 1868, 1874-80
1800 Barnwell Rhett Robert, Confederacy
1756 Thomas Anton Kunz, composer
1728 Hermann Friedrich Raupach, composer
1628 Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, composer
1616 Pietro Andrea Ziani, composer
1573 Mathurin Regnier, French poet, Macette
1537 Johan III, king of Sweden, 1569-92
1518 Mark van Vaernewijck, Flemish nobleman/politician
1117 Thomas Becket, archbishop of Canterbury