December 31 Birthdays in History - December 31 Deaths - December 31 Events
1977 Ildiko Kecan, Miss Hungary Universe 1997
1976 Vanessa Kerry, born in Boston, Massachusetts, medical resident, daughter of John Kerry, campaigned with her father in the 2004 Presidential election
1975 Cole Ford, kicker for the Oakland Raiders
1973 Curtis Myden, Calgary Alberta, 200m/400m swimmer, 3 Bronze Medals 1996, 2000 Olympics
1973 George Jones, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 Hiroyuki Miura, hockey defenseman, Team Japan 1998
1972 Chris Parker, running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1972 Cole Ford, NFL kicker for the Oakland Raiders
1972 Joseph Mulrey McIntyre, rocker, New Kids-Lovin' You Forever
1972 Kelvin Kinney, defensive end for the Washington Redskins
1971 Brent Barry, NBA guard for the Los Angeles Clippers
1971 Erin Warren, Winchester Massachusetts, luger 1994 Olympics
1971 Heath Shuler, NFL quarterback, Washington Redskins, NO Saints
1970 Bryon Russell, NBA forward, Utah Jazz
1970 Dan Howe, Kingston Ontario, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1970 Dunstan Anderson, NFL defensive end, Dolphins, NO Saints, Rhein Fire
1970 Edwin Huizinga, Dutch soccer player, South Carolina Heerenveen, Emmen
1970 Michel Brunet, Gatineau Quebec, ice dancer, 1996 Canadians-2nd
1969 Martha Byrne, actress, Lily-As the World Turns
1967 Brad Daluiso, NFL place kicker for the New York Giants
1966 Paula Barbieri, model/girlfriend of OJ Simpson/actress, Dangerous
1965 Michelle Dobek, Holyoke, Massachusetts, golfer, 1995 GHP Heartland Classic-45th
1965 Gong Li, born in Shenyang, China, actress, appeared in director Zhang Yimou's film, Ju Dhou, Red Sorghum, received Golden Rooster award
1965 Julie Doucet, Canadian Artist
1965 Nicholas Sparks, born in Omaha, Nebraska, bestselling author, writer, novelist, wrote, 'A Walk to Remember', author of novels including, 'Nights in Rodanthe', 'The Last Song', 'The Notebook'
1964 Denis Hickey, cricketer, fast bowler for Vic, SA and Glamorgan
1964 Klari MacAskill, Budapest Hungary, kayaker, Olympics-5-92, 96
1964 Liz Masakayan, Quezon City Phil, WPVA volley, Best of Beach-3rd-1994
1964 Winston Benjamin, cricketer, WI righty quick 1987-95
1963 Ed Simmons, NFL tackle for the Washington Redskins
1963 Scott Ian, U.S. heavy metal guitarist, Anthrax-I'm the Man
1962 Don Diamont, actor, Brad-Young and Restless
1962 Tyrone Corbin, NBA forward, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks
1962 Jeff Flake, American Politician
1961 Joanna Johnson, actress, Caroline-Bold and Beautiful
1961 Rick Aguilera, San Gabriel California, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
1960 Broderick Dyke, Australia, tennis star
1959 Bebe Neuwirth, Princeton, New Jersey, actress, Lilith-Cheers, Damn Yankees
1959 Paul Westerberg, singer, The Replacements
1959 Val Kilmer, actor, Top Secret, Top Gun, Willow
1958 Geoff Marsh, cricketer, Australia opening batsman 1985-92
1957 David Allen Ogrin, Waukegan, Illinois, PGA golfer, 1994 Byron Nelson-2nd
1956 Martin Joseph Fettman, born in Brooklyn, New York, PhD/astronaut, STS-58
1953 James Remar, Boston, actor, 48 Hours, Rent-a-Cop, Cotton Club
1953 Jane Badler, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Fine Gold, Easy Kill, V
1953 Trevor Phillips, British Politician
1951 Fermin Goytisolo, rocker, KC and Sunshine Band-Give It
1951 Michael Allen Bantom, Philadelphia, basketball player 1972 Olympics silver
1951 Tom Hamilton, Colorado Springs Co, rock bassist, Aerosmith-Dream On
1950 Inge Helten, born in West Germany, sprinter 1976 Olympics bronze
1950 Robert Bryan Gilder, Corvallis OR, PGA golfer, 1980 Canadian Open
1948 Donna Summer, Boston, singer, Love to Love You Baby, On the Radio
1948 Joe Dallesandro, Pensicola, Florida, actor, Heat, Trash, AW Frankenstein
1948 Tony Hamilton, rocker, Aerosmith
1948 Viktor Mikhailovich Afanasieyv, Russian cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-11, TM-18
1947 Burton Cummings, rock guitarist, Guess Who-These Eyes
1947 Tim Matheson, born in California, actor, Animal House, Fletch, Up the Creek
1946 Barbara Carrera, Managua Nicaragua, actress, Angelica-Dallas
1946 Diane von Furstenberg, Brussels Belgiums, fashion designer
1946 Patti Smith, born in Chicago, Illinois, rock vocalist, Radio Ethiopia
1945 Claude D. Marks, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, FALN member, FBI most wanted
1945 Taylor Hackford, director, Idolmaker, Officer and a Gentleman
1945 Connie Willis, American Writer
1944 Taylor Hackford, director, Devil's Advocate
1943 Ben Kingsley, Scarborough England, actor, Gandhi, Betrayal, Maurice
1943 John Denver, New Mexico, singer, 'Rocky Mountain High', 'Thank God He's a Country Boy'
1942 Andy Summers, born in Blackpool, England, rock guitarist, Police-Roxanne
1941 Milkha Singh, cricketer, bro of Kripal Singh India batsman in 4 Tests
1941 Sarah Miles, born in Essex, England, actress, Ryan's Hope, Big Sleep, Venom
1941 Alex Ferguson, English Coach
1940 Tim Considine, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actor, Mike in "My Three Sons"
1940 Oleg Anatolyevich Yakovlev, Russian cosmonaut
1939 Afaq Hussain, cricketer, Pakistani off-spinner in 2 Tests 1961-64
1939 Willye White, U.S. long jumper, Silver Medals 1956, 1964 Olympics
1939 Peter Camejo, American Businessman
1938 Atje Keulen-Deelstra, Holland, speed skater, world champ
1938 Henricus G Wijmans, Dutch graphic artist
1938 Rosalind Cash, Atlantic City, New Jersey, actress, Omega Man, Wrong is Right
1937 Anthony Hopkins, born in Wales, actor, Elephant Man, QB VII, Magic, Bounty
1937 Nicolas Born, born in Duisburg, Germany, writer, wrote, 'Die Falschung', 'Die erdabgewandte Seite der Gerschichte'
1935 Peter Allan, cricketer, 1 Test Australia vs. England 1965, 2-58 and 0-25
1932 George Schlatter, TV producer, Laugh-in
1931 Bob Shaw, UK, sci-fi author, Orbitsville, Ragged Astronauts, Vertigo
1930 Ala Odetta, Odetta Holmes, Birmingham, folk singer/actress
1930 Odetta, Holmes, Birmingham, Alabama, folk singer, Sanctuary
1929 Mies Bouman, Dutch TV hostess, Open the Village
1929 Peter Barker Howard, cricketer
1929 Peter May, cricketer, dashing English batsman of 50's
1929 Sidney Greenbaum, grammarian
1928 Hugh McElhenny, NFL halfback, SF, Minnesota, Giants, Detroit
1928 Ross Barbour, Columbus, Indiana, singer, 4 Freshmen
1928 Veijo Meri, born in Viipuri, now Vyborg, Russia, writer, novelist, poet, focuses on absurdity of war, published biography of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
1927 Dieter Noll, born in Riesa, Germany, writer, wrote two-volume novel Die Abenteuer des Werner Holt, over two million copies sold, volume one used as East German school curriculum
1924 Victoria Draves, U.S., platform/springboard diver 1948 Olympics gold
1922 Joan McCracken, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actress, Claudie Story of a Marriage
1922 Rex Allen, Wilcox, Arizona, cowboy singer, Dr. Baxter-Frontier Doctor
1916 Suzy Delair, Paris, France, actress, Utopia, White Paws
1914 Pat Brady, Toledo Ohio, actor, Roy Rodgers Show
1910 Dick Kollmar, Rigewood, New Jersey, actor, Broadway Spotlight, Guess What
1910 Roy Rowland, film director
1908 Marko Rothmuller, composer
1908 Simon Wiesenthal, Polish/Austrian nazi hunter, Wiesenthal Center
1906 Erna Bogen, Hungary, foils, Olympic-bronze-1932
1905 Guy Mollet, French socialist premier, 1956-57
1905 Jule Styne, England, songwriter/composer, 1954 Academy Award, 1968 Tony
1904 Chuck Gardiner, UK, NHL goalie, Vezina winner
1904 Nathan Milstein, born in Odessa, Russia, concert violinist, Philadelphia Orchestra 1942
1899 Gaston Glass, Paris, France, film executive
1899 Silvestre Revueltas, Santiago Papasquiaro Mexico, composer, Sensemaya
1897 Rhys Williams, Wales, actor, Nightmare, Okinawa, Cross My Heart
1896 Ronald Adam, Herefordshire England, actor, Phantom Shot
1894 Ernest John Moeran, British composer
1894 Pola Negri, Barbara A Chalupiec, Polish/U.S. actress, Madame Dubarry
1893 J M Blankenberg, cricketer, 60 wkts in 18 Tests for South Africa
1893 Max Lamberty, Flemish sociologist/author, Flemish Resurrection
1892 Jason Robards Sr, Hillsdale, Michigan, actor, Acapulco
1882 Ben Jones, Missouri, horse trainer, Citation, Whirlaway
1882 David Cohen, Dutch historian/chairman, Jewish Council
1881 Colin G Fink, U.S. chemist, electro chemistry
1881 Jacob Israel de Haan, Dutch poet and writer, Pipelines, Jewish Song
1881 Max Pechstein, German "entartet" painter/graphic artist, The Bridge
1880 George C Marshall, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, authored Marshall Plan, Nobel 1953
1880 George Marshall, American Statesman
1880 George C. Marshall, American Soldier
1878 Horacio Quiroga, Uruguayan author and poet, El Crimen del Otro
1874 Ernest Austin, composer
1870 Thomas Connolly, baseball's major league umpire for 50 years
1869 Henri Matisse, France, impressionist painter, Odalisque
1864 Robert G Aitken, U.S. astronomer, Binary Stars
1863 Alfredo Panzini, Italian author, Dizionario Moderno
1859 Max Fiedler, composer
1856 Charles A van Ophuysen, orientalist, Maleisisch Volksrecht
1855 Giovanni Pascoli, Italian classicist/poet
1846 Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis, vicar/Dutch anarchist, Right for all
1846 Richard Kleinmichel, composer
1838 Emile Loubet, premier/president of France, 1892, 1899-1906
1830 Ismail Pasha, kedive of Egypt, 1863-79
1830 Alexander Smith, Scottish Poet
1826 Henry Hiles, composer
1825 Francis Trowbridge Sherman, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1818 Maria J Small-Gartmann, actress
1815 George Gordon Meade, Major General Union Army
1805 Marie-C-S de Flavigny Agoult, Daniel Stern, French author, Knife
1799 Thomas Taglichsbeck, composer
1738 Charles Lord Cornwallis, soldier/statesman "fire when ready Gridley"
1724 Franz Joseph Oehlschlagel, composer
1720 [Bonnie Prince] Charles Edward Stuart, English pretender to throne
1668 Hermannus Boerhaave, Dutch medical/botanist
1668 Herman Boerhaave, Dutch Scientist
1550 Henri Guise [le Balafre], French duke/leader, Catholic League
1540 Silvio Antoniano, Italian cardinal/theologist, Tre libri
1514 Andreas Vesalius, Brussels Belgium, anatomist, Fabrica
1378 Callistus III, Alfonso the Borja, Pope, 1455 - 1458