December 6 Birthdays in History - December 6 Deaths - December 6 Events
1993 Elian Gonzalez, Cuban Celebrity
1979 Tim Cahill, Australian Athlete
1976 Alicia Machado, Venezuela, Miss Universe 1996
1976 Lindsay Price, Arcadia California, actress, Bold and Beautiful, All My Children
1976 Colleen Haskell, American Celebrity
1975 Natalie Titcume, Australian softball catcher 1996 Olympics bronze
1974 Arjan Ebbinge, soccer player, FC Groningen
1973 Tim Kohn, guard and tackle for the Oakland Raiders
1972 Brendan Garard, Australian field hockey halfback 1996 Olympics
1972 Gary Bandy, NFL defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons
1972 James Logan, NFL linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks
1972 Mike Gruttadauri, corner for the St. Louis Rams
1971 Ainsley Robinson, Oshawa Ontario, 62 kg Greco Roman wrestler 1996 Olympics
1971 David Defiagbon, Sapele Nigeria, Canadian boxer, 1996 Olympics silver
1971 Matt Maloney, NBA guard for the Houston Rockets
1971 Richard Krajicek, Netherlands, tennis star, Wimbledon-1996
1971 Rika Hiraki, Beirut Lebanon, tennis star, 1992 Japan doubles
1971 Thomas Bailey, NFL wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals
1970 Eric Mahlum, NFL guard for the Indianapolis Colts
1969 Elmore Spencer, NBA center, Portland Trail Blazers
1969 Greg Knox, CFL safety for the Calgary Stampeders
1969 Todd Black, Kenton Ohio, 800m runner
1967 Kevin Appier, Lancaster California, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals
1967 Spanky Marcus, born in Hollywood, California, actor, Jimmy Joe-Mary Hartman
1966 Lindsay Price, actress, All My Children
1964 Will Johnson, CFL defensive end for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1962 Ben Watt, rocker, Everything but the Girls-Sir Idlewood
1962 Janine Turner, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, actress, Maggie-Northern Exposure
1960 Jasmina Perazic Gipe, WNBA guard and forward, New York Liberty
1958 Nick Park, British Director
1957 Luis Mariano Delis Fournier, Cuba, discus thrower, Olympic-bronze-1980
1957 Andrew Cuomo, American Politician
1956 Peter Buck, U.S. pop guitarist, REM-Murmur
1956 Randy Rhoads, born in Santa Monica, California, rocker, guitarist, songwriter, producer, studied classical guitar, member of Quiet Riot, played with Ozzy Ozbourne
1955 Bill Lloyd, Bowling Green, Kentucky, singer, Foster and Lloyd-Crazy Over You
1955 Malcolm Jarvis, cricket lefty paceman, Zimbabwe's 1st Test side
1955 Rick Buckler, Paul Richard Buckler, rock drummer, Jam
1955 Steven Wright, droll comedian, Steven Wright Live
1955 Tish Hinojosa, San Antonia, Texas, country singer, Something in the Rain
1954 Chris Stamey, born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, musician, rocker, songwriter, record producer, formed the dB's, founded Car Records indie record label, founded recording studio called Modern Recording where he recorded and mixed Whiskeytown
1954 Miles Chapin, New York City, actor, French Postcards, Get Crazy, Funhouse
1953 Gina Hecht, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Melanie-Hizzoner, Mork and Mindy
1953 Kin Shriner, Indiana, actor, Scott-General Hospital, Rituals
1953 Thomas Hulce, Plymouth, Michigan, actor, Amadeus, Equus, Echo Park
1953 Wil Shriner, New York City/Indiana, talk show host, Wil Shriner Show
1953 Geoff Hoon, British Politician
1952 Ric Charlesworth, cricketer, WA opener, Australia hockey captain, MP, Labour
1950 Daniel Sahuleka, Moluks/Dutch singer/guitarist, Viva la Libertad
1949 Peter Willey, cricketer, England batsman late 70's early 80's
1948 Don Nickles, born in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Senator-R-Oklahoma 1981 - 2005
1948 JoBeth Williams, born in Houston, Texas, actress, Kramer vs Kramer, Poltergeist
1948 Marius Mueller-Westernhagen, Duesseldorf Germany, rocker, Stinker
1947 Miroslav Vitous, born in Prague, Czech Republic, bassist, double bass, electric bass, jazz musician, compared to Dave Holland, Christian McBride
1946 Frank Hayes, cricketer, 106* England vs. WI on debut 1973
1945 James Naughton, Middleton CT, actor, Stranger is Watching
1945 Larry Bowa, 2nd baseman, Phillies
1944 Jonathan King, born in London, England, Kenneth George King, singer, songwriter, pop music producer, wrote song 'Everyone's Gone to the Moon', successful writer, producer for other musical artists
1943 Mike Smith, born in Edmonston, England, born Michael George Smith, singer, songwriter, keyboardist, music producer, played for The Dave Clark Five
1942 Len Barry, Leonard Borisoff, Philadelphia, rocker, Bristol Stomp
1942 Peter Handke, Austrian songwriter, Ritt uber den Bodensee
1941 Helen Cornelius, Hannibal, Missouri, country singer, Nashville on the Road
1941 John Nelson, San Jose Costa Rica, conductor, Les Troyens of Berlioz
1941 Richard Speck, mass murderer, killed 8 student nurses in 1966
1941 Bruce Nauman, American Artist
1940 Steve Alaimo, born in Rochester, New York, rocker, Mashed Potatoes
1939 Tomas Svoboda, born in Paris, France, Czechoslovakian composer, Etude
1938 David Ossman, comedian, Firesign Theater
1935 Robert Crandall, American Businessman
1934 Nick Bockwinkel, wrestler, WCW/AWA
1933 Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki, composer
1933 Jim Pothecary, cricketer, South African pace bowler on 1960 England tour
1930 Bobby Van, Robert King, New York City, singer, Hollywood Palace
1929 King Moody, New York City, actor, Shtarker-Get Smart
1929 Mark Kopytman, composer
1928 Bert Geoffrey Achong, inventor, electron microscopist
1927 Jacques Bondon, composer
1926 Martti Katajisto, Parkano Finland, actor, Mar Oksalla Ylimmaellae
1925 Andy Robustelli, NFL defensive end, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants
1924 Wally Cox, Detroit, actor, Mr Peepers, Hollywood Squares
1921 Nicolas A. Pina, Venezulian/Aruban songwriter
1921 Otto Graham, AAFC/NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns
1920 Dave Brubeck, Concord California, jazz pianist/composer, Gates of Justice
1920 George Porter, English Scientist
1919 Paul de Man, Belgian Critic
1918 Granville James Leveson Gower, land owner
1918 Harold Horace Hopkins, inventor, Endoscope
1918 Peter A. Juten, office clerk/resistance fighter
1918 Willem Oosterheers, resistance fighter
1914 Cyril Washbrook, cricketer, stalwart Lancs and England opener
1913 Eleanor Holm, New York City, 100m backstroke swimmer 1932 Olympics gold
1911 Alfred James Broomhall, Methodist missionary
1910 Alan McGilvray, cricket commentator
1909 Alan McGilvray, cricketer, 20 games for NSW mid 30's, comentator, ABC
1909 Kenneth Watkins, woodland conservationist
1906 Agnes Moorehead, Clinton Massachusetts, actress, Endora-Bewitched
1906 Antoon Spinoy, Belgian politician
1904 Eve Denise Curie, French pianist/author/daughter of Madame Curie
1902 Virgilio Mortari, composer
1899 Harry Buller Siege Willis, son of South Africa boer in Ladysmith
1899 Nikolai Batalov, born in Moscow, Russia, actor, Mother
1898 Alfred Eisenstaedt, photo journalist
1898 Gunnar Myrdal, Sweden, sociologist/economist, Nobel 1974
1898 Herman Shumlin, actor, Watch on the Rhine
1897 John Axel Fernstrom, composer
1896 Arnold Foster, composer
1896 George Trafton, NFL center for the Chicago Bears
1896 Ira Gershwin, lyricist, 'S Wonderful, I Got Rhythm
1893 Lou Little, college football hall of fame coach, elected 1960
1893 Sylvia Townsend Warner, English Novelist
1892 F Osbert S Sitwell, London, poet and writer, Out of the Flame
1892 Lina Carstens, born in Wiesbaden, Germany, actress, Homeland, Broken Jug
1887 Joseph Lamb, composer
1887 Lynn Fontanne, born in Woodford, England, Bdwy actress, Dulcy, Arms and the Man
1886 Joyce Kilmer, U.S., male, poet, Trees
1885 Albrecht Schaeffer, German writer, The General
1884 Rose Schneiderman, New York state department of labor sect, 1937-44
1876 Dewi Angrenie, Martha CA Giese, Flemish/Dutch actress, Champagne
1872 Mikulas Moyzes, composer
1870 William S Hart, actor, silent Westerns, Wild Bill Hickok, Tumbleweeds
1864 William S. Hart, American Actor
1846 Henryk Jarecki, composer
1843 Albert de Vriendt, Flemish historical painter/etcher
1833 John Singleton Mosby, lawyer/Col Confederate Army
1831 Joshua Woodrow Sill, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1823 Max Muller, German Educator
1823 Max Mueller, German Writer
1822 John Eberhard, built 1st large-scale pencil factory in US
1816 Henry Eustace McCulloch, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1809 Stephen Thomas, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1808 Johan M Dautzenberg, Flemish author, Future
1808 Johann Christian Gebauer, composer
1806 Louis-Gilbert Duprez, composer
1803 Susanna Moodie, British Author
1792 Abraham J van de Aa, lexicographer, Biographic Dictionary
1792 Willem II Frederik GL, King of Netherlands, 1840-49
1788 Richard Harris Barham, English Comedian
1776 Paul Friedrich Struck, composer
1775 Nicolas Isouard, composer
1768 Johann Baptist Henneberg, composer
1743 Franz Nikolaus Novotny, composer
1732 Warren Hastings, England, 1st governor-General of India, 1773-84
1731 S von Laroche, writer
1608 George Monck/Monk, English general and Governor of Scotland
1550 Orazio Tiberio Vecchi, composer
1421 Henry VI, king of England, 1422-61, 1470-71
1285 Ferdinand V, king of Castile and Leon