February 11 Birthdays in History - February 11 Deaths - February 11 Events
1997 Michael Jackson, Jr., son of Michael Jackson
1981 Kelly Rowland, born in Atlanta, Georgia, singer, actress, founding member of group, Destiny's Child, sold more than 50 million albums, collaborated with Nelly on 'Dilemma' single
1980 Matthew Lawrence, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, actor, Matthew-Gimme a Break
1980 Natasha Bobo, Watsonville California, actress, Sally-Together We Stand
1979 Brandy Norwood, born in McComb, Mississippi, known as 'Brandy', singer, songwriter, appeared in film, 'Cinderella', Grammy-Award winning song, 'The Boy is Mine'
1977 Jessica Carlson, Kalamazoo, Michigan, archer, alt-Olympics-1996
1977 Stephanie Richardson, born in Toronto, Ontario, 200m/800m swimmer 1996 Olympics
1977 Veronica Marie Duka, Campbellsville, Kentucky, Miss America, Kentucky-Top 10-1997
1977 Mike Shinoda, American Musician
1976 Brice Beckham, born in Long Beach, California, actor, Wesley-Mr Belvedare
1976 Tony Battie, NBA forward for the Denver Nuggets
1975 Chuck Watanabe, kayak alternate for 1996 Olympics
1975 Jacque Vaughn, NBA guard, Utah Jazz
1974 Brian Newman, guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1974 Ronnie Ward, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins
1974 Wally Richardson, quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens
1973 Tom Tumulty, linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals
1972 Dennis Iliohan, Dutch soccer player, FC Lisse, ADO Den Haag
1972 Steve McManaman, English Athlete
1971 Jennifer Lynne Faucette, Burlington Vermont, Miss America-Vt 1996
1971 John Bock, NFL center, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins
1971 Linda Wild, Arlington Heights, Illinois, tennis star, 1993 Melbourne Open
1970 Alistair Brown, cricketer, Surrey and England ODI opening batsman 1996
1970 Jason Allyn Scott, Iowa City Iowa, rower 1996 Olympics
1969 Bryan Eversgerd, U.S. baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1969 Jennifer Aniston, born in Sherman Oaks, California, actress, Rachel-Friends
1969 Joe Valerio, NFL outside corner/tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs
1969 Kevin King, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Seattle Mariners
1969 Mark Atkinson, cricket wicket-keeper, Tasmanian batsman
1969 Mary Stoker, Miss Wisconsin USA 1996
1969 Shannon Long, Gladstone Australia, playmate, Oct, 1988
1967 Barbara Byrne, Princeton, New Jersey, rower 1996 Olympics
1967 Chris Reohr, Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, fencer 1996 Olympics
1967 Derek King, Hamilton, NHL left wing for the New York Islanders
1967 John Patterson, U.S. baseball infielder for the San Francisco Giants
1966 Alexander Semak, Ufa Russia, NHL center for the New York Islanders
1966 Anthony Parker, NFL cornerback, Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams, TB Bucs
1966 Patrick Kuhnen, West Germany, tennis star
1966 Stephen Gregory, New York City, actor, Chase-Young and Restless
1965 Angie Ridgeway, Wabash, Indiana, LPGA golfer, 1992 Sara Lee-8th
1963 Todd Benzinger, U.S. baseball player for the San Francisco Giants
1962 Scott Kolden, Torrance California, actor, Scott-Me and the Champ
1962 Sheryl Crow, vocalist, All I Want to Do-Grammy 1995
1962 Tammy Baldwin, American Politician
1961 Becky LeBeau, born in Los Angeles, California, vocalist, Mischief
1961 Carey Lowell, New York City, actress, Me and Him, Guardian, Dangerously Close
1961 Mary Docter, U.S., 3000m speed skater, Olympics-1980, 84, 88, 92
1960 Richard A. Mastracchio, Waterbury, Connecticut, astronaut
1959 Corinne Shigemoto, U.S. judo coach 1996 Olympics
1958 Regina Marsikova, Czechoslovakia, tennis star
1956 Kathleen Beller, Queens, New York, actress, Ft. Apache the Bronx, Touched
1954 Catherine Hickland, Ft. Lauderdale, actress, Capitol, Star Trek IV
1953 Alan Rubin, music figure, Blues Brothers
1953 Philip Anglim, born in San Francisco, California, actor, Dane-Thorn Birds
1953 Stephen D. Thorne, born in Frankfurt-on-Main, West Germany, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1953 Jeb Bush, politician, born in Midland, Texas, 43rd Governor of Florida, younger brother of former President George W. Bush
1950 Clarence Ellis, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, football player, safety, played with National Football League's Atlanta Falcons, drafted in first round of 1972 NFL Draft
1950 Ernest Istook, born in Fort Worth, Texas, Representative-R-Oklahoma 1993 - 2007
1950 Johanna E "Joke" Beerens, actress, Schipper Next to God
1950 Rochelle Fleming, U.S. soul vocalist, First Choice, Smarty Pants
1949 Charlie Hargrett, rock guitarist, Blackfoot
1948 Sue Bernard, born in Los Angeles, California, playmate, Dec, 1966
1947 Derek Shulman, born in Glasgow, Scotland, musician, singer, rocker, instrumentalist, vocalist for band Gentle Giant, recorded twelve albums with them in ten years
1947 Roy Moore, American Judge
1946 M C Walker, CEO, Iceland Frozen Foods
1946 Timothy Chambers, pediatrician
1944 Bert Greene, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, professional golfer, played for the Professional Golf Association Tour
1944 Buddhadev Dasgupta, director, Charachar, Grihajuddha
1944 Mike Oxley, born in Findlay, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1981 - 2007
1944 Michael Oxley, American Politician
1943 Iain Cameron, British brigadier
1943 Win Griffiths, born in Wales, born Winston James Griffiths, politician, Labor Party, served as Member of Parliament for Bridgend, member of the European Parliament, Chairman of Bro Margannwg NHS Trust
1943 Rob Simmons, American Politician
1942 Archie Andrews, comic book character, Archie
1942 James Couchman, born in England, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Gillingham
1942 Leon Haywood, U.S. vocalist/keyboardist, It's Got to be Mellow
1942 Otis Clay, U.S. gospel/R&B-singer, That's how it is
1942 Tony Colton, rock producer, On the Boards
1941 Glenn Randall, Jr., stuntman, Species, Mrs. Soffel, Return of the Jedi
1941 Jeremy Mackenzie, general
1941 Sergio Mendes, jazz/pop musician, Brazil '66/'77/'88
1941 Sonny Landham, American Actor
1940 Bobby "Boris" Pickett, rocker, Monster Mash
1940 Calvin Fowler, Pitts, basketball player, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1939 Bryan Gould, born in New Zealand, politician, Rhodes Scholar, Labor Member of Parliament for Southampton Test, served as Shadow Chief Secretary
1939 Gerry Goffin, Queens, New York, rock lyricist, married Carole King
1939 Jane [Hyatt] Yolen, U.S., sci-fi author, Spider Jane, Heart's Blood
1938 Bevan Congdon, cricketer, New Zealand batsman of 60s and 70s
1938 Boris Majorov, U.S.S.R., ice hockey 1964 Olympic gold
1938 Manuel Antonio Noriega, Panamanian general/dictator, -1990
1938 Willy Correa de Oliveira, composer
1938 Yevgeniy Majorov, U.S.S.R., ice hockey 1964 Olympic gold
1937 Bill Lawry, cricketer, dour Australian lefty opener, Can talk a bit
1937 Lodewijk Boer, Dutch violinist and playwright, The Family
1937 Marilyn Butler, Rector, Exeter College-Oxford
1937 Peter Lashley, cricketer, 4 Tests for West Indies 1960-66
1936 Burt Reynolds, born in Michigan, actor, Evening Shade, Strip Tease, Cannonball
1935 Bent Lorentzen, born in Stenvad, Denmark, prolific composer, dramatist, wrote 18 operas to date, compared to Richard Vagner
1935 Gene Vincent, born in Norfolk, Virginia, rock guitarist and vocalist, Be-Bop-A-Lula
1934 Francesco Pennisi, composer
1934 John Surtees, British race car driver
1934 Mary Quant, Kent England, fashion designer, Chelsea Look, Mod Look
1934 Patrick Holmes Sellors, ophthalmologist
1934 Tina Louise, New York City, actress, Ginger-Gilligan's Island, Julie-Dallas
1934 Mel Carnahan, American Politician
1932 Dennis Skinner, born in Derbyshire, England, Labor Party, Member of Parliament for Bolsover, attended Ruskin College, left-wing supporter, homosexual and pro-choice advocate
1932 Jerome Lowenthal, Philadelphia, pianist and professor, Jerusalem Academy of Music
1931 Larry Merchant, author/boxing commentator, Showtime
1930 Alevtina Koltschina, U.S.S.R., cross coutry relay skier, Gold Medal 1960 Olympics
1929 Leonard Gregory Kastle, composer
1929 Earl of Rosebery, born in Scotland, born Neil Primrose, 7th Earl of Rosebery, Scottish nobleman, grandmother Hannah, Countess of Rosebury, was richest woman in England
1928 Archibald Forster, CEO, Esso UK
1928 Conrad Janis, New York City, actor, Mork and Mindy, Quark, Bonino
1928 Gerry Alexander, cricket wicketkeeper, WI of 50s and 60s
1926 Alexander Gibson, British conductor/founder, Scottish Opera
1926 Paul Bocuse, France, great chef, Legion of Honor
1926 Leslie Nielsen, Canadian Actor
1925 Kim Stanley, Patricia Reid, Tularosa, New Mexico, actress, Right Stuff
1925 Peter Berger, British Vice-Admiral
1925 Virginia E Johnson, doctor/sexologist, Masters and Johnson
1925 Virginia Johnson, American Psychologist
1924 Mary Tregear, Oriental art historian
1923 Pamela Sharples, born in England, Baroness Sharples, BConservative Party, made a Life Peer of Chawton in the County of Hampshire, after husband, Sir Richard Sharples, was assassinated
1923 Ronald Arculus, British diplomat
1922 Leslie Nielsen, Regina Sask, actor, Forbidden Planet, Naked Gun
1921 Eva Gabor, born in Budapest, Hungary, actress, Lisa-Green Acres, Gigi
1921 Lloyd Bentsen, born in Mission, Texas, Senator-D-Texas 1971 - 1993, 1989 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee
1920 Billy Halop, New York City, actor, Bert Munson-All in the Family
1920 Daniel F[rancis] Galouye, U.S., sci-fi author, Dark Universe, Last Leap
1920 Farouk I, Cairo, last King of Egypt, 1936-52
1920 Paul Peter Piech, artist
1919 Gretchen Fraser, born in Tacoma, Washington, slalom skier 1948 Olympics gold
1917 Richard Jock Kinneir, graphic designer
1917 Sidney Sheldon, born in Chicago, American writer, Academy-Award winner, crime fiction novelist
1916 Bernice Levin Neugarten, social scientist/gerontologist
1915 Haakon Stotijn, Dutch oboist, VARA Orchestra, Orkestgebouw Orch
1915 Mervyn Levy, artist/critic
1915 Patrick Leigh Fermor, author
1914 French Duynstee, Dutch constitutional lawyer
1914 Matt Dennis, born in Seattle, Washington vocalist, Matt Dennis Show
1914 Menelaos Pallantios, composer
1914 Winand J Borgerhoff Mulder, court judge of Amsterdam
1913 Lucio Diestro San Pedro, composer
1912 Roy Fuller, England, poet and novelist, Lost Season
1912 Rudolf Firkusny, Napajedla Czechoslovakia, pianist, Julliard
1911 Alec Cairncross, chancellor, Glasgow U
1909 Joseph L Mankiewicz, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, film writer and director, Sleuth
1909 Max Baer, Omaha Nebraska, heavyweight boxing champ, 1934-35
1909 Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Director
1908 Josh White, born in Greenville, South Carolina, born Joshua Daniel White, guitarist, singer, civil rights activist, unique stylings and techniques inspired Nat King Cole, Harry Belafonte, Bob Dylan
1908 Sutan Takdir Alishahbana, Indonesian linguistic/author/novelist
1908 Vivian [Ernest] Fuchs, geologist/explorer, British Antarctic Survey
1907 E. W. Swanton, author and sports commentator
1906 Denis Barnett, British air chief marshal
1905 Beb [Elizabeth] Vuyk, Netherlands/Indonesian writer, Camp diary
1904 Henry R LaBouisse, headed UNICEF, 1965-79
1904 Keith Holyoake, New Zealand PM, 1960-72
1903 Hans Redlich, composer
1903 Rex Lease, West Virginia, actor, Fast Bullets, Sunny Skies, Custer's Last Stand
1902 Arne Jacobsen, Danish Architect
1900 Hans-Georg Gadamer, German philosopher
1900 Thomas Hitchcock, Jr., great polo player, Westchester Cup 1924,27,30,39
1898 Leo Szilard, Hungary, physicist/A-bomb worker/peace activist
1897 Yves de La Casiniere, composer
1896 Else Lasker-Schuler, writer
1895 Viktor Nikolayevich Trambitsky, composer
1894 Alfonso Leng, composer
1894 Isaac M Kolthoff, chemist, Massenanalyse
1893 Johan C P Alberts, Dutch literary, Festival
1891 J. W. Hearne, cricket leg-spinner, all-rounder for England in 24 Tests
1890 John P M L de Vries, fairy tale writer
1889 John Mills, dancer, Mills Brothers
1889 Vladimir Mikhaylovich Deshevov, composer
1887 Ernst "Putzi" Hanfstangl, German/US pianist/politician, NSDAP
1887 John van Melle, South African writer, Dawid Booysen
1883 Paul August von Klenau, Danish composer and conductor, Sulamith
1882 Gheorghe Cucu, composer
1879 Jean Gilbert, composer
1875 Sara Wennerberg-Reuter, composer
1874 Elsa Beskow, Maartman, Swedish children's book/fairy tales author
1874 Fritz Bennicke Hart, composer
1873 Feodor Chaliapine, Russian author/novelist, Pages from My Life
1869 Helene ELJ Kroller-Muller, Dutch founder, Kroller-Muller Museum
1867 August W. Messer, German philosopher/educator/psychologist
1860 Rachilde, Marguerite Vallette-Eymery, French author, Monsieur Venus
1847 Thomas A. Edison, born in Milan, Ohio, American Inventor
1846 William Fox Talbot, pioneer photographer/inventor
1840 Sanuel Dana Greene, Lieutenant Commander Union Navy
1839 Josiah Willard Gibbs, theoretical physicist/chemist
1833 Melville Weston Fuller, 8th chief justice
1830 Hans Bronsart von Schellendorf, composer
1830 Peter Arnold Heise, composer
1829 William Anderson Pile, Major General Union volunteers
1821 Auguste Edouard Mariette, French egyptologist, dug out Sphinx 12/16/42
1821 Hermann Allmers, writer
1819 Samuel Parkman Tuckerman, composer
1812 Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Vice President, Confederacy
1812 Benjamin Franklin Sands, Commander Union Navy
1810 Loisa Puget, composer
1802 Lydia Maria Child, U.S., author/abolitionist, Juvenile Miscellany
1800 William Henry Fox Talbot, Wiltshire England, photographic pioneer
1790 Ignaz Assmayer, composer
1783 Jarena Lee, famous African
1780 K vs. Gunderode, writer
1776 Joannis Capodistrias, Greek governor of Troezen, 1827-31
1764 Marie-Joseph de Chenier, French poet, Cajus Graechus
1755 Albert Christoph Dies, composer
1657 Bernard Fontenelle, France, scientist/writer, Plurality of Worlds
1568 Honore d'Urfe, French writer, L'Astree
1557 John Wtenbogaert, remonstrants theologist
1535 Gregory XIV, Niccolo Sfondrati, Roman Catholic pope, 1590-91
1506 Juliana van Stolberg, engraver of Nassau
1465 Elizabeth of York, London, Consort of King Henry VII
1380 Gianfrancesco Poggio Bracciolini, Italy, humanist