February 15 Birthdays in History - February 15 Deaths - February 15 Events
1991 Nicholas Garland, son of Pamela Sue Martin
1980 Conor Oberst, born in Omaha, Nebraska, singer, songwriter, played with Bright Eyes band, Commander Venus, Park Ave, Monsters of Folk
1979 Kaj-Erik Eriksen, actor, Quarantine
1976 Brandon Boyd, born in Van Nuys, California, musician, artist, lead vocalist, member of Incubus rock band
1974 Erik Schulz, Port Huron, Michigan, pairs skater, & Ilana Goldfogel
1974 Jodie McMullen, Miss Universe-Australia/Miss Congeniality 1996
1974 Tim Hall, running back for the Oakland Raiders
1974 Ugueth Urbina, Caracas Venezuela, pitcher for the Montreal Expos
1973 Amy Van Dyken, 50m/100m freestyle/100m butterfly swimmer, 2 Gold Medals 1996 Olympics
1972 Jaromir Jagr, Kladno, Czechoslovakia, NHL right wing, Penguins, Czechoslovakian, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics, Bronze Medal 2006 Olympics
1972 Lance Scott, NFL offensive linesman for the Arizona Cardinals
1971 Barbara Failey-Herbert, South Africa, golfer, 1989 winner SA Champ
1971 Jim Butler, born in Iowa City, Iowa, table tennis player, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1971 Renee O'Connor, actress, Xena Warrior Princess
1971 Tyrone Legette, cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1970 Gloria Trevi, Mexico, sexy spanish vocalist, A Gatas
1970 Nathaniel Mills, Evanston, Illinois, speed skater 1994 Olympics
1970 Tyrone Legette, NFL cornerback for the New Orleans Saints
1969 Brian Williams, Lancaster, South Carolina, pitcher, Detroit Tigers, Astros
1969 Edgar Bennett, NFL running back, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1969 Joshua Micah Marshall, American Politician
1968 Kurt Robin McKinney, born in Louisville, Kentucky, actor, Ned-General Hospital
1967 Michael Easton, born in Long Beach, California, actor, appeared on television shows, Ally McBeal and The Practice, poet, author, wrote Soul Stealer
1966 Melido Perez, Dominican/US baseball pitcher, New York Yankees
1965 Craig Matthews, cricket pace bowler, South African Test
1964 Chris Farley, actor, SNL, Wayne's World, Coneheads
1964 Mark Price, born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, NBA guard, played for the Cleveland Caveliers, Washington Bullets, Orlando Magic
1962 [Babette] Renee Props, Oklahoma, actress, Elly Snyder-As the World Turns
1960 Darrell Green, NFL cornerback for the Washington Redskins
1960 Jeanne Goldsmith, born in Los Angeles, California, WPVA volleyballer, National-5th-1987
1960 Mikey Craig, rock bassist, Culture Club-Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
1959 Ali Campbell, British reggae vocalist and guitarist, UB40-Red Red Wine
1959 Guy De Alwis, cricket wicket-keeper, Sri Lankan mid 80s
1959 Joe Hesketh, U.S. baseball player for the Boston Red Sox
1957 Bienvenida Buck, Velencia Spain, lover of British Peter Harding
1957 Charles Edward Pevensey Tennant, aristocrat
1957 Jake E Lee, rocker, Badlands-Dreams in the Dark
1956 Desmond Haynes, cricket, WI opener-greatest batsman in 1-day history
1956 Hilda Beatriz "Hildita" Guevara, Cuba, daughter of "Che" Guevara
1955 Bev Francis, Australia, world women's power-lifting champion
1955 Clive Aslet, British editor, Country Life
1954 Matt Groening, cartoonist, Life in Hell, Simpsons
1953 Derek Conway, born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Derek Leslie Conway, politician, Conservative Party, awarded Territorial Decoration, Member of Parliament for Old Bexley and Sidcup
1951 Jane Seymour, Joyce Frankenberg, England, actress, Dr. Quinn
1951 Melissa Manchester, born in Bronx, New York, vocalist, Don't Cry Out Loud
1950 Donna Hanover Giuliani, TV news anchor, WPIX, wife of Mayor Giuliani
1950 Nikolai Sergeivich Grekov, Russia, cosmonaut
1949 Christopher Rouse, composer
1949 George Howard, born in England, George Beaumont William Howard, 13th Earl of Carlisle, member of the Third Creation, Earls of Carlisle, 1661
1949 Jess Walton, Michigan, actress, Jill Foster Abbott-Young and Restless
1949 Ken Anderson, NFL quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
1948 Ron "Penguin" Cey, born in Tacoma, Washington, 3rd baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1948 Art Spiegelman, American Artist
1947 Marisa Berenson, New York City, actress, Barry Lyndon, Death in Vienna, SOB
1947 Rusty Hamer, Tenafly, New Jersey, actor, Rusty-Make Room for Daddy
1946 Clare Short, born in Birmingham, England, politician, left wing, Secretary of State for Internal Development, supports legislating cannabis, critical of Israel
1946 John Greenway, British MP
1945 Douglas R Hofstadter, New York City, author, Godel, Escher, Bach
1945 Douglas Hofstadter, American Writer
1944 Aleksandr A. Serebrov, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz T-7, T-8, TM-8, TM-17
1944 Mick Avory, rock drummer, Kinks-Lola
1944 Tineke Netelenbos, Dutch MP, PvdA
1941 Brian Holland, U.S. pianist/producer, Holland/Dozier/Holland
1941 Dan Crompton, Nottinghamshire, Chief Constable
1941 Florinda Bolkan, Ceara Brazil, actress, Damned, Last Valley, Word
1939 Jo Clayton, U.S., sci-fi author, Irsud, Maeve, Star Hunters
1939 Ollie Ellefsater, Norway, 3K steeplechase, Olympics-1960
1939 Tony Bloom, deputy CEO, Sketchley
1938 Jack Tinker, drama critic
1938 Lord Justice Ward, British judge
1937 P J Squire, British headmaster, Bedford Modern School
1937 Terry Everett, born in Dothan, Alabama, Representative-R-Alabama 1993 - 2009
1936 Andrew Miller, British principal, Stirling U
1935 John R Block, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, 1981 - 1986
1935 Roger B Chaffee, Grand Rapids Michigan, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut
1935 Susan Brownmiller, Brooklyn, feminist author, Against Our Wills
1935 Roger B. Chaffee, Astronaut
1934 Niklaus Wirth, born in Switzerland, computer programmer and inventor, PASCAL
1934 Graham Kennedy, Australian Entertainer
1933 Adolfo, Cardones Cuba, fashion designer, Nancy Reagan
1932 Adrian Swire, British aircraft magnate, Cathay Pacific
1931 W K Reid, British ombudsman
1931 [Patricia] Claire Bloom, London, actress, Charly, Look Back in Anger
1931 Claire Bloom, British Actress
1930 C F Payne, Cleveland, British chief constable
1929 Gerald Harper, broadcaster/actor, Tunes of Glory, Extra Day
1929 Graham Hill, London, auto racer, 1962, 68 international racing champ
1929 James R. Schlesinger, U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1973 - 1975
1927 Frank Dunlop, director, Edinburgh International Festival
1927 Gottfrid Grasbeck, composer
1927 Harvey Korman, Chicago, actor, Carol Burnett Show, Blazing Saddles
1927 William Bentley, diplomat
1923 Justice Drake, British justice
1923 Keene Curtis, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, actor, Magician, Amanda's
1923 Yelena Bonner, Moscow, soviet disident/wife of Andre Sakharov
1922 Herman Kahn, New Jersey, writer, Thinking About the Unthinkable
1920 Ingmar Milveden, composer
1920 Richard O'Brien, CEO, Manpower Services Commission
1918 Alan Arbus, New York City, actor, Dr. Sidney Freedman-M*A*S*H
1916 Ian Ballantine, publisher, Ballantine Books
1915 Paul Ferris, British author
1914 Arthur Sydney Martin, spy catcher
1914 Kevin McCarthy, Seattle, actor, Invasion of Body Snatchers, Howling
1914 R. W. Woods, bishop, Worcester
1913 Willy Vandersteen, Belgian cartoonist, Suske and Wiske
1912 George Mikes, Hungary, British writer, How to Be an Alien
1911 Leonard Woodcock, labor leader, UAW
1910 9th earl of Jersey, English large landowner/art collector
1909 Harold Beeley, British diplomat
1908 Sidney Gilliat, producer
1908 Ypk fan der Fear, Frisian writer, Reade Runen
1907 Cesar Romero, born in New York City, actor, Joker-Batman, Ocean's 11, Thin Man
1907 Jean Langlais, composer
1906 Stephen Brown, CEO, Stone-Platt Industries
1905 Harold Arlen, Hyman Arluck, U.S., composer, Over the Rainbow
1904 Antonin Magne, French bicyclist, Tour de France 1931, 34
1904 Mary Adshead, muralist/painter
1901 Andre Parrot, French archaeologist/theologist, Assur
1901 Christmas Humphreys, England, lawyer/writer/Buddhist, Awakening of Zen
1901 Paul Haesaerts, Flemish architect/painter, Animisme
1899 Gale Sondergard, Litchfield, Minnesota, actress, Cat and Canary, Road to Rio
1899 Georges Auric, Lodve France, Composer
1899 Lillian Disney, Mrs. Walt Disney
1898 Ibuse Masuji, Japanese writer, Yohai Taicho, Kuroi Ame
1898 Toto, Antonio de Curtis, Naples Italy, actor, Motorizzate, Noi Duri
1897 Earl H Blaik, Det, college football hall of fame coach, elected 1965
1896 Arthur Shields, Dublin Ireland, actor, River, Enchanted Island
1894 Oswaldo Aranha, Brazil, lawyer/statesman, 1st President of UN
1893 Harm H Kamerlingh Onnes, painter/etcher/ceramist
1893 Walter Donaldson, U.S. pianist/composer, Girl Crazy, Whoopee
1892 James Forrestal, U.S., banker/minister of Navy
1890 Robert Ley, German chemist/MP, NSDAP
1887 H M Bateman, Sutton Forest NSW, cartoonist
1886 Sax Rohmer, England, author, Dr. Fu Manchu
1885 Richard Wurz, composer
1882 John Barrymore, Blythe, Philadelphia, actor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1874 Emilis Melngailis, composer
1874 Ernest H Shackleton, Kilkee Ireland, explorer, Endurance, Antarctica
1866 Bannister Fletcher, London, architect and architectural historian
1861 Alfred North Whitehead, English mathematician/philosopher, Adv of Ideas
1861 Halford John Mackinder, Gainsborough Lincolnshire, geographer
1858 William Pickering, Boston, astronomer, 9th and 10th moons of Saturn
1856 Frank Harris, Galway England, writer
1855 Gustav Hollaender, composer
1845 Elihu Root, R, U.S. Secretary of State, 1905 - 1909, Nobel Peace Prize, 1912
1835 Alexander Stuart Webb, Major General Union Army
1834 William Preece, English electrical engineer/wireless pioneer
1829 Silas Weir Mitchell, U.S. physician/author, Roland Blake
1828 Johan H van Dale, schoolmaster, New Dutch Language Dictionary
1826 George J Stoney, Irish physicist
1823 Li Hung-Tshang, Chinese rebel leader/viceroy of Tsheli Canton
1822 Theodor Uhlig, composer
1821 Abraham de Amorie van der de Have, theologist/poet
1820 Susan Brownell Anthony, Adams Massachusetts, woman's suffragette
1820 Susan B. Anthony, American Activist
1819 Christopher Sholes, Mooresburg Penn, inventor, typewriter
1817 Charles F Daubigny, French restauranteur/painter
1812 Charles Lewis Tiffany, Killingly, Connecticut, jeweler, Tiffany
1811 Domingo F Sarmiento, president of Argentina, 1868-74
1809 Cyrus Hall McCormick, inventor, Mechanical reaper
1807 Ignacy Feliks Dobrzynski, composer
1803 John Augustus Sutter, Swiss / U.S. colonist, New Helvetia, California, Sutter Mill
1800 Frederik W. Conrad, Dutch hydraulic engineer/railway pioneer
1797 Henry Engelhard Steinway, piano maker, Steinway
1795 Charles Niellon, Belgian brigade general, 10 day campaign
1789 Friedrich Fesca, composer
1785 Claude Louis Marie Navier
1783 Johann Nepomuk Poissl, composer
1780 Carel Asser, Dutch jurist
1774 W G Frederik, prince of Orange
1768 Jozef B. Cannaert, Flemish lawyer
1766 Thomas Malthus, Rookery Surrey UK, economist/demographer
1764 Jens I Baggesen, Danish writer/linguist, Danske V'rker
1760 Jean-Francois Le Sueur, composer
1759 Friedrich A. Wolfius, Wolf, German philological, Prolegomena
1748 Jeremy Bentham, London, England philosopher/originator, Utilitarian
1740 Ernst Eichner, composer
1726 Abraham Clark, farmer/lawyer, signed Declaration of Independence
1710 Louis XV the Well-Beloved, Versailles, King of France, 1715-74
1707 Claude Prosper, Paris, France, novelist
1705 Charles A. Vanloo, French painter
1666 Antonio M Valsalva, Italian anatomist, eardrums, glottis
1660 Frans Anneessens, Belgian merchant/dean of artisans
1650 Anne Jules duke de Noailles, marshal of France, hugenot
1620 Francois Charpentier, French scholar/archaeologist
1571 Michael Praetorius, Kreuzberg Germany, composer, Syntagma music
1564 Galileo Galilei, born in Pisa, Italy, astronomer and physicist
1557 Alfonso Fontanelli, composer
1524 Charles de Guise, archbishop/cardinal of Reims
1519 Pedro Menendez de Aviles, explorer, found St. Augustine Florida
1497 Philipp Melanchthon, German Protestant
1483 Babur, founder of Mughal dynasty in India 1526 - 1530
1368 Sigismund, Nurnberg Germany, Holy Roman emperor, 1410-37
37 Claudius Drusus Germanicus Caesar Nero, emperor of Rome, 54-68