February 16 Birthdays in History - February 16 Deaths - February 16 Events
1979 Emma Louise DeSilets, Miss Washington Teen USA 1997
1978 Caroline Hunt, born in Chicago, Illinois, rhythmic gymnast, US team-96
1977 Alexei Morozov, NHL forward, Team Russia, Pittsburgh, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1977 Trina Jackson, 4X200m freestyle swimmer, 1996 Olympics gold
1975 Casey Barrett, born in Montreal, Quebec, 200m Butterfly 1996 Olympics
1975 Marty Murray, Deloraine, NHL center for the Calgary Flames
1974 Jevon Langford, defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals
1974 Kathy McCormack, ice hockey forward, Canada, Silver Medal 1998 Olympics
1974 Kimberly Dawn Whipany, Oklahoma, rocker, PC Quest-Can You See
1973 Cathy Freeman, born in Mackay, Australia, 100m/200m/400m, Olympics-silver-92, 96
1973 James Young, Australian water polo player 1996 Olympics
1972 Jerome Bettis, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1972 Bo Bennett, American Businessman
1971 Anthony Abrams, NFL defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs
1971 Chi Kredell, born in Long Beach, California, water polo driver 1996 Olympics
1971 Larry Jones, NFL running back for the Washington Redskins
1971 Marco Sas, Dutch soccer player, NAC
1971 Mike Hubbard, Lynchburg, Virginia, catcher for the Chicago Cubs
1971 Shivanthini Dharmasiri, Miss Universe-Sri Lanka 1996
1971 Van Tuinei, defensive end for the San Diego Chargers
1971 Amanda Holden, born in Bishop's Waltham, England, actress, judge on television show, 'Britain's Got Talent'
1970 Saskia Linssen, Venlo Holland, playmate, Jun, 1991
1969 Claude Lambert, born in Montreal, Quebec, boxer 1996 Olympics
1969 Fermin Cacho, Barcelona Spain, 1500m, Olympics-2 gold-92, 96
1969 Tim Costo, U.S. baseball infielder, Cincinnati Reds
1968 Cecil Gray, NFL tackle for the Arizona Cardinals
1968 Erik Regtop, Dutch soccer player, South Carolina Heerenveen
1968 Warren Ellis, British Author
1967 Robert Massey, NFL cornerback, Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions
1966 Eric Uptagrafft, Spokane, Washington prone rifle 1996 Olympics
1964 Christopher Eccleston, English Actor
1962 Alexa Kenin, New York City, actress, Mousie-Coed Fever
1962 Tony Kiley, rocker, Blow Monkeys-Wicked Ways
1961 Andy Taylor, England, rock guitarist, Duran Duran-Hungry Like the Wolf
1959 Kelly Tripuka, Glenn Ridge, New Jersey, NBA forward, Det Pistons, Utah Jazz
1959 John McEnroe, tennis player, U.S. Open 1979-81, 84 Wimb 1981, 83, 84
1958 Herb Williams, NBA center, Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks
1958 Ice-T, born in Newark, New Jersey, Tracy Marrow, musician, pioneer of gangsta rap, songwriter, actor, Grammy Award winner, author
1958 John Paul Morse, Marshall, Michigan, PGA golfer, 1995 United Airlines
1958 Lisa Loring, actress, As the World Turns, Wednesday-Addams Family
1957 LeVar Burton, Landstuhl Germany, Roots, Star Trek Next Generation
1956 James Ingram, vocalist, On the Wings of Love
1955 Guy Gallo, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, writer, Under the Volcano
1955 Jeff Clayton, U.S. jazz saxophonist/composer, Groove Shop
1954 Iain [Menzies] Banks, UK, sci-fi author, Wasp Factory
1954 Michael Holding, cricket fast bowler, Whispering Death-Awesome for WI
1954 Iain Banks, Scottish Writer
1953 Mike Ford, New York City, Canadian Tour golfer, 1976 Port Jefferson Open
1953 Roberta Williams, American Designer
1950 Peter Hain, born in Nairobi, Kenya, politician, Labor Party, Leader of the House of Commons, Cabinet member for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, Member of Parliament for Neath
1950 William Katt, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Greatest American Hero, 1st Love
1949 Dorus Vrede, Surinam poet, Otobanda; the Other Bank
1946 Aleksandr Shaparenko, U.S.S.R., 1K kayak, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1946 Ian Lavender, British actor, Stupid Boy in Dad's Army
1946 J R Farndon, British consultant surgeon
1944 Richard Ford, U.S. author, Sportswriter
1943 Anthony Dowell, London, ballet dancer, Royal Ballet
1943 J D Moore, headmaster, St. Dunstan's College
1943 James Wallace Beaton, born in Britain, Chief Superintendent, The Queen's Police Officer 1983 - 1992, saved Princess Anne from kidnapper 1974
1942 Kim Chong-Il, Yura, president of North-Korea, 1994-
1942 Kim Jong Il, North Korean Statesman
1941 Vitali Kuznetsov, U.S.S.R., judo 1972 Olympics silver
1940 Karoli Ruth Needles, painter
1939 David Griffiths, portrait painter
1939 Harold Kalin, born in Port Jervis, New York, singer, member of pop music duo with brother Herbert 'Herbie' Kalin
1938 Barry Primus, New York City, actor, Sergeant McKenna-Cagney and Lacey, Boxcar Bertha
1938 John Corigliano, born in New York City, composer, Fern Hill, Ghosts of Versailles
1937 Paul Bailey, born in England, novelist, George Orewell prize-winner, lecturer at North Dakota State University, writer in residence, Kingston University, wrote At The Jerusalem, radio and television plays, and non-fiction books
1937 Valentin Vasilyevich Bondarenko, cosmonaut
1935 Brian Bedford, England, actor, Anthony-Coronet Blue
1935 Robin Clark, chemist, FRS
1935 Sonny Bono, born in Detroit, Michigan, Representative-R-California 1995 - 1998, vocalist, Sonny and Cher
1934 Austin "Ted" Taylor, U.S. gospel/R&B-singer, Be Ever Wonderful
1934 Marlene Bauer Hagge, Eureka, South Dakota, LPGA golfer, 1950 Woman Athlete
1932 Aharon Appelfeld, born near Czernowitz, Romania, now Ukraine, Israeli novelist, Holocaust survivor, Hebrew-language author with modernistic, metaphorical writing style
1932 Gretchen Wyler, Bartlesville Oklahoma, actress, Silk Stockings
1932 Nand Baert, Belgian radio/TV-host
1932 Otis Blackwell, composer/singer
1931 Gamini Goonesena, cricket leg-spinner, all-rounder for Ceylon, Notts
1931 George E. Sangmeister, born in Frankfort, Illinois, Representative-D-Illinois 1989 - 1995
1931 Ken Takakura, Goichi Oda, Kita Japan, actor, Story of Antarctic
1930 Peggy King, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, vocalist/actress, George Gobel Show
1930 Ricou Browning, Florida, director/actor, Thunderball
1929 Peter NF Porter, Australian/British author and poet, Chair of Babel
1926 Jack Levy, mechanical engineer
1926 John Schlesinger, born in London, England, director, Midnight Cowboy, Darling
1926 Vera-Ellen, Westmeyr Rohe, Cincinnati, actress/dancer, Wonder Man
1925 David Emms, director, London Goodenough Trust for Overseas Graduates
1925 PER Bailey, director, Gatwick and Stansted Airports
1924 James Swaffield, director-general, Swaffield and Clerk to the GLC
1924 Peter Webster, British High Court Judge
1922 Geraint Evans, British opera vocalist, Knaben Wunderhorn
1922 Paul van 't Veer, Dutch journalist and writer, Het Vrije Volk
1921 Jean Behra, auto racer
1920 Hubert van Herreweghen, Flemish writer/journalist
1920 Lee Russell, born in Cleveland, Ohio, vocalist, Vincent Lopez
1920 Patty Andrews, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, vocalist, Andrews Sisters
1918 Karoly earl Khuen-Hedervary, Hungarian governor/premier, 1910-12
1916 William Ballard Doggett, jazz musician
1914 J Tobin, British anaesthetist
1914 Jimmy Wakely, Mineola, Arkansas, country vocalist, 5 Star Jubilee
1912 Arthur Crook, British editor, Times Literary Supplement
1912 Bob Tadema Sporry, Dutch, female, author
1912 Del Sharbutt, Cleburne, Texas, TV announcer, Your Hit Parade
1912 Machito "Frank Grillo", Florida, bandleader, created salsa music
1912 Maitland Mackie, Lord Lt, Aberdeenshire
1911 Hal Porter, Australia, writer, Tilted Cross, Paper Chase
1910 Michael Milne-Watson, CEO, BUPA
1910 Miguel Bernal Jiminez, composer
1909 Hugh Beaumont, Lawrence, Kansas, actor, Ward Cleaver-Leave it to Beaver
1909 Jeffrey Lynn, Auburn Massachusetts, actor, My Son Jeep, Roaring Twenties
1907 Anghelos Terzakis, Greece, writer, Without God
1907 Fernando Previtali, composer
1907 Henri van Albada, Belgian sculptor, Charles V
1907 Ralph F. Marston, born in Malden, Massachusetts, Ralph Fulsom Marston, professional football player, played with National Football League's Boston Bulldogs, 1929
1906 Jeffrey Lynn, actor, Tony Rome, Butterfield 8, Up Front
1906 Vera Menchik, Moscow, 1st official women's world chess champ, 1927
1905 Jose Munoz Molleda, composer
1905 Lord Franks, British ambassador, to U.S.
1905 Oliver Franks, English Public Servant
1904 Ellis Achong, cricketer, West Indian SLA, 8 wickets in 6 Tests
1904 George F. Kennan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. ambassador, to Moscow
1903 Edgar Bergen, Chicago, ventriloquist, Charlie McCarthy
1901 Chester Morris, New York City, actor, Diagnosis: Unknown
1901 Wayne King, Savannah, Illinois, saxophonist/bandleader, Waltz King
1900 Albert Maurice Hackett, playwright/screenwriter
1898 Katharine Cornell, actress, Barretts of Wimpole St
1896 Alexander Brailowsky, Russia, pianist, Chopin
1896 Charles A. L. Panzera, French baritone, L'horizon Chimerique
1893 Ivor Armstrong Richards, England, literary critic
1890 Semyon Semyonovich Bogatiryov, composer
1886 Andrew Ducat, cricketer, Test for England 1921, 3 and 2, Soccer International
1886 Van Wyck Brooks, New Jersey, literary historian and writer, Ordeal of Mark Twain
1884 Robert Flaherty, Michigan, father of documentary film, Nanook of North
1884 Robert J. Flaherty, Director
1881 Maurits H. E. Uyldert, Dutch poet and writer, Youth of a Poet
1878 Selim Palmgren, Finnish pianist/ composer and conductor, Peter Schlemihl
1876 George Macauley Trevelyan, England, historian, Giuseppi Garibaldi
1871 Arthur Ponsonby, British Politician
1868 Wilhelm Schmidt, German anthropologist/linguist, Anthropos
1866 Johann Strauss, Austria, composer, Waltz King
1866 Vyacheslav I Ivanov, Russian philosopher/classical/poet
1866 William "Sliding Billy" Hamilton, New Jersey, hall of fame baseball player
1858 Laurence "Lon" Myers, U.S., track star, top U.S. miler
1856 Willem Kes, Dutch violinist, composer and conductor, Parkorkest Amsterdam
1854 Oscar Fetras, composer
1852 Charles Taze Russell, religion founder, Jehovah's Witnesses
1852 William Scarborough, Macon, Georgia, linguist/author, Birds of Aristophanes
1848 Hugo de Vries, Dutch botanist, How species emerge
1848 Octave Mirbeau, France, writer, Journal of a Lady's Maid
1847 Ludwig Philipp Scharwenka, German composer, Album polonaise
1838 Arnoldus Pannevis, South African ship's doctor/linguist
1838 Henry B. Adams, born in Boston, Massachusetts, historian, writer, Education of Henry Adams
1836 Benjamin Edward Woolf, Dutch composer
1834 Ernst Heinrich Haeckel, Potsdam Germ, biologist, Causes of Evolution
1832 Camille Armand Jules Marie de Polignac, Major General Confederate Army
1831 Nikolai Leskow, writer
1826 Franz von Holstein, composer
1826 Joseph V von Scheffel, German writer, Gaudeamus
1823 John Daniel Imboden, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1822 Francis Galton, Birmingham England, anthropologist and geneticist
1822 James Patton Anderson, Major General Confederate Army
1821 Heinrich Barth, Hamburg Germany, geographer/explorer, Central Africa
1813 Joseph Reid Anderson, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1813 Semyon Stepanovich Gulak-Artemovsky, composer
1812 Henry Wilson, R, 18th Vice President, 1873-75
1807 Lysander Cutler, Major General Union volunteers
1790 Chretien Urhan, composer
1788 Juan van Halen, Dutch/Spanish officer/adventurer
1787 Andreas Schelfhout, Dutch painter/etcher/lithographer
1774 Pierre Rode, composer
1746 Johann Heinse, German Sturm und Drang novelist/art critic
1740 Giambattista Bodoni, Saluzzo Italy, printer/typeface designer, Bodoni
1709 Charles Avison, composer
1698 Pierre Bouguer, French mathematician, heliometer
1684 Bohuslav M Czernohorsky, Czechoslovakian monk/composer
1684 Bohuslav Matej Czernohorsky, Czechoslovakian monk/composer
1669 Arnold Boonen, Dutch portrait painter
1620 Frederick William, Great Elector, founder of Brandenburg-Prussia
1519 Gaspard de Coligny, Huguenot leader/French admiral
1514 Rhaticus, Rheticus, Austrian astronomer/mathematician
1497 Philipp Melanchthon, Germ, Protestant reformer, Augsburgse Confessie
1497 Philip Melanchthon, German Theologian
1075 Ordericus Vitalis, French monk/historian/poet