February 19 Birthdays in History - February 19 Deaths - February 19 Events
1975 Paul Frey, born in Boston, Massachusetts, dance skater, & Ponte-1995 Eastern, Jr. champ
1975 Raymond Graanoogst, Suriname/Dutch soccer player for the FC Utrecht
1974 Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Sochi Russia, tennis star, 1995 doubles-Hamburg
1973 Masafumi Kawaguchi, WLAF linebacker for the Amsterdam Admirals
1973 Terrence Rencher, NBA guard for the Phoenix Suns
1973 Tommy Bennett, safety for the Arizona Cardinals
1972 Andrey Pchelyakov, hockey forward, Team Kazakhstan, 1998 Olympics
1971 Becca Lee, Tennessee, Miss USA, Tenn-3rd-1996
1971 Becky Dyroen-Lancer, born in San Jose, California, synchro swimmer, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics
1971 Glyn Milburn, NFL running back/kick returner, Den Broncos, Det Lions
1971 Richard Green, born in Williamstown, Melbourne, Australia, professional golfer, won 1997 Dubai Desert Classic, listed in the top 30 of the Official World Golf Rankings
1971 Wally Williams, NFL center/guard, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens
1971 William Henderson, NFL running back, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1970 Garland Hawkins, NFL defensive end for the Chicago Bears
1970 Ruwan Kalpage, cricket off-spinner, Sri Lankan
1968 Frank Watkins, U.S. heavy metalist bass, Obituary, Cause of Death
1968 Rob Dimaio, Calgary, NHL right wing for the Philadelphia Flyers
1967 Benicio Del Toro, born in Puerto Rico, actor, Licence to Kill, Usual Suspects
1967 Roel Liefden, soccer player, Dordrecht '90, FC Groningen
1966 Justine Bateman, Rye, New York, actress, Mallory-Family Ties, Satisfaction
1966 Matthew Ryan, Port Jefferson, New York, team handball circle 1996 Olympics
1966 Paul Haarhuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands, tennis star, 1994 U.S./Austral doubles
1966 Peter Douris, Toronto, NHL right wing, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1966 Prince Markie D, Mark Morale, rocker, Fat Boys-Jail House Rock
1966 William White, NFL safety, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons
1965 Andrew Jameson, born in Crosby, England, competitive swimmer, sports commentator for the BBC, won gold medal for 100m butterfly in 1987 European Championships
1965 John Commins, cricketer, South African Test batsman vs. New Zealand 1994-95
1965 Jon Fishman, American Musician
1964 Doug Aldrich, born in Raleigh, North Carolina, guitarist, hard rock, plays electric guitar, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, member of Whitesnake, founded Burning Rain
1963 Jessica Tuck, New York City, actress, Megan-1 Life to Live
1963 Seal, English vocalist/songwriter, Killer, Crazy, Kiss by a Rose
1963 Laurell K. Hamilton, American Writer
1962 Alvaro Espinoza, Venezuela, baseball shortstop, New York Yankees, New York Mets
1962 Hana Mandlikova, Prague Czechoslovakia, tennis player, 1985 U.S. Open
1960 Holly Johnson, England, rock vocalist, Frankie Goes To Hollywood
1960 Keith Musa[kawukhathi] Zondi, South Africa head, Inkatha Youth Brigade
1960 Prince Andrew, Albert Christian Edward, of Britain/Duke of York
1960 Vicki Lynn Lasseter Iola Kansas, playmate, Feb, 1981
1957 Dave "Smoke" Stewart, born in Oakland California, pitcher, Oakland Athletic
1957 Falco, John Hoelcel, rock vocalist, Rock Me Amadeus
1957 Johann Hoelzel Falco, born in Vienna, Austria, musician, singer, songwriter, hip pop, new wave, electro pop genres, hits include 'Der Kommissar', 'Rock Me Amadeus'
1956 Dave Wakeling, rock singer/guitarist
1956 George David Low, born in Cleveland, Ohio, astronaut, STS-32, STS-43
1956 Peter Holsapple, rocker, Continental Drifters
1956 Steve Randell, Tasmanian cricket Test umpire, international panel
1955 Jeff Daniels, born in Georgia, actor, Something Wild, Dumb and Dumber, Speed
1955 Margaux Hemingway, born in Portland, Oregon, actress, Lipstick, They Call Me Bruce
1954 Frances Bucholz, rocker, Scorpions-Wind of Change
1953 Bill Kirchenbauer, actor/comedian, Coach-Just the 10 of Us
1952 Rudolfo Neri-Vida, Mexico, PHD/astronaut, STS-23
1952 Amy Tan, born in Oakland, California, author, wrote, 'The Bonesetter's Daughter', 'Saving Fish From Drowning', novel, 'The Joy Luck Club', became successful film
1951 Stephen Nichols, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actor, Witchboard, Days of our Lives
1950 Andy Powell, born in Stepney, London, guitarist, singer, songwriter, rock, progressive rock, art rock genres, founding member, Wishbone Ash
1949 Eddie Hardin, keyboardist/singer
1949 Edward Hardin, New York City, rock guitarist, Spencer Davis Group
1949 Ewa Aulin, Stockholm, actress, Candy
1949 Danielle Berry, American Celebrity
1948 Byron K Lichtenburg, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, astronaut, STS-9, STS-45
1948 Mark Andes, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, rock bassist, Spirit, Heart, Fireball
1948 Tony Iommi, rock guitarist, Black Sabbath-Paranoid, Iron Man
1948 Pim Fortuyn, Dutch Politician
1947 Peter Bird, born in Britain, ocean rower, first person to cross the Pacific ocean solo, trip from San Francisco to Great Barrier Reef, lasted 294 days
1946 Paul Dean, born in Vancouver, Canada, guitarist, founded band, Streetheart and Loverboy, won Composer of the Year Juno Award for 'Turn Me Loose', Loverboy's 1980 debut album
1946 Pierre van der Linden, Dutch drummer, Brainbox
1945 Jon Whiteley, actor, Moonfleet
1945 Michael Nader, actor, Dynasty, All My Children
1945 Thomas Brasch, born in Germany, writer, author, poet, film director, Best Director, 1981 Bavarian Film Awards
1945 Sam Abell, born in Toledo, Ohio, photographer, published in National Geographic, artistic photographic style, noted for transcendent qualities, graduate, University of Kentucky, photographic books include 'The Photographic Life', 'The Life of a Photograph'
1944 Jan Bart Klaster, mythologist, Slogan
1943 "Mama" Cass Elliot, actress, Mamas and Papas-Monday Monday
1943 Lou Christie, Lugee Sacco, Penn, vocalist, Lightning Striking Again
1942 Ken Kramer, born in Chicago, Illinois, Representative-R-Colorado 1979 - 1987
1941 Carlos Roque Alsina, composer
1941 Stephen Dobyns, U.S. author and poet, Cold Dog Soup
1940 Bobby Rogers, U.S. vocalist, Miracles-You Really Got a Hold on Me
1940 Carlin Glynn, U.S. actress, Continental Divide
1940 William "Smokey" Robinson, Det, vocalist, & Miracles-Being With You
1939 Gwen Taylor, British actress, Life of Brian, Sob Sisters, Screaming
1938 Penny Zavichas, LPGA golfer
1937 Norman O'Neill, cricketer, great Aussie bat of 60's Brilliant field
1936 Ione Mylonas Shear, archeologist
1935 Michel Aoun, born in Haret Hreik, Lebanon, Lebanese soldier and politician
1934 David Hugh Jones, Poole Dorset England, director, Betrayal
1934 Julian Belfrage, theatre Agent
1932 Jean-Pierre Ponnele, Paris, France, opera director, Carmina Burana
1932 Joseph P. Kerwin, born in Oak Park, Illinois, Captain Med Corps USN/astronaut, Skylab 2
1930 John Frankenheimer, New York City, director, Birdman of Alcatraz
1927 Rene Firino-Martell, cognac manufacturer
1926 Gyorgy Kurtag, composer
1925 Jindrich Feld, composer
1925 Leslie Laing, Linstead Jamaica, 4X400m relayer 1952 Olympics gold
1924 Bruce Norris, NHL owner, Detroit Red Wings
1924 Lee Marvin, born in New York City, actor, Paint Your Wagon, Cat Ballou
1923 Donald Lybbert, composer
1922 Beant Singh, politiician
1921 Andries Treurnicht, Dr. No, founder, South Africa Conservative Party
1921 Claude Rene Georges Pascal, composer
1920 Frances K Bairstow, educator/labor relations consultant
1920 George Rose, Bicester England, actor, Beacon Hill, Holocaust
1917 Carson McCullers, U.S., novelist, Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
1916 Eddie Arcaro, jockey, 1958 Racing Hall of Fame, 2 triple crowns
1915 John Freeman, British politician, Labour, ambassador/TV host
1913 Alvin Derold Etler, composer
1913 Frank Tashlin, American Artist
1912 Adolf Rudnicki, Polish writer, Niekochana
1912 Peter Francis de Sautoy, publisher
1912 Stan Kenton, Newcomb, Wichita, Kansas, jazz musician, Music 55
1911 Merle Oberon, Calcutta India, actress, Assignment Foreign Legion
1911 Nikola Hercigonja, composer
1909 Charlie Walker, South Australia cricket wicket-keeper, toured but no Tests
1906 Grace Mary Williams, composer
1906 Hendrik W. C. Spruit, Dutch conductor
1904 Havank, HF vqan der Kallen, Dutch thriller writer, St. Eustache
1903 Kay Boyle, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, novelist, Plagued by Nightingales
1902 Hugo Haas, Brno Czechoslovakia, actor and director, 2 Smart People
1902 John Bubbles, born in Louisville, Kentucky, rhythm tap dancer, No Maps on My Taps
1902 Nydia Westman, New York City, actress, Going My Way, Young Mr. Bobbins
1901 Cor[nelis RJ] Kieboom, Dutch resistance fighter/chairman, Feyenoord
1900 Giorgos Seferis, writer
1898 Lauwrens Voorthuyzen, Lou de Palingboer, Dutch sect leader
1895 Louis Calhern, New York City, actor, Julius Caesar, Blackboard Jungle
1894 Herb Pennock, hall of fame pitcher, Yankees, 243 career wins
1893 Cedric Hardwicke, Stourbridge England, actor, Peter Pan, Richard III
1893 Pietro Pancrazi, Italian critic, Scrittori d'Oggi
1891 J C "Farmer" White, cricketer, Somerset slow lefty 1909-37
1889 Jose Eustasio Rivera, Colombia, poet and novelist, Vortex
1886 George Luther Foote, composer
1881 Armin Knab, German composer, Eichendorff-cycle
1881 Evert Gorter, founder of Dutch medical child care
1880 Arthur Shepherd, composer
1877 Else Berg, German/Dutch painter
1877 Louis Francois-Marie Aubert, French composer, Habanera
1865 Adrian van Oordt, Dutch writer, neo-romantic
1865 Sven Hedin, Sweden, scientist/explorer, Tibet
1864 Aritius S Talma, Dutch minister of Agriculture, Work Law of 1911
1863 Augusto Bernardino Leguia y Salcedo, president of Peru, 1908, 1919
1863 Emanuel Moor, composer
1859 Svante August Arhenius, Swedish physicist/chemist, Nobel 1903
1858 Charles Alexander Eastman, American Author
1858 Charles Eastman, Sioux Author
1843 Adelina Patti, born in Madrid, Spain, opera soprano, Lucio
1841 Felipe Pedrell, composer
1833 Elie Ducommun, born in Switzerland, writer and pacifist, Nobel 1902
1828 Johannes von Miquel, German politician
1827 Charles Robert Woods, Major General Union Army
1824 Constantine D Uschinsky, Russian educator
1821 Francis Preston Blair, Jr., Lexington, Kentucky, Rep-Missouri
1819 Mark Prager Lindo, English/Dutch author/novelist/writer
1817 Willem III, last male King of Netherlands, 1849-90
1812 Lauro Rossi, composer
1802 Leonard Bacon, American Clergyman
1780 Friedrich H von der Hagen, German germanist, Nibelungenlied
1763 Adalbert Gyrowetz, composer
1762 Friedrich Franz Hurka, composer
1755 Pieter G van Overstraten, governor-general of Netherlands-Indies
1754 Vincenzo Monti, Italian poet/translator, Al Signor di Montgolfier
1751 Cornelis de Gijselaar, Dutch politician/patriot
1743 [Ridolfo] Luigi Boccherini, Italian composer, cellist, Minuet
1717 David Garrick, actor/producer/writer, Aboan-Oroonoko
1687 Johann Adam Birkenstock, composer
1683 Philip V, France, King of Spain, 1700-24, 24-46
1671 Charles-Hubert Gervais, composer
1616 Jacques de Saint-Luc, composer
1611 Andries de Graeff, mayor of Amsterdam, 1657..71
1588 Pieter de Carpentier, Flemish Governor-General of Dutch East-Indies
1532 Jean-Antoine de Baif, French poet, Les amours de Meline
1473 Nicolaus Copernicus, Torun, Poland, astronomer, heliocentrism
3 Sadiq Hidajat, Persian writer, Blind Person Owl