February 2 Birthdays in History - February 2 Deaths - February 2 Events
1992 Rebop Rundgren, son of Michelle Gray and Todd
1979 Brandee Dawn McCoskey, Miss Alaska Teen USA 1996
1979 Lindsay Langston, Modesto California, archer 1996 Olympics
1979 Petra Cada, Prague Czechoslovakia, Canadian table tennis player 1996 Olympics
1978 Annabel Ellwood, Canberra Australia, tennis star, 1995 Futures NC
1977 Shakira, born in Barranquilla, Columbia, singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, Latin American musical prodigy
1976 Steven Dewick, Sydney NSW Australia, swimmer 1996 Olympics
1975 Macey Brooks, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys
1975 Todd Bertuzzi, Sudbury, NHL right wing for the New York Islanders
1974 David Buck, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, kayak alternate for 1996 Olympics
1974 J .R. Conrad, offensive tackle and guard for the New York Jets
1974 Jeff Cassar, soccer goalkeeper, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 Dan Brandenburg, linebacker for the Buffalo Bills
1973 Jose White, WLAF/NFL defensive tackle, Minnesota Vikings, Frankfurt Galaxy
1973 Patrick Jeffers, NFL wide reciever, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1973 Radka Bobkova, born in Prague, Czech Republic, tennis star, quarter Bournemouth
1973 Sergio Gonzalez, rocker, Menudo-Cannonball
1973 Tim Denton, NFL cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons
1972 Charlie Williams, NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys
1972 Ivan Droppa, born in Liptovsky Mikulas, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Chicago
1972 Lance Brown, NFL defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals
1971 Ken Dilger, NFL tight end for the Indianapolis Colts
1971 Tony Miller, Mount Pleasant Texas, 400m runner
1970 Chris Luneburg, WLAF T for the London Monarchs
1970 Diego Martos, WLAF linebacker, Barcelona Dragons
1970 Erik ten Hag, soccer player, FC Twente, RKC, FC Utrecht
1970 Ivan Vukov, soccer player, FC Volendam
1969 Ijaz Ahmed, Jr., cricketer, one Test Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka 1995
1969 Jeff Christy, corner for the Minnesota Vikings
1969 Jody Hull, Cambridge, NHL right wing for the Florida Panthers
1968 Paul McKenzie, Australian Finn class yachter 1996 Olympics
1968 Sari Krooks, ice hockey right wing, Finland, 1998 Olympics
1968 Scott Erickson, born in Long Beach, California, pitcher, Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles
1968 Sean Elliott, NBA forward for the San Antonio Spurs
1968 Steve Henson, NBA guard, Detroit Pistons
1968 Ventson Donelson, CFL cornerback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1966 Andrei Chesnokov, Russia, tennis star
1966 Bob Alan Estes, Graham, Texas, PGA golfer, 1994 Texas Open
1966 Tony Plourde, Chibougamau Quebec, sabre 1996 Olympics
1966 Victor Muhammad, WLAF running back for the London Monarchs
1965 Harry Swayne, NFL tackle, San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1963 Stephen McGann, Liverpool England, actor, Catherine the Great
1962 Ben Testerman, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, tennis star
1962 Michael T Weiss, Chicago, actor, Jarod-Pretender, Days of our Lives
1961 Joey Benjamin, cricket pace bowler, in St. Kitts England in 1994
1960 Lee Chill, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Canadian Tour golfer, 1977 Ohio Jr
1959 Mike Tice, American Coach
1958 Dexter Manley, NFLer for the Washington Redskins
1958 Holly Hunter, born in Conyers, Georgia, actress, Broadcast News, Once Around
1957 Laurie Mann, geek, Dead People Server curator since 1997
1957 Sandra Joyce Cagle Milwukee WI, playmate, Feb, 1980
1955 Brent Spiner, born in Houston, Texas, actor, Data-Star Trek the Next Generation
1955 Michael Talbott, Waverly Iowa, actor, Stan-Miami Vice
1954 Christie Brinkley, model/actress, SI, Vacation
1954 Jayantha Amerasinghe, cricketer, 2 Tests for Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand 1983
1953 James Mndaweni, South African worker's union leader/president, NACTU
1952 John Cornyn, born in Houston, Texas, politician, Republican, U.S. Senator from Texas, Chairman, National Republican Senatorial Committee for the 111th U.S. Congress
1951 Alphonso Johnson, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, bassist, jazz, jazz fusion genres, considered one of the world's best bassists, played on Weather Report album Mysterious Traveller
1951 Kim Zimmer, Michigan, actress, Guiding Light, Doctors, One Life to Live
1950 Barbara Sukowa, Germany, actress, Zentropia, Sicilian, Voyager, Lola
1950 Osamu Kido, born in Kawasaki City, Japan, professional wrestler for New Japan Pro Wrestling, participated founding the Japanese-based Universal Wrestling Federation
1949 Jetty Weels, Surinamese/Dutch vocalist, Mai Tai
1949 Ross Valory, SF, rock bassist, Journey-Who's Crying Now, Open Arms
1949 Sherry Mathis, actress, Search for Tomorrow
1949 Tom Tripplehorn, rocker, Gary Lewis and Playboys-This Diamond Ring
1948 Alan McKay, rocker, Earth Wind and Fire-Boogie Wonderland
1948 Jessica Savitch, Kennet Sq, Pennsylvania, news anchor, NBC
1948 Tony DeMeur, rocker, Fabulous Poodles-Anna Rexia, Suicide Bridge
1947 Aleksandr Medved, born in U.S.S.R., wrestler, Gold Medals 1964, 1968, 1972 Olympics
1947 Peter Lucia, rock drummer, Tommy James and Shondells-Crystal Blue
1946 Farrah Fawcett, born in Texas, actress, Charley's Angels, Burning Bed
1946 Howard Bellamy, Darby, Florida, vocalist, Bellamy Bros-Let Your Love Flow
1944 Andrew Davis, Ashbridge, England, conductor, New Philharmonic Orchestra London
1944 Katherine Crawford, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Gemini Man, Captains and Kings
1944 Ursula Oppens, New York City, pianist/co-founder, Speculum Musicae-NYC
1944 Gordon Gee, American Educator
1943 Peter MacBeth, rocker, Foundations
1942 Barry Diller, founder, Fox-TV
1942 Bo Hopkins, Greenville, South Carolina, actor, Dynasty, Doc Elliot, Rockford Files
1942 Graham Nash, guitarist, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young-Southern Cross
1942 Christine Keeler, English Model
1941 Serge Alexandrovich Tcherepnin, composer
1940 Alan "Tea" Caddy, rock guitarist, Tornados-Globetrotter
1940 Martina Arroyo, New York City, soprano
1940 Thomas M[ichael] Disch, U.S., sci-fi author, Genocides, 102 H-Bombs
1939 Rachel English, London, author, My 1st 500
1937 Martina Arroyo, New York City, opera soprano, New York Met
1937 Tom Smothers, New York City, comedian, Smother Brother Show, Serial
1935 Jane Wagner, American Comedian
1934 [Clyde] Skip Batten, born in Los Angeles, California, rocker, Byrds-Turn Turn Turn
1933 Les Dawson, English Comedian
1932 Robert Mandan, Clever, Missouri, actor, Chester-Soap, James-3's a Crowd
1931 Andreas "Andries" van Agt, Dutch premier, CDA, 1977-82
1929 Reiner Bredemeyer, composer
1928 Alan Fluck, musical educationalist
1928 Howard Caine, born in Nashville, Tennessee, actor, Californians
1928 Luigi Ciriaco De Mita, Prime Minister of Italy, 1988 - 1989
1927 Friedrich K Flick, German industrialist
1927 Richard Vance Maxfield, composer
1927 Stan Getz, Philadelphia, jazz tenor saxophonist, Benny Goodman, Jimmy Dorsey
1926 Elaine Stritch, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, My Sister Eileen, Company
1926 Miguel Cardinal Obando y Bravo, 1st Cent American cardinal, Nicaragua
1926 Nydia M E Ecury, Arubian poet/actress, Kantika pa Mama Tera
1926 Valery Giscard d'Estaing, President of France, 1974-81
1926 Wanda Lewis, Struther Ohio, actress, This is Music, Paul Dixon Show
1925 David Abell Wood, priest
1925 Michel Paul Philippot, composer
1924 Tine Balder, Clementine AL Cobbaut, Flemish actress, Antigone
1923 Al "Red" Schoendienst, baseball manager/2nd baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals
1923 James Dickey, Atlanta, poet/actor, Deliverance
1923 Mary Elizabeth "Liz" Smith, Texas, journlist/author, WNBC, New York Daily News
1923 Peter Fowler, physicist
1920 An Wang, founder, Wang Labs, Wang Computers
1919 Allie Reynolds, New York Yankee pitcher, 1952 AL ERA leader, 2.07,
1919 Lisa Debeljevic-della Casa, Swiss vocalist
1918 Hella [S Lelyveld-]Haasse, Dutch author, Cider for Poor People
1915 Evert Werkman, Dutch journalist, Het Parool
1915 Abba Eban, Israeli Diplomat
1912 Burton Lane, Broadway composer, Finian's Rainbow
1912 Stefan Schnabel, German actor, Anna, Dracula's Widow, Firefox
1911 Jean-Jacques Grunenwald, French organist/composer
1911 Johan J "Jussi" Bjorling, Swedish tenor
1910 Charlotte Auerbach, computer Pioneer/Mathematician
1910 Hendrik H K Beernink, Dutch politician, CHU
1909 Franc Albertson, Fergus Falls, Minnesota, actor, Psycho, Alice Adams
1908 Anita Garvin, actress, Swiss Miss, Blotto, Charlatan, Hats Off
1908 Cal Tinney, Oklahoma, comedian, Stop Me If You Heard This One
1908 Clarence "Buster" Crabbe, California, swimmer 1932 Olympics gold /actor
1908 Renzo Rossellini, Italian composer
1907 Bernardas Brazdzionis, Lithuania, poet/editor/critic
1905 Ayn Rand, writer, Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead
1905 Jean-Pierre Guerlain, cosmetics pioneer
1904 Buzurg Alavi, Persian author, Panjah va sih nafar, Namal'ha
1904 Jose Enrique Pedreira, composer
1903 Frank McGrath, Mound City, Missouri, actor, Wagon Train
1902 Tyra Ryman, Arboga Sweden, actress, Peter the Tramp
1901 Connie Gilchrist, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Cry Havoc, Letter to 3 Wives
1901 Jascha Heifetz, Vilna Lithuania, U.S. violin virtuoso, Carnegie Hall
1900 Asa Smith Bushnell, Jr., Springfield Ohio, Secretary of U.S. Olympics, 1945 - 1965
1899 Benny Rubin, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor/comedian, Benny Rubin Show
1898 Josephina J "Fien" de la Mar, Dutch actress, Theatre De la Mar
1896 Jane Wilde, born in Dublin, Ireland, writer, poet, activist, nationalist movement supporter, advocate of women's rights
1895 George S Halas, Papa Bear, end/coach, Bears, co-founder NFL
1895 George Halas, American Coach
1891 Antonio Segni, premier/president, Italy
1891 Frank Foyston, NHL Hall of Famer, Seattle
1890 Jean J M de Lattre de Tassigny, French gen, Indo-China
1888 Candelario Huizar, composer
1888 Frank Lloyd, Scotland, actor and director, Mutiny on Bounty, Oliver Twist
1886 Kurt Baschwitz, German/Dutch sociologist/journalist, Du und
1886 William R Benet, writer
1885 Aldo Palazzeschi, Giurlani, Italian writer, I cavalli bianchi
1884 Julis Deutsch, Austria politician/General Spanish rep army
1884 S. Z. Sakall, Budapest Hungary, actor, Dolly Sisters, Casablanca
1883 Mikhail Fabianovich Gnesin, composer
1882 James Joyce, Ire, novelist/poet, Dubliners, Ulysses, Finnigan's Wake
1882 James Stephens, Irish poet, Crock of Gold
1881 Karl Frederick, pistol champ, Gold Medal 1920 Olympics
1878 Christian Gauss, educator/writer, Phi Beta Kappa award namesake
1875 Annette Kolb, German/French author, Small Fanfare
1875 Fritz Kreisler, Vienna Austria, violinist and composer
1874 Ernest Shackleton, Irish Explorer
1873 Freiherr Konstantin von Neurath, German Secretary of State, 1932 - 1938
1873 Johan P earl van Limburg Stirum, Dutch diplomat
1873 Leopold Fall, Austria, operetta composer, Dollar Princess
1864 Margot Asquith, English Author
1861 Mehmed VI, last sultan of Ottoman Empire, 1918-22
1861 Mohammed VI Vahideddin, last sultan of Turkey, 1918-22
1861 Solomon R Guggenheim, philanthropist, Guggenheim Museum New York City
1859 Havelock Ellis, U.S. physician/sexologist, Psychology of Sex
1859 Henry Havelock Ellis, British Psychologist
1859 Henry Ellis, British Psychologist
1857 Jan Six, Dutch art historian/art collector
1856 Makar Grigori Ekmalyan, composer
1852 Hamid Abdulhak, Istanbul, Turkish romantic poet/playwright
1852 Teunis Stoel, actor and director, Small Theater, Rotterdam
1850 Carel V Gerritsen, Dutch free thinker
1847 Jules Francois Blasini, Curacaos pianist/composer
1844 Leander Schlegel, composer
1843 Knute Nelson, American Politician
1840 Louis Bourgault-Ducoudray, composer
1835 Luigi Manzotti, Milano, ballet choreographer
1827 Abner Monroe Perrin, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1827 Oswald Aschenbach, German painter
1820 Hans E Schack, Danish politician/writer, Phantasterne
1817 John Glover, English chemist, sulfuric acid
1817 Jose Maria de la Purificacion Ventura, composer
1815 Nathaniel Collins McLean, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1813 Jozsef Eotvos, Hungarian Minister of Education, 1848
1807 Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin, born in Paris, France, French politician and revolutionary
1804 Leopold Eugen Mechura, composer
1803 Albert Sidney Johnston, General Confederate Army
1802 Jean-Baptiste JD Boussingault, French chemist
1780 Johannes van den Bosch, Governor-General, Netherlands East Indies
1773 Vincenc Tomas Vaclav Tucek, composer
1754 Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, French Diplomat
1748 Christian Gottfried Thomas, composer
1745 Hannah More, English Writer
1714 Gottfried August Homilius, composer
1669 Louis Marchand, composer
1650 Nell [Eleanor] Gwyn, English actress/mistress, King Charles II
1649 Benedict XIII, Pierfrancesco Orsini, Italy, 245th pope, 1724 - 1730
1600 Gabriel Naude, France, librarian, Mazarin Library
1595 Jacob van Campen, painter/architect, New Church, Amsterdam
1583 Anna Roemers Visscher, Dutch poet
1502 Damiao de Gois, Portuguese humanist scholar