February 24 Birthdays in History - February 24 Deaths - February 24 Events
1981 Lleyton Hewitt, born in Adelaide, South Australia, professional tennis player, youngest male ever ranked number one in the World, at age 20
1977 Alexis Jose Grullon, New York City, vocalist, Menudo-Cannonball
1977 Floyd Mayweather, Grand Rapids, Michigan, featherweight boxer, Bronze Medal 1996 Olympics
1974 Jeremy Laster, Fullerton California, water polo driver 1996 Olympics
1974 Simeon Rice, defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals
1974 Chad Hugo, American Musician
1973 Alexei Kovalev, born in Moscow, Russia, NHL right wing for the New York Rangers
1973 Harold Morrow, full back for the Minnesota Vikings
1973 James Michael Kennedy, Boston, rocker, 4 Fun-Unbelievable Fun Boys
1973 Kavis Reed, CFL defensive back for the Edmonton Eskimos
1972 Larry Amar, Camarillo California, field hockey midfielder/captain 1996 Olympics
1972 Manon Rheaume, Lac Beauport Quebec, 1st female NHLer, Tampa Bay
1972 Patricia Regan Leines, Medford Or, Miss America, Oregon-3rd-1997
1972 Ron Davis, NFL cornerback, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1971 Brian Savage, Sudbury, NHL left wing, Montreal Canadiens
1970 Jeff Garcia, CFL quarterback for the Calgary Stampeders
1970 Jonathan Ward, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor, Doug-Charles in Charge, Beans Baxter
1970 Wilson Alvarez, Maracaibo Venezuela, pitcher, Chicago White Sox
1968 John Velddman, soccer player, Sparta
1968 Kendall Cross, born in Hardin, Montana, 125 lbs freestyle wrestler, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics
1968 Vaughn Booker, NFL defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs
1968 Mitch Hedberg, born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, comedian, appeared on television show, 'The Late Show with David Letterman' and film, 'Lords of Dogtown'
1966 Billy Zane, actor, Orlando, Memphis Belle, Millions, Titanic
1966 Rene Arocha, Cubans/US baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1965 Kristin Davis, actress, Melrose Place
1965 Paul Gruber, NFL tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1963 Fuad Reveiz, NFL kicker for the Minnesota Vikings
1963 Matias Carrillo, Mexican/U.S. baseball outfielder for the Florida Marlins
1962 Michelle Shocked, born in Dallas, Texas, singer, songwriter, political activist, created label, Mighty Sound, song 'When I Grow Up' featured in an ad for Kaiser Permanente
1962 Chris Chocola, American Politician
1961 Janice Gibson, Tulsa, Oklahoma, LPGA golfer, 1994 Youngstown-Warren-15th
1961 Persijn "Dakota" Joling, Dutch rock guitarist/singer, Pilgrims-Red
1961 Ruud Really, soccer player, Feyenoord
1959 Beth Broderick, Falmouth, Kentucky, actress, Aunt Zelda-Sabrina
1959 Michael Roy Whitney, cricket, great NSW and Aussie lefty quick 1981-92
1958 Sammy Kershaw, Kaplan, Louisiana, country vocalist, Cadillac Style
1958 Susan Scannell, Lexington Massachusetts, actress, Nicole-Dynasty
1957 Phil McConkey, NFL wide receiver for the New York Giants
1956 Eddie Murray, born in Los Angeles, California, 1st baseman, Orioles, Dodgers, Cleveland Indians
1956 Paula Zahn, born in Napperville, Illinois, news anchor, ABC, CBS This Morning
1956 Judith Butler, born in Cleveland, Ohio, philosopher, professor, U of C, Berkeley, specialty, post-structuralism, Ph. D. Yale University, areas of study include feminist theory, Jewish philosophy, ethics, sexuality, developed idea of sex and gender as social construction
1955 Bob Abrams, Ohio, rocker, Buckinghams
1955 Steve Jobs, co-founder, Apple Computer
1954 Constantine Phipps, born in England, Constantine Edmund Walter Phipps, 5th Marquess of Normanby, sold Warter Priory estate in 1998 for 48 million pounds, leases Mulgrave Castle to supermodel Elle MacPherson
1952 Simon Weinstock, businessman/racehorse owner
1952 Tom Burleson, USA, basketball, tallest Olympian-7'4", Silver Medal 1972 Olympics
1951 Derek Randall, cricketer, England batsman and animated cover fieldsman
1951 Helen Shaver, Ontario Canada, actress, WIOU, Praise of Older Women
1950 G J M Gazdar, computational linguist
1950 George Thorogood, American Musician
1949 John Lever, cricketer, England lefty quick in 21 Tests 1976-81
1948 Dennis "Minder" Waterman, born in London, England, actor, Fair Exchange
1948 Peter Mond, born in England, 4th Baron Melchett, Lord Melchett, heir to Sir Alfred Mond's fortune, Labor Party whip, researched cannabis addition, Greenpeace activist
1948 Lorri Menconi, playmate, February 1969
1948 Walter Smith, Scottish Athlete
1947 Edward James Olmos, Cal, actor, Miami Vice, Stand and Deliver, Triumph
1947 Lonnie Turner, bassist/vocalist, Steve Miller Band-Abracadabra
1947 Rubert Holmes, Tenafly, New Jersey, vocalist, Pina Colada song
1946 Anthony Mayer, chief executive, Housing Corporation
1946 Michael Radford, director, 1984, White Mischief
1946 Jerry Nachman, American Journalist
1945 Alain Prost, formula-1 racer, 1985, 86 champ
1944 Barry Bostwick, San Mateo California, actor, Rocky Horror Show, Megaforce
1944 Nicky Hopkins, rock pianist, Stones-Ruby Tuesday, Quicksilver
1944 Sheila Larkin, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Deborah-Storefront Lawyer
1942 David K Williamson, Australian screenplay/playwright, Removalists
1942 Joe Lieberman, Sen-D Connecticut
1942 Paul Jones, England, rocker, Manfried Mann-Mighty Quinn
1942 Stuart Henry, British disc jockey
1940 Denis Law, British soccer player
1940 Jimmy Ellis, WBA heavyweight boxing champ, 1968-70
1940 Theo Bosch, Dutch humanist/architect, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam
1939 George Bain, principal, London Business School
1938 James Farentino, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Dead and Buried, Final Countdown
1938 Kathleen Richardson, president, Methodist Conference
1938 Philip Knight, American Businessman
1938 Phil Knight, American Businessman
1937 Jerry Wiggin, born in Worcestershire, England, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare
1935 Renata Scotto, born in Savona, Italy, singer, soprano, performed La Traviata at age 18, received 15 curtain calls performing Walter in La Wally at La Scala, 1953, directs opera and teaches at her opera academy in Italy, New York
1934 Bettino Craxi, Italy's 1st socialist premier, 1983-87
1934 Flemming Nielsen, Denmark, soccer player 1960 Olympics silver
1934 Frank Chapot, U.S., equestrian, Silver Medals 1960, 1972 Olympics
1934 Linda Cristal, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, actress, Victoria-High Chapparal
1934 George Ryan, American Politician
1932 Andrew Jacobs, Jr., born in Indianapolis, Indiana,Representative-D-Indiana, 1965 - 1973, 1975 - 1997
1932 Everard Goodman, English real estate developer, TOPS Estates
1932 John Vernon, Canada, actor, Animal House, Chained Heat, Dirty Harry
1932 Michel Legrand, composer, Summer of '42, Windmills of Your Mind
1932 Zell Miller, American Politician
1931 Brian Close, cricketer, played for England between 1949 and 1976
1931 Inge Bernstein, British judge
1931 Lev Vasilyevich Vorobyov, Russia, cosmonaut
1931 Maezumi Hakuyu Taizan Koun, teacher Rinzai/Soto lines of Zen Buddhism
1931 Marta Marzotto, Italy, countess
1931 Dominic Chianese, American Actor
1930 Barbara Lawrence, Carnegie, Oklahoma, actress, Joe Dakota
1929 David Houston, Major-General/Lord Lieutenant of Sutherland
1929 Richard B Shull, Evanston, Illinois, actor, Diana, Holmes and Yoyo
1928 Al Lettieri, New York City, actor, Deadly Kiss, Pulp, Mr. Majestyk, Getaway
1928 Michael Harrington, St. Louis, socialist/author, Fragments of Century
1928 Paul B Elvstrom, Denmark, yachter, Gold Medals 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960 Olympics
1927 David Mourao-Ferreira, poet/politician
1926 Reginald Freeson, British MP
1926 Jean Alexander, English Actress
1924 Lionel Dakers, director, Royal School of Church Music
1924 William Pillar, British admiral
1922 Kanwar Rai Singh, cricketer, batted at MCG in Test for India 1948
1922 Richard Hamilton, painter
1922 Steven Hill, born in Seattle, Washington, actor, Goddess, Raw Deal, Yentl, Law and Order
1921 Abe Vigoda, New York City, actor, Barney Miller, Fish
1921 Douglass Watson, Jackson Georgia, actor, Satan Murders, Another World
1921 Ingvar Lidholm, composer
1921 Ludvig Aschkenazy, writer
1920 Frank Rogers, CEO, NPA Telegraph
1919 Alan Hugh Iliffe, psychologist
1919 Earl Kitchener of Khartoum
1917 William Fairbank, Minneapolis, physicist, superconductivity
1916 Gene Mitchell, museum director
1915 Charles Henry "Harry" Urwin, trade unionist
1914 David Langdon, cartoonist/illustrator
1914 Zachary Scott, born in Austin, Texas, actor, Spotlight Playhouse, Mildred Pierce
1913 Richard Murphey Goodwin, economist
1912 Julius Kowalski, composer
1911 Konrad Lechner, composer
1910 Arthur Hazlerigg, born in England, Lord Hazlerigg, 2nd Baron Hazlerigg, awarded Military Cross, judge, Deputy Lieutenant of Leicestershire, soldier, served during World War II, life peer
1909 August William Derleth, Sauk City Wisconsin, writer, Judge Peck Mysteries
1909 Jean Yves Morvan Marin, broadcaster
1909 Max Black, Dutch/British/U.S. philosopher, analytical philosophy
1909 Michael Francis Morris Lindsay, orientalist
1909 Mary Antin, Russian Activist
1906 Alexis Curvers, Belgian author, Tempo di Roma, Bourg-le-Rond
1905 Guillaume Landre, composer
1899 Jacob Presser, Dutch historian and writer, Down-fall
1898 Kurt Tank, German WW II aircraft designer
1890 Antonio Massana, composer
1890 Marjorie Main, Tomlinson, Action, Indiana, actress, Another Thin Man
1887 Mary Ellen Chase, U.S. linguistic/author, White Gate
1885 Bert Lytell, New York City, actor, Henry-One Man's Family
1885 Chester Nimitz, U.S. Admiral, commanded Pacific fleet in WW II
1885 Joseph Sprinzak, Speaker of Israeli Knesset, 1949-59
1885 Juliusz Kaden-Bandrowski, Polish novelist/satirist, Black Wings
1885 Chester W. Nimitz, American Soldier
1879 Herman Teirlinck, Belgian writer, Sun
1877 Rudolf Ganz, composer
1876 Jean Poveigh, composer
1876 Victor Moore, Hammonton, New Jersey, comedian, Ziegfeld Follies, 7 Year Itch
1874 Honus Wagner, HOF shortstop, Pittsburgh Pirates, 1900-17
1872 John Jarvis, England, swimmer, won 108 titles
1866 Arthur Pearson, Wookey Somerset England, newspaper proprietor
1860 Daniel Berkeley Updike, printer/publisher/writer, Printing Types
1858 Arnold Dolmetsch, Le Mans, musician
1854 Franz Courtens, Flemish painter, Golden Rain
1852 George A. Moore, Ireland, painter/novelist, Esther Waters
1848 C Grant B Allen, Canadian writer, Woman Who Did
1848 Johanna C P Barbiers, actress, Voddenraper of Paris
1846 Luigi Denza, composer
1843 [Joaquim] Theofilo F Braga, Portuguese poet/author/politician
1842 Arrigio Enrico Boito, composer
1842 Arrigo Boito, Italian Poet
1838 Thomas Benton Smith, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1836 Winslow Homer, U.S., painter, Gulfstream
1833 Eduard earl von Taaffe, Austrian premier, 1868..93
1831 Georg Leo earl von Caprivi, German chancellor/premier of Prussia
1827 Charles Davis Jameson, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1824 John Crawford Vaughn, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1824 George William Curtis, American Author
1811 Daniel A. Payne, Bishop/reformer/educator of AME Church
1811 Edward Dickinson Baker, Major General Union volunteers
1809 Albert Schaffle, German sociologist, Abriss der Soziologie
1809 Edwin H K Freiherr von Manteuffel, governor/viceroy, Elzas-Lutherian
1797 Samuel Lover, composer
1786 Wilhelm Karl Grimm, Hanau Germany, story teller, Grimm's Fairy Tales
1771 Johann Baptist Cramer, German/British pianist/composer/publisher
1766 Samuel Wesley, Bristol England, composer/organist, Exultate Deo
1750 Miklos Revai, Hungarian linguistic/poet
1717 Bernhard Hupfeld, composer
1704 Hubert Renotte, composer
1697 Bernard S Albinus, Weiss, German surgeon/anatomist
1684 Catherine I, Empress of Russia 1725-27, Dorpat, Estonia
1679 Domenico Natale Sarro, Italian opera composer
1619 Charles Le Brun, Paris, painter, designer, Chancellor Seguier
1597 Vincent Voiture, French Poet
1595 Matthias C Sarbiewski, Sarbievius, Polish jesuit/poet
1557 Matthias, Vienna, Holy Roman emperor, 1612-19
1547 Jan of Austria, Spanish military man/land guardian of the Netherland
1536 Clement VIII, Ippolito Aldofireini, Fano Italy, Pope, 1592-1605
1501 Sixt, us, Birck [Xystus Betulius], German writer, Suzanna
1500 Carlos V, King of Spain, 1516-56, Holy Roman Emperor
1463 Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Italy, scholar/platonist
1304 Muhammad ibn Battutah, Arab travel writer, Travels in Asia and Africa