February 3 Birthdays in History - February 3 Deaths - February 3 Events
1994 Tallulah Belle Willis, 3rd daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
1990 Cody Newton Gifford, son of Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford
1977 Maitland Ward, born in Torrance, California, actress, Jessica-Bold and Beautiful
1976 Dwayne Rudd, linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings
1976 Karen Bradley, Miss Rhode Island USA 1996
1976 Isla Fisher, Australian Actress
1973 Jim Campbell, Worcester, NHL center, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1973 Kyle Richardson, WLAF punter for the Rhein Fire
1972 Jermaine Smith, NFL defensive tackle, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1972 Keith Elias, NFL running back for the New York Giants
1972 Tyrone Poole, NFL cornerback for the Carolina Panthers
1971 Eric Owens, born in Danville, Virginia, outfielder for the Cincinnati Reds
1971 Marcus Buckley, NFL linebacker for the New York Giants
1971 Roman Cechmanek, NHL goaltender, Team Czechoslovakia, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1971 Sean Dawkins, NFL wide receiver for the Indianapolis Colts
1970 Alonza Barnett, WLAF safety for the Amsterdam Admirals
1970 Eric Curry, NFL defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1970 Jason Muzzatti, Toronto, NHL goalie, Hartford Whalers
1970 Keith Carney, Providence, NHL defenseman, Chicago Blackhawks, Team U.S.
1969 Casey Weldon, NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1969 Jeff Christy, NFL center for the Minnesota Vikings
1969 Robert Pack, NBA guard, Washington Bullets, Dallas Mavericks
1969 Retief Goosen, South African Athlete
1968 Frantisek Kucera, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, NHL defenseman, Vanciyver Canucks, Gold Medal 1998 Olympics
1968 Leroy Thompson, NFL running back for the Kansas City Chiefs
1968 Mark Koevermans, Netherlands, tennis star
1968 Vlade Divac, Yugoslavia, NBA center, Charlotte Hornets, Los Angeles Lakers
1967 Aurelio Vidmar, soccer player, Standard Luik, Feyenoord
1967 Jason Morris, born in Scotia, New York, half-middleweight judoka, Silver Medal 1992 Olympics
1967 Natalie Hunter, Melbourne VIC Australia, canoeist 1996 Olympics
1966 Danny Morrison, cricket pace bowler, New Zealand since 1987
1966 Gillian Bonner, Athens Georgia, playmate, Apr, 1996
1966 Sean Patrick Wade, Houston Texas, New Zealand marathoner 1996 Olympics
1965 Dorcas Wonsavage, Madison Wis, cross country skier 1994 Olympics
1965 Kathleen Kimont, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Fraternity Vacation, Renegade
1965 Maura Tierney, Boston, actress, Lisa-Newsradio
1962 Joe Handle, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Florida Marlins
1961 Keith Gordon, New York City, actor, Dressed to Kill, Legend of Billie Jean
1960 B J Jefferson, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Ronnie Laurance-Another World
1959 Loi Tolhurst, rocker, Cure-Hell's Kitchen
1959 Molly Killingbeck, Jamaica, 4X400m relayer 1984 Olympics silver
1959 Thomas Calabro, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Michael Mancini-Melrose Place
1958 Joe Frank Edwards, Jr., Richmond, Virginia, Commander USN/astronaut, STS-89
1958 Lee Crystal, rocker, Joan Jett and Blackhearts-Ashes in the Wind
1958 Rick Reilly, American Writer
1957 Michele Greene, Las Vegas Nevada, actress, Abby Perkins-LA Law
1956 Nathan Lane, born in Jersey, New Jersey, actor, One of the Boys, Frankie and Johnnie
1956 Pamela Cossey, England, model/sister of transsexual Tula
1952 Fred Lynn, Chicago, baseball outfielder, Boston, California, Baltimore
1952 Jack Fields, born in Humble, Texas, Representative-R-Texas 1981 - 1997
1951 Felipe Munoz, Mexico, 200m backstroke swimmer, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1950 Lizzie Borden, director and writer, Love Crimes, Working Girls
1950 Michael Dickinson, British reorganizer
1950 Morgan Fairchild, born in Dallas, Texas, actress, Falcon Crest
1949 Oscar Benton, Dutch blues vocalist and guitarist, Ze is Zoals Jij
1947 Chose Alberts, Krommenhoek, vocalist, Yet Many Years
1947 Dave Davies, London, rock vocalist and guitarist, Kinks-Lola
1947 Joe Coleman, baseball pitcher, Washington, Detroit
1947 Koos Alberts, Krommenhoek, Dutch vocalist, Many More Years to Come
1947 Melanie, Safka, Astoria, vocalist/songwriter, Candles in Rain
1947 Paul Auster, U.S. author, poet and director, Mr Vertigo, Smoke
1945 Bob Griese, NFL quarterback, Miami Dolphins, 1971 Player of Year
1945 Johnny Cymbal, rocker, Mr Bass Man
1945 Willeke Alberti, Verbruggen, Dutch vocalist/actress, Small Truth
1945 Don Ohlmeyer, American Producer
1943 Blythe Danner, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actress, Butterflies are Free
1943 Dennis Edwards, rocker, Temptations, 'Papa was a Rolling stone'
1943 Eric Haydock, bassist, Hollies-He Aint Heavy He's My Brother
1943 Neil Bogart, American Businessman
1941 Angelo D'Aleo, Bronx, tenor, Dion and Belmonts-Teenager in Love
1941 Bridget Hanley, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actress, Here Come the Brides
1941 Carol Mann, Buffalo, New York, golfer, LPGA Hall of Fame 1977, 1965 U.S. Open
1941 Chuck Tharp, rock vocalist, Fireballs
1941 Gary Bartlett, cricket pace bowler, New Zealand in 10 Tests in the 1960's
1940 Fran Tarkenton, born in Richmond, Virginia, NFL QB, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings
1940 Jim Hartz, newscaster, NBC-TV, Innovations
1939 Deszo Nowak, born in Hungary, soccer player, Gold Medals 1964, 1968 Olympics
1939 Vladimir Yevgenyevich Preobrazhensky, Russian cosmonaut
1938 Victor Buono, SD California, actor, Man from Atlantis, Untouchables
1938 Vladimir Grigoryevich Fartushny, Russia, cosmonaut
1936 Bobby Simpson, cricketer, great Australian batsman, captain, coach,slip
1936 Robert Simpson, Australian cricket player/manager
1935 Johnny "Guitar" Watson, rock guitarist
1934 Jeremy Kemp, Chesterfield England, actor, Winds of War
1933 Paul Sarbanes, born in Salisbury, Maryland, Senator-D-Maryland 1977 - 2007
1933 Paul Sarbanes, American Politician
1932 J P "Pom-Pom" Felloes-Smith, cricketer, South Africa batsman vs. England 1960
1932 Maria Itkina, U.S.S.R., sprinter, 9 world records
1932 Peggy Ann Garner, Canton Ohio, actress, Little Women, Daisy Kenyon
1931 Goran J S Palm, Swedish poet and writer, Hudens Besok
1930 Joan Rice, actress, Payroll, Steel Key, Curtain Up
1930 Kenneth Anger, American Author
1929 Russell Arms, born in Berkeley, California, vocalist, Your Hit Parade
1929 Val Doonican, Irish singer/entertainer
1928 C V Gadkari, cricketer, Indian batsman in 6 Tests 1953 - 1955
1926 Arthur Arfons, auto racer/designer, Green Monster 1964-536.71 MPH
1926 Glen Tetley, U.S. choreographer
1926 Hans-Jochen Vogel, leader of West Germany's Social Democrats, SPD
1926 J. Roy Rowland, born in Wrightsville, Georgia, Representative-D-Georgia 1983 - 1995
1926 Shelley Berman, Chicago, comedian, Son of Blob, Love American Style
1925 John Fiedler, Platville Wisconsin, actor, Mr Peterson-Newhart
1925 Joop C Swart, Dutch publisher/founder, World Press Photo
1924 E. P. Thompson, British Historian
1922 Willam V. Chappell, Jr., born in Kendrick, Florida, Representative-D-Florida 1969 - 1989
1922 Jean-Pierre Rampal, flutist, Italian Flute Concertos
1920 Bibi Osterwald, born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, actress, Bridget Loves Bernie
1920 Henry Heimlich, doctor/inventor, Heimlich maneuver
1920 Stan Ockers, Belgian bicyclist, Tour de France 1955, 56
1918 Joey Bishop, born in New York, entertainer, member of the "Rat Pack", guest on talk, comedy and game shows
1915 Jann Willem Holsbergen, author, Zakenmensen Fair as Gold
1915 Richard Bales, composer
1914 Cornelis "Kees" Andrea, Dutch painter/graphic artist/carpet designer
1912 Jacques Soustelle, French minister of information
1911 Jehan Ariste Alain, French organist/composer
1911 Jesse Thomas, blues singer
1910 Blas Galindo Dimas, San Gabriel Mexico, composer, A la Patria
1910 Nelson Case, born in Long Beach, California, TV host, Trash or Treasure
1909 M Vasalis [Margaretha Droogleever Fortuyn-Leenmans], poet, Phoenix
1909 Simone Weil, born in Paris, social philosopher/Resistance fighter, WW II
1908 Oddbjorn Hagen, Norway, cross country jumper 1936 Olympics gold
1907 James A. Michener, New York City, writer, South Pacific, Hawaii, Space
1906 Ludvig Nielsen, composer
1904 Charlie "Pretty Boy" Floyd, FBI Most Wanted criminal
1904 Luigi Dallapiccola, Pisino Istria, Italian composer
1904 Roger Makins, diplomat
1903 Priaulx Rainier, composer
1903 Walter Linck, Swiss sculptor
1902 Ramon, J. Sender, Spanish writer, El Lugar del Hombre
1900 Mabel Mercer, English cabaret vocalist, Fly Me to the Moon
1899 Doris Speed, actress, Annie-Coronation Street
1899 Forrest "Red" DeBernardi, basketball hall of famer, elected 1961
1898 Alvar Aalto, Finland, architect, Finlandia House
1898 Paul Urysohn, Russian mathematician
1896 Johannes Urzidil, writer
1895 Izak Buys, cricketer, one Test for South Africa 1922, 0 and 4*, 0-52
1895 Nick Kenny, Astoria New York City, columnist/songwriter, Nick Kenny Show
1894 Juan Negrin, Prime Minister of Spanish Republic, 1936 - 1939
1894 Norman Rockwell, U.S., artist/illustrator, Sat Evening Post covers
1891 Jan Donner, Dutch minister of Justice, 1926-33
1891 Peter H "Paul" Huf, actor and director, Great Netherlands Stage
1890 Charles [Andy] Correll, Peoria, Illinois, actor, Calvin and Colonel
1890 Heinrich Barth, Swiss philosopher, Problem des Bosen
1889 Carl Theodor Dreyer, Danish director, Passion of Jeanne d'arc
1889 Risto Ryti, Finnish premier/president
1888 Joris Baers, Flemish bibliography/founder, Boekengids
1887 Carlo Jachino, composer
1887 Georg Trakl, Austrian poet, Autumn of the Lonely
1887 Silvio d'Amico, Italian theater critic, Tramonto del grande attore
1886 Erwin Kroll, composer
1883 Camille Bombois, French circus wrestler/painter
1883 Clarence Mulford, Illinois, western writer, Hopalong Cassidy
1882 Trijntje Jansma-Boskma, oldest person in Netherland
1880 Arnoldus JH Aerts, bishop of Netherlands-Guinea, 1920 - 1942
1879 Charles Follis, 1st black NFLer, Shelby, Ohio
1878 Joseph Gordon Coates, Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1925 - 1928
1874 Franklyn Dyall, Liverpool England, actor, Easy Virtue
1874 Gertrude Stein, Penn, author, Autobiography of Alice B Toklas
1873 Ernest B Allo, French theologist
1870 Ada Negri, Italian poet and author, Il Libro di Mara
1868 Damaso Ledesma, composer
1865 Martinus Ballings, Flemish jesuit/author, Will Power
1861 Leopold Courouble, Belgian writer, Family Kaekebroeck
1851 Johannes B van Heutsz, Lieutenant-General and / Dutch East Indies
1851 Lord Harris, cricketer, 4 Tests for England MCC big-wig
1845 Ernest von Wildenbruch, German playwright, Sedan
1842 Sidney Clopton Lanier, U.S., composer/poet, Hall of Fame
1833 Thomas T H Jorissen, Dutch historian
1831 Cyrus Ballou Comstock, Major General Union volunteers
1830 Robert Cecil, Marquess of Salisbury, C, British Prime Minister, 1885-1902
1826 Walter Bagehot, England, economist/sociologist
1824 George Thomas "Tige" Anderson, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1824 Nathan George "Shanks" Evans, Brigadier General, Confederacy
1823 Spencer F Baird, U.S. biologist, Wood's Hole Station
1821 Elizabeth Blackwell, Bristol England, 1st woman physician
1820 Elisha Kent Kane, U.S. Arctic explorer, Kane Basin off NW Greenland
1817 Emile Racine Gauthier Prudent, composer
1817 Samuel Ryan Curtis, Major General Union volunteers
1816 Frederick William Robertson, English Clergyman
1811 Horace Greeley, editor, "Go west, young man"
1809 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Hamburg Germ, composer, Great Scherzos
1807 Joseph Eggleston Johnston, General Confederate Army
1805 Otto T Freiherr von Manteuffel, premier Prussia
1784 John Fane graaf van Westmorland, English, opera, composer/diplomat
1763 Caroline von Wolzogen, von Lengefeld, German author
1755 Florido Tomeoni, composer
1740 Guillaume Lasceux, composer
1736 Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, Austria organist/composer
1655 Francois Fagel, Dutch Field Marshal, baptized
1648 Louis Bouteiller, composer
1525 Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina, composer
1368 Charles VI, King of France, 1380-1422