February 9 Birthdays in History - February 9 Deaths - February 9 Events
1981 John Walker Lindh, American Criminal
1979 Zhang Ziyi, born in Beijing, China, actress, internationally successful film star, appeared in 'Hero', 'Purple Butterfly', 'House of Flying Daggars', 'The Horsemen', 'Memoirs of a Geisha'
1974 Brad Maynard, punter for the New York Giants
1974 John Wallace, NBA forward for the Toronto Raptors
1974 Orlando Bobo, guard for the Minnesota Vikings
1973 Amber Valletta, born in Phoenix, Arizona, model, Face, House of Style, Bazaar
1972 Jason George, actor, Michael Bourre-Sunset Beach
1972 Norbert Rosza, Hungarian swimmer, 100m freestyle record
1971 Gonzalo Floyd, CFL defensive end for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1971 Jason Mathews, NFL tackle for the Indianapolis Colts
1971 Jim Miller, NFL quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers, Atl Falcons, Jaguars
1971 Ken Felder, U.S. baseball outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers
1971 Pat O'Neill, NFL punter/place kicker for the New England Patriots
1971 Sharon Case, Det, Michigan, actress, Sharon Collins-Young and Restless
1970 Glenn McGrath, cricketer, NSW and Australian fast bowler 1993-
1970 Grant Moorhead, New Plymouth New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1969 Jeff Pahukoa, NFL guard and tackle for the Atlanta Falcons
1969 Jimmy Smith, NFL wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1969 Peta Edebone, Australian softball outfielder 1996 Olympics bronze
1969 Thomas Brandl, Bad Tolz GER, hockey forward, Team Germany 1998
1969 Todd Lyght, U.S. football quarterback for the St. Louis Rams
1968 Derek Strong, NBA forward, Los Angeles Lakers, Orlando Magic
1968 Marcus Meloan, Agana Guam, Canadian Tour golfer, 1992 U.S. Amat Champ
1968 Paul Claxton, Vidalia Georgia, Nike golfer, NIKE Central Georgia Open-38th
1967 Kate Golden, Beaumont Texas, LPGA golfer, 1992 Ping/Welch-5th
1967 Stevon Moore, NFL safety, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens
1967 Todd Pratt, U.S. baseball catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies
1966 James "Rachel" Bolan, Pt Pleasant, New Jersey, rocker, Skid Row-Psycho Love
1965 David Brandon, NFL linebacker, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Falcons
1964 Rachel Bolan, born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, born James Southworth, bass player, songwriter and co-founder of metal band, Skid Row
1963 Bonnie Levin, Miami Beach, Florida, WPVA volleyballer
1963 Madusa Miceli, Debra Ann, Milan Italy, wrestler, WCW
1963 Mike Rindel, cricketer, N Transvaal opening bat ODI ton vs. Pak 1995
1963 Travis Tritt, Marietta, Georgia, country vocalist, Country Club
1963 Brian Greene, American Physicist
1962 Diego Perez, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, professional tennis player, won ATP Tour singles title and three doubles titles in his career, ending in 1996
1962 Martin D Lascelles, grandson of English princess Mary
1961 John Kruk, U.S. baseball 1st baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies
1960 Peggy A. Whitson, Mount Ayr Iowa, PhD/astronaut
1958 Alexander W. B. Lyle, Shrewsbury England, PGA golfer, 1988 Phoenix Open
1958 Sandy Lyle, born in Shrewsbury, professional golfer, represented Scotland, won The Open Championship at Sandwich, 1985, wrote book 'To The Fairway Born'
1957 Gordon Strachan, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, professional soccer player, played for Dundee, Leeds United, Coventry City, Manchester United, manager of Celtic and Middlesbrough
1957 Mohammed Valli Moosa, South African leader, UDF
1956 Philip Jackson Ford, Jr., North Carolina, basketball player 1976 Olympics gold
1955 Charles Shaughnessy, London, actor, Shane-Days of our Lives, Nanny
1955 Jm J Bullock, Casper Wyoming, actor, Monroe-Too Close for Comfort
1954 Ulrich Walter, born in West Germany, cosmonaut
1953 Antonius GM "Toon" Agterberg, Dutch actor, Hunk
1953 Gary Franks, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Representative-R-Connecticut 1991 - 1997
1953 Rick Wagoner, American Businessman
1952 Danny White, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys
1951 Dennis "Dee Tee" Thomas, saxophonist, Kool and Gang
1951 Jay Inslee, born in Seattle, Washington, Representative-D-Washington 1993 - 1995 and 1999 -
1951 Penny Peyser, Irvington, New York, actress, Rich Man Poor Man, Knots Landing
1950 Andrew N Meltzoff, developmental psychologist
1950 Lloyd Weldon Keasor, Pumphrey, Maryland, wrestler 1976 Olympics silver
1950 Terry Hawkins, theatre administrator
1949 Bernard Gallacher, British golfer
1949 Janet Issaca Ashford, writer
1949 Judith Light, Trenton, New Jersey, Angela-Who's the Boss, 1 Life to Live
1947 Joe Ely, Amarillo, Texas, country vocalist, Honky Tonk Masquerade
1947 Major Harris, U.S. R&B-singer, Love won't Let me wait
1946 Annette Penhaligon, born in England, politician, secretary for Member of Parliament for Truro, in Cornwall, England, knighted for services to politics and public service
1946 M J H Sterling, Vice-Chancellor, Brunel University
1945 Bill Bergey, born in South Dayton, New York, American collegiate and professional football player, played for American Football League's Cincinnati Bengals and NFL Philadelphia Eagles
1945 Mia Farrow, American Actress
1944 Alice Walker, U.S., novelist, Color Purple, Meridian
1943 Barbara Lewis, U.S. vocalist, Hello Stranger
1943 James King, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, basketball player, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1943 Joe Pesci, born in Newark, New Jersey, actor, Half Nelson, Goodfellas
1943 Jonny Nilsson, Sweden, 10K speed skater 1964 Olympic gold
1943 Squire Fridell, born in Oakland California, actor, Rosetti and Ryan
1943 Joseph E. Stiglitz, American Economist
1942 Carole King, Klein, born in Brooklyn, New York, pianist/singer, Tapestry
1942 Peder Lunde, Jr., Norway, yachtsman 1960 Olympics gold
1941 Sheila James Kuehl, politician/actress, Zelda-Dobie Gillis
1940 Brian Bennett, London, rock drummer, Shadows
1940 Smokey Robinson, rocker, & Miracles-Tears of Clown
1939 Barry Mann, R&B singer, Who Put the Bomp in the Bomp Bomp Bomp
1939 Janet Suzman, South Africa, actress, Dry White Season, Nuns on the Run
1937 Brian Wenham, media consultant/journalist
1937 Johnny Sayles, U.S. vocalist, You Made Me Wiggle
1936 Clive Swift, Liverpool, actor, Frenzy, Passage to India
1935 Paul Flynn, born in Cardiff, Wales, born Paul Philip Flynn, politician, Labor Party, Member of Parliament for Newport West
1934 John A. Ziegler, Jr., Grosse Pointe, Michigan, 4th NHL President, 1977-92
1933 Jo Ann Prentice, LPGA golfer
1933 Charles Williams, born in Oxford, England, cricketer, batsman, Labor peer, Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, Baron Williams of Elvel
1933 Charles Johnson, born in Tacoma, Washington, born Charles W. Johnson, Justice Johnson, judge, Associate Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court of the State of Washington
1931 Xavier Benguerel, composer
1929 Bill Barrett, born in Lexington, Nebraska, Representative-R-Nebraska, 1991 - 2001
1929 James Mulcro Drew, composer
1929 Lennox Butler, cricketer, 1 Test WI vs. Australia 1955, 16 and 2-151
1929 Willem Kersters, Flemish composer, Parwati, Gospel Song
1928 Roger Mudd, Washington D.C., news ancher, CBS Weekend News, NBC Evening News
1928 Frank Frazetta, American Artist
1927 Donald Miller, CEO, Scottish Power
1927 Norman Adams, painter/ceramic sculptor
1926 Garret FitzGerald, Prime Minister of Ireland
1925 Vic Wertz, baseball player
1924 George Guest, British organist
1923 Brendan Behan, born in Dublin, Ireland, author and poet, Hostage
1923 Kathryn Grayson, born in North Carolina, vocalist/actress, Anchors Aweigh, Kiss Me Kate
1923 Norman E. Shumway, born in Michigan, pioneer cardiac transplant surgeon
1922 James C "Jim" Laker, Bradford England, cricket off spinner
1921 B M Ducat-Amos, Air Commandant/director, RAF Nursing Service
1921 Charles Montgomery Monteith, publisher
1914 Bill Veeck, baseball club owner
1914 Ernest Tubb, born in Texas, guitarist/singer, I'm Walking the Floor over You
1914 Gypsy Rose Lee, born in Seattle, Washington stripper, or 0109 or 0208
1914 Max Manus, resistance fighter
1914 Ralph Herman, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, orchestra leader, Circus Time
1913 Leo van der Kar, masseur/businessman/founder, Sports funds
1912 Hubert William Dean, air armaments specialist
1911 Eustace Wenworth Roskill, law lord
1910 Jacques Monod, French biochemist
1910 Jacques Lucien Monod, French Scientist
1909 Carmen Miranda, born in Brazil, vocalist/actress, Copacabana, Date With Judy
1909 Dean Rusk, U.S. Secretary of State, 1961 - 1969
1909 Harald Genzmer, composer
1909 Heather Angel, Oxford England, actress, Informer, Last of Mohicans
1909 John Eustace Theodore Brancker, lawyer/parliamentarian
1909 David Dean Rusk, American Politician
1908 Jackie Fields, U.S., featherweight boxer 1924 Olympics gold
1907 Aubrey "Dit" Clapper, NHL hall of famer, Boston Bruins
1906 Gwen Catley, British soprano
1903 Georg Trexler, composer
1902 Blanche Calloway, U.S. vocalist/dancer, 12 Clouds of Joy
1902 Chester H Lauck, Allene AR, actor, Dreaming Out Loud, 2 Weeks to Live
1901 Brian Donlevy, Ireland, actor, Barbary Coast, Glass Key, Wake Island
1897 Charles Edward Kingsford-Smith, pioneer Australian aviator
1892 Barend ter Haar, Dutch lawyer, Indonesian adat justice
1892 Peggy Wood, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, One Life to Live, Mama
1891 Pietro Nenni, Italy, socialist/minister of foreign affairs, 1946-47
1891 Ronald Colman, England, 1947 Academy Award actor, Tale of 2 Cities
1890 Jacobus J P Oud, Dutch architect/co-founder, Stijl
1887 Henry Zimmerman, baseball player, 1912-batted .372 with 14 home runs
1887 Vital Celen, Flemish writer, Puppy Love
1885 Alban Maria Johannes Berg, Vienna Austria, a Lulu of a composer!
1885 Alban Berg, Austrian Composer
1884 Frederik Gerretson, Geerten Gossaert, Dutch poet/politician
1882 Thomas Campbell, South African cricket wicketkeeper, 5 Tests 1909-12
1879 Carl Natanael Berg, composer
1879 Jacques Bainville, French historian/essayist/journalist
1876 Alois Walgrave, Flemish writer/pastor, Silent hours
1876 Martin Stixrud, Norway, figure skater, Olympic-bronze-1920
1875 Sidney Hugo Nicholson, composer
1874 Amy Lowell, U.S. poet and critic, Patterns, Sword Blades and Poppy Seed
1874 Vsevolod Meyerhold, Russian theatrical director/actor, Houligan
1871 Franc S Finzgar, Slovenian clergyman/writer, Our Blood
1871 Howard T Ricketts, U.S. pathologist, studied typhus fever
1867 Edward Naylor, composer
1867 Natsume Soseki [Natsume Kinnosuke], Japanese author, Kokoro
1866 George Ade, U.S., journalist/playwright/humorist, Fables in Slang
1865 Erich von Drygalski, Germany, geographer/glaciologist/Antarctic expl
1865 Patrick Campbell, England, actress, Pygmalion
1863 Anthony Hope, British Writer
1857 Johannes T de Visser, theologist/Dutch 1st minister of Education
1854 Aletta Jacobs, 1st Dutch female physician
1854 Edward Carson, 1st Baron Carson, lawyer/leader, Irish Unionist Party
1853 Leander Starr Jameson, Prime Minister of South African Cape colony
1846 Wilhelm Maybach, German engineer, designer of 1st Mercedes
1834 Felix Dahn, born in Hamburg, Germany, writer, wrote 'Prehistory of the Germanic and Roman Peoples'
1834 Franz Xaver Witt, composer
1830 Abdul Aziz, Istanbul Ottoman, 32nd sultan of Turkey, 1861-76
1826 John Alexander Logan, Major General Union volunteers
1822 Charles T Stork, Dutch industrialist
1814 Samuel Jones Tilden, philanthropist for New York Public Library
1808 Francesco Gomez da Rocha, composer
1783 Vasili A. Zjukovski, Russian folk poet/translator, Homer
1780 Walenty Karol Kratzer, composer
1775 Farkas/Wolfgang Bolyai, Hungary, mathematician, parallel axiom
1773 William Henry Harrison, Virginia, Whigs, 9th President, March 4-April 4, 1841
1772 Frans Mikael Franzen, Finnish-Swedish poet, Abo
1771 Daniel Belknap, composer
1756 Karel Blazej Kopriva, composer
1748 Luther Martin, American Politician
1744 Amos Bull, composer, wrote book of hymns 'The Responsary', used in New England churches
1741 Henri-Joseph Rigel, composer
1735 Adriaan Kluit, Dutch historian
1708 Egidio Romoaldo Duni, composer, opera-comique
1700 Daniel Bernoulli, Dutch Mathematician
1607 Abraham Megerle, composer
1602 Franciscus van de Enden, Flemish jesuit/free thinker/tutor of Spinoza
1579 John Meursius, Dutch historian
1578 Giambattista Andreini, Italian playwright/actor, L'adamo
1441 Ali Sjir Neva'i [Fani], Turkish poet and author, Mahbub al-kulub
1404 Constantine XI Dragases, last Byzantine Emperor