January 19 Birthdays in History - January 19 Deaths - January 19 Events
1993 John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg, son of Caroline Kennedy
1983 Utada Hikaru, Japanese Musician
1982 Jodie Sweetin, actress, Stephanie Tanner-Full House
1977 Anne Miller, Midland, Michigan, tennis star, 1995 Darmstadt Germany
1977 Taliesin Jaffe, Venice California, actor, Willy-Hail to the Chief
1976 Claire Grech, Miss Malta Universe 1997
1976 Sky Christopherson, Tucson Ariz, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1975 Natalie Harvey, Australian 3k/5k runner 1996 Olympics
1974 Amaury Telemaco, Higuey, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs
1974 Gregory Playfair, Suriname/Dutch soccer player, PSV
1974 Tarik Oulida, soccer player, Ajax/Seville
1974 Walter Jones, tackle for the Seattle Seahawks
1973 Chris Stynes, Queens, New York, infielder for the Kansas City Royals
1972 Tyrone Wheatley, NFL running back for the New York Giants
1972 Drea De Matteo, born in Queens, New York, actress, appeared on 'The Sopranos', 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Joey' television shows
1971 Jeff Juden, Salem, Massachusetts, baseball pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants
1971 Maurice Hofman, Dutch soccer player, MVV
1971 Reggie Brooks, NFL running back for the Washington Redskins
1971 Shawn Wayans, actor, In Living Color
1971 John Wozniak, American Musician
1970 Ghetty Chasun, Erie Penn, actress, Red Lips
1970 Rick Krivda, Mckeesport, Pennsylvania, pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles
1970 T J Mathews, Belleville, Illinois, pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals
1969 Andrew Murray Stone, Auckland New Zealand, Open 470 yachter 1996 Olympics
1969 Junior Seau, NFL inside linebacker for the San Diego Chargers
1969 Luc Longley, NBA center, Chicago Bulls
1969 Orlando Palmeiro, Hoboken, New Jersey, outfielder for the California Angels
1968 Marty Conlon, NBA forward for the Milwaukee Bucks
1968 Whitfield Crane, rocker, Ugly Kid Joe-Mad Man, Too Bad
1967 Christine Tucci, actress, Amanda Cory-Another World
1966 Anthony Young, U.S. baseball pitcher, New York Met, Chicago Cubs
1966 Ronnie Williams, NFL tight end for the Miami Dolphins
1966 Stefan Edberg, Sweden, tennis player, Wimbledon 1988, U.S. Open 1991
1966 Sylvain Cote, Duberger, NHL defenseman for the Washington Capitals
1966 Antoine Fuqua, American Director
1965 Ricky Reynolds, NFL cornerback for the New England Patriots
1963 Caron Wheeler, English singer, Soul II Soul-Keep on Movin'
1963 Michael Adams, NBA guard, Charlotte Hornets
1963 Martin Bashir, British Journalist
1962 Anthony Edwards, Santa Barbara, actor, Mike Monroe-Northern Exposure
1962 Chris Sabo, born in Detroit, Michigan, pitcher, Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles
1961 Paul McCrane, actor, Hotel New Hampshire, We're Fighting Back
1961 William Ragsdale, AK, actor, Fright Night, Mannequin 2, Smooth Talk
1960 Alfrederick Joyner, born in East St. Louis, Illinois, triple jumper, Gold Medal 1984 Olympics
1958 Thomas Kinkade, American Artist
1957 Mickael Virtue, rock keyboardist, UB40-Red Red Wine
1957 Ottis "O J" Anderson, NFL running back for the New York Giants
1955 Simon Rattle, born in England, orchestra conductor, Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
1955 Paul Rodriguez, born in Culiacan, Mexico, comedian, actor, films include, 'A Cinderella Story', 'Lonely Street', 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'
1954 Katey Sagal, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Peg Bundy-Married with Children
1954 Steve DeBerg, NFL quarterback, Broncos, Chiefs, Bucs, 49ers
1954 Cindy Sherman, American Photographer
1953 Desi Arnaz, Jr., born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Craig-Here's Lucy, Fakeout, Joyride
1952 Dewey Bunell, born in Yorkshire, England, rock guitarist, America-Daisy Jane
1951 Linda Hayden, Middlesex England, actress, Blood on Satan's Claw
1949 Robert Palmer, born in Batley, England, singer, Power Station
1947 Alessandro Haber, actor, China is Near
1947 Ann Compton, news reporter, ABC TV
1946 Alexandr Vladimirovich Shchukin, Russian cosmonaut
1946 Dolly Rebecca Parton, Sevierville, Tennessee, country singer, Dolly, 9 to 5
1946 Julian Barnes, England, writer, Before She Met Me
1946 Dolly Parton, American Musician
1945 Charles Amirkhanian, composer
1945 Rod Evans, rocker, Deep Purple-Come Taste the Band
1945 Vadim Abdrashitov, director, Fox Hunt, Parade of Planets
1944 Dan Reeves, NFL Coach, New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons
1944 Pehr Henrik Nordgren, composer
1944 Richard [Erskine Frere] Leakey, Nairobi Kenya, anthropologist
1944 Peter Lynch, American Businessman
1944 Shelley Fabares, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, singer, television debut 'Letter to Loretta', played role of Mary Stone in sitcom 'The Donna Reed Show', Primetime Emmy Award nominee for ABC sitcom 'Coach'
1943 Janis Joplin, Port Arthur, Texas, bluesy rock singer, Down on Me
1943 Margriet Francisca, Dutch Princess
1942 Michael Crawford, England, Broadway star, Phantom of the Opera
1942 Shelly Fabares, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Donna Reed Show, Coach
1942 Thom Mayne, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, architect, awarded Pritzker Prize, 2005, principal, Morphosis, famous architecture firm in Santa Monica, California, founder, Southern California Institute of Architecture
1940 Barend J du Plessis, South African minister of Finance, 1984-
1940 Mary Mills, born in Laurel, Mississippi, professional golfer, member, LPGA Tour, won 9 LPGA Tour victories
1938 Denny Smith, born in Ontario, Oregon, Representative-R-Oregon 1981 - 1983
1938 Phil Everly, Brownie, Kentucky, singer, Everly Bros-Wake Up Little Susie
1936 Elliott Schwartz, composer
1936 Ursula Andress, born in Switzerland, actress, She
1936 Ziaur Rahman, Bangladeshi Politician
1935 Tippi Hedren, born in Minnesota, actress, The Birds, Marnie, Bold and Beautiful
1933 Marc F A Andries, Flemish actor, Central Station
1932 Joe Schmidt, NFL Hall of Fame linebacker, Detroit Lions
1932 Richard Lester, movie director, Hard Day's Night, Help!, Petulia
1931 Robert MacNeil, Montreal, news anchor, NBC Weekend News, 1965-67
1931 Ron Packard, born in Meridian, Idaho, Representative-R-California 1983 - 2001
1931 Tippi Hedren, American Actress
1930 John Waite, cricket wicket-keeper, great South African
1929 Ulu Grosbard, Belgium, actor, Straight Time, Georgia, Falling in Love
1928 Dainin Katagiri, Osaka Japan, Zen teacher, associate of Shunryu Suzuki
1928 Edward Gerard Schurmann, composer
1926 Fritz Weaver, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actor, Josef-Holocaust, Day of the Dolphin
1926 Libera Carlier, Flemish author, Action Station Go!
1925 Nina [Mary] Bawden, English author, Afternoon of a Good Woman
1924 7th earl of Carnarvon, English large landowner
1924 Jean Francois Revel, French journalist/author, Ni Marx ni Jesus
1924 Nicholas Colasanto, born in Providence, Rhode Island, actor, Coach Ernie-Cheers
1923 Jean Stapleton, New York City, actress, Damn Yankees, Klute, All in the Family
1923 Markus Wolf, German Public Servant
1922 Arthur Morris, cricketer, great Australian lefty opening batsman
1922 Guy Madison, Robert Moseley, California, actor, Wild Bill Hickok
1922 Ken Hughes, Liverpool England, director, Casino Royale
1921 Patricia Highsmith, Plangman, US/Swiss writer, Strangers on a Train
1920 Javier Perez de Cuellar, Lima Peru, 5th Secretary-General of United Nations, 1982-91
1919 Anthony Dexter, Walter Fleischmann, NB Canada, actor, Valentino
1919 Dharam Singh, India, field hockey player 1964 Olympic gold
1918 John H. Johnson, American Businessman
1917 John Raitt, Bonnie Raitt's father/singer/actor, Pajama Game
1917 Rudolf Maros, composer
1915 Alvy West, born in Brooklyn, New York, orchestra leader, Andy Williams Show
1914 Lester Flatt, country musician, Flatt and Scruggs
1913 Phyllis Flowerdew, school Reading text author
1912 Francis David Charteris, earl of Wemyss and March/Scottish landowner
1912 Jean G H "Sjeng" Tans, Dutch soc dem chairman, 1965-69
1912 Leonid V Kantorovich, St. Petersburg Russia, economist, Nobel
1910 Willi Schmidt, Germany, director
1907 Lillian Harvey, born in London, England, actress, Invitation to the Waltz
1906 Ish Kabbible, Merwyn Bogue, Penns, comedian, Kay Kyser's Kollege
1906 Lanny Ross, Seattle, radio singer, Show Boat, The Swift Show
1905 Anne Schumacher Hummert, radio pioneer
1905 Oveta Culp Hobby, government official/newspaper publisher/CEO, Houston Post
1904 James Winston Watts, developer, Frontal Lobotomy
1903 Alfred Lane Beit, connoisseur
1903 Erwin Nyiregyhazi, Budapest Hungary, pianist
1902 Heinrich Schmist-Barrien, German author, Moorkeerl
1899 Herbert Whitton Sumsion, organist/composer
1897 Natacha Rambova, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, costume designer
1897 Rene Victor, Flemish lawyer/knight, Rechtskundig Weekblad
1892 Olafur Thors, Icelandic PM, 6 times, 1942-63
1889 Sophie Taeuber/Tauber-Arp, Swiss sculptor/wife of Hans Arp, Dada
1887 Alexander Woollcott, New Jersey, short story writer, Man Who Came to Dinner
1884 Albert Louis Wolff, composer
1884 Albert Wolff, Dutch Musician
1883 Hermann Abendroth, German conductor
1879 Marie Koenen, author/wife of Felix Rutten, Wassend Cereal
1877 Charles Coburn, Savannah, Georgia, actor, Devil and Miss Jones
1873 Hans E Blaich, writer
1869 Alfred R Zimmerman, mayor, Rotterdam 1906 - 1922, Dir, League of Nations
1868 Gustav Meyrink, writer
1866 Harry Davenport, New York City, actor and director, Her Unborn Child, My Sin
1863 Werner Sombart, German fascist, Juden und das Wirtschaftsleben
1859 Alice Eastwood, Toronto, botanist, Handbook of Trees of California
1858 Eugene Brieux, French playwright, Blanchette, Lesson Avaries
1852 Robert Adamson, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, philosopher, professor, served as chair of logic at University of Glasgow 1893 - 1902, important lectures published in 'The Development of Modern Philosophy and Other Essays'
1851 David Starr Jordan, New York, biologist/university President, Leland Stanford
1851 Johannes C. Kapteyn, Dutch astronomer
1850 Augustine Birrell, English Author
1839 Bohumil Pazdirek, composer
1839 Paul Cezanne, France, impressionist painter, Bathers
1837 William Williams Keen, surgeon, brain
1832 Ferdinand Laub, composer
1832 Salvador Giner y Vidal, composer
1830 George Blake Cosby, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1827 Carlos Guido y Spano, Argentina, conductor, Rafagas
1820 John Haskell King, Major General Union Army
1816 Henry Gray, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1813 Henry Bessemer, engineer/inventor, Bessemer engine
1809 Edgar Allan Poe, Boston, author, Pit and the Pendulum
1808 Lysander Spooner, American Philosopher
1807 Robert Edward Lee, Stratford, Virginia, General-in-Chief, Confederacy
1807 Robert E. Lee, American Soldier
1806 Vaclav Jindrich Veit, composer
1802 [Jean] Silvain van de Weyer, 1st Belgian Minister of Foreign affairs, 1831
1798 Auguste Comte, philosopher/founder, sociology and positivism
1790 Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom, Swedish historian/poet, Blommorna
1760 Melchor Lopez Jimenez, composer
1749 Isaiah Thomas, U.S., printer/editor/publisher/historian
1737 Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, French writer, Paul et Virgin
1736 James Watt, Scotland, inventor, steam engine
1736 Laurens P van de Spiegel, Dutch regent and secretary of State 1787 - 1795
1686 Hakuin Ekakuborn, Japan, Zen Buddhist
1679 Girolamo Chiti, composer
1676 John Weldon, composer
1639 Noel Alexandre, French theologian/historian
1613 Jacques Huyn, composer
1544 Francis II de Valois-Angoulame, king of France, 1559 - 1560
1200 Dogen Kigen, Japan, Zen teacher, 1st patriarch of the Japanese Soto
1200 Dogen Zenji, Japanese Philosopher
570 Mohammed, Islamic prophet, Koran