January 25 Birthdays in History - January 25 Deaths - January 25 Events
1981 Alicia Keys, born in New York City, New York, born Alicia Augello Cook, singer, recording artist, actress, debut album, 'Songs in A Minor', won five Grammy Awards
1980 Amanda Michelle Burns, Miss West Virginia Teen USA 1997
1978 Christine Lakin, actress, Alicia Lambert-Step by Step
1978 Mandy Carraway, Miss Kansas Teen USA 1996
1976 Tara Fleming, N York Ontario, LPGA golfer, 1992 LPGA Corning-10th
1975 John Piersma, U.S., 200m/400m freestyle swimmer, Olympics-4th-96
1974 Adam Meadows, offensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts
1974 Daniel Sproule, Australian field hockey halfback 1996 Olympics
1974 Jonathan Bryan Colling, Boston, rocker, 4 Fun-Unbelievable Fun Boys
1973 Anthony Harris, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins
1973 Elvis Presley, Jr., alleged son of Elvis Presley
1973 Marco Battaglia, tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals
1973 Rodney Young, NFL safety for the New York Giants
1973 Terrell Wade, born in Rembert, South Carolina, pitcher, Atlanta Braves
1971 China Slick, rocker, daughter of Grace Slick
1971 Herman Smith, NFL/WLAF defensive end, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, London Monarchs
1971 Jordan Young, Thunder Bay Ont, Canadian Tour golfer, 1992 Purdue
1971 Kerry Taylor, U.S. baseball pitcher for the San Diego Padres
1971 Kevin Williams, receiver/kick returner, Az Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys
1971 Konstantin Matoussevich, Israel, Men's high jump, 1996 Olympics
1971 Tommie Jones, WLAF cornerback for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Vincent Brisby, NFL wide receiver for the New England Patriots
1970 Chris Mills, NBA forward, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks
1970 Milt Stegall, CFL receiver for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1970 Pau Coll, WLAF kicker/safety, Barcelona Dragons
1970 Scott Hendrickson, CFL guard for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
1969 Jesse Harte, Rome, Georgia, heavy metal vocalist, Southgang-Tainted Angel
1969 Nolan Harrison, NFL defensive tackle, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers
1969 Penny Moore, WNBA guard and forward, Charlotte Sting
1968 Lynette Brooky, New Zealand, golfer, New Zealand Open 1993/94
1968 Roosevelt Collins, WLAF DL for the Amsterdam Admirals
1968 Tim De Leede, cricketer, Holland batsman 1996 World Cup
1967 Mario Brunetta, hockey goaltender, Team Italy 1998
1967 Marty Calder, St. Catharine ON, 62 kg freestyle wrestler, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1967 Randy Mckay, Montreal, NHL right wing for the New Jersey Devils
1966 John Velyvis, born in North Adams, Massachusetts, rower 1996 Olympics
1966 Mark Schlereth, NFL guard, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1966 Paul Ranheim, St. Louis, NHL left wing, Hartford Whalers
1966 Pavel Torgajev, Nizhnij Novgorod, NHL left wing for the Calgary Flames
1966 Richie Lewis, U.S. baseball pitcher for the Florida Marlins
1965 Brian Holman, Winfield, Kansas, pitcher, Cincinnati Reds, Seattle Mariners
1965 Esa Tikkanen, Helsinki FI, NHL left wing, Panthers, Canucks, Bronze Medal 1998 Olympics
1964 Bob Sweeney, Concord, NHL center, New York Islanders, Calgary Flames
1964 Chip Foster, actor, Chip and Pepper's Surf's Up Saturday
1964 Pepper Foster, actress, Chip and Pepper's Surf's Up Saturday
1964 William Thomas Andrade, Fall River, Massachusetts, PGA golfer, 1991 Kemper Open
1963 Carl Fysh, rocker, Brother Beyond-Can You Keep a Secret
1963 Joe Lloyd, Highland Park, Illinois, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 Space Coast
1963 Suzanne Klemann, Dutch singer, Lois Lane-I Wanna Be
1962 Chris Chelios, Chicago, NHL defenseman, Chicago Blackhawks, Team USA
1961 Michele Tobin, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Fitzpatricks
1958 Dinah Manoff, New York City, actress, Elaine-Soap, Carol Weston-Empty Nest
1958 Gary Brian Tibbs, London, rock bassist, Adam and The Ants, Roxy Music
1958 Harti Weirather, Austrian alpine skier
1957 Edmund Theodore Sylvers, rocker, Sylvers
1957 Jeff Gossett, NFL punter for the Oakland Raiders
1957 Jenifer Lewis, actress, Girl 6, Meteor Man, Sister Act
1957 Martha Elizabeth Thomsen, Moses Lake Wash, playmate, May, 1980
1956 Andy Cox, rock guitarist, Fine Young Cannibals-She Drives Me Crazy
1954 Condredge Holloway, Alabama, CFL quarterback, Ottawa, Toronto
1954 Richard Finch, rock bassist, KC and Sunshine-That's the Way I Like It
1953 Malcolm Green, rocker, Split Enz-I Got You
1952 Timothy White, American Critic
1951 Steve Prefontaine, Coos Bay Oregon, 5K, Olympics-4th-1972
1950 Gloria Naylor, U.S. author, Women of Brewster Place
1946 Josephine M Verspaget, sociologist/Dutch MP, PvdA
1946 Ronnie Brandon, rocker, McCoys
1946 Silvio Blatter, born in Bremgarten, Switzerland, writer, teacher, works include, 'Das sanfte Gesetz' or 'The soft law'
1945 Leigh Taylor-Young, Washington D.C., actress, Peyton Place, Alice B Toklas
1943 Tobe Hooper, American Director
1941 Elzie "Buddy" Baker, race-car driver
1938 Betico Croes, Arubian politician, Status Aparte
1938 Etta James, Jamesette Hawkins, U.S. singer, Roll With Me Henry
1937 Don Maynard, NFL receiver for the New York Jets, #13
1937 Kathleen Tynan Halton, writer
1936 Daniel Schaefer, born in Guttenberg, Iowa, Representative-R-Colorado 1983 - 1999
1936 Diana Hyland, Cleveland Hgts Ohio, actress, Peyton Place, 8 is Enough
1935 Conrad Burns, American Politician
1934 Elizabeth Allen, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, actress, Laura-Bracken's World
1933 Corazon Aquino, president of Philippines, 1986-92
1933 Alden Nowlan, Canadian Poet
1931 Dean Jones, Decatur Ala, actor, Ensign O'Toole, Company, Love Bug
1931 Harold Lloyd, Jr., actor, Frankenstein's Daughter
1931 Paavo J Haavikko, finnish writer/poet/husband of Marja-Liisa Vartio
1931 Stikkan, Stig Anderson, music entrepreneur
1929 Bill O'Brien, British Politician
1928 Eduard Shevardnadze, Soviet Georgia, foreign minister of U.S.S.R., -91
1927 Antonio Carlos Jobim, composer
1927 Gregg Palmer, SF, actor, Scream, To Hell and Back
1927 Seung Sahn, zen teacher, Korean line
1925 Eric Dempster, cricketer, New Zealand slow bowl of mid-50's, bowling avg 109.5
1924 Lou "The Toe" Groza, AAFC, NFL tackle, kicker for the Cleveland Browns
1923 Eva Zeller, born in Germany, poet, writer, novelist, wrote Lampenfieber, Hauptfrau, Fliehkraft, Auf dem Wasser gehen
1922 Jules P de Palm, Antilles writer
1922 Raymond Baxter, British TV host/author, Fast Lady
1921 Alfred Reed, born in New York, New York, composer, wrote over 200 works for orchestra, chorus, concert band, chamber ensemble, wind ensemble, guest conductor, performing in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America
1921 Russell Reading Braddon, Australian author
1919 Edwin Newman, New York City, newscaster/journalist/author, NBC-TV, Comment
1919 Patricia Louise Dalton, chair, Sherlock Holmes Society of London
1918 Ken Mayers, actor, Robbie Robertson-Space Patrol
1918 Ernie Harwell, American Celebrity
1917 Ilya Prigogine, Belgian Physicist
1915 Michael Duane, educationalist
1913 Witold Lutoslawski, Warsaw Poland, composer, Jeux Venitiens
1912 Lucius E Burch, Jr., U.S. lawyer/civil rights leader
1911 Julia Frances Smith, composer
1910 Harold Watkinson, politician/businessman
1910 Hendrik Willem Hans Osieck, composer
1908 Howard Wendell, Poland, actor, 4 Skulls of Jonathan Drake
1908 Lord Iliffe, English publisher, Coventry Evening Telegraph/Autocar
1908 W H V "Hopper" Levett, cricket keeper, England in 1 Test in Calcutta
1904 Frans Goedhart, Dutch journalist/founder, Het Parool
1904 Geza Frid, Hungarian/Dutch composer/pianist
1903 "Sleepy" John Estes, rocker
1902 Gerard P M Knuvelder, Dutch literature historian, Vocation, Kitty
1900 Mildred Dunnock, Balt, actress, Baby Doll, Nun's Story
1900 Theodosius Dobzhansky, born in Ukraine, genetist/writer, Mankind Evolving
1899 Ace Goodman, born in Kansas City, Missouri, comedian, Easy Aces
1898 Joachim Wach, German/US philosopher/sociologist, Understanding
1896 John Moores, British gambling magnate/multi-millionaire
1891 Dame Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Britian, actress, Cleopatra
1891 William C Bullitt, 1st U.S. ambassador to U.S.S.R.
1889 Vladimir Vladimirovich Scherbachov, composer
1887 Diego Valeri, Italian author and poet, Le Gaie Tristezze
1886 Wilhelm Furtwangler, Berlin Germany, conductor/composer
1885 A J Else Mauhs, German/Dutch actress, Eline Vere, L'aiglon
1884 Edward Kilenyi, composer
1882 Virginia Woolf, born in London, author, Jacob's Room, To Lighthouse
1881 Emil Ludwig, German biographer, Diana, Son of Man
1881 Gustave Frederic Soderlund, composer
1880 Francis George Scott, composer
1874 Hewlett Johnson, Red Dean of Canterbury, English bishop
1874 [William] Somerset Maugham, Paris, novelist/poet, Of Human Bondage
1874 William Somerset Maugham, British Playwright
1874 W. Somerset Maugham, British Playwright
1869 Max Hoffmann, German Soldier
1866 Emile Vandervelde, leader of Belgian BWP party
1863 Rufus Jones, American Writer
1860 Charles Curtis, R, 31st U.S. Vice President, 1929-33
1858 Giuseppi Radiciotti, composer
1851 Arne Garborg, Norwegian playwright, Bondestudentar
1851 Jan Blockx, Belgium, opera composer, Sea Bride princess of Herberg
1844 Frederick E Kitziger, composer
1842 George Dorsey, American Politician
1841 John Arbuthnot Fisher, Ceylon, 1st Baron Fisher/admiral of the fleet
1839 Seldon Connor, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1834 Pablo Hernandez Salces, composer
1826 Rembt T H P L A van Boneval Faure, Dutch MP
1814 Francis Harrison Pierpont, governor, Union
1806 Daniel Maclise, Irish painter
1796 William McGillivray, Old Aberdeen, naturalist
1777 Elias Canneman, Dutch liberal minister of Finance, 1813-14
1770 Francis Burdett, British politician
1766 Hans CE Freiherr von Gagern, German advisor to Dutch king Willem I
1759 Robert Burns, Alloway Scotland, poet, Auld Lang Syne
1750 Johann Gottfried Vierling, composer
1741 Benedict Arnold, general and traitor, U.S. revolution
1736 Joseph-Louis, comte de Lagrange, Turin, French mathematician
1728 Antoine Court de Gebelin, French vicar/writer
1708 Pompeo Girolamo Batoni, Italian painter
1693 Anna Ivanova Romanova, daughter of Ivan V/empress of Russia, 1730-40
1634 Gaspar Fagel, lawyer/pension advisor of Holland, 1672-88
1627 Robert Boyle, Ireld, physicist/chemist/author, experiments with color
1626 John van de Cappelle, Amsterdam, landscape painter
1615 Govert Flinck, Dutch painter, Isaac blesses Jacob
1562 Lope de Vega, Spanish Playwright
1540 Edmund Campion, London, saint/Jesuit martyr, Decem Rationes
1509 Giovanni Morone, Italian theologist/diplomat/cardinal/"heretic"
1477 Anna de Bretagne, wife of Maximilian of Austria and Louis XII
749 Leo IV, the Khazar, Byzantine emperor, 775-80