January 30 Birthdays in History - January 30 Deaths - January 30 Events
1979 Karen Smith, Australian field hockey midfielder/halfback 1996 Olympics
1978 Lnd Girchoukevitch, NHL goaltender, Belarus, 1998 Olympics
1976 Florian Keller, Munchen GER, hockey player, Team Germany, Rosenheim
1976 Andy Milonakis, born in Katonah, New York, actor, comedian, uses comedy to deflect from his congenital growth-hormone condition, giving him the voice, appearance of an adolescent boy, appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live television show
1974 Christian Bale, Wales, actor, Empire of the Sun, Little Women
1974 Martina Jerant, Windsor Ontario, basketball center 1996 Olympics
1974 Robert Rollins, cricketer, big-hitting Essex wicketkeeper-batsman
1974 Tom Jenkinson, English Musician
1973 Brad Yamaoka, CFL running back for the BC Lions
1973 Holly Noelle Roehl, Miss Indiana USA 1996
1973 Jalen Rose, NBA guard for the Indiana Pacers
1973 Jimmy Oliver, NFL wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers
1973 Sharone Wright, NBA center and forward for the Toronto Raptors
1972 Burt Thornton, CFL receiver for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1972 Chris Simon, Wawa, NHL left wing for the Colorado Avalanche
1972 Jill McGill, born in Denver, Colorado, LPGA golfer, 1995 British Open-2nd
1971 Brent Moss, WLAF running back for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Chris Slade, NFL outside linebacker for the New England Patriots
1971 Derek Allen, NFL/WLAF offensive linebacker, New York Giants, Rhein Fire
1971 Kevin Knox, WLAF receiver for the Rhein Fire
1971 Kimo Von Oelhoffen, NFL defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals
1971 Milko Pieren, Dutch soccer player, Sparta
1971 Quentin Neujahr, NFL center, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns
1971 Takeshi Yamanaka, hockey defenseman, Team Japan 1998
1971 Trent Klatt, Robbinsdale, NHL right wing for the Philadelphia Flyers
1971 Tim Jones, born in America, composer, musician, composer of film scores including, 'Chuck', 'Vampires: The Turning', 'Wicked Little Things'
1970 Edwin de Kruyf/Kruijff, soccer player, FC Utrecht, FC Groningen
1970 Oleg Khmyl, NHL defenseman, Belarus, 1998 Olympics
1970 Scott Levins, Spokane, NHL right wing, Ottawa Senators
1968 Bob Nardella, hockey defenseman, Team Italy 1998
1968 Felipe de Borbon, Prince of Asturias, heir to Spanish throne
1968 Trevor Dunn, American Musician
1967 Bill Leverty, Richmond, Virginia, guitarist, Firehouse-Love of a Lifetime
1966 Danielle Goyette, ice hockey forward, Canada, 1998 Olympics
1966 Daphne Ashbrook, born in Long Beach, California, actress, Liz-Our Family Honor
1965 Julie McCullough, Honolulu Hi, playmate, Feb 86, actress, Growing Pains
1964 Cheryl Akemi Toma, Pearl City Hawaii, Miss Hawaii-America 1991
1962 King Abdullah II, Jordanian Statesman
1961 Ranjit Madurasinghe, cricketer, 3 Tests for Sri Lanka 1988-92
1961 Dexter Scott King, American Actor
1960 Tony O'Dell, born in Pasadena, California, actor, Alan Pinkard-Head of the Class
1959 Jody Watley, Chic, dancer, Solid Gold, singer, Looking For a New Love
1958 Brett Butler, born in Montgomery, Alabama, comedienne, Grace-Grace Under Fire
1958 Rob van Zandvoort, Dutch rock vocalist/keyboardist, Jack of Hearts
1957 William Payne Stewart, born in Springfield, Missouri, PGA golfer, 1983 Walt Disney
1957 Payne Stewart, professional golfer, won the U.S. Open, 1991 and 1999, won PGA Championship in 1989, among others
1955 Curtis Strange, born in Norfolk, Virginia, PGA golfer, 1989 U.S. Open
1955 Judith Tarr, U.S., sci-fi author, Isle of Glass, Ars Magica
1955 Michael Thompson, guitarist, Afterburn, Fresh, Sahara, Gridlock'd
1955 John Baldacci, born in Bangor, Maine, politician, Democratic party, 73rd Governor of Maine
1954 Alides Hidding, singer/guitarist, Time Bandits
1951 Bobby Stokes, born in Portsmouth, England, athlete, English footballer, scored the winning goal in 1976, Southampton F.C. vs. Manchester United, FA Cup Final, in the 83rd-minute, considered biggest upset in FA Cup Final history
1951 Charles S Dutton, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor, Alien 3, Crocodile Dundee 2, Roc
1951 Clifford Leon Anderson, rocker, Cure
1951 Phil Collins, England, singer/drummer, Genesis-Against All Odds
1951 Trevor Laughlin, cricketer, Australian all-rounder 1978-79
1951 Charles S. Dutton, American Actor
1950 Bruce Howard Lidington, actor, Sword of Valiant, Mosses
1949 William King, Alabama, soul trumpeteer, Commodores-Easy
1949 Peter Agre, American Scientist
1948 William Hastings-Bass, born in England, William Edward Robin Hood Hastings-Bass, 17th Earl of Huntington, member of the Seventh Creation, Earls of Huntington
1948 Nicholas Broomfield, director/editor, Dark Obsession, Heidi Fleiss
1947 Martin Christoph Redel, composer
1947 Steve Marriott, rock guitarist and vocalist, Humble Pie-Eat It, Faces
1946 Lord Mackay of Drumadoon, British QC
1945 Michael Dorris, born in Louisville, Kentucky, writer, scholar, first unmarried man to adopt child, Raynold Abel, wrote about Reynold in 'The Broken Cord'
1945 Robert Wittinger, composer
1944 John Thornton, English chocolate factory/multi-millionaire
1944 William Westwood, born in England, born William Gavin Westwood, 3rd Baron Westwood of Gosforth in the County of Northumberland, Peerage of the United Kingdom
1944 Lynn Harrell, New York City, cellist
1943 Davy Johnson, baseball manager for the New York Mets
1942 Andres, Dries Holten, Dutch singer, Sandra and Andres
1942 Christopher Howes, Crown Estate Second Commissioner
1942 Dave Brown, cricketer, Warwicks pace bowler, played 26X for England
1942 Heidi Bruhl, German actress and singer, Madels vom Immenhof
1942 Marty Balin, Cincinnati, singer, Jefferson Starship-Miracles
1941 Dick Cheney, born in Lincoln Nebraska, Representative-R-Wyoming 1979 - 1989, George H. W. Bush's Secretary of Defense, 1989 - 1993, vice president 2001 - 2009
1941 Joe Terranoua, rocker, Danny and The Juniors
1940 David C. Johnson, born in Batavia, New York, composer, flutist, studied with Nadia Boulanger, performed live-electronic music
1939 Eleanor Smeal, feminist/president, NOW
1939 Frank Wolf, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Virginia 1981 -
1939 Nick Gaselee, racehorse trainer
1939 Frank R. Wolf, American Politician
1938 Marcel P A van Dam, Dutch politician/CEO, VARA Radio/TV
1938 Marlies van Alcmaer, Smal, Dutch actress/director, Bridge too Far
1938 Islom Karimov, Uzbekistani Statesman
1937 Boris Spassky, U.S.S.R., world chess champion, 1969-72
1937 Vanessa Redgrave, born in London, actress, Blow-Up, Julia, Orient Express
1935 John George Hughes, bishop of Kensington
1935 Martin Taylor, former vice-chairman, Hanson
1935 Richard Brautigan, born in Tacoma, Washington, writer, novelist, wrote Trout Fishing in America, known for black comedy, parody, satire, and Zen Buddhism
1934 Tammy Grimes, Lynn Massachusetts, actress, Can't Stop the Music
1933 Bob Muddimer, CEO, Ranks Hovis McDougall
1933 Louis Rukeyser, financial whiz, Wall Street Week
1933 Richard Dufallo, born in Chicago, Illinois, clarinetist/conductor
1932 Kazuo Inamori, Japanese business executive, Kyocera Ceramics Co
1931 Gene Hackman, born in California, actor, Bonnie and Clyde, Under Fire, Superman
1931 Jack Bowman, Chief Constable, Tayside
1931 Shirley Hazzard, Australian author, Transit of Venus
1931 Stewart McKinney, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Connecticut 1971 - 1987
1930 Magnus Adem Malan, South African minister of Defense, 1980-
1929 Hugh Tayfield, cricketer, celebrated South African off-spinner 1949-60
1929 Richard Long, born in London, England, Richard Gerard Long, 4th Viscount Long, politician, Conservative Party
1928 Andrew Salkey, author editor/broadcaster
1928 Harold Prince, U.S. producer/director, West Side Story, Evita
1928 Mitch Leigh, born in Brooklyn, New York, Irwin Michnick, graduated from Yale, composer, musical theater composer, theatrical producer, known for show Man Of La Mancha, composed jingle 'Nobody Doesn't Like Sara Lee'
1927 Olof Palme, Stockholm, Prime Minister of Sweden, 1969 - 1976, 1982 - 1986, assassinated
1926 Ruth Brown, born in Portsmouth, Virginia, actress, Leona-Hello Larry, Checking In
1925 Dorothy Malone, Chic, actress, At Gunpoint, Night and Day, Peyton Place
1925 Douglas Engelbart, American Inventor
1924 Margaret Beda Nicholson, author, No Medals for the Major
1924 Lloyd Alexander, born in Pennsylvania, American author, wrote children's fantasy novels, 'Cricket' magazine creator
1922 Dick Martin, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor/comedian, Laugh-In, Carbon Copy
1922 Pal Jardanyi, composer
1921 Bernie Leighton, West Haven, Connecticut, orchestra leader, Chance of a Lifetime
1920 George Skibine, Russian/U.S. dancer and choreographer, Tragedy in Verona
1920 Patrick Heron, abstract painter
1919 Robert Suter, composer
1919 Robert Lowry, born in Ireland, judge, Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, Baron Lowry of Crossgar in the County of Down
1919 Fred Korematsu, American Celebrity
1918 David Opatoshu, New York City, actor, Bonino, Secret Empire, Masada
1918 Jarl Andre Bjerke, Bernhard Borge, Norwegian poet/writer
1915 Dorothy Dell, actor, Little Miss Marker, Wharf Angel
1915 John D. Profumo, born in England, politician
1915 Pierre Wissmer, Swiss composer/theory, Capitaine Bruno
1914 David Wayne, born in Traverse City, Michigan, actor, 'Andromeda Strain', 'Adams Rib'
1914 John Ireland, Vancouver BC, actor, Rawhide, Gunfight at OK Corral
1914 Louis Osman, artist architect goldsmith medallist/craftsman
1913 Dicky Fuller, cricketer, one Test WI vs. England 1935, 1, 0-12
1913 Percy Thrower, English radio host
1912 Barbara Tuchman, U.S., historian/author, Pulitzer, Guns of August
1912 Jadwiga Wajsowna-Marcinkiewicz, discus thrower, Olympic-bronze-1932
1912 Francis Schaeffer, American Theologian
1911 Alexander George Ogston, biochemist
1911 Hugh Marlowe, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, actor, Ellery Queen
1911 Roy Eldridge, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, jazz trumpeter, Gene Krupa, Artie Shaw
1910 Frans Dohmen, union leader, Dutch Catholic Mineworker's Union
1909 Mihaly Hajou, composer
1909 Richard Hearne, Norwich England, actor, Captain Horatio Hornblower
1909 Saul David Alinsky, born in Chicago, Illinois, radical writer, John L Lewis
1909 Saul Alinsky, American Activist
1906 Greta Nissen, actress, Ambassador Bill
1903 G Evelyn Hutchinson, British zoologist, Treatise on Limnology
1902 Elise Cavanna, actress, Pharmacist, Dentist, Barber Shop
1902 Nikolaus Pevsner, Engl, art historian, The Buildings of England
1901 Earl of Huntingdon, mural painter
1900 Isaak Iosifovich Dunayevsky, composer
1900 Martita Hunt, Argentina, actress, Man in Grey, Becket
1900 Sandy Powell, Rotherham England, costume designer, Rob Roy
1899 Max Theiler, English/U.S. microbiologist, Nobel 1951
1898 Alfred Schlappi, born in Switzerland, 4 man bobsled, Gold Medal 1924 Olympics
1894 Boris III, czar of Bulgaria, 1918-43
1894 Marcel Canneel, Flemish painter, Reuzenstoet
1892 Charles Trowbridge Haubiel, composer
1892 Grigore Gafencu, Roman minister of Foreign affairs, 1938-39
1885 John Henry Towers, aviator/naval hero
1882 Franklin D. Roosevelt, born in Hyde Park, New York, 32nd President, D, 1933 - 1945
1873 Rose Melville, actress, Sis
1871 Seymour Hicks, St. Helier Jersey, actor-manager, Scrooge
1871 Wilfred Lucas, actor, Pardon Us, Chump at Oxford
1866 Gelett Burgess, author, Purple Cow
1865 Samuel Pl'h Naber, Dutch rear-admiral/librarian
1862 Walter Johannes Damrosch, composer
1861 Charles Martin Tornow Loeffler, Mulhouse Alsace, composer
1853 Leland Hone, cricketer, England keeper 1879 without county experience
1846 Francis H Bradley, British philosopher, neo-idealism
1846 F. H. Bradley, British Philosopher
1844 Moritz F Freiherr von Bissing, German gen/Governor-General of Belgium, 1914-17
1841 Alfred Townsend George, Civil War journalist
1835 Oliver Edwards, Major General Union volunteers
1834 Lord Avebury, John Lubbock, British banker/politician
1830 James G Blaine, U.S., minister of foreign affairs
1829 Alfred Cummings, Georgia, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1822 John Basil Turchin, Ivan Turchinoff, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1816 Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, Major General Union volunteers
1814 Jean-Baptist Capronnier, French/Belgian glass painter
1797 Edwin Vose Sumner, Major General Union volunteers
1789 George Augustus Kollmann, composer
1781 A vs. Chamisso, writer
1781 Adelbert von Chamisso, German Poet
1775 Walter Savage Landor, Warwick, critic/writer, Imaginary Conversation
1760 Franz Xaver Partsch, composer
1756 Josef Preindl, composer
1752 Joseph Matthias Kracher, composer
1724 Ignaz Franz Xaver Kurzinger, composer
1719 Magnus G Lichtwer, German writer, esopischer Fabeln
1710 Vigilio Blasio Faitello, composer
1708 Georg D Ehret, German/English cartoonist
1697 Johann Joachim Quantz, German royal flautist/composer
1694 Joseph Joachim Benedict Munster, composer
1687 [Johann] Balthasar Neumann, German architect, baptized
1647 Konrad Hoffler, composer
1628 George Villiers, 2nd duke of Buckingham England
1624 Arnold Geulincx, South Netherland, philosopher, About Virtue
1616 William Sancroft, Archbishop, Canterbury
1609 Wenzel E Furst von Lobkowitz, Austrian chencellor, -1674
1566 Alessandro Piccinini, composer
1563 Franciscus Gomarus, Francois Gomaer, Dutch theologist/opera singer