January 7 Birthdays in History - January 7 Deaths - January 7 Events
1983 Natalie Gulbis, American Athlete
1977 Dustin Diamond, born in San Jose, California, actor, Screech-Saved By Bell
1975 Robert Norman Waddell, Cambridge New Zealand, Single scull rower 1996 Olympics
1974 Jennifer LeRoy, Craig CO, playmate, Feb, 1993
1973 Bobby Engram, wide receiver for the Chicago Bears
1973 Brian Milne, fullback for the Cincinnati Bengals
1973 Ricky Wood, Van Nuys California, diver 1996 Olympics
1973 Robert Dunn, Glenn Cove, New York, team handball left wing 1996 Olympics
1972 Aaron John Mcintosh, Auckland New Zealand, sailboard yachter 1996 Olympics
1972 Chuck Levy, kick returner/running back for the San Francisco 49ers
1972 Donald Brashear, Bedford, NHL left wing, Montreal Canadiens
1971 Bobby Hamilton, NFL/WLAF defensive end, Amsterdam Admirals, New York Jets
1971 Masato Itai, WLAF wide receiver for the Amsterdam Admirals
1971 Todd Yeaman, NFL defensive tackle for the New York Giants
1970 Doug E. Doug, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, screenwriter, comedian, played Griffith Vesey on television sitcom Cosby, voice of Bernie in the animated movie Shark Tale, and Sanka Coffie in film Cool Runnings
1970 Darryl Williams, NFL safety, Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals
1970 Frank "Cliff" Mannon, Amarillo, Texas, team handball 1996 Olympics
1970 Paul McCallum, CFL/WLAF kicker/punter, Claymores, Sask Roughriders
1970 Todd Day, NBA guard and forward for the Boston Celtics
1969 Chris Hatcher, U.S. baseball outfielder for the Houston Astros
1969 Erric Pegram, NFL running back, Pit Steelers, New York Giants, San Diego Chargers
1969 Todd Kinchen, NFL wide receiver, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons
1968 Michael Rosati, hockey goaltender, Team Italy 1998
1968 Nathaniel Bolton, WLAF running back for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1967 Guy Hebert, Troy, NHL goalie, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Team USA 98
1967 Scott Galbraith, NFL tight end, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys
1966 Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, model/wife of John Kennedy Jr
1966 Jennifer Luff, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1966 Randy Burridge, Fort Erie, NHL left wing for the Buffalo Sabres
1965 Mark Rushmere, cricketer, South Africa opening bat in comeback Test 1992
1964 Francisco Maciel, Mexico, tennis star
1964 Nicolas Cage, actor, Moonstruck, Racing with the Moon
1963 Craig Shipley, Australian/US baseball infielder for the San Diego Padres
1962 Hallie Todd, actress, Check is in the Mail
1962 Jeff Montgomery, Wellston, Ohio, pitcher for the Kansas City Royals
1961 John Thune, born in Murdo, South Dakota, politician, Republican, U.S. Senator from South Dakota, U.S. House of Representatives from South Dakota's At-Large district
1960 David Marciano, Newark, New Jersey, actor, Det Ray Vecchio-Due South
1960 Tierre Turner, born in Detroit, Michigan, actor, Waverly Wonders, Cop and the Kid
1960 Loretta Sanchez, American Politician
1959 Kathy Valentine, rocker, Go-Go's-We Got the Beat
1958 Donna Rice, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, model/Gary Hart's lover
1958 Peter R Mokaba, president, South African Youth Congress
1957 Katie Couric, born in Arlington, Virginia, TV news host, Today
1957 Kristen Meadows, actress, Santa Barbara
1957 Nicholson Baker, American Novelist
1956 Robin Walton, Boise ID, LPGA golfer, 1995 GHP Heartland Classic-15th
1956 Rosalyn Bryant, born in Chicago, Illinois, 4x400m runner 1976 Olympics silver
1956 Trudie Styler, England, wife of Sting/sponsor, Rainforest Concert
1956 David Caruso, born in Forest Hills, New York, actor, producer, known for television series, 'CSI: Miami', appeared in films, 'First Blood', 'China Girl', 'An Officer and a Gentleman'
1955 Sandra Bernhard, born in Arizona, Follow That Bird, King of Comedy
1954 Alan Butcher, cricketer, one Test England vs. India, scored 14 and 20
1953 Agha Zahid, cricketer, open batting for Pak vs. WI 1975, scored 14 and 1
1953 Earl Wilber Force "Wire" Lindo, rocker, Bob Marley and the Wailers
1952 Giuliano Ferrara, born in Rome, Italy, activist, atheist, communist turned Centre-Right and pro-life, admired Pope Benedict XVI
1951 Talgat Amangeldyyevich Musabayev, Russian Major/cosmonaut, TM-19, TM-27
1950 Erin Gray, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, actress, Silver Spoons, Buck Rogers
1949 John Christopher Parry, rocker, Cure
1949 Marshall Chapman, Spartanburg, South Carolina, country singer
1948 Kaz Lux, Poland/Netherland, singer
1948 Kenny Loggins, born in Everett, Washington, singer, & Messina-This is it, Footloose
1947 David Porcelijn, Dutch composer and conductor
1946 Andy Brown, rock drummer, Fortunes Birmingham
1946 Jann S Wenner, publisher, Rolling Stone
1945 Tony Conigliaro, Massachusetts, baseball outfielder for the Boston Red Sox
1944 Ad Nijhuis, Dutch MP, VVD
1944 Mike McGear, born in Liverpool, England, singer, Paul McCartney's brother
1943 Jim Lefebvre, Hawthorne California, baseball manager for the Seattle Mariners
1943 Leona Williams, singer and songwriter, Ladies Get the Blues
1943 Nicholas Warner, test Pilot
1942 Paul Revere, rock keyoardist, Good Thing
1942 Vasili Alexeyev, U.S.S.R., weightlifer, Olympics gold 72, 76
1941 Ann Susan Hills, freelance journalist
1941 Frederick Drew Gregory, Washington D.C., Col USAF/astronaut, STS-51-B, 33, 44
1941 Robert Hicks, rocker, Paul Butterfield Blues Band
1941 John E. Walker, English Scientist
1940 William Elgin Swinton, child psychiatrist
1939 David Buchan, ethno-musicologist
1939 Tom Kierman, British rugby player
1938 Jasperina de Jong, Dutch cabaret performer, Jan Rao en z'n Maat
1936 Eldee Young, U.S. bassist, Young Holt Unlimited-Hang on Sloopy
1935 Noam Sheriff, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, musician, composer, conductor, most renowned Israeli musician, director of Haifa Symphony Orchestra
1935 Valeri Nikolayevich Kubasov, cosmonaut, Soyuz 6, 19, 36/35
1934 Charles Lamont Jenkins, New York City, 400m runner 1956 Olympics gold
1933 Elliot Kastner, New York City, producer, Bobo, Big Sleep, Ffolkes
1931 Mack Mattingly, born in Anderson, Indiana, Senator-R-Georgia 1981 - 1986
1929 Douglas Kiker, NBC newsman, 1970 Peabody Award
1929 Kenneth Henry, U.S., 500m speed skater 1952 Olympics gold
1929 Terry Moore, Helen Luella Koford, LA Cal, actress, Little Sheba
1928 Rajindranath, cricketer, 4 stumpings in his only Test for India
1928 William Peter Blatty, New York City, author/director, The Exorcist
1925 Gerald Malcolm Durrell, Britain, zoologist/writer, Mockery Bird
1924 Roloff Beny, Alberta, painter/photographer, A Time of Gods
1923 Charles Russell Woolen, composer
1922 Jean-Pierre [Louis] Rampal, Marseilles France, flautist
1922 Vincent Gardenia, Naples Italy, actor, All in the Family, LA Law
1920 Albert Meltzer, anarchist
1920 Aubrey Brabazon, jockey/trainer
1920 Lionel Alexander Bethune [Alastair] Pilkington, engineer/Industrialist
1918 Alessadro Natta, Italian political leader, Communist Party
1918 Colin Snedden, cricketer, Test New Zealand vs. England 1947, 0-46, did not bat
1917 Ulysses Sipmson Kay, composer
1916 Gerrit Schulte, Le Fou Pedalant, Dutch 6 day bicyclist
1916 Paul Keres, U.S.S.R., chess grandmaster, 1950
1915 Herman Musaph, Dutch psychiatrist/sexologist/founder, NVSH
1913 Francis De Wolff, England, actor, From Russia With Love
1913 Shirley Ross, born in Omaha, Nebraska, actress, Cafe Society, Prison Farm
1912 Charles Addams, cartoonist, New Yorker, Addams Family
1911 Merv Waite, cricketer, S Australian all-rounder
1910 Alain JG de Rothschild, France, banker/baron
1910 Jack Lovelock, New Zealand/U.S. surgeon/runner 1936 Olympics gold
1907 Nicanor Zabaleta, San Sebastian, Spain, harpist
1905 Francis Taylor, builder
1903 Alan Napier, Birmingham England, actor, Alfred-Batman
1903 Albrecht Haushofer, writer
1903 Shalva Azmayparashvili, composer
1903 Vladimir Alexandrovich Vlasov, composer
1899 Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc, Paris, composer/pianist, Les Biches
1899 Kenneth Thomson, Pitts, actor, Broadway Melody, Little Giant
1898 Art Baker, New York City, TV host, You Asked For It
1898 Geronimo Baqueiro Foster, composer
1896 Arnold Ridley, Bath England, actor/dramatist, The Ghost Train
1895 Marie-Dominique Chenu, French Roman Catholic theologist
1894 Jose Rozo Contreras, composer
1892 Rudolf Moser, composer
1891 Zora Neale Hurston, American Dramatist
1890 Henny Porten, Magdeburg Germany, silent screen star, Deception
1890 Maurice E McLoughlin, tennis champ, U.S. Open-1912
1883 Andrew Browne, Irish/British Admiral, WW II
1879 St. Bernadette, Marie-Bernarde Soubirous, 1844, religious visionary
1877 Johannes F Buziau, Dutch cabaret performer, 1 great dog
1876 William Yeates Hurlstone, composer
1875 Thomas Hicks, English/U.S. marathon runner:, Olympics gold 1904
1873 Adolph Zukor, Hungary, movie producer/director/executive, Paramount
1873 Charles Pierre Peguy, Orleans Fr, Catholic writer, God Speaks
1873 Charles Peguy, French Philosopher
1868 Abraham M "Mark" Lidzbarski, Polish/German orientalist
1860 Emanuil Mandlov, composer
1855 Eliezer Ben-Jehuda, Perelmann, Latvia, writer, 1st hebrew newspaper
1853 Nikolai Arkas, composer
1845 Louis III, last king of Bavaria, 1913-18
1845 Paul Deusen, German philosopher, Schopenhauer-Gesellschaft
1844 Marie-Bernarde Soubirous, St. Bernadette of Lourdes, saint/visionary
1842 Johan Lindegren, composer
1839 Ouida, English Novelist
1830 , Samuel, Emerson Opdycke, Major General Union volunteers
1830 Albert Bierstadt, Germany, painter, US landscapes
1824 James Morrison Hawes, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1822 Lucius C M Bakker, Frisian physician/author, Goethe
1822 Theodor Aufrecht, German indologist, Rigveda's Hymns
1821 Lucius Jeremiah Gartrell, Brigadier General, Confederate Army
1816 Stephen Miller, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1808 Jacob Ammen, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1800 Millard Fillmore, Locke, New York, Whig, 13th president, 1850-53
1799 Daniel Tyler, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1710 Josef Antonin Sehling, composer
1685 Gerard George Clifford, Dutch director of East India Company
1653 Bernhard Albinus, Germany, court-physician, Frederick of Prussia
1652 Pavao Vitezovic, Croatia, writer/historian
1634 Adam Krieger, German composer
1612 Paul de La Pierre, composer
1611 James Harrington, England, political author, Commonwealth of Oceans
1539 Sebastian de Covarrubias Horozco, Spanish lexicographer
1528 Jeanne d'Albret, queen of Navarra/mother of French King Henry IV