July 10 Birthdays in History - July 10 Deaths - July 10 Events
1980 Thomas Ian Nicholas, actor, Radio Flyer, Rookie of the Year
1980 Jessica Simpson, born in Abilene, Texas, singer, actress, television personality, starred in reality show, 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica'
1980 Adam Petty, American Celebrity
1974 Idalmis Marina Vidal, Miss Florida USA 1996
1974 Jennifer Montica Curry, born in Muscatine, Iowa, Miss America-Iowa 1996
1973 Claudius Wright, WLAF CB for the London Monarchs
1972 Damon Sharpe, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actor/musician, Guys Next Door
1972 Sofia Vergara, Colombian Model
1971 Adam Foote, born in Toronto, NHL defenseman, Colorado Avalanche, Team Canada
1971 Brent Alexander, NFL defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals
1970 Klaas Van Noortwijk, cricketer, Holland batsman 1996 World Cup
1969 Marty Cordova, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, outfielder for the Minnesota Twins
1969 Gale Harold, American Actor
1968 Hassisba Boulmerka, born in Algeria, 1500m, Olympics gold 92
1967 Alfred Jackson, NFL cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings
1967 Virgil Breedveld, soccer player, Dordrecht '90
1966 Alvoid Mays, NFL cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1965 Buddy Groom, born in Dallas, Texas, pitcher for the Oakland A's
1965 Scott Michael McCarron, born in Sacramento, California, PGA golfer, 1995 Las Vegas-3rd
1962 Mike Saxon, NFL punter for the Minnesota Vikings
1960 Rob de Weerd, Dutch rock guitarist, Trockener Kecks
1960 Roger Craig, NFL reciever for the San Francisco 49ers
1958 Fiona Shaw, Irish Actress
1958 Bela Fleck, American Musician
1957 Cindy Sheehan, American Activist
1956 Tom McClintock, American Politician
1955 Pamela Theresa Jiles, born in Louisiana, 4X400m relayer 1976 Olympics silver
1954 Andre Dawson, born in Miami, Florida, outfielder, Expos, Cubs, 1987 NL MVP
1954 Neil Francis Tennant, rocker, Pet Shop Boys-Left to My Own Devices
1954 Neil Tennant, American Musician
1953 Rik "The Rocket" Emmett, Toronto, rock vocalist, Triumph
1950 Willie Ford, U.S. R&B-singer, Dramatics-Me and Mrs. Jones
1949 Dave Smally, rocker, Raspberries
1949 Mark Shera, born in Bayonne, New Jersey, actor, SWAT, Barnaby Jones
1949 Ronnie James Dio, rocker, Dio-Holy Diver, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath
1949 Sunil Gavaskar, Indian cricket player, opener, 10122 Test runs
1949 Wally Bryson, born in North Carolina, rock guitarist and vocalist, Fotomaker, Raspberries
1947 Arlo Guthrie, Brooklyn, singer, Alice's Restaurant, City of New Orleans
1947 John Trevor Key, photographer
1946 Sue Lyon, born in Davenport, Iowa, actress, Lolita, Night of the Iguana
1945 Ron Glass, born in Evansville, Indiana, actor, Harris-Barney Miller, Frank's Place
1945 Virginia Wade, England, tennis star, Wimbledon 1977
1945 John Motson, British Celebrity
1943 Arthur Ashe, tennis pro, 1968 U.S. Open, 1975 Wimbledon
1943 Jerry Miller, born in Tacoma, Washington, rock guitarist, Moby Grape
1941 Ian Whitcomb, born in England, rocker, You Turn Me On
1941 Pyotr Ilyich Klimuk, born in Poland, cosmonaut, Soyuz 13, 18B, 30
1941 Robert Pine, born in Scarsdale, New York, actor, Joe Getraer-CHiPs
1940 Dawid J "Dawie" de Villiers, South African minister of energy, 1989-
1940 Keith Stackpole, cricketer, aggressive Australian opener 1966-74
1940 Mills Watson, born in Oakland, California, actor, Harper Valley PTA, BJ and Bear
1939 Lawrence Pressman, born in Kentucky, actor, Man From Atlantis, Hellstrom Chronicle
1937 Sandy Stewart, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, singer, Sing Along With Mitch, Mr. President
1936 Barbara B. Kennelly, born in Hartford, Connecticut, Representative-D-Connecticut 1982 - 1999
1936 Jan Wincenty Hawel, composer
1934 Munir Malik, Pakistani cricket pace bowler, 3 Tests 1959-62
1933 Chuan-Kwang Yang, born in Taiwan, decathlete 1960 Olympics silver
1933 Jerry Herman, Broadway composer, Hello Dolly
1931 Alice Munro, author, Dance of the Happy Shades
1931 Del Insko, harness racer, toothpick in mouth, 1969 money leader
1931 Julian May, U.S., sci-fi author, Golden Torc, Magnificat
1931 Nick Adams, born in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, actor, Johnny Yuma-Rebel
1930 Jacques Klein, Brazilian pianist
1929 Moe Norman, born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canadian Tour golfer, 1966 Quebec Open
1928 Jack Nel, cricketer, South African opening bat in 6 Tests 1949-57
1927 David Norman Dinkins, 1st black Mayor-D-NYC, 1990-93
1927 Don Revie, English soccer coach, Leeds, National team
1927 William Smithers, born in Richmond, Virginia, actor, Witness, Peyton Place, Attack!
1926 Carleton Carpenter, born in Bennington, Vermont, actor, Up Periscope, Summer Stock
1926 Fred Gwynne, born in New York City, actor, Car 54 Where Are You, Munsters
1925 Dorothea Hochletiner, born in Austria, giant slalom 1956 Olympics bronze
1923 Jean Kerr, born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, novelist, Please Don't Eat the Daisies
1922 Derek Prouse, writer actor/film festival director, Le Scandale
1922 Herb McKenley, born in Jamaica, 4 x 400m relay runner 1952 Olympics gold
1921 Eunice Shriver, founder, Special Olympics
1921 Jake LaMotta, born in Bronx, middleweight boxing champ, 1949-51, Raging Bull
1921 Jeff Donnell, born in South Windham, Maine, actor, Gidget Goes to Rome
1921 Revaz Il'yich Lagidze, composer
1921 [Leopold J] Paul Cammermans, Flemish actor, Getatoeeerde Rose
1921 Harvey Ball, American Celebrity
1920 David Brinkley, born in Wilmington, North Carolina, NBC news anchor, Huntley-Brinkley
1920 Owen Chamberlain, physicist/co-discoverer, antiproton, Nobel-1959
1919 Rusty Gill, born in St. Louis, Missouri, singer, Polka Time
1917 Don Herbert, born in Waconia, Minnesota, scientist/TV host, Watch Mr. Wizard
1917 Reg Smyth, English cartoonist, Andy Capp
1916 Dick Cary, jazz Musician
1914 Saul Bellow, born in Quebec, novelist, Nobel 1976-Mr Samler's Planet
1913 Ljuba Welitsch, born in Borisovo, Bulgaria, opera soprano, Nedda-Pagliacci
1912 Francis Showering, brewer
1911 Djuanda Kartawidjaja, premier of Indonesia
1910 Ronald Fletcher, broadcaster
1905 Thomas Gomez, born in New York City, actor, Force of Evil, Key Largo, Kim, Sellout
1904 Isa Krejci, composer
1903 John Wyndham P L B Harris, U.S., sci-fi author, Day of the Triffids
1902 Gunther Weisenborn, German/Argentine writer
1902 Kurt Alder, German chemist, Nobel 1950
1902 Nicolas Guillen, Cuban poet, Motivos de son
1900 Bob Catterall, cricketer, dashing South African batsman of 20's
1900 Elsie Evelyn Laye, English singer and actress, Bitter Sweet, Merry Widow
1897 Lloyd Goodrich, American Arts Museum director
1895 Carl Orff, Munich Germany, composer, Antigonae; Mozart prize 1969
1895 John Gilbert, Pringle, Logan, Utah, actor, Heart o' the Hills
1895 Maarten P Vrij, Dutch lawyer/criminologist/member High Court
1895 Nahum Goldmann, born in Switzerland, President Zionist World Organization
1894 Jimmy Francis McHugh, composer
1892 George "Slim" Summerville, U.S. actor, Keystone Cops
1890 Andre Souris, composer
1889 Robert [Harriot] Barrat, New York City, actor, Go West, Distant Drums
1888 Giorgio De Chirico, born in Greece, Metaphysical painter, Soothsayer
1888 Graham McNamee, sportscaster, 1st Rose Bowl
1888 Toyohiko Kagawa, born in Kobe, Japan, Christian social reformer
1887 Alfred Ernest Whitehead, composer
1886 John SSPV Gort, viscount of Limerick/Field Marshal of Palestine
1883 Johann Blaskowitz, German general
1883 Sam Wood, U.S., communist fighter/director, For Whom the Bell Tolls
1882 Ima Hogg, Texas art patron/founder of Houston Symphony
1882 Riccadro Pick-Mangiagalli, composer
1879 Harry Nicholls Holmes, Penn, Dr., crystallized vitamin A
1877 Helene Dutrieu, comedienne/stuntwoman/1st Belgian female pilot
1875 Mary McLeod Bethune, South Carolina, slave/educator, Bethune-Cookman College
1875 Edmund Clerihew Bentley, English Journalist
1874 Austin Diamond, cricket non-Test captain, NSW batsman 1899-1919, Australia
1871 Marcel Proust, France, novelist, Remembrance of Things Past
1870 Maurice Lugeon, Swiss geologist, nappism
1867 Finley Peter Dunne, U.S., journalist/humorist, Mr Dooley
1867 Max Prinz von Baden, German chancellor, Oct-Nov 1918
1865 Jan "Pa" van der Steur, Dutch philanthropist, Steurtjes
1858 Karl Flodin, composer
1856 Nikola Tesla, Yugoslavia, physicist, developed alternating current
1852 Alfred von Kiderlen-Waechter, German foreign minister
1846 Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche, German writer, Young Nietzsche
1835 Henryk Wieniawski, Lubin Poland, violinist and composer, Souv de Moscou
1834 James A. McNeill Whistler, US/British painter, Whistler's Mother
1833 Lucius Eugene Polk, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1830 Camille Pissaro, Danish Antillean/French painter, impressionism
1830 Camille Pissarro, French Artist
1826 Theodore Edouard Dufaure de Lajarte, composer
1824 Rudolf von Benningsen, German lawyer/politician
1821 Christopher Columbus Augur, Major General Union volunteers
1820 Andrew Porter, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1818 John Stuart "Cerro Gordo" Williams, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1813 Arthur Helps, British Historian
1802 Robert Chambers, Scottish Writer
1797 Pieter L Uys, South African pioneer, Great Pull
1792 George Mifflin Dallas, D, 11th Vice President, 1845-49
1779 Alois Basil Nikolaus Tomasini, composer
1778 Sigismund Ritter von Neukomm, Austrian composer/royal chaplain master
1759 Eleanore Sophia Maria Westenholz, composer
1723 William Blackstone, England, jurist, Blackstone's Commentaries
1697 Francois Hanot, composer
1638 David Teniers III, Flemish painter, carpet cartons
1526 Philip III van Croij, duke of Aarschot/earl of Porcien
1517 Odet de Coligny, Cardinal of Chatillon/bishop
1509 John Calvin, Protestant religious reformer/theologian