July 12 Birthdays in History - July 12 Deaths - July 12 Events
1984 Gareth Gates, born in Bradford, England, singer finalist on show, 'Pop Idol', sold over 3.5 million records; hit song, 'Unchained Melody', voted 'The Record of the Year' in 2002
1978 Tracie Spencer, born in Waterloo, Iowa, singer, songwriter, actress, model, performed pop, rhythm and blues, dance pop, quiet music genres, 'This House' reached Billboard Hot 100, guest on ABC sitcom Family Matters, sang background vocals for Eve, Kanye West, 50 Cent
1978 Topher Grace, born in New York City, New York, actor, appeared in 'Spider-Man 3' and television series, 'That '70s Show'
1978 Michelle Rodriguez, American Actress
1976 Anna Friel, English Actress
1972 Colin Quiney, CFL tackle for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1972 Travis Best, NBA guard for the Indiana Pacers
1971 Kristi Tsuya Yamaguchi, born in Hayward, California, figure skater,Gold Medal 1992 Olympics
1970 Chad Brown, NFL linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1970 Jaason Simmons, born in Hobart, Tasmania, actor, known for his role as Logan Fowler on the television series 'Baywatch'
1970 Jerry Ostroski, NFL guard for the Buffalo Bills
1970 Markus Thomas, WLAF running back for the Scottish Claymores
1970 Marsha Guialdo, born in San Juan, Trinidad, 100m hurdler
1969 Alan Mullally, cricketer, England left-arm pace bowler 1996
1969 Sabine Hack, born in Ulm, Germany, tennis star, 1995 Jakarta
1969 Lisa Nicole Carson, American Actress
1967 Bruny Surin, born in Cap Haitien, Haiti, Canadian 4X100m sprinter, Gold Medal 1996 Olympics
1967 Joan Pitcock, born in Fresno, California, LPGA golfer, 1995 Standard Register PING-3rd
1966 Allegra Curtis, born in London, model/daughter of Christine Kaufmann
1966 Annabel Croft, born in England, tennis star
1966 Peter Shorts, CFL tackle for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1965 Eric Cullen, actor, Huntington Tower
1965 Michael Stewart, NFL safety for the Miami Dolphins
1965 Robin Wilson, born in Detroit, Michigan, guitarist, member, Gin Blossoms, alternative rock band, known for hit albums, 'New Miserable Experience', 'Congratulations I'm Sorry'
1965 Russ Bertram, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, diver 1996 Olympics
1965 Sanjay Manjrekar, cricketer, son of Vijay Indian middle-order batsman
1964 Judi Evans Luciano, born in Montebello, actress, Paulina Cory-Another World
1964 Tim Gane, English Musician
1963 Norman Alvis, born in Fair Oaks, California, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1963 Thierry Tulasne, born in France, tennis star
1962 Grecia Colmenares, born in Venezuela, actress, Esmeralda, Los Crinimales
1962 Stein Jorgesen, born in Los Angeles, California, sprint kayak 1996 Olympics
1961 Bruce Braman, born in Greene, New York, canoe alternate for 1996 Olympics
1959 Judi Adams, born in Phoenix, Arizona, archer, Olympics-1980, 96
1959 Rolonda Watts, talk show hostess, Rolanda
1957 Buddy Foster, actor, Hondo, Mayberry RFD
1957 Rick Douglas Husband, born in Amarillo, Texas, USAF Major/astronaut
1956 Mel Harris, born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, actress, Hope-30 Something
1955 Timothy Garton Ash, British Author
1954 Betty McCollum, American Politician
1952 Liz Mitchell, born in Jamaica, rock vocalist, Boney M
1952 Phil Kramer, born in Youngtown, Ohio, rocker, Iron Butterfly
1951 Cheryl Ladd, born in Huron, South Dakota, actress, Charlie's Angels, Purple Hearts
1951 Jamey Sheridan, born in Pasadena, California, actor, Another World
1950 Eric Carr, born in Brooklyn, New York, born Paul Charles Caravello, drummer, member of rock band Kiss
1949 Jay Thomas, born in Kermit, Texas, DJ/actor, Mork and Mindy, Cheers, Murphy Brown
1948 Jay Thomas, dj/actor, Eddie LeBec-Cheers, Jerry Gold-Murphy Brown
1948 Richard Simmons, exercise guru, Deal-a-Meal
1948 Walter Egan, born in New York City, rock vocalist, Not Shy, Fundamental Roll
1947 Pollamani Krishnamurthy, Indian cricket wicket-keeper, 1971 WI tour
1946 Graham Roope, cricketer, England batsman in 21 Tests 1972-78
1946 Sian Barbara Allen, born in Reading, Pennsylvania, actress, Scream Pretty Peggy
1945 Dimitar Penev, born in Bulgaria, soccer player/union coach, Lokomotiv/CSKA
1944 Bill McCollum, born in Brooksville, Florida, Representative-R-Florida 1981 - 1993 and 1993 - 2001
1944 Denise Nicholas, born in Detroit, Michigan, actress, Room 222, Baby I'm Back
1943 Bruce Taylor, cricketer, big-hitting New Zealand all-rounder 1965-73
1943 Christine McVie, rock vocalist, Fleetwood Mac-Got A Hold on Me
1943 Ernie Anastos, born in Nashua, New Hampshire, news anchor, WCBS, WABC
1943 Paul Silas, NBAer, Boston Celtic, Seattle SuperSonic
1943 Walter Murch, American film editor and sound deisgner
1942 Richard Stoltzman, born in Omaha, Nebraska, clarinetist, Tashi
1939 Phillip Adams, born in Maryborough, Australia, Australian writer, producer, broadcaster, and satirist
1938 Mickey Stratton, born in Meriden, Connecticut, softball catcher, Hall of Fame 1969
1938 Ron Fairly, American Athlete
1937 Bill Cosby, born in Philadelphia, actor/comedian, I Spy, Cosby, Leonard Part 6
1937 Mickey Edwards, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Representative-R-Oklahoma 1977 - 1993
1937 Lionel Jospin, French Statesman
1936 Jan Nemec, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, director, Diamonds of the Night
1935 Chris Burger, cricketer, South African batsman vs. Australia 1957-58
1934 Van Cliburn, Jr., Harvey Lavan, Louisiana, pianist, Tchaikovsky 1958
1934 Van Cliburn, American Musician
1933 Donald E. Westlake, American Writer
1932 Harold William Woolhouse, plant scientist
1932 Otis Crandell Davis, Alabama, 400m/4X400m relayer 1960 Olympics gold
1931 Andre Laporte, Flemish composer
1931 J. Bob Traxler, born in Kawkawlin, Michigan, Representative-D-Michigan 1974 - 1993
1931 Lord Clinton, English large landowner/multi-millionaire
1927 Gualberto T. Hernandez, perfect minister Netherlands Antilles
1926 Beah Richards, born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, actress/playwright, Big Shot, Generation
1925 Roger Smith, CEO, General Motors
1924 Jaap Geraedts, composer
1922 Clark MacGregor, politician, involved in Watergate
1922 James E. Gunn, U.S., sci-fi author, Station in Space, Immortal
1922 Mark O. Hatfield, Sen-R Oregon, 1967-
1921 Trevor Illtyd Williams, scientific writer
1920 Keith Andes, born in Ocean City, New Jersey, actor, Farmer's Daughter, Away All Boats
1920 Paul Foster, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, singer, Soul Stirrers gospel group member, sang with Robert Harris, Sam Cooke, Rising Stars, Golden Echoes, memorable recording 'Be With Me Jesus'
1920 Pierre Berton, Canadian Author
1917 Andrew Wyeth, born in Pennsylvania, realist painter, one of the best-known artists of the middle 20th century
1915 Michael Fenton Haddon, mining engineer
1913 Willis Lamb, born in Los Angeles, physicist, Nobel Prize winner, discovery of how electrons behave in the hydrogen atom
1912 Broderick Vernon Chinnery-Haldane, photographer
1911 Johanna Moosdorf, writer
1909 2nd viscount Camrose, British Conserv Lower house leader, 1941-45
1909 Joey Faye, born in New York City, comedian, Joey Faye's Follies
1909 Souphanouvong, Red Prince, president of Laos, 1975-87
1908 Alain Cuny, actor, Detective, Weite Land, Emmanuelle
1908 Ernest Burnelle, Belgian politician
1908 Johan Franco, composer
1908 Milton Berle, born in Harlem, New York City, comedian, Uncle Miltie, Mr. Television
1905 John C F, son of English King George V
1904 Pablo Neruda, born in Chile, poet, Residence on Earth-Nobel 1971
1902 Gunther Anders, writer
1901 Robert Allenby, born in Melbourne VIC, Australasia golfer
1900 Fjodor Godunov-Tcherdynchev, Russian poet, Life of Tchernyshevsky
1895 Kirsten Flagstead, Norwegian soprano, Wagner
1895 Oscar Hammerstein II, born in New York City, lyricist who worked with Richard Rodgers
1895 R Buckminster Fuller, architect/inventor, geodesic dome
1895 R. Buckminster Fuller, American Inventor
1892 Bruno Schulz, Polish Novelist
1888 Tojohiko Kagawa, Japan, Christian-social reformer, Grain of Wheat
1886 Jean Hersholt, born in Copenhagen, Denmark, actor, Men in White, Aryan
1885 George Sainton Kaye Butterworth, composer
1884 Amedeo Modigliani, born in Italy, painter/sculptor, Reclining Nude
1884 Joseph Crehan, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actor, Charlie Chan-Meeting at Midnight
1872 Emil Hacha, lawyer/president, Czechoslovakia
1868 Stefan George, born in Germany, lyric poet, Algabal
1861 Anton Stepanovich Arensky, composer
1854 George Eastman, born in Waterville, New York, inventor, Kodak camera
1849 William Osler, born in Canada, physician/author, circulatory system
1840 Abraham Goldfaden, Eastern European Yiddish dramatist
1821 Cesare Dominiceti, composer
1821 Daniel Harvey Hill, Lieutenant General Confederate Army
1821 Daniel H. Hill, American Soldier
1817 Henry David Thoreau, born in Concord, Massachusetts, naturalist/pacifist, Walden Pond
1813 Claude Bernard, French Psychologist
1807 Silas Casey, Major General Union volunteers
1802 Charles-Louis Hanssens, composer
1801 John Hill Hewitt, composer
1794 Heinrich Christian Pander, Russian zoologist
1757 Christian Danner, composer
1730 Josiah Wedgwood, England, pottery designer/manufacturer, Wedgwood
1675 Evaristo E Felice dall' Abaco, Italian cellist/composer
1644 Arnold Moonen, Dutch vicar/literature, David's holy saint graduals