June 11 Birthdays in History - June 11 Deaths - June 11 Events
1989 Jeff Linton Osbourne, son of Jeffrey and Sheri
1986 Brighton Hertford, actress, BJ Jones-General Hospital
1986 Shia LaBeouf, born in Los Angeles, California, voice actor, actor, comedian, appeared in Disney's 'Even Stevens' television series, film debut, 'Holes', appeared in 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'
1978 Joshua Jackson, actor, Mighty Ducks
1978 Leah Sexton, Miss Missouri Teen USA 1996
1976 Scott Guyton, Tokoroa New Zealand, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1974 Emilee Klein, born in Santa Monica, California, LPGA golfer, 1995 SAFECO Classic-2nd
1974 Tanya Pogatchnik, Miss Montana USA 1996
1974 Tatiana Ignatieva, born in Minsk, Belarus, tennis star, 1994 Futures-Sopot POL
1973 Lance Johnstone, defensive end for the Oakland Raiders
1973 Robby Kiger, born in Encino, California, actor, Josh Fox-Crazy Like a Fox
1973 Tony McKenzie, WLAF guard for the London Monarchs
1972 Andrew Peterson, NFL tackle, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers
1972 Joe O'Brien, WLAF defensive tackle for the Scottish Claymores
1971 Dion Foxx, NFL linebacker for the Miami Dolphins
1971 Duane Dmytryshyn, CFL receiver for the Toronto Argonauts
1970 Brock Marion, NFL safety for the Dallas Cowboys
1970 Roman Kontsek, hockey forward, Team Slovakia 1998
1970 William Selby, born in Monroeville, Michigan, infielder for the Boston Red Sox
1969 Johan Hansma, soccer player, South Carolina Heerenveen
1969 Nancy Blogg, Swiss dancer, Josephine
1968 Staci Baldwin, Miss Washington USA 1996
1967 Clare Carey, actress, Kelly Fox Rosebrock-Coach
1967 John Doherty, born in the Bronx, New York, John Harold Doherty, pitcher, played for Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox Major League Baseball teams
1967 Mario Chitarroni, hockey forward, Team Italy 1998
1966 Scott Mellanby, born in Montreal, NHL right wing for the Florida Panthers
1966 Tiffany Cohen, born in Culver City, California, swimmer, Olympic-2 gold-1984
1965 Anthony Painter, Milton NSW, Australasia golfer
1965 Joe Cain, NFL linebacker, Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks
1964 Kim Gallagher, born in Philadelphia, 800m runner 1984 Olympics silver
1964 Jean Alesi, French Celebrity
1963 Max Stevens, Millmeran QLD, Australasia golfer
1963 Tommy Barnhardt, NFL punter, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers, TB Bucs
1962 Michael Kenny, WLAF offensive assistant for the Scottish Claymores
1959 Hugh Laurie, born in Oxford, England, James Hugh Calum Laurie, actor, writer, musician, comedian, comedy partner, Stephen Fry, known for the Fry and Laurie double act, appears in successful Fox television drama House, playing role of Dr. Gregory House
1958 Deborah Vidal, born in Ponce Puerto, Rico, LPGA golfer, 1994 Oldsmobile-19th
1957 Bruce Plummer, born in Seattle, Washington Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 West Coast
1956 Joe Montana, NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers
1955 Tony Allcock, born in Leicestershire, England, bowler, two-time world outdoor singles champion, 1992, 1996, world singles champion 1986, 1987, 2002, won silver medal in men's singles event at 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada
1954 Gary Fencik, NFL defensive back for the Chicago Bears
1954 John Dyson, cricketer, NSW and Australian opening batsman
1953 Peter Bergman, actor, All My Children, Starland Vocal Band
1952 Donnie Van Zant, rock vocalist, .38 Special
1952 Russell Hitchcock, born in Melbourne, Australia, rock vocalist, Air Supply
1951 Collis King, cricketer, WI all-rounder late 70s
1951 Jan Franssen, born in Hilversum, North Holland, politician, Dutch liberal political party, in 2006, named Queen's Commissioner in South Holland, previously served as city councilor, Nederhorst den Berg, President, House of Representatives 1982 - 1994, mayor of Zwolle, 1994 - 2000
1951 Maren Seidler, born in Brooklyn, New York, shot putter, Olympics-11th-1968
1951 Mark D. Siljander, born in Chicago, Illinois, Representative-R-Michigan 1981 - 1987
1950 Debbie "Pokey" Watson, U.S., 200m backstroke swimmer, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1950 Michael Swan, born in Palo Alto, California, actor, Duncan-As The World Turns
1949 Frank Beard, rocker, ZZ Top-She Got Legs, Fandango
1949 George Willig, stuntman, climbed World Trade Center in 1977
1949 Ingrid Newkirk, British Activist
1948 Anthony Nelson, British Secretary of Treasury
1948 Skip Alan, Alan Skipper, drummer, Them, Pretty Things
1948 Stephen Schnetzer, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, Cass Winthrop-Another World
1947 Glenn Leonard, R&B singer, Temptations
1947 Lalu Prasad Yadav, Indian Politician
1946 John Lawton, British rock singer, Uriah Heep
1946 Michael Wilkes, commander, UK Field Army
1945 Adrienne Barbeau, born in Sacramento, California, actress, Maude, Swamp Thing
1944 Alan Howarth, born in Britain, born Alan Thomas Howarth, Baron Howarth of Newport, politician, Member of Parliament 1983 - 2005, member of the Privy Council
1944 Barry Stevens, British/Netherlands, choreographer, Personals, Young Again
1944 James "Ox" D A van Hoften, born in Fresno California, astronaut, STS-11, STS-20
1944 Alan Horwarth, born in Britain, politician, Baron Howarth of Newport, Member of Parliament for Statford-on-Avon and Newport East, educated at King's College, Cambridge, Conservative Party
1942 Somachandra De Silva, cricketer, Sri Lankan leg-spinner 1982-84
1940 Joey Dee, born in Passaic, New Jersey, singer, Hey Let's Twist, 2 Tickets to Paris
1939 Barry George Barrington Porter, politician
1939 Barry Porter, MP, Conservative
1939 Christina Crawford, author, Joan's daughter, Mommie Dearest
1939 Jackie Stewart, Scotland, driver/sports announcer, 27 Grand Prix
1939 Rachel Heyhoe Flint, English cricket player/journalist
1939 Wilma Burgess, country-pop singer
1937 Johnny Brown, born in St. Petersburg, Florida, comedian, Good Times, Leslie Uggams
1936 Chad Everett, born in South Bend, Indiana, actor, Medical Center, Airplane II
1936 George Bryan Ingham, artist
1935 Gene Wilder, born in Milwaukee, actor, Silver Streak
1935 Sheikh Fazalur Rehman, cricketer, played 1 Test Pakistan vs. WI 1958
1934 Anthony Evans, British high court judge
1934 Pookie Hudson, vocalist, Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite-Spaniels
1933 Jud Strunk, born in Jamestown, New York, singer/comedian, Laugh-In
1932 Athol Fugard, born in Middleburg, South Africa, anti-apartheid writer, Blood Knot
1932 Timothy Sainsbury, British minister of state
1931 Lord Cameron of Lochbroom, lord advocate
1931 Lucianna Paluzzi, born in Rome, Italy, actress, Five Fingers, Thunderball
1931 Tab Hunter, born in New York City, actor, Tab Hunter Show
1930 Anatoli Fyodorovich Voronov, born in Russia, cosmonaut, Soyuz 12a backup
1930 Charles B. Rangel, born in New York City, New York, Representative-D-New York 1971 -
1928 Fabiola de Mora y Aragon, Spanish Queen of Belgium
1928 Gerard van Leijenhorst, Dutch undersecretary of the Interior, CDA
1927 Beryl Grey, prima ballerina
1927 Eric St. Eval Atkinson, cricketer, bro of Denis WI pace bowler 1958-59
1927 John Aspinall, owner, casino, zoos
1927 Josef Anton Reidl, composer
1927 Marcus Fox, conservative MP/chairman, 1922 Committee
1926 Brother Dave Gardner, Novelty singer/comedian
1926 Carlisle Floyd, born in Latta, South Carolina, composer, Slow Dusk
1925 William Styron, born in Virginia, novelist, Confess of Nat Turner, Sophie's Choice
1925 Peter Foy, English Actor
1923 Gerard Vaughn, MP, Conservative
1922 Erving Goffman, sociologist, presentation of self in everyday life
1922 John Bromfield, born in South Bend, Indiana, actor, Easy to Love
1922 Michael Cacoyannis, director, Zorba the Greek, Trojan Women
1922 Tony Charmoli, director/choreographer, Dinah Shore, Danny Kaye
1921 Beatrice "Fiet" van Ommeren-Samson, Suriname writer
1921 Michael Meyer, UK, novelist/Ibsen translator, Hedda Gabler
1920 Bir Bikram Shah Deva Mahendra, King of Nepal, 1955-72
1920 Hazel Scott, born in Trinidad, singer/pianist, Hazel Scott
1920 Irving Howe, U.S., writer/critic, World of Our Fathers
1920 Robert Hutton, Kingston, New York, actor, Torture Garden, Rocket
1919 Richard Todd, born in Ireland, actor, Dorian Gray, Assassin Yangtse Incident
1917 James Bostock, painter/engraver
1915 David Kindersley, font designer/cutter
1914 Gerald Mohr, born in New York City, actor, Christopher-Foreign Intrigue
1914 Hendrik Berkhof, Dutch theologist, Church and Emperor
1914 Henry G. Cisheros, Mayor-D-San Antonio
1914 Jack Mann, pilot/hostage
1913 John Elliott Terry, managing director, National Film Finance Corp
1913 Revaz Kondrat'yevich Gabichvadze, composer
1913 Rise Stevens, New York City, mezzo-soprano, Met Opera, actor, Going My Way
1913 Vince Lombardi, NFL coach for the Green Bay Packers
1912 Mukhtar Ashrafi, composer
1912 William Baziotes, painter, abstract expressionist
1911 Russ Hodges, born in Dayton, Tennessee, sportscaster, Wednesday Night Fights
1910 Carmine Coppola, composer and conductor, Godfather II, Apocalypse Now
1910 Jacques-Yves Cousteau, France, oceanic explorer, Calypso
1910 Jacques Yves Cousteau, French Explorer
1907 Anton D Hildebrand, children's book writer, Man in the Moon
1907 Jose Bernabe Marino Barreto y Casanova, pianist vocalist bandleader
1907 Paul Mellon, U.S., oil magnate/president, Washington National Gallery of Art
1906 Clifford Leofric Purdy Bishop, bishop
1904 Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, jazz pianist/singer, Boogie Woogie Piano
1904 Daphne Fielding, socialite/writer
1904 Emil Frantisek Burian, composer
1903 Ernie Nevers, NFL fullback, Duluth Eskimos, Chicago Cardinals
1902 Vissarion Yakovlevich Shebalin, composer
1900 Lawrence E Spivak, born in Brooklyn, New York, news panelist, Meet the Press
1899 George Frederick McKay, composer
1899 Yasonari Kawabata, Japan, novelist, Thousand Cranes
1895 Nikolai A. Bulganin, Gorki Russia, premier of U.S.S.R., 1955-58
1892 Edward B B Shanks, British poet and critic
1889 Wesley Ruggles, actor/producer/director, Keystone Kops
1886 David Steinman, New York City, bridge designer, Hudson, Triborough
1886 Lillian Fontaine, Reading England, actress, Suddenly it's Spring
1883 Frank O King, Cashton Wisconsin, cartoonist, Gasoline Alley
1880 Jeannette Rankin, born in Missoula, Montana, Representative-R-Montana 1917 - 1919 and 1941 - 1943, becomes 1st female member of Congress
1880 Jeannette Rankin, 1st woman elected to U.S. Congress, Rep-Montana
1880 Jeanette Rankin, American Politician
1879 Roger P Bresnaham, hall of fame catcher/manager
1876 Alfred L. Kroeber, Hoboken, New Jersey, author, Anthropologist looks at History
1875 George Herbert Walker, American Businessman
1874 Richard Stohr, composer
1868 E. V. Lucas, English Writer
1867 Charles Fabry, discoverer, ozone layer in upper atmosphere
1865 Jan H. Leopold, Dutch poet, translated Omar Khayyam
1864 Richard Strauss, born in Munich, Germany, composer, 'Don Quixote' and 'Metamorphosis'
1863 Eduard David, German undersecretary, constitution of Weimar
1861 Sigismund Vladislavovich Zaremba, composer
1847 Millicent Garrett Fawcett, leader, English women's movement
1842 Alfred, Liechtenstein noble/politician
1842 Carl PG von Linde, German engineer/physicist, Linde-procede
1840 Henri Braekeleer, Flemish painter/etser
1829 Hendrik Gerhard, Founder, Dutch Social-Democratic
1823 James Lawson Kemper, Major General Confederate Army
1822 Samuel Davis Sturgis, Major General Union Army
1818 Alexander Bain, Scottish Philosopher
1816 Robert Huston Milroy, Major General Union volunteers
1815 Julia Margaret Cameron, British Photographer
1808 Charles Henry Poor, Commander Union Navy
1807 James Findlay Schenck, Commander Union Navy
1776 John Constable, England, landscape painter, Hay Wain
1740 Luigi Gatti, composer
1723 J G Palitzsch, 1st saw Halley's comet on return, Prolitz
1719 Franz K von Velbruck, German free mason/prince-bishop of Luik
1704 Jose Antonio Carlos de Seixas, composer
1697 Francesco A. Vallotti, Italian organist/composer/theorist
1672 Francesco Antonio Bonporti, composer
1572 Ben Jonson, England, playwright and poet, Volpone, Alchemist