June 3 Birthdays in History - June 3 Deaths - June 3 Events
1975 Jamie Nails, offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills
1974 Alison McCreary, Florence Alabama, Miss America, Alabama-4th-1997
1974 Ashaundai Smith, CFL receiver for the Hamilton Tiger Cats
1974 Bryan Still, wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers
1974 Kelly Jones, Welsh Musician
1973 Charles Emanuel, safety for the Philadelphia Eagles
1973 Sargis Sargsian, born in Yerevan, Armenia, tennis star, 1995 NCAA
1972 Bryan Rekar, born in Oak Lawn, Illinois, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies
1972 Omar Douglas, NFL wide receiver for the New York Giants
1972 Robert Kennedy, cricketer, New Zealand opening bowler 1996
1971 Aaron Ledesma, born in Union City, California, professional baseball player, infielder, played for Colorado Rockies, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, New York Mets and Baltimore Orioles
1971 Mark Parrish, born in Columbia, Maryland, canoe alternate for 1996 Olympics
1970 Andrea Congreaves, WNBA forward and center, Charlotte Sting
1970 Carl Everett, born in Tampa, Florida, baseball player, outfielder, played for Florida Marlins, Major League Baseball team, played for New York Mets, Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros, Montreal Expos, 2005 World Series Champion
1970 Lanee Butler, born in Manhasset, New York, mistral sailboat yachter, Olympic-11th-1996
1970 Peter Newton, born in Kailua, Hawaii, sprint kayak 1996 Olympics
1968 Jon Baker, WLAF defensive end for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1967 Tamas Darnyi, born in Budapest, Hungary, backstroke swimmer, 5 Gold Medals 1988, 1992 Olympics
1967 William "Bill" Carlucci, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, rower 1996 Olympics bronze
1967 Anderson Cooper, American Journalist
1966 Wasim Akram, cricketer, brilliant Pakistani lefty fast bowler
1965 Suzan Kaminga, born in Austin, Texas, bodybuilder
1965 Mike Gordon, American Musician
1964 Nelson Liriano, born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates
1964 Kerry King, American Musician
1963 Deb Richard, born in Abbeville, Louisiana, LPGA golfer, 1991 Women's Kemper Open
1963 Sabrina Goles, born in Yugoslavia, tennis star
1963 Yuri Yuriyevich Krikun, born in Russia, cosmonaut
1962 Connie Price-Smith, born in St. Charles, Missouri, discus thrower, 1996 Olympics
1961 Kevin Arnott, cricketer, Zimbabwe batsman, 101* vs. New Zealand 1992
1961 Peter Glen Vidmar, born in Los Angeles, California, gymnast, Olympic-2 gold/silver-1984
1961 Lawrence Lessig, American Educator
1960 Barry Lyons, born in Biloxi, Mississippi, Barry Stephen Lyons, baseball player, catcher, played for Major League Baseball teams, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, served as backup catcher to Gary Carter, named Most Valuable Player, South Atlantic League, 1984
1960 Carl Rackemann, cricketer, Queensland and Australian quickie
1960 Steve Lyons, born in Tacoma, Washington, Stephen John Lyons, nicknamed 'Psycho', baseball player, outfielder, third baseman, television sportscaster, played with Boston Red Sox, Major League Baseball team, known for oddities, such as playing hangman and tic-tac-toe with his spikes
1959 Sam Mills, NFL linebacker, Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers
1959 Tom Arnold, former husband of Rosanne Barr/actor, True Lies, Stupids
1958 Ann Wilson, Brisbane Qld, golfer, 1985 R/U NSW Open
1958 Ibrahim Hussein, marathoner, Boston Marathon-1988, 91, 92
1958 Scott Valentine, actor, Nick-Family Ties, My Demon Lover
1956 Danny Wilde, born in Maine, United States, musician, rock, pop rock, alternative rock genres, founding member, The Rembrandts and power-pop band, The Quick
1956 Suren Nalbandyan, U.S.S.R., lightweight 1976 Olympics gold
1954 Dan Hill, rocker, Sometimes When We Touch
1952 Billy Powell, keyboards, Lynyrd Skynyrd-That Smell, Freebird
1951 David Ogilvie, cricketer, 5 Tests for Australia 1977-78
1951 Deniece Williams, Chandler, Indiana, singer, Love Wouldn't Let Me Wait
1950 Marlene Elejarde, born in Havana, Cuba, 4x100m runner, Silver Medal 1968 Olympics
1950 Suzi Quatro, born in Detroit, singer, Stumblin', actress, Happy Days
1949 David Evenett, MP, Conservative
1949 Stephen Ruppenthal, composer
1947 Penelope Wilton, actress, Cry Freedom, Norman Conquests
1947 John Dykstra, American Scientist
1946 Anita Pollack, MEP, Labour
1946 Earl of Cromer, managing director, Inchcape, China, Ltd
1946 Eddie Holman, born in Norfolk, Virginia, recording artist, rhythm and blues, gospel, pop, soul genres, known for hit 'Hey There Lonely Girl'
1946 Ian Hunter, England, rocker, Mott the Hoople-All the Young Dudes
1946 John Paul Jones, rock bassist, Led Zeppelin
1946 Tristan Rogers, born in Australia, actor, Robert Scorpio-General Hospital
1945 Hale S. Irwin, Joplin, Missouri, PGA golfer, 1974 U.S. Open
1944 Edith McGuire, U.S. 200m sprinter 1964 Olympic gold
1944 Michael Clarke, born in New York City, rock drummer, Byrds-Turn! Turn! Turn!
1943 Billy Cunningham, NBA/ABA, Philadelphia 76ers, Carolina Cougers
1943 Eddie McGrady, born in County Down, Northern Ireland, born Eddie Kevin McGrady, Member of Parliament for South Down, founding member of the Social Democratic and Labor Party
1943 Mike Dennis, rocker, Dovells
1942 Anita Harris, singer and actress, Follow that Camel
1942 Curtis Mayfield, born in Chicago, rock vocalist, Freddie's Dead, Superfly
1942 Duane Josephson, baseball player
1940 Richard Edwards, cricketer, WI pace bowler 1968-69 Australia/New Zealand tour
1939 David Frederick Stock, composer
1939 Phil Gallie, born in Portsmouth, England, born Philip Roy Gallie, politician, Conservative Party, Member of the Scottish Parliament, Member of Parliament for Ayr
1937 Solomon P. Ortiz, born in Robstown, Texas, Representative-D-Texas 1983 -
1936 Colin Meads, rugby player
1936 David Nicholls, priest/theologian/political theorist
1936 Harry Pitt, vice chancellor, Reading University
1936 Larry McMurtry, U.S. scriptwriter, Lonesome Dove, Pulitzer 1986
1936 Philip J. Attenborough, CEO/publisher, Hodder and Stoughton
1935 Raoul Franklin, chancellor, City University London
1934 Jim Gentile, baseball player
1932 Dakota Staton, Rabia Aliyah, U.S. jazz singer, In the Night
1931 Francoise Arnoul, actress/composer, French Cancan, Jacko and Lise
1931 Bert Lance, American Politician
1930 Marion [Eleanor] Zimmer Bradley [Breen], sci-fi author, Storm Queen
1930 Michael Melle, cricketer, South African pace bowler of early 1950's
1930 Marion Zimmer Bradley, American Writer
1929 Howard Yanks, founder, Philadelphia folk festival
1929 Chuck Barris, American Producer
1929 Howard Simons, American Editor
1928 Donald Judd, U.S., sculptor, minimal art
1928 John Reid, cricketer, prolific New Zealand batsman 1949 - 1965
1928 Sheila Faith, MP/MEP
1927 Boots Randolph, born in Paducah, Kentucky, saxophonist, Yakety Sax
1926 Allen Ginsberg, born in Newark, New Jersey, beat poet, Howl
1926 Carlos Veerhoff, composer
1926 Colleen Dewhurst, born in Montreal, Canada, actress, Maggie-Blue and Grey
1926 Hamilton Fish, Jr., born in Washington, D.C., Representative-R-New York 1969 - 1995
1926 Janez Maticic, composer
1926 Roscoe Bartlett, born in Moreland, Kentucky, Representative-R-Maryland 1993 -
1926 Roscoe Bartlett, American Politician
1925 Gerhard Zwerenz, writer
1925 Thomas Winning, Roman Catholic archbishop, Glasgow
1925 Tony Curtis, born in Bronx, New York, actor, Some Like It Hot
1924 David Richard Holloway, literary Editor
1924 Michael Gow, commandant, Royal College of Defense Studies
1923 Michael Jaffe, director, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge England
1922 Alain Resnais, born in France, director, Providence, Hiroshima, Mon Amour
1922 Ivan Patachich, composer
1922 M. Alain Resnais, born in Vannes, France, director, Melo, I Want to Go Home
1920 Lord Brandon of Oakbrook, Lord of appeal, Ordinary
1918 Patrick Cargill, actor, Help, Hammerhead
1915 Iris Meredith, born in Sioux City, Iowa, actress, Son of Davy Crockett
1915 Leo Gorcey, born in New York City, actor, Mannequin, Road to Zanzibar
1914 Eugene Fuller, polymath/linguist
1914 Ronald George Woodman, pilot
1912 Richard D'Aeth, president, Hughes Hall Cambridge
1912 William Douglas-Home, playwright, Now .. Barabbas
1911 Ellen Corby, born in Racine, Wisconsin, actress, Grandma Walton-Waltons
1911 Mason Gross, Dr/TV professor, Think Fast, Two for the Money
1911 Olaf Okern, born in Norway, Nordic skier, Olympic-medal-1948
1911 Paulette Goddard, Marion Levy, born in Switzerland, actress, Great Dictator
1910 Wilfred Thesiger, explorer/writer
1909 Shawn Fanning, American Businessman
1908 Adele Dixon, actress, Calling the Tune
1908 Eddie Acuff, actor, Guns of the Pecos, Phantom Creeps, Outer Gate
1907 Antonio Emmanvilovich Spadavecchia, composer
1906 Josephine Baker, dancer and Parisian night club owner, Folies-Bergere
1906 Louis Simmonds, bookseller
1906 Norman Gallichan, cricketer, all-rounder in 1 Test New Zealand vs. England 1937
1906 Robert Brown Black, British diplomat/gov, Hong Kong
1906 Walter Robins, cricketer, dynamic England leg-spin all-rounder
1904 Charles Richard Drew, pioneer of blood plasma research
1904 Jan Peerce, Jacob Pincus Perelmuth, New York City, tenor, New York Met Opera
1902 Edward Wayne, physician, Queen of Scotland
1901 Maurice Evans, Dorchester England, actor, Maurice-Bewitched
1900 Gerard den Brabander, Jan G Jofriet, poet, Nothing New
1900 Gordon Sinclair, Canadian Journalist
1899 Georg von Bekesy, born in Budapest, Hungary, physician, Nobel-1961
1898 Rosa Chacel, spanish novelist
1895 Kavalam Madhava Panikkar, born in India, diplomat, Asia and Western Dominance
1893 Assen Karastoyanov, composer
1887 Emil Axman, composer
1879 Pieter J A Adriani, Dutch tax lawyer
1879 Alfred Korzybski, Polish Scientist
1877 Raoul Dufy, France, Fauvist painter, Palm
1873 Otto Loewi, Frankfurt am Main Germany, physician, Nobel-1936
1870 Jules JBV Bordet, Belgian bacteriologist, syphillis, Nobel 1919
1869 Maria Radulphus, inspector on Curacao, Radulphus College
1868 Lvar Henning Mankell, composer
1867 Bela Anton Szabados, composer
1865 George V, Saksen-Coburg [Windsor], King of Great Britain, 1910-36
1864 Ransom Eli Olds, auto, Oldsmobile, and truck, REO, manufacturer
1844 Detlev [Freiherr Friedrich A von] Liliencron, German poet
1844 Emile Paladilhe, composer
1844 Garret Augustus Hobart, R, 24th U.S. Vice President, 1897-99
1843 Frederik VIII CWK, King of Denmark, 1906-12
1841 Eduardo Caudella, composer
1840 Eugeen van Oye, Flemish writer/poet, Morning Twilight
1839 Paul Lindau, German playwright/critic, Der Herr im Hause
1832 Alexander Charles Lecocq, composer
1831 Otho French Strahl, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1829 Alfonse Charles Renaud de Vilback, composer
1828 Jean Alexander Ferdinand Poise, composer
1828 Jose Inzenga y Castellanos, composer
1824 Charles Kinnaird Graham, Major General Union volunteers
1819 Johann Barthold Jongkind, Lattrop, Netherlands, Dutch/French painter, Winter Scenes
1819 Thomas Ball, U.S., sculptor/painter/singer
1815 Martin Edward Green, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1812 Pieter Mijer, Dutch Governor-General of Netherlands Indies, 1866-72
1808 Jefferson Davis, born in Kentucky, President of Confederate States of America, 1861 - 1865
1804 Richard Cobden, West Sussex, founder, Anti-Corn-Law League
1801 Frantisek Jan Skroup, composer
1782 Charles Waterton, eccentric naturalist/pioneer
1780 William Hone, England, author/bookseller, Every-Day Book
1773 Caspar G C Reinwardt, German/Dutch biologist
1773 Michael Gottard Fischer, composer
1771 Sydney Smith, Woodford Essex, preacher/reformer/author
1770 Manuel Belgrano, Argentina
1761 Henry Scrapnel, English inventor, shrapnel shell
1750 Frederic Thieme, composer
1746 James Hook, composer
1738 Johann Christoph Oley, composer
1726 James Hutton, Edinburgh Scotland, geologist
1685 Cornelis Hop, Amsterdam regent/diplomat
1660 Johannes Schenck, composer
1657 Manuel de Egues, composer
1610 Jacob Neefs, Flemish engraver/publisher, baptised