June 4 Birthdays in History - June 4 Deaths - June 4 Events
1992 Earvin Johnson III, son of NBA foward Magic Johnson
1975 Betty Okino, born in Uganda, U.S. gymnast 1992 Olympics
1975 Dinanath Ramnarine, cricketer, Trinidad and Tobago leg-spinner
1975 Kurt Dreger, Ironwood, Michigan, dance skater, & Cronin-1997 National-13th
1975 Angelina Jolie, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Academy-Award winning movie, 'Girl, Interrupted', works with refugees as a Goodwill Ambassador
1974 Darin Erstad, outfielder, California Angels
1974 James Miller, Australian pole vaulter 1996 Olympics
1974 Johnny Taylor, NBA forward, Orlando Magic
1974 Lyndsay Kahler, born in Orange, California, Miss America-California 1997
1973 Antonio Anderson, defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys
1973 Corey Walker, running back for the Philadelphia Eagles
1973 Doug Colman, linebacker for the New York Giants
1973 Sir Mawn Wilson, NFL wide reciever, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1972 Derian Hatcher, Sterling Heights, Michigan, NHL defenseman for the Dallas Stars
1971 Noah Wyle, born in Hollywood, California, actor, Dr. John Carter-ER
1971 Patrick Scott, NFL/WLAF linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers, Frankfurt Galaxy
1971 Roy Janse, born in Edmonton, Alberta, tornado yachter 1996 Olympics
1971 Tanya Beyer, born in St. Paul, Minnesota, playmate, Feb, 1992
1970 Gary Lynagh, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1970 Ronnie Harris, NFL wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks
1969 Regi Blinker, soccer player, Feyenoord
1969 Robert Perez, born in Bolivar, Venezuela, outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays
1969 Tine Moberg-Parker, born in Oslo, Norway, Canada Europe class yachter 1996 Olympics
1968 Scott Wolf, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actor, Broken Arrow, Party of 5
1968 Stacy Leigh Arthur, born in Naperville, Illinois, playmate, Jan, 1991
1968 Rachel Griffiths, American Actress
1967 Rick Wilkins, born in Jacksonville, Florida, Richard Wilkins, baseball player, catcher, played Major League teams San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, also played for Houston Astros, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners, New York Mets
1967 Scott Servais, born in La Crosse, Wisconsin, catcher for the Chicago Cubs
1967 Simon Sheldon-Collins, Australian baseball pitcher 1996 Olympics
1966 Nick Kypreos, born in Toronto, NHL left wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs
1966 Cecilia Bartoli, Italian Musician
1965 Andrea Jaeger, born in Chicago, tennis player, retired as a teenager
1965 Beau Allred, born in Mesa, Arizona, Dale Le Beau Allred, baseball player, outfielder, played for the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team for three seasons from 1989 - 1991
1965 Jonathan Canter, LA Cal, tennis star
1965 Kurt Stillwell, born in Glendale, California, infielder for the Texas Rangers
1965 Tim Perry, NBA forward, New Jersey Nets
1964 Chris Kavanagh, rocker, Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Love Missile F-111
1964 Steve Searcy, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, William Steven Searcy, baseball player, pitcher, played for Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Major League Baseball teams from 1998 - 1992
1963 Carey Nelson, Canada, marathoner 1996 Olympics
1963 Jim Lachey, NFL tackle for the Washington Redskins
1963 Mossimo Giannulli, fashion designer, hot
1963 Xavier McDaniel, NBA forward, Seattle SuperSonics
1961 El Debarge, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, rocker, Debarge-All this Love
1959 Lord Rayleigh, agri-businessman, Lord Rayleigh Farms
1959 Rod Connop, CFL corner for the Edmonton Eskimos
1958 Julie Gholson, born in Birmingham, Alabama, actress, Where the Lilies Bloom
1958 Tony Pigott, cricketer, England pace bowler in a Test vs. New Zealand 1984
1957 Tony Pena, born in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic, catcher, Cleveland Indians
1956 John Treacy, marathonr, Olympics-silver-1984
1956 Terry Kennedy, born in Euclid, Ohio, professional baseball player, catcher, played for the Baltimore Orioles, San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants
1956 Keith David, American Actor
1953 Linda Lingle, born in St. Louis, Missouri, politician, Republican, 6th Governor of Hawaii, chairman, 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City
1952 Catherine Watkins, Hartford, Connecticut, actress, It's Not Easy, Mary
1952 Parker Stevenson, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, actor, Falcon Crest, Stroker Ace
1951 David Yip, born in Liverpool, England, of Chinese descent, English actor, played Johnny Ho in The Chinese Detective, played CIA liason agent Chuck Lee in 'A View to a Kill', a 1985 James Bond film
1951 Yvonne MCT van Rooy, Dutch Secretary of State Secretary, CDA
1950 Brian Rose, cricketer, England batsman in 9 Tests 1977-81
1950 Dagmar Krause, born in West Germany, singer, Henry Cow, Art Bears
1950 Wayne Powers, New Rochelle, New York, actor, Laverne and Shirley, 13 East
1950 George Noory, American Journalist
1948 Rosemary Joyce, model/actress, Daphne Draper-Search For Tomorrow
1948 Sandra Post, born in Oakville, Ontario, professional golfer, won LPGA Championship 1968, LPGA Tour Rookie of the Year Award 1968
1948 Jim Wallis, American Writer
1946 Bettina Gregory, correspondent/journalist, ABC-TV
1945 Anthony Braxton, jazz musician
1945 Daniel Topolski, writer/photographer/rowing coach
1945 Gordon Waller, born in Scotland, singer, Peter and Gordon-World Without Love
1945 Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, Mickey Thompson off-road champ, 1983, 84, 90
1945 Margaret Impert, Horseheads, New York, actress, Maggie, Spencer's Pilots
1944 Charlie Whitney, rock guitarist, Family
1944 Michelle Phillips, born in Long Beach, California, singer and actress, Mamas and Papas
1944 Roger Ball, Scotland, saxophonist, Average White Band
1943 Sandra Haynie, Ft. Worth, Texas, LPGA golfer, 1974 U.S. Women's Open
1940 Dorothy Rudd Moore, composer
1940 Gerrit H. Terpstra, economist/Dutch 2nd Chamber member, CDA
1939 Phil Linz, baseball shortstop, New York Yankees
1938 Art Mahaffey, baseball player
1937 Freddie Fender, born in Mexico, country singer, Feelings
1937 Mort Zuckerman, CEO, US News and World Report, New York Daily News
1937 Robert Fulghum, American Author
1936 Bruce Dern, Winnetka, Illinois, actor, Coming Home, Silent Running, Tatoo
1935 Hendrikus C "Henk" Admiraal, Dutch actor, Rififi in Amsterdam
1933 John Sparrow, CEO, British Horseracing Betting Levy Board
1933 Godfried Danneels, Clergyman
1932 John Barrymore, Jr., born in Beverly Hills, California, actor, Pantomine Quiz
1930 Morgana King, jazz singer and actress, Godfather
1928 Paul Greening, master of Queen's household
1928 Ruth Westheimer, born in Germany, sex therapist, WYNY-FM
1927 Geoffrey Palmer, British actor, Smacks and Thistle
1927 Priscilla Morrill, born in Medford, Massachusetts, actress, Edie Grant-Mary Tyler Moore
1926 Nan Leslie, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Kings Row, Californians
1926 Robert Earl Hughes, became heaviest known human, 486 kg
1924 Dennis Weaver, born in Joplin, Missouri, actor, Chester-Gunsmoke, Duel, Battered
1923 John Lea, British Vice-Admiral
1922 Irwin Bazelon, born in Evanston, Illinois, composer, Duo for Viola
1922 John McNamara, baseball player
1922 John West, vice chancellor, Bradford University
1921 Nina Vyroubova, Russian/French ballerina, Pavlova-prize 1957
1920 Marion Motley, NFL running back, all-time leading AAFC rusher
1919 Robert Merrill, American Musician
1918 LeRoy Walker, born in Atlanta, Georgia, CEO, US Olympic Committee
1917 Allen Greenwood, deputy CEO, British Aerospace
1917 Charles Collingwood, Michigan, news commentator, CBS, Chronicles
1917 Howard Metzenbaum, born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States Senator from Ohio
1917 Robert Anderson, author, Tea and Sympathy
1917 Robert Merrill, born in Brooklyn, New York, baritone, New York Metropolitan Opera
1916 Cecil Blacker, CEO, British Equestrian Federation
1916 Gaylord Nelson, American Politician
1915 Modibo Keita, president of Mali, 1960-68
1915 Walter Hadlee, cricketer, father of Richard and Dayle, New Zealand batsman 40's
1914 Willy-August Linnemann, Danish writer/journalist
1913 Bruno Bettinelli, composer
1912 Robert Jacobsen, Danish sculptor, great iron sculptures
1911 Austin Andrew Wright, sculptor
1911 Viktor P. Nekrasov, Ukrainian author, Vokopach Stalingrada
1910 Christopher Cockerell, inventor, Hovercraft
1910 Jacques Berque, Islamic scholar
1909 Paul Nordoff, Philadelphia, composer, Frog Prince
1909 William Batten, CEO, New York Stock Exchange 1976-84
1908 Earl of Halsbury, chancellor, Brunei University
1908 Lambertus L van Rooijen, Dutch actor
1908 Rosalind Russell, born in Waterbury, Connecticut, actress, Mame, Take a Letter Darling
1908 Walther Vanbeselaere, Flemish art historian
1907 Marjan Kozina, composer
1906 Richard Whorf, actor and director, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Keeper of Flame
1902 Richard Allen, India, field hockey goal tender 1928 Olympics gold
1895 Dino Conte Grandi, Italy, delegate to league of nations, 1925-32
1894 Blanch Knopf, publishing CEO, Knopf
1893 Armand Calinescu, premier of Romania
1893 Daan Boens, Flemish poet, Man who sold his Wife
1881 Clara Blandick, actress, Huckleberry Finn, Romance, Tom Sawyer
1879 Theodor Haecker, German cultural philosopher, ist der Mensch?
1878 Frank N D Buchman, U.S. theologist, Moral Rearmament
1877 Heinrich Wieland, German chemist, bile acids-Nobel 1927
1876 Robert Dower, cricketer, 1 Test South Africa vs. England 1898, scored 0 and 9
1869 Boudouin LPMCAJL, prince of Belgium/count of Vlaanderen
1867 Carl Gustaf baron Mannerheim, general/president of Finland, 1944-46
1864 Nassau William Senior, British economist
1863 Edmond R H Regout, Dutch industrialist/politician
1846 Josef Sittard, music writer
1838 Servaas Daems, Peeter Klein, Flemish writer, Lute and Flute
1833 Garnet Joseph, 1st viscount Wolseley soldier
1828 Alexander William Campbell, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1816 Phillipe Regis Denis de Keredern de Trobriand, Major General, Union
1815 Paul Jones Semmes, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1803 Gabriel James Rains, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1801 James Pennethorne, architect
1770 James Hewitt, composer
1751 John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon
1738 George III, English King during American Revolution, 1760-1820
1700 Theodoor Verhaegen, Flemish sculptor
1697 Jacob Israel Emden, Jacob ben Tswi, German rabbi
1694 Francois Quesnay, French personal physician of Louis XIV