March 15 Birthdays in History - March 15 Deaths - March 15 Events
1989 Caitlin Wachs, actress, Chloe Waters-Profiler
1981 Young Buck, American Musician
1980 Deidra Graham, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, gymnast, alternate for the 1996 Olympics
1977 Joseph Hahn, American Musician
1976 Laurent Gras, hockey forward, Team France 1998
1975 Cornell Brown, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens
1975 Eva Longoria, American Actress
1974 Imad Baba, born in Humble, Texas, soccer midfielder, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 Franca Fehlauer, born in Hamburg, Germany, golfer, Belgian International, Jr. champ 1991
1972 Casey Cristin Mizell, Miss USA-South Carolina, 1997
1972 David Rhodes, WLAF wide receiver, Rhein Fire
1972 Filip Dewulf, born in Mol, Belgium, professional tennis player, won two ATP Tour singles titles, one doubles titles
1972 Oliver Gibson, NFL defensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1972 Steve Danielson, born in Honolulu, field hockey defender 1996 Olympics
1972 Mark Hoppus, American Musician
1971 Patrick Reidy, Melbourne VIC Australia, basketball forward 1996 Olympics
1971 Reyna Royo, Miss Universe-Panama, 1996
1970 Chris Dalman, NFL guard and center for the San Francisco 49ers
1970 Diego Nargiso, Naples Italy, tennis pro
1970 Eric Castle, NFL free safety for the San Diego Chargers
1970 Paul Kruse, Merritt, NHL left wing, Calgary Flames
1969 Louis Riddick, NFL safety born in Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons
1968 John Tardy, U.S. heavy metalist, Obituary, Slowly We Rot
1968 Rob Anderson, born in Kamloops BC, Canadian Tour golfer, BC Amateur-1990, 92
1968 Sabrina [Salerno], born in Genoa, Italy, Miss Italy, 1984, and singer, Boys
1968 Mark McGrath, born in Hartford, Connecticut, singer, 'Sugar Ray' rock band, previously a co-host on 'Extra' entertainment television show
1967 Kirk Scrafford, NFL tackle for the San Francisco 49ers
1966 Chris Bruno, actor, Michael-All My Children, Dennis-Another World
1966 Karen Weiss, born in St. Paul Minnesota, LPGA golfer, 1995 Chick-fil-A Charity-7th
1965 Marianne Morris, born in Middletown, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1995 McDonald's LPGA-3rd
1964 Alison Johnson, born in Tustin, California, WPVA volleyball player, U.S. Open-4th-1993
1964 Rockwell, Kennedy Gordy, born in Detroit, Michigan, rock vocalist, Someone Watching Me
1964 Ron Hall, NFL tight end, Detroit Lions
1963 Bret Michaels, born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, guitarist, Poison-Talk Dirty to Me
1963 Frans Koenn, Dutch rock bassist, Lois Lane-Precious
1962 Jimmy Baio, born in Brooklyn, actor, Billy Tate-Soap, Brass, Playing for Keeps
1962 Steve Coy, rocker, Dead or Alive-Spin Me Round
1962 Terrence Trent D'Arby, born in New York City, rock vocalist, Wishing Well
1961 Craig Ludwig, Rhinelander, NHL defenseman for the Dallas Stars
1961 Fabio [Lanzoni], born in Italy, romance novels model, Fabio After Dark
1961 Terry Cummings, NBA forward for the Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers
1960 Donna Smith, born in Portland Oregon, playmate, March, 1985
1959 Eliot Teltscher, born in California, tennis player, U.S. Davis Cup team
1959 Harold Baines, born in Easton, Maryland, outfielder for the Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers
1959 Ben Okri, born in London, of Nigerian descent, poet, author, won Booker Prize 1991, for book 'The Famished Road', described as a magic realist
1958 Laura Carrington, actress, Louisa-Alphabet City
1957 Park Overall, born in Tennessee, actress, Laverne-Empty Nest, Mississippi Burning
1956 Clay Matthews, NFL linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons
1955 Dee Snider, born in Massapequa, New York, Twisted Sister-We're Not Gonna Take It
1955 Marcia McCabe, born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, actress, Alicia Grande-1 Live to Live
1955 Mohsin Khan, cricketer, Pakistani opening batsman late 70s early 80s
1954 Craig Wasson, born in Oregon, actor, Body Double, 4 Friends, Men's Club
1953 Colin Croft, cricketer, West Indian fast bowler 1977-82
1953 Judi Spiers, born in Britain, Judith Marilyn Spiers, British radio and television presenter, hosted Mr TSW and Miss TSW local beauty contests for new south-west station TSW, appeared in six editions of daytime chat show, presented on Open Air, a BBC1 access television program, in 1986, and Pebble Mill program 1992- 1995, presenter, BBC Radio Devon since 2005
1952 Philip Green, born in Croyden, England, businessman, owns large retail stores including Arcadia Group, 9th richest person in Britain, worth over $4 billion
1949 John Duttine, actor, Day of the Triffids
1947 David Colley, cricketer, NSW quickie, 3 Tests for Australia 1972
1947 Larisa Grigoriyevna Pozharskaya, Russian cosmonaut
1947 Ry[land] Cooder, born in Louisiana, blues guitarist, Crossroads
1947 Stomu Yamash'ta, composer
1947 Tomas Pettersson, born in Sweden, cyclist, 1968 Olympics silver
1946 Bobby Bonds, baseball player, Giants, Yankees, etc
1946 David Wall, English ballet dancers/director, Royal Academy of Dancing
1946 Howard Scott, born in San Pedro, California, rock guitarist and vocalist, War, Cisco Kid
1945 Jorgen Sundelin, born in Sweden, yachtsmen, 1968 Olympics gold
1945 Mark J. Green, born in Brooklyn, New York, lawyer and author, Closed Enterprise System
1944 Chi Cheng, born in Taiwan, sprinter/80m hurdler, 1968 Olympics Bronze
1944 David Costell, born in Pittsburg, rocker, Gary Lewis and the Playboys-Diamond Ring
1944 Jacques Doillon director and writer, La Fille de Quinze Ans
1944 Ralph MacDonald, rock percussionist, Graceland
1944 Sly Stone, born in Dallas, rocker, Sly and the Family Stone-Everyday People
1943 Brenda Scott, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, actress, Midge-Road West
1943 David Cronenberg, Toronto, Ontario, director, Shivers, Fly, Brood
1942 Hughie Flint, born in London, England, rock drummer, Bonzo Dog Band
1941 Dick Top, Dutch actor and director, Witch of Haarlem
1941 Mike Love, born in California, rock saxophonist and vocalist, Beachboys
1940 Phil Lesh, Chapman, born in California, rock bassist, Grass Roots, Grateful Dead
1940 Frank Dobson, British Politician
1939 Robert Nye, writer, Facts of Life and other fiction, 3 Views of Man
1938 Dick Higgins, born in Cambridge, England, composer, coined term 'intermedia', founder, Something Else Press
1936 Don Sundquist, born in Moline, Illinois, Representative-R-Tennessee 1983 - 1995, Governor of Tennesse 1995 - 2003
1935 Judd Hirsch, born in Bronx, actor, Alex-Taxi, Dear John, Ordinary People
1935 Jimmy Swaggart, American Clergyman
1934 Daniel George "Danny" Apolinar, composer and songwriter
1934 Wolfgang Hufschmidt, composer
1933 Cecil Perceval Taylor, composer and jazz pianist, University of Wisconsin
1933 Ruth Bader Ginsburg, American Judge
1932 Alan Lavern Bean, born in Wheeler, Texas, Captain USN/astronaut, Ap 12, Skylab 3
1932 David Alliance, Iran/British textile factory/multi-millionaire
1930 Cecil Taylor, American Musician
1929 Tiezo Matsumura, composer
1928 Nicolas Flagello, composer
1927 Carl Smith, born in Maynardville, Tennessee, country singer, Grand Ole Opry
1927 Philip Vincent Belloc Jebb, architect
1926 Benjamin Burwell Johnson, composer
1926 Norm Van Brocklin, NFL quarterback and coach of the Los Angeles Rams, hall of famer
1926 Tim Valentine, born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, Representative-D-North Carolina 1983 - 1995
1924 Lockrem Johnson, composer
1923 Laurence A. Tisch, born in New York City, CEO, Loews Corp
1920 Ranganandhan Francis, born in India, field hockey, Gold Medals 1948, 1952, 1956 Olympics
1920 Lawrence Sanders, American Novelist
1919 John Gregson, born in Liverpool England, actor, Gideon CID, Shirley's World
1919 Lawrence Tierney, Brooklyn, actor, Abduction, Dillinger
1918 Richard Ellmann, U.S., literary scholar and writer, Oscar Wilde
1916 Geert Lubberhuizen, publisher, Busy Bee
1916 Harry James, born in Albany, Georgia, trumpeter, married to Betty Grable
1915 David Schoenbrun, CBS broadcast bureau head, Washington, Paris
1915 Richard Ward, born in Glenside, Pennsylvania, actor, Beacon Hill
1913 Lex Goudsmit, Dutch actor, Fiddler on the Roof
1913 MacDonald Carey, born in Sioux City, Iowa, actor, One Life to Live, Dream Girl
1913 Lew Wasserman, American Producer
1912 Duncan Stuart Wilson-MacDonald, fighter pilot
1912 Lightnin' [Sam] Hopkins, born in Texas, blues stylist, Ball of Twine
1912 Louis Boon, born in Aalst, Belgium, born Lodewijk Paul Aalbrecht Boon, writer, journalist, novelist, wrote historical novels, modernist work Vergeten straat
1911 Ivan Allen, American Politician
1910 An Rutgers van der Loeff-Basenau, children book writer, Skating Race
1907 Jimmy McPartland, jazz trumpeteer and actor, Magic Horn
1907 Paul Maxey, born in Wheaton, Illinois, actor, Matt-Lassie, Mayor-People's Choice
1905 Berthold Schenck von Stauffenberg, attempted to assassinate Hitler
1905 Joe E. Ross, comedian, Gunther Toody-Car 54, Ritzik-Phil Silvers Show
1904 George Brent, born in Dublin, Ireland, actor, 42nd St, Jezebel
1902 Kitty Masters, actress
1902 Zarah Leander, Swedish and German singer and actress, Gabriela
1901 Colin McPhee, born in Montreal, Canada, composer, H2O, Mechanical Princibles
1901 J Pat O'Malley, born in England, actor, Touch of Grace, Gunn, Star!
1901 Theo Uden Marsman, Dutch orchestra leader
1900 Gilberto Freye, Brazilian sociologist/writer
1894 Slava Vorlova, composer
1884 Rudolf Piskacek, composer
1879 Gerrit J. Heering, Dutch theologist, Fall of Christianity
1878 Hanson Carter, cricketer, Yorkshire Aussie WK of early 20th century
1874 Harold L. Ickes, social activist, New Deal politician
1873 David Vaughan Thomas, composer
1873 Lee Shubert, producer, theatres in New York and LA named after him
1871 Betsy van den Arend, Dutch [Betje], actress, Miss Hobbs
1870 Samuel Rutherford, born in Culloden, Georgia, lawyer, politician, businessman, jurist, Mayor of Forsyth, Georgia, served in Georgia House of Representatives, elected to 69th U.S. Congress, served for four terms
1867 Lionel Pigot Johnson, born in England, poet and critic, Ireland and Other Poems
1867 Will Rossiter, composer
1864 Johan Halvorsen, composer
1864 Leslie Stuart, composer
1858 Liberty Hyde Bailey, U.S. botanist, Plantbreeding
1855 Lutzen Wagenaar, Frisian writer and vicar, Tsjerk Ages
1852 Augusta Gregory, born in Ireland, playwright and poet, Yates mistress
1852 Lady Gregory, Irish Dramatist
1851 Jozef Surzynski, composer
1844 Bransby Cooper, cricketer, in Dhaka Batsman in Australia's 1st Test
1838 Alice Cunningham Fletcher, ethnologist, Stranger in Her Native Land
1836 Henrique Alves de Mesquita, composer
1835 Eduard Strauss, Austria, composer, 318 Dance
1831 Edward Aylesworth Perry, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1830 Paul von Heyse, Germany, writer, Nobel 1910
1824 Branko Radicevic, Serbian poet, 1st Serbian Uprising
1811 Robert Allen, Major General Union Army
1810 Aernout Drost, Dutch literary, Hermingard van de Eikenterpen
1809 Joseph Jenkins Roberts, 1st President of Liberia
1808 Gaetano Gaspari, composer
1801 Coenraad J van Houten, Dutch cocoa manufacturer
1790 Nicola Vaccai, composer
1779 William Lamb, Whig, Viscount Melbourne, British Prime Minister, 1834, 1835-41
1779 William Lamb Melbourne, British Politician
1767 Andrew Jackson, General and 7th President, 1829-37
1754 Silvestro Palma, composer
1750 Caroline Herschel, astronomer/discoverer
1733 Johann Zoffany, German painter, baptized
1713 Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, astronomer who mapped the So Hemisphere
1678 Dominique Marie Valet, French RC/old-catholic bishop
1666 Georg Baehr, German master builder, Frauenkirche, Dresden
1493 Anne Pierre Adrien duke of Montmorency, marshal of France
76 Hadrian, Roman Emperor, builder of Hadrian's Wall