March 18 Birthdays in History - March 18 Deaths - March 18 Events
1978 Dionne Bainbridge, born in Brisbane, Australia, New Zealand 200m swimmer 1996 Olympics
1975 Claude N'Goran, born in Adzope Ivory Coast, tennis pro
1975 Kimmo Timonen, hockey defenseman, Team Finland, Bronze Medal 1998 Olympics
1974 Petra Kamstra, born in Rotterdam, Holland, tennis star, 1995 Surabaya doubles
1974 Tina Krizan, Maribor Slovenia, tennis star, 1995 Surabaya doubles
1974 Torrian Gray, safety for the Minnesota Vikings
1973 Marlon Kerner, NFL cornerback for the Buffalo Bills
1973 Rob Johnson, NFL quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1972 Dane Cook, born in Boston, Massachusetts, Dane Jeffrey Cook, comedian, stand up comic, released five comedy albums, 'Retaliation' went double platinum, the highest charting comedy album in 28 years, appeared in 15 films since 1997, including 'My Best Friend's Girl'
1971 Mariaan de Swardt, born in Johannesburg, South Africa tennis star, 1996 3rd round Australia
1970 Michael Rapaport, actor, Zak-Zebrahead
1970 Queen Latifah, rap singer and actress, Khadijah James-Living Single
1970 Sarah Thorsett, Winona, Minnesota, 1.5k runner
1969 Michael Dumas, NFL free safety, San Diego Chargers, Jacksonville Jaguars
1969 Shaun Udal, cricketer, Hants off-spinner, England to Australia 1994-95
1969 Sheila Taormina, 4X200m freestyle swimmer, 1996 Olympics gold
1968 Joseph Ouellet, hockey forward, Team France 1998
1968 Pat Terrell, NFL strong safety for the Carolina Panthers, Green Bay Packers
1967 Andre Rison, NFL wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs
1967 Derrick Graham, NFL tackle for the Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, Seat Seahawks
1966 Jerry Cantrell, U.S. rock guitarist, Alice in Chains-Dirt
1965 Geronimo Berroa, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, outfielder for the Oakland A's
1965 Jeff Labarr, rocker, Cinderella-Heartbreak Station
1964 Bonnie Blair, born in Champaign Illionis, speed skater, 5 Gold Medals 1988, 1992, 1994 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1988 Olympics
1964 Christina Ferguson, born in Phoenix, Arizona, playmate, Apr, 1983
1963 Vanessa L. Williams, born in Millwood, New York, 1st black Miss America 1983 and singer
1962 Trevor Franklin, cricketer, opened for New Zealand mid-80's
1961 Kevan James, cricketer, all-rounder 4 wkts/4 balls and ton vs. India 1996
1961 Mark Van Thillo, Wilrijk Belgium, co-captain, Biosphere 2
1961 Todd Nelson, Dalles Ore, tennis star
1960 Claudia Udy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, actress, Out of Control, Nightforce
1960 Guy Carbonneau, Sept-iles, NHL center for the Dallas Stars
1960 Patricia Farinelli, born in Los Angeles, California, playmate, December, 1981
1960 Richard Biggs, born in Columbus Ohio, actor, Marcus-Days of Our Lives
1959 Irene Cara, born in Bronx New York City, actress/singer, Fame, DC Cab, Certain Fury
1959 Luc Besson, French Director
1958 Andreas Wenzel, born in Liechtenstein, skier, 1980 Olympics silver
1957 Christer Fuglesang, born in Stockholm Sweden, physicist/astronaut, Mir backup
1957 Melvin Gentry, vocalits/guitarist, Midnight Star-No Parking
1956 "The Model" Rick Martel, Richard Vignault, wrestler, WWF/AWA
1956 Ingamar Stenmark, Sweden, slalom, Olympic-2 gold-1980
1955 Graham Porter, cricketer, 1 day International for Australia 1979
1954 James F Reilly II, born in Mount Home AFB Idaho, PhD/astronaut, STS-89, sk:100
1953 Helmer C Koetje, Dutch 2nd chamber member, CDA
1953 Margaret L. Augustine, born in Buffalo, New York, project manager, Biosphere 2
1953 Nicholas Wisdom, cricketer, son of comic Norman, 2 games Sussex 1974
1951 Bill Frisell, born in Baltimore, Maryland, guitarist, composer, song 'Over the Rainbow' featured in move, 'Finding Forrester', Grammy-award winning album 'Unspeakable'
1950 Brad Dourif, West Virginia, actor, Ragtime, Eyes of Laura Mars, Fatal Beauty
1950 James Conlon, born in New York City, conductor, Cincinnati May Festival-1979
1950 John Hartman, born in Falls Church, Virginia, rock drummer, Doobie Brothers
1949 Alex "Hurricane" Higgins, Irish snooker player, 2X world-champ
1949 Starr Danias, born in New York City, ballerina, Turning Point
1948 Eknath Solkar, cricketer, India 1969-77, brilliant short-leg fielder
1947 Barry Wilson, England, rock drummer, Procol Harum-Whiter Shade of Pale
1947 David Lloyd, cricketer, England opener, 214 vs. India 1974
1947 Steven Schiff, born in Chicago, Illinois, Representative-R-New Mexico 1989 - 1998
1947 Karen McCarthy, American Politician
1946 Michael Reagan, talk show host, Ronald's son
1945 Aleksey Vakhonin, U.S.S.R., bantam weight, Gold Medal 1964 Olympics
1943 Kevin Dobson, born in Jackson Heights, New York, actor, Kojak, Knots Landing, Shannon
1941 Wilson Pickett, born in Prattville, Alabama, R&B singer, Funky Broadway
1941 Wolfgang Bauer, born in Graz, Styria, writer, playwright, works translated into 24 languages, include, 'Magic Afternoon', 'Change'
1939 Travis Pritchett, rocker, Travis and Bob
1939 Ron Atkinson, British Athlete
1938 Carl Gottlieb, comedian, Ken Berry Wow Show
1938 Charley Pride, born in Sledge, Mississippi, country singer, Sweet Country
1938 Shashi Kapoor, born in Calcutta, India, actor, Shalimar, Heat and Dust
1937 Mark Donohue, auto racer, 1972 Indianapolis 500
1936 Hans Peter Bleuel, writer
1936 Robert Lee Smith, U.S. singer, Tams, You Lied to Your Daddy
1936 Tony Nash, born in England, bobsled, 1964 Olympics gold
1933 Unita Blackwell, 1st black mayor in Mississippi
1932 F. W. de Klerk, president South Africa, 1989-94
1932 John Updike, born in Reading, Pennsylvania, writer, novelist, art critic, literary critic, Pulitzer Prize winner
1931 Howard Coble, born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Representative-R-North Carolina 1985 -
1930 Maurice Peress, born in New York City, conductor, KC Philharmonic 1974-80
1929 Christa Wolf, German novelist, Divided Heaven
1929 Ctirad Kohoutek, composer
1928 Fidel V Ramos, President, Phillipines
1928 William R. Boggs, born in Georgia, Brigadier General and chief of engineers under Bragg
1927 George Plimpton, New York City, sports writer, Paper Lion
1927 John Harold Kander, composer, Cabaret, Funny Lady, Kramer vs. Kramer
1925 Peter Graves, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor, James Phelps-Mission Impossible
1924 Madhussudan Rege, cricketer, 15 runs in only Test India vs. WI 1948-49
1922 Egon Bahr, German journalist/politician
1920 Eric Halsall, sheepdog trial commentator
1920 John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, Poland, Pope, 1978-
1919 Laila Schou Nilsen, born in Norway, downhill skier, 1936 Olympics gold
1919 Len Johnson, cricketer, Australian fast bowler played Test in 1948
1916 Louis Toebosch, composer
1915 Richard Thomas Condon, author
1914 Cesar Guerra Peixe, composer
1914 James Pack, naval officer museum curator
1913 Margaret Hesse, princess of Hesse/Rhine
1913 Rene Clement, born in Bordeaux, France, director and writer, Is Paris Burning
1913 William Hutchinson Murray, mountaineer/author
1913 W. H. Murray, Scottish Athlete
1911 Smiley Burnette, Summum, Illinois, cowboy, Charlie-Petticoat Junction
1910 Chiang Ching-huo, son of Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek/President, 1978-88
1908 Louis Gaste, songwriter
1907 Eleanor L "Betty" Compton, U.S. actress, Here Comes Trouble
1906 Roy L Johnson, U.S. Admiral, WW II-Pacific Ocean
1905 John Kirkpatrick, New York City, pianist, Concord Sonata
1905 Mollie Parnis, born in New York City, fashion designer, Mollie Roberts Collection
1905 Robert Donat, born in England, actor, Goodbye Mr. Chips, Citadel
1903 Galeazzo Ciano, Italian Politician
1901 Piotr Perkowski, composer
1901 Manly Hall, Canadian Philosopher
1899 Lavrenti Beria, chief of Soviet secret police under Stalin
1898 Otto Jochum, composer
1897 Betty Compson, actress, Big City, Docks Of New York
1893 Wilfred Owen, born in England, anti-war poet, Anthem for Doomed Youth
1892 Robert P Tristram Coffin, poet/reporter, WW II
1890 Gerardus van der Leeuw, Dutch religion historian/minister of Education
1889 F Rijkens, oldest living person in Netherlands
1888 Joseph Csaky, Hungarian/French sculptor
1886 Edward Everett Horton, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor/narrator, Bulwinkle Show
1886 Kurt Koffka, Germany, Gestalt psychologist
1886 Marianne [Goudeket-]Philips, Dutch author, Between Heaven and Earth
1882 Gian Francesco Malipiero, composer
1881 Oliver Seibert, hall of fame hockey player, elected 1963
1881 Paul Le Flem, composer
1880 Christopher K H de Neree tot Babberich, cartoonist
1877 Clem Hill, cricketer, all-time great Australian batsman
1877 Edgar Cayce, American
1874 Nikolai Berdyaev, Russian Philosopher
1872 Frank Hoyt Losey, composer
1869 Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, C, 1937-40
1867 Michael G de Boer, historian, Harbor of Amsterdam
1866 Dumitru Kiriac-Georgescu, composer
1866 John Loudon, Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, 1913-18
1864 Karl M Lybeck, Finnish/Swedish language poet, Samlade Arbeten
1858 Rudolf Diesel, German engineer, Diesel motor
1848 Nathaniel Herreshoff, America Cup yacht designer
1844 Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, born in Tikhvin, Russia, composer, Scheherazade
1843 Jules HPFX Vandenpeereboom, premier of Belgium, 1899
1839 Francis Fessenden, Major General Union volunteers
1838 Jan B Stobbaerts, Flemish painter
1838 Randal Cremer, born in Britain, trade unionist, pacifist, Nobel 1903
1837 Grover Cleveland, born in New Jersey, 22nd/24th President, 1885-89, 93-97
1830 Numa D Fustel de Coulanges, French historian and sociologist
1829 William Robertson Boggs, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1813 Friedrich Hebbel, writer
1809 Gabriel de la Concepcion Valdes, Placido, Cuban poet
1782 John Caldwell Calhoun, South Carolina, Andrew Jackson's Vice President, 1825 - 1832
1782 John C. Calhoun, American Statesman
1781 Gustave Vogt, composer
1765 David H Chasse, Dutch baron/general, fought Napoleon at Waterloo
1756 Johann Christoph Vogel, composer
1734 Joseph Schmitt, composer
1690 Christian Goldbach, German mathematician, Goldbach position
1657 Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni, Italian composer
1644 Gottfried Wegner, composer
1609 Frederick III, King of Denmark and Norway, 1648-70, ; absolutist
1578 Adam Elsheimer, German painter/cartoonist/etcher, baptized
1556 Francois-Hercule de Valois, French duke of Anjou/Brabant
1548 Cornelis Ketel, Dutch portrait painter and poet
1380 Liduina van Schiedam, Dutch "Christ's bride"/saint