March 2 Birthdays in History - March 2 Deaths - March 2 Events
1982 Jessica Biel, born in Ely, Minnesota, actress, appeared in television series, '7th Heaven', films include, 'The Illusionist', 'Valentine's Day', 'Summer Catch'
1981 Bryce Dallas Howard, American Actress
1977 Chris Martin, born in Exeter, England, singer, songwriter, musician, member and lead vocalist of Coldplay band, married to Gwyneth Paltrow
1976 Lars Bruggemann, hockey defenseman, Team Germany 1998
1975 Arleen McDonald, Miss USA 1977, Mississippi
1974 Martine Dessureault, born in Montreal, Quebec, 50m swimmer 1996 Olympics
1973 John Elmore, guard for the Baltimore Ravens
1973 Paul Popowich, actor, Tommy Tricker and Stamp Traveler
1971 Amber Smith, born in Tampa, Florida, actress in Faithful, Funeral, Mirror Has 2 Faces
1971 Donna Perry, born in Glendale, California, playmate November, 1994
1971 James Hammerstrand, born in LaMesa California, volleyball middle blocker, 1996 Olympics
1971 Ray Hall, NFL defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1971 Ruffin Hamilton, NFL linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons
1970 Kevin Miniefield, NFL defensive back for the Chicago Bears
1970 Steve Holman, Indianapolis Indiana, miler
1968 Penny "Stamper" Davis, Carlisle England, Canadian 470 yachter, 1996 Olympics
1968 Daniel Craig, English Actor
1967 Allan Boyko, CFL slot back for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1967 Bruce Boyko, CFL fullback for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1967 Leo Gomez, born in Canovanas, Puerto Rico, infielder for the Chicago Cubs
1966 Judith Wiesner, born in Hallein, Austria, tennis star, 1994 Schenectady
1966 Stevie Rachelle, rock vocalist, Tuff-What Comes Around Goes Around
1965 Ron Gant, Victoria, Texas, outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals
1963 Suzette Charles, New Jersey, replaced Vanessa Williams as Miss America, 1983
1962 Al Del Greco, NFL kicker for the Houston/Tennessee Oilers
1962 Jon Bon Jovi, born in Sayreville, New Jersey, rocker in Bon Jovi
1962 Philip Jonas, born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 Payless-2nd
1962 Terry Steinbach, born in New Ulm, Minnesota, catcher for the Oakland A's
1959 Andrew Farriss, born in Australia, rock keyboardist, Inxs-Kiss the Dirt
1959 Larry Stewart, born in Paducah, Kentucky, country singer, Restless Heart-Wheels
1958 Ian Woosnam, born in Oswestry, England, nicknamed 'Woosie', 'Wee Welshman', 'Woosers', Welsh, professional golfer, played first European Tour, 1979, won Swiss Open, 1982, number one in Official World Golf Rankings in 1991, awarded O.B.E. 2007 New Years Honors List
1958 Kevin Curren, South Africa, tennis star
1956 John Cowsill, born in Newport, Rhode Island, rock drummer, Cowsills-We Can Fly
1956 Mark Evans, born in Melbourne, Australia, rock bassist, AC/DC
1955 Dale Bosworth, TV host, America's Most Wanted
1955 Dale Bozzio, Boston, vocalist, Missing Persons-Destination Unknown
1955 Jay Osmond, born in Ogden, Utah, singer, Osmond Brothers, Donnie and Marie
1955 Shoko Asahara, Chizuo Matsumoto, Japanese sect leader
1955 Steve Small, cricketer, stalwart NSW opening batsman
1955 Ken Salazar, born in Denver, Colorado, politician, Democrat, 50th U.S. Secretary of the Interior, U.S. Senator from Colorado 2005 - 2009
1954 Stone Phumelele Sizani, South African treasurer, UDF
1953 William Simmons, sax/keyboardist, Midnight Star-No Parking
1953 Russ Feingold, born in Janesville, Wisconsin, U.S Senator from Wisconsin, co-sponsor, Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, initially, the only Senator to vote against the USA Patriot Act
1952 Laraine Newman, born in Los Angeles, California, comedienne and actress on Saturday Night Live
1951 Cassie Yates, born in Macon, Georgia, actress, Osterman Weekend, Dynasty
1950 Karen Carpenter, born in New Haven, Connecticut, vocalist and drummer, We Only Just Begun
1950 Mitchel Laurance, actor, LA Law, Not Necessarily the News
1949 Eddie Money, Mahoney, born in Brooklyn, New York, singer and guitarist, Take Me Home Tonight
1949 Gates McFadden, actress, Beverly Crusher on Star Trek Next Generation
1949 Rory Gallagher, born in Donegal, Ireland, rock guitarist, See Here
1948 Larry Carlton, rock composer, Against All Odds, Who's the Boss
1948 Rory Gallagher, rock guitarist
1947 John Dawkins, Australian Politician
1946 Brian J. Donnelly, born in Boston, Massachusetts, Representative-D-Massachusetts 1979 - 1993
1945 Gordon Thompson, born in Ottawa Canada, actor, Adam Carrington-Dynasty
1945 Joy Garrett, actress, Jo-Days of Our Lives
1944 Katherine Crawford, actress, Captains and Kings, Gemini Man
1944 Leif Segerstam, born in Vaasa, Finland, composer, chief conductor, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra 1995 - 2007, professor Sibelius Academy
1943 Geogre Benson, jazz/blues guitarist, Breezin', This Masquerade
1943 Gordon Black, English industrialist
1943 Rosa DeLauro, born in New Haven, Connecticut, Representative-D-Connecticut 1991 -
1943 Stephen Dickman, composer
1943 Peter Straub, American Writer
1942 John Irving, born in New Hampshire, short-story writer, wrote World According to Garp
1942 Lou Reed, Firbank, Freeport, New York, rock vocalist in the Velvet Underground
1942 Tony Meehan, born in New End, England, born Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan, musician, drummer, founding member of the Shadows with Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris
1940 Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, chairman, South Africa Progressive Federal Party, 1979-86
1939 Barbara Luna, born in New York City, actress, 5 Weeks in a Balloon, Gentle Savage
1939 Gerard van Tongeren, Dutch singer, Buffoons
1938 Alan Lewis, English textile factory/multi-millionaire
1938 Donald Schwall, baseball player, 1961 AL rookie of year
1938 Simon Estes, born in Centerville, Iowa, bass/baritone, Wonton, Don Carlos
1938 Ricardo Lagos, born in Santiago, Chile, politician, lawyer, Socialist Party, Party for Democracy, 33rd President of Chile, professor, Brown University
1937 Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Statesman
1936 Henny Boskamp, Hoelscher, actor, Troeleke
1935 Al Waxman, born in Toronto, Canada, actor, Cagney and Lacey, Meatballs 3, Spasms
1934 Bernard Rands, born in Sheffield, England, composer, Wildtrack
1934 Howard "Hopalong" Cassady, NFLer
1931 Duane E. Graveline, born in Newport, Vermont, astronaut
1931 Mikhail Gorbachev, born in Privolnoye, U.S.S.R., Soviet Secretary General from 1985 - 1991
1931 Tom Wolfe, Richmond Virginia, journalist and author, wrote The Right Stuff
1930 Jan van Noor, Dutch 2nd Chamber member, CDA
1930 John Cullum, born in Knoxville, actor, Hamlet, Hawaii, Northern Exposure
1928 Philip K. Dick, writer of Blade Runner, Minority Report
1927 Siegfried Kohler, composer
1927 Witold Szalonec, composer
1926 Murray Rothbard, American Economist
1924 Albert TLCA Vogel, Dutch elocutionist
1924 Renos Apostolidis, Greek author and poet, Katigoro
1923 "Doc" Watson, bluegrass musician
1923 Don Taylor, cricketer, New Zealand 3 Tests, Auck stands w/Sutcliffe in Wisden
1923 Robert H. Michel, born in Peoria, Illinois, Representative-R-Illinois 1957 - 1995
1922 Eric Feldbush, composer
1922 Mario Zafred, composer
1921 Robert Wilfred Levick Simpson, composer
1921 Ernst Haas, Austrian Photographer
1920 Enrique Franco, composer
1919 Eddie Lawrence, comedian
1919 Jennifer Jones, Phyllis Isley, born in Oklahoma, actress, Farewell to Arms
1919 Tamara Toumanova, dancer
1918 Peter O'Sullevan, born in Ireland, horse racing commentator
1917 Desi Arnaz, born in Santiago Cuba, actor, I Love Lucy
1917 Jim Konstanty, baseball player, NL MVP 1950
1917 John Gardner, composer
1916 Anne Vondeling, Dutch politician, PvdA
1916 Bernard George Stevens, composer
1915 Lona Andre, actress, Case of Baby Sitter
1914 Martin Ritt, American Actor
1913 Godfried [Jan Arnold] Bomans, Dutch humorist and writer, Pieter Bas
1913 Marjorie Weaver, born in Crossville, Tennessee, actress, Young Mr. Lincoln
1913 Mort Cooper, baseball player, NL MVP 1942
1912 Arthur Beaumont C. Langton, cricketer, South Africa pace bowler of 1930's
1911 William Hansen, born in Washington, actor, Homebodies
1910 Hope Clara Chenhalls, food inspector
1909 Hanoch Jacoby, composer
1909 Jan Fabricius, Dutch playwright
1909 Mel Ott, 1st NLer to hit 500 home runs, hall of famer for the New York Giants
1908 Jan Brasser, Dutch resistance fighter, Witte Ko, communist
1905 Marc Blitzstein, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, composer, Cradle Will Rock
1904 Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss, children's author, "Horton Hears a Who!"
1902 Edward Uhler Condon, atomic scientist, Manhattan Project
1901 Willem Bruynzeel, Dutch timber-merchant
1900 Kurt J. Weill, born in Dessau, Germany, composer and Brecht collaborator, Mahogany
1899 Pattie Maie Menzies, Australian dame
1895 Felix Bressart, born in Germany, actor, Ninotchka, Escape, Crossroads
1894 Renaat Veremans, Flemish composer and conductor
1893 Maxime Dumoulin, composer
1884 Leon Jongen, composer
1882 Wallis Clark, born in Essex, England, actress, Postal Inspector
1878 Wander J de Haas, Dutch physicist and son-in-law of Lorentz
1876 Gosta Forsell, Swedish radiologist
1876 Pius XII, Euhenio MGG Pacelli, 260th Pope, 1939-58
1875 Hans Lietzman, German theologist and church historian
1862 John Jay Chapman, U.S. advocate/poet/writer, Learning and Other Essays
1860 Susanna M. Salter, 1st U.S. female mayor and temperance leader
1859 Sholom Aleichem, Russian Writer
1844 Hermanus J. A. M. Schaepman, clergyman and Dutch politician
1838 David Duffle Wood, composer
1836 John W. Foster, American Soldier
1836 Henry Billings Brown, American Judge
1829 Carl Schurz, Major General Union volunteers and journalist
1828 Jefferson Columbus Davis, Major General Union Army
1824 Bedrich Friedrich Smetana, Bohemian composer, Bartered Bride, Moldau
1824 Constantine D. Uschinsky, Russian theorist
1824 Henry Beebee Carrington, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1821 George Linnaeus Banks, English Writer
1820 Multatuli, born in Amsterdam, Eduard Douwes Dekker, writer, named most important Dutch writer of all time, 2002, Society for Dutch literature
1817 Janos Arany, born in Hungary, epic poet, Toldi, Death of King Buda
1815 Antonio Buzzolla, composer
1813 George Alexander Macfarren, composer
1810 Leo XIII, Vincenzo G Pecci, 256th pope, 1878-1903
1793 Samuel Houston, 1st president of Texas, 1836-38, 1841-44
1769 DeWitt Clinton, Gov/Sen-NY
1760 Camille Desmoulins, born in France, journalist, pamphleteer and revolution leader
1759 Johann Christian Friedrich Haeffner, composer
1755 Antoine-Frederic Gresnick, composer
1710 David Wooster, American Soldier
1609 Hadji Chalfa/Katib Tsjelebi, Turkish literary, Djihannuma
1555 Ludovico Spontoni, composer
1545 Thomas Bodley, England, diplomat and scholar
1481 Franz von Sickingen, German knight
1459 Adrian VI, Adriaan F Boeyens, born in Netherlands, Pope, 1522-23
1409 John II, French duke of Aleneon/co-fighter of Jeanne d'arc
1316 Robert II, the Steward, King of Scotland, 1371-90