March 22 Birthdays in History - March 22 Deaths - March 22 Events
1990 Eugenie, Princess of Britain
1979 Mariah Leanne Bergmann, Miss Kansas Teen USA, 1997
1976 Kellie Shanygne Williams, born in Washington D.C., actress, Laura-Family Matters
1976 Reese Witherspoon, American Actress
1975 Chris Bayne, safety for the Atlanta Falcons
1975 Jiri Novak, Czechoslovakia, tennis star
1974 Kim Yun-Jung, Miss Universe-Korea, 1996
1974 Marcus Camby, NBA forward for the Toronto Raptors
1974 Tuomas Gronman, NHL defenseman, Team Finland, Pittsburgh, Bronze Medal 1998 Olympics
1973 Dax Griffin, actor, Tim Truman-Sunset Beach
1973 Joe Nedney, kicker for the Arizona Cardinals
1973 Luther Elliss, NFL defensive end, Detroit Lions
1972 Elvis Stojko, Richmond Hill Ontario, 1994 Olympics silver
1972 John Farquhar, tight end for the New Orleans Saints
1972 Mikhail Sloutsky, WLAF LB for the Scotland Claymores
1972 Pieter Christiaan, Prince of Netherlands
1972 Shawn Bradley, NBA center, Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets, Space Jams
1970 Jason Rouser, Tucson Arizona, 200m/400m runner
1970 Reggie White, NFL nose tackle for the New England Patriots
1970 Travis Richards, born in Crystal, Minnesota, U.S. hockey defenseman 1994 Olympics
1969 Darrell Russell, defensive tackle for the Oakland Raiders
1969 Russell Maryland, NFL defensive tackle, Dallas Cowboys, Oak Raiders
1968 Ramon Martinez, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers
1966 Brad Edwards, NFL safety for the Atlanta Falcons
1966 Brian Shaw, NBA guard, Orlando Magic, San Francisco Warriors
1966 Sean Berry, born in Santa Monica, California, infielder for the Houston Astros
1966 Todd Ewen, born in Saskatoon, NHL right wing, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1966 Yahya Ayyash, born in Palestine, nicknamed 'the Engineer,' chief bomb maker for Hamas, most wanted man in Israel, caused deaths of 90 Israelis
1964 Jeffrey Wagner, Sydney NSW, Australasia golfer
1963 Hannu Virta, born in Turku FIN, hockey defenseman, Team Finland
1963 Rich Monteleone, born in Tampa, Florida, pitcher for the California Angels
1963 Suzanne Sulley, Sheffield S Yorks, rocker, Human Leauge-Human
1963 Deborah Bull, British Dancer
1962 Diane Pavich, born in Melbourne, Australia, golfer, 1993 T50 Alpine Australia Ladies
1962 Juan Aguilera, born in Spain, tennis star
1962 Tim Elliott, born in Perth, Washington, Australasia golfer
1960 Laurie Sargent, rock vocalist, Face To Face
1959 Matthew Modine, born in Loma Linda, California, actor, Full Metal Jacket
1958 Joyce Lester, Australian softball catcher, 1996 Olympics bronze
1958 Pete Wylie, born in Liverpool, rocker, Sinful
1957 Stephanie Mills, singer and actress, Wiz
1956 Lena Olin, born in Stockholm, Sweden, actress, Enemies A Love Story
1956 Lyndsay Stephen, born in Donnybrook, Washington, Australasia golfer
1953 Peter McEvoy, British actor, Against the Innocent
1953 Thomas Andrews, Representative-D-Maine 1991 - 1995
1952 Bob Costas, born in Queens, New York, sportscaster/talk show host, Later
1951 Howard Reitzes, Southgate California, rocker, Iron Butterfly
1951 Musa Khiramanovich Manarov, born in U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-4, TM-11
1950 Mary Tamm, British actress, Odessa File
1949 Brian Hanrahan, British TV newsman, BBC
1949 D Watson, director, Brighton U
1949 Fanny Ardant, born in Monte Carlo, actress, Australia, Confidentially Yours
1949 Fran Sheehan, born in Boston, Massachusetts, rock bassist, Boston-More than a Feeling
1948 Andrew Lloyd Webber, born in London, Phantom
1948 Randy Hobbs, rocker, Johnny Winter Band, McCoys
1948 Wolf Blitzer, American Journalist
1947 Harry Vanda, Vandenberg, Hague, Netherlands, rock guitarist, Easybeats
1947 Patrick Olive, percussionist, Hot Chocolate-You Sexy Thing
1947 Priscilla Yates, director, Royal Academy of Dancing
1947 James Patterson, American Author
1946 Don Chaney, NBA player for the Houston Rockets/coach, Detroit Pistons
1946 Laraine Ashton, fashion models' agent, London
1946 Rudy/Rudolf [von Bittner] Rucker, U.S., sci-fi author, Wetware
1946 Serge, Ruud Schaap, Dutch singer/guitarist, Saskia and Serge
1946 Rudy Rucker, American Scientist
1945 Alan Opie, baritone, Boughton Bethlehem, Britten 5 Canticles
1945 Charles "Chuck" Jackson, U.S. singer, Playboy, Independents
1945 Jeremy Clyde, born in England, rocker, Chad and Jeremy-Yesterday's Gone
1945 Paul Schockemohle, showjumper
1944 R P Mardling, headmaster, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield
1944 T S "Tony" McPhee, rocker, Sad Go Round
1943 George Benson, born in Pittsburgh, singer/guitarist, Greatest Love of All
1943 Joseph Schwantner, composer
1943 Keith Reif, born in England, rocker, Yardbirds-For Your Love, Renaissance
1942 Jon Arthur English, composer
1941 Bruno Ganz, born in Zurich, Switzerland, actor, Strapless, Wings of Desire
1941 Jeremy Clyde, born in Dorney, England, musician, television actor, appearing in action series, Crossbow, drama series, The Alan Clark Diaries
1940 William Ritchie, vice-chancellor, Lancaster U
1938 Glen Campbell, singer, By the Time I get to Phoenix, Galveston
1937 Jon Hassell, born in Memphis, Tennessee, composer, played the trumpet, PhD in musicology, known for influencing world music scene with unique electronic manipulation of trumpet sounds
1936 Alan Bleasdale, author/playwright, Are You Lonesome Tonight
1936 May Britt, Sweden, actress, Young Lions, wife of Sammy Davis, Jr.
1936 Philip Ely, president, British Law Society
1936 Roger Whittaker, born in Nairobi, Kenya, country singer, Durham Town
1936 Ron Carey, union President, Teamsters
1935 M. Emmet Walsh, Ogdensburg, New York, actor, Wildcats, War Party
1935 Gene Oliver, American Athlete
1934 Leslie Turnberg, president, Royal College of Physicians
1934 Orrin Hatch, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Senator-R-Utah 1977 -
1934 Sheila Cameron, QC, Vicar-General, Province of Canterbury
1933 Buddy MacKay, born in Ocala, Florida, Representative-D-Florida 1983 - 1989, Governor of Florida 1998 - 1999
1933 Chris Duckworth, cricketer, South African batsman vs. England 1956-57
1932 Richard Thomas, born in Britain, admiral, served as Black Rod, House of Lords 1992 - 1995, UK Military Representative to NATO 1989 - 1992
1931 Igor Hajek, translator/writer
1931 Leslie Thomas, born in Newport, Wales, author, published 'In My Wildest Dreams', recounting childhood in South Wales, in early life, wrote columns for London Evening News newspaper
1931 William Shatner, born in Montreal, Canada, actor, Star Trek, T J Hooker
1931 Burton Richter, American Scientist
1930 Derek Bok, college president, Harvard
1930 Lynden O. Pindling, Prime Minister of Bahamas, 1967 - 1992
1930 Pat Robertson, televangelist, 700 club, President candidate-R-1989
1930 Stephen Sondheim, born in New York City, lyricist, West Side Story, Company
1928 Betty Callaway, figure skating trainer
1928 William Reynolds Archer, Jr., born in Houston, Texas, Representative-R-Texas 1971 - 2001
1928 Dmitri Antonovitch Volkogonov, soldier/historian
1928 Ed Macauley, NBAer, Boston Celtics
1927 George Thoms, cricketer, 1 Test Australia against WI 1952, scored 16 and 28
1927 Viscount Bolingbroke
1926 Julius Marmur, biochemist/geneticist
1926 Lawrence Jackson, Provost Emeritus, Blackburn
1925 Colin Spedding, CEO, Council of Science and Technology Institutes
1925 Wolfgang Bachler, writer
1924 Al Neuharth, newspaper founder, USA Today
1924 Bill Wendell, born in New York City, TV announcer, Late Night With David Letterman
1924 Allen Neuharth, American Businessman
1923 Bryan Clieve Roberts, lawyer/civil servant
1923 Cor N van Dis, Jr., Dutch MP, SGP, 1971-94
1923 Marcel Marceau, born in Strasbourg, France, mime artist and actor
1922 Mujib ur-Rahman, Pakistan, sheik/premier
1922 Stewart Stern, screenwriter, Rebel Without A Cause
1921 Wilhelmus Norbert Schmelzer, Netherland, foreign minister, KVP
1920 Fanny Waterman, concert pianist and teacher
1920 Ross Martin, born in Grodek, Poland, actor, Mr Lucky, Wild Wild West
1918 Cheddi B Jagan, dentist/founder PPP/Guyanese Premier, 1953, 1957-64
1918 Harry Kay, vice-chancellor, Exeter U
1918 Tauno Kullerve Pylkkanen, composer
1917 Paul Rogers, British actor, Looking Glass War, Billy Budd
1917 Virginia Grey, born in Louisiana, actress, Another Thin Man, Idiot's Delight, Idaho
1916 George Wyle, born in New York City, New York, orchestra leader, Jerry Lewis Show, Flip Wilson Show
1916 Josephine van Gasteren, Dutch actress/director, Bluejackets
1915 Forest Sagendorf, cartoonist
1915 George Cresswell, cricketer, 3 Tests for New Zealand aged 35
1914 Cec Burke, cricketer, New Zealand leg-spinner vs. Australia 1946, 1 and 3, 2 - 30
1914 Donald Stokes, born in Plymouth, England, born Donald Gresham Stokes, Baron Stokes, Lord Stokes, industrialist, life peer in the House of Lords, managing director of British Leyland Motor Corporation
1914 Masao Maruyama, social scientist
1913 James Westerfield, born in Nashville, Tennessee, actor, Jungle Heat, Lucky Johnny
1913 Karl Malden, born in Chicago, actor, Mike-Streets of SF, American Express
1913 Martha Modl, German singer/soprano, Wagner
1913 Tom McCall, American Politician
1912 Henri Rousselot, admiral
1912 Cuthbert Alport, born in England, born Cuthbert James McCall Alport, Lord Alport, Baron Alport, politician, Conservative Party, Cabinet Minister, life peer, Deputy Lieutenant for Essex
1912 Wilfrid Brambell, born in Dublin, Ireland, actor, Hard Day's Night
1912 Agnes Martin, Canadian Artist
1910 Nicholas Monsarret, born in England, writer, Cruel Sea
1909 Gabrielle Roy, French-Canadian novelist, Tin Flute
1909 Jack Popplewell, composer/playwright
1908 Maurice Stans, born in Shaokopee, Minnesota, Maurice Hubert Stans, President Richard Nixon's finance chairmen, acquitted in Watergate, U.S. Deputy Postmaster General 1955 - 57, U.S. Secretary of Commerce 1969 - 1972
1908 Albrecht Goes, born in Germany, pastor with the German army, writer, novelist, BBC Television in the United Kingdom adapted Unruhige Nacht in 1950, his novel, translated in English as 'Arrow to the Heart'
1908 Louis D L'Amour, Jamestown ND, author, Hondo, Jubal Sackett
1908 Louis L'Amour, American Author
1907 James Gavin, U.S., 82nd Airborne Div General, Sicily/Normandy
1907 Paul J. Steenbergen, Netherlands, actor, Ciske Rat, founder, Hague's Comedy
1907 James M. Gavin, American Scientist
1905 Carlo Alberto Pizzini, composer
1905 Grigorij M. Kosinzev, Russian director
1905 Phyllis McGinley, poet
1905 Ruth Page, U.S. choreographer/ballet leader, Diaghilev, Pygmalion
1903 James S. Russell, U.S. pilot/admiral, WW II Pacific Ocean
1903 Jochen Klepper, writer
1902 Ellin Berlin, MacKay, Mrs. Irving Berlin, writer, Lace Curtain
1896 Giulia D De Albertis, writer
1895 Joseph Schildkraut, Vienna, actor, Joseph Schildkraut Presents
1887 Chico Marx, born in New York City, New York, comedian, Marx Brothers
1885 Adriano Lualdi, composer
1885 Jakabs Medins, composer
1874 Ellen Glasgow, novelist
1869 Emilio Aguinaldo, Filipino Statesman
1868 Hamish MacCunn, composer
1868 Henry W. Methorst, lawyer/director, Dutch Cent Bureau of Statistics
1868 Robert A. Millikan, U.S. physicist, photoelectric effect; Nobel 1923
1867 Meijer Linnewiel, Prof Kokadorus, Amsterdam's pitchman
1865 Theophile Ysaye, composer
1857 Arnold Sauwen, Flemish poet, Along the Meuse
1857 Paul Doumer, Governor-Generall of Indo-China/13th President of France, 1931-32
1852 Theodor Birt, Beatus Rhenanus, German classical/writer
1846 Randolph Caldecott, born in England, illustrator, Caldecott Medal namesake
1842 Carl A. N. Rosa, German violinist and composer
1842 Mykola Vytal'yevich Lysenko, composer
1834 Francis Asbury Shoup, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1824 William Henry Chase Whiting, Major General Confederate Army
1822 Ahmed Djevdet Pasha, Turkish minister of Education/Justice
1822 Isaac D Fransen van de Putte, Dutch premier, 1866
1822 Seth Williams, Major General Union Army
1819 William Wirt Adams, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1817 Braxton Bragg, General Confederate Army
1814 Thomas Crawford, U.S. sculptor, Babes in the Wood
1813 Gabriel Rene Paul, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1803 Anthonie Waldrop, Dutch painter/lithographer
1799 F. W. A. Argelander, Memel E. Prussia, cataloguer of 324,188 stars
1797 Kaiser Wilhelm I, German emperor, 1871-88
1785 Adam Sedgwick, British geologist
1771 Heinrich D Zschokke, Swiss author, Das Goldmacherdorf
1767 Cornelis T Elout, Dutch minister of Finance
1752 Johann Georg Joseph Spangler, composer
1728 Anton Raphael Mengs, German writer/neo-classic painter
1728 Giacomo Insanguine, composer
1712 Edward Moore, English Dramatist
1700 Giuseppe Sellitto, composer
1609 John II Casimir Vasa, cardinal/king of Poland, 1648-68
1599 Anthony Van Dyck, Flemish painter, Charles I of England
1459 Maximilian I of Habsburg, German Emperor/archduke of Austria