March 25 Birthdays in History - March 25 Deaths - March 25 Events
1982 Danica Patrick, American Celebrity
1976 Monica Croscicka-Wnetrzak, Miss Universe-Poland, 1996
1975 Miguel Mejia, San Pedro de Macoris, outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals
1975 Melanie Blatt, English Musician
1974 Mike Adams, wide reciever for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1974 Vyninka Arlow, Australia, diver 1996 Olympics
1973 Andrei Nikolishin, born in Vorkuta, Russia, NHL center, Hartford Whalers
1973 Bob Sura, NBA guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers
1973 Ray Zellars, NFL fullback for the New Orleans Saints
1972 Demet Edwards, WLAF defensive tackle, Barcelona Dragons
1972 Howard Battle, born in Biloxi, Mississippi, infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies
1972 Lawrence Moten, NBA guard, Vancouver Grizzlies
1971 Aashish Kapoor, cricketer, Indian off-spin batsman 1994-
1971 Andre Bolduc, CFL slot back, Edmonton Eskimos
1971 Cammi Granato, ice hockey forward, USA, 1998 Olympics
1971 Perry Klein, NFL quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons
1971 Sheryl Swoopes, born in Texas, WNBA forward, Houston Comets, 1996 Olympics gold
1970 Magnus Larsson, Sweden, tennis star
1970 Shawn Antoski, Brantford, NHL left wing for the Philadelphia Flyers
1969 Dale Davis, NBA forward, Indiana Pacers
1969 Dan Wilson, born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, catcher for the Seattle Mariners
1969 Guy Newman, Australian water polo goalie 1996 Olympics
1969 Scott Sanders, born in Hannibal, Missouri, pitcher for the San Diego Padres
1968 Dixon Edwards, NFL linebacker, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings
1968 Errol Martin, CFL linebacker for the Edmonton Eskimos
1968 Peter Blackburn, born in Australia, badminton player 1996 Olympics
1967 Debi Thomas, U.S., figure skater, 1988 Olympics bronze
1967 Takayuki Miura, hockey defenseman, Team Japan 1998
1967 Matthew Barney, American Artist
1966 David Hohl, born in Winnipeg Manitoba, freestyle wrestler, Olympics 1992, 1996
1966 Jeff Cross, NFL defensive end for the Miami Dolphins
1966 Jeff Healey, Canada, blind pop guitarist, See the Light
1966 Tom Glavine, born in Concord, Massachusetts, pitcher, Atlanta Braves, Cy Young 1991
1965 Avery Johnson, NBA guard for the San Antonio Spurs
1965 Sarah Jessica Parker, born in Nelsonville, Ohio, actress, Square Pegs, LA Story
1965 Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton, DJ, Hangin' With Hollywood, Z-100
1964 Eric Woods, born in California, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 Xerox BC Open
1964 Ken Wregget, Brandon, NHL goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins
1964 Alex Solis, born in Panama City, Panama, jockey, in the Calder Race Course Hall of Fame, over 4,500 career wins
1961 John Stockwell, Galveston, Texas, actor, Born to Ride, City Limits
1961 Mark David Brooks, born in Ft. Worth, Texas, PGA golfer, 1994 Kemper Open
1960 Haywood Nelson, born in New York City, actor, Haywood-Grady, Dwayne-What's Happening
1960 Robert Green, born in Omaha, Nebraska, tennis star
1960 Steve Norman, born in London, rock sax, Spandau Ballet-True
1958 James McDaniel, born in Washington D.C., actor, Arthur Fancy-NYPD Blue
1958 Maria Caridad Colon, born in Cuba, javelin thrower, 1980 Olympics gold
1958 Yograj Singh, cricketer, Indian pace bowler early 80's
1958 John Ensign, born in Roseville, California, politician, Republican, U.S. Senator from Nevada, former chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee
1958 Susie Bright, American Writer
1956 Sonia M. Lannaman, born in England, 4X100m relayer, Olympic-bronze-1980
1953 Haroon Rashid, born in cricketer, Pakistani and WSC batsman late 70's
1953 Mary Gross, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress and comedian, SNL, Club Paradise, Feds
1952 Ken Boyd, born in Frederick, Maryland, basketball player, played for New Orleans Jazz 1974 - 1975
1951 Bob Pelander, rock keyboardist/vocalist, Michael Stanley Band
1951 Maisie Williams, born in Montserrat, rock vocalist, Boney M
1949 Jean Potvin, born in Ottawa, Ontario, hockey player, National Hockey League, played defenseman for the Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Philadelphia Flyers
1949 Neil Jones, musician, Bend Me Shape Me
1949 Nick Lowe, born in England, rock vocalist, Rockpile-Cruel to be Kind
1948 Kelly Garrett, actress/singer, Holdin
1948 Michael Stanley, born in Cleveland, Ohio, rocker, Michael Stanley Band
1947 Claudine Schneider, born in Clairton, Pennsylvania, Representative-R-Rhode Island, 1981 - 1991
1947 Elton John, born in Pinner, England, also known as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, singer 'Rocketman' and 'Candle in the Wind'
1946 Bonnie Bedelia, Culkin, New York City, actress, Die Hard, Heart Like a Wheel
1944 Frank Oz, muppetteer, Grover-Sesame Street, Muppet Show
1944 Ross Duncan, cricketer, one Test Australia vs. England 1971, 0-30
1944 Terry L. Bruce, born in Olney, Illinois, Representative-D-Illinois 1985 - 1993
1943 Pavel Lednev, born in U.S.S.R., pentathelete, 1980 Olympics gold
1942 Aretha Franklin, born in Memphis, Tennessee, Respect
1942 Jacqueline Lichtenberg, U.S., sci-fi author, Star Trek Lives!, Dreamspy
1942 Paul Michael Glaser, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, actor, Starsky-Starsky and Hutch
1942 Richard O'Brien, English Actor
1940 Anita Bryant, born in Barnsdall, Oklahoma, homophobe/singer, George Gobel Show
1939 Toni Cade Bambara, director
1938 Hoyt Axton, born in Duncan, Oklahoma, actor, Black Stallion, Junkman, Rousters
1937 Thomas Monaghan, British Soldier
1936 Lawrence Bernard "Larry" Gales, bassist
1935 Susan Engel, born in Vienna, Austria, actress, Ascendancy
1934 Gloria Steinem, born in Toledo, Ohio, feminist/publisher, Ms. Magazine
1934 Johnny Burnette, born in Memphis, guitarist, Trains Kept A-Rollin, You're 16
1932 Wes Santee, born in Ashland, Kansas, runner, athlete, competed in 1,500-meter events, competed against Roger Bannister, John Landy
1932 Woody, Woodson, Held, baseball player
1931 Bohumil Golian, born in Czechoslovakia, volleyball player, Olympic-bronze-1968
1930 David Russell Burge, composer
1929 Harris W. Fawell, born in West Chicago, Illinois, Representative-R-Illinois 1985 - 1999
1929 Kenneth Haigh, born in Yorkshire, England, actor, Search for the Nile
1928 James A. Lovell, born in Cleveland, Ohio, USN/astr, Gemini 7, 12, Apollo 8, 13
1927 Leslie Claudius, born in India, field hockey, Gold Medals 1948, 1952, 1956 Olympics
1926 Hans Rausing, Swedish/British industrial/billionaire, Tetra Pak
1926 Laszlo Papp, born in Hungary, Olympic Boxer, Gold-1948, 1952, 1956
1925 Flannery O'Connor, born in Georgia, novelist, A Good Man is Hard to Find
1924 Julia A. Perry, U.S. composer, Cask of Amontillado
1924 Julia Perry, born in Lexington, Kentucky, composer, Selfish Giant
1924 Machiko Kyo, born in Osaka, Japan, actor, Gate of Hell, Rashomon, Ugetsu
1923 Lee Hale, born in Tacoma, Washington, choral director, The Entertainers
1923 Wim Van Est, Locomotief/Pletmolen, Dutch cyclist
1922 Bruno VeSota, born in Illinois, actor and director, Chopper, Teenage Doll, Wild Rovers
1922 Eileen Ford, modeling agency head, Ford Modeling Agency
1921 Nancy Kelly, born in Lowell, Massachusetts, actress, Double Exposure, Jesse James
1921 Simone Signoret, born in Weisbaden, Germany, Casque d'Or, Room at the Top
1921 Mary Douglas, born in San Remo, Italy, British anthropologist, wrote about symbolism, human culture
1920 Patrick Troughton, actor, Doctor Who
1920 Paul Scott, British Novelist
1919 Jeanne Cagney, actress, Lion is in the Streets, Quicksand
1918 Howard Cosell, born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, sportscaster, Monday Night Football
1916 Nikolay Ivanovich Peyko, composer
1914 Marthe Robert, essayist/translator
1914 Norman Borlaug, born in Cresco, Iowa, humanitarian, agronomist, discoveries saved one billion lives worldwide, winner, 1970 Nobel Peace Prize, recognizing contributions to world peace for methods to increase food supply, awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
1911 Willy Anthoons, Flemish sculptor, Mystic verheffing
1910 Mario Peragallo, Italian composer
1909 Emil "Dutch" Leonard, baseball pitcher, Boston Red Sox
1909 Jay Blackton, born in New York City, conductor/arranger, Guys and Dolls
1908 Bridget D'Oyly Carte, British theater and hotel director
1908 David Lean, born in Croydon, England, director, Dr. Zhivago, Ryan's Daughter
1908 Helmut Kautner, German director, Der Hauptmann von Kopenick
1906 Alan J P Taylor, British historian, English history 1914-1915
1906 Howard Pyle, Gov-R-Az, 1951-55
1906 Jean Sablon, crooner
1906 A. J. P. Taylor, British Historian
1905 Binnie Barnes, born in London, actress, Last of the Mohicans, 3 Musketeers
1903 Frankie Carle, born in Providence, Rhode Island, orchestra leader, Golden Touch
1901 Ed Begley, born in Hartford, Connecticut, actor, Mr Koppel-Leave it to Larry
1899 Bella Spewack, born in Hungary, playwright, Kiss Me Kate
1899 Jacques Audiberti, French poet, Race of Men
1897 John Laurie, born in Dumfries, Scotland, actor, Jericho, Island of Desire
1894 Erik William Gustav Leidzen, composer
1893 Edward J. Hart, born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Representative-D-New Jersey 1935 - 1955, 1st chairman of Committee on Un-American Activities
1892 Andy Clyde, born in Scotland, actor, George-Real McCoys, Cully-Lassie
1890 Marten Baersma, MH Bottema, Friesan author, De ljochte kimen
1887 Josef Capek, Czechoslovakian painter/author/critic, Kulhavy Poutnik
1887 Robert Quillen, American Journalist
1886 Athenagoras I, Greek Clergyman
1885 Veit Valentin, German/US historian, Deutsche Revolution
1882 Haydn Wood, composer
1881 Bela Bartok, born in Hungary, composer/pianist, Concerto for Orchestra
1881 Louis Dosfel, Flemish lawyer/writer, Assault!
1881 Mary Webb, English Novelist
1879 Otakar Zich, composer
1878 Henry graaf de Baillet-Latour, Belgian President of IOC, 1925-42
1878 Theodore Samuel Holland, composer
1877 Alphonse de Chateaubriant, French writer, Instantanes aux Pays-Bas
1875 Spencer Charters, born in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, actor, 3 Faces West
1873 Rudolf Rocker, German/US anarchist
1872 Vito Pardo, Italian sculptor, Columbus monument in Argentina
1869 Gustaaf DFL Schamelhout, Flemish physician/writer
1868 Bill Lockwood, cricketer, England all-rounder in 12 Tests 1893-1902
1867 Arturo Toscanini, born in Parma, Italy, temperamental conductor, NBC
1867 Gutzon Borglum, sculptor, Mount Rushmore
1862 George Sutherland, English Judge
1839 William Bell Wait, U.S., educated the blind
1830 Julius Caesar, cricketer, prominent batsman for Surrey
1823 William Thompson Martin, Major General Confederate Army
1820 Xavier F M G, Earl of Merode, Belgian minister to Pope, in Rome
1818 Isaac Ingalls Stevens, Major General Union volunteers
1808 Jose de Espronceda y Delgado, Spanish revolutionary/poet, Cortes
1800 Paulin Paris, French historian
1797 John Winebrenner, U.S., clergyman, founded Church of God
1786 Giovanni B Amia, Italian astronomer/physicist/botanist
1784 Francois-Joseph Fetis, Belgian musicology/composer
1782 Carolina [Maria A] Bonaparte, countess Lipona, sister of Napoleon
1770 Carl Friedrich Ebers, composer
1769 Salvatore Vigano, composer
1767 Joachim Murat, marshal of France/King of Naples, 1808-15
1762 Francesco Giuseppi Pollini, composer
1745 Nicolas Etienne Framery, composer
1723 Kaat Mussel, Catharina Mulder, Dutch demonstrater
1713 Jean-Baptiste Canavas, composer
1702 Christian Gottlieb Ziegler, composer
1702 Pieter Teyler Van der Hulst, Dutch silk merchant, Teyler's Museum
1699 Johann Adolf Hasse, composer
1688 Johann Gotthilf Ziegler, composer
1653 Joseph Sauveur, French physicist/mathematician
1594 Maria Tesselschade Roemers Visscher, Dutch writer
1532 Pietro Pontio, composer
1528 Jacob Andreae, German theologist, Schwabische Konkordie
1495 Leonhard Paminger, composer
1252 Konradijn Hohenstaufen, Koenrad van Zwaben, son of Konrad IV
1133 Henry II, King of England, 1154 - 1189