March 27 Birthdays in History - March 27 Deaths - March 27 Events
1988 Kerri Ann Darling, actress, Alli Fowler-Another World
1986 Melissa Stern, Baby M]/[Sara Whitehead, surrogate baby
1986 Mary Beth Whitehead, American Celebrity
1984 Emily Ann Lloyd, actress, Sarah Kramer-Something So Right
1977 Tom van der Leegte, Dutch soccer player, PSV
1976 Danny Fortson, NBA forward for the Denver Nuggets
1976 Roberta Alma Anastase, Miss Universe-Romania, 1996
1975 B. J. Gallis, CFL linebacker for the BC Lions
1975 Gregory DuBois, hockey defenseman, Team France 1998
1974 Rosanna Gimenez, Miss Paraguay Universe, 1997
1973 Serge Tremblay, born in La Malbaie, Quebec, weightlifter 1996 Olympics
1972 Kirby Dar Dar, wide reciever for the Miami Dolphins
1972 Charlie Haas, born in Houston, Texas, Charles Doyle 'Charlie' Haas II, professional wrestler, wrestles for World Wrestling Entertainment, previously teamed with brother, Russ, on independent circuit, winning JAPW Tag Team Championship
1971 Mariah Carey, born in Huntington, New York, singer, rhythm and blues, pop music genres, five-time Grammy award winner, sold over 62.5 million albums
1970 Anthony Prior, NFL cornerback and safety, New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings
1970 Corey Page, actor, Richard Wilkins-Loving/City
1970 Ed Philion, NFL nose tackle for the Buffalo Bills
1969 Tom Beer, NFL running back, Detroit Lions
1968 Irina Belova, Russian pentathelete, world record 1992
1967 Jaime Navarro, born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs
1967 Talisa Soto, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, License to Kill
1967 Tom Hammonds, NBA forward, Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets
1966 Kate Donahoo, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. judoka 1992 Olympics
1963 Dave Koz, born in Encino, California, saxophonist, compared to David Sanborn, musician, radio host, played on CBS' The Pat Sajak Show, host of Dave Koz Morning Show with Pat Prescott, on a smooth jazz station in Los Angeles
1963 Ed Pinckney, NBA forward for the Philadelphia 76ers
1963 Quentin Tarantino, director and screenwriter, Pulp Fiction
1963 Randall Cunningham, NFL quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings
1963 Todd Graves, born in Laurel, Mississippi, skeet, Olympics 1992, 1996
1963 Xuxa, Maria da Graca Meneghel, Brazil, actress, Xuxa Park
1962 Kevin J. Anderson, American Writer
1961 Clark Datchler, vocalist, Johnny Hates Jazz-Don't Say it's Love
1961 Ellery Hanley, born in Leeds, England, rugby league player, honored by the Queen in January, 1990, for his services to the game
1960 Clare Lucy Madeleine Evans, historian
1960 Jennifer Grey, actress, Dirty Dancing
1960 Steve Jarvin, Australian soling yachter 1996 Olympics
1958 Bart Connor, gymnast and sportscaster 1984 Olympics gold
1958 Shaun Cassidy, rocker and actor, Hardy Boys, Texas Guns
1958 Susan Molinari, born in Staten Island, New York, Representative-R-New York 1990 - 1997
1957 Billy MacKenzie, rock vocalist, The Associates-Affectionate Punch
1957 Nick Hawkins, born in the United Kingdom, politician, Conservative Party, lawyer, Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath 1992 - 2005
1956 Brian Kelly, CFL wide receiver for the Edmonton Eskimos
1956 Thomas Wassberg, born in Sweden, 15K/50K cross country skier 1980 Olympics gold
1955 Patrick McCabe, born in Clones, Ireland, novelist, wrote 'Butcher Boy', 'Breakfast on Pluto', both adapted into films by Neil Jordan
1953 Annemarie Moser-Proll, born in Austria, downhill skier 1980 Olympics gold
1953 Pamela Roylance, born in Seattle, Washington actress, Sarah-Little House on Prairie
1952 Chick Vennera, born in Herkimer, New York, actor, High Risk, Milagro Beanfield War
1952 Maria Schneider, born in Paris, actress, Last Tango in Paris, Crime of Honor
1951 Bobby Lalonde, NHLer, Boston Bruins
1950 Maria Ewing, born in Detroit, Michigan, opera singer, soprano, mezzo-soprano, debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in 'The Marriage of Figaro', 1976
1950 Tony Banks, born in East Sussex, England, singer, musician, pianist, keyboard player, guitarist, founding member of Genesis
1950 Vic Harris, born in Los Angeles, California, baseball player, second baseman for Texas Rangers, Milwaukee Brewers, Major League Baseball teams
1949 Patrick Deuchar, CEO, Albert Hall
1949 Leigh Steinberg, American Businessman
1947 Daphne Todd, president, Royal Society of Portrait Painters
1947 Dough Wilkerson, football
1947 Tom Sullivan, born in Boston, Massachusetts, blind actor, If You Could See What I Hear
1946 Bill Sudakis, baseball player
1946 Carl Weintraub, actor, Harry-Executive Suite
1946 Jerry Lacy, actor, 'Reverend Trask', 'Dark Shadows'
1944 Jesse Brown, American Politician
1943 Milton Robert Carr, born in Janesville, Wisconsin, Representative-D-Michigan 1975 - 1981, 1983 - 1993, and 1993 - 1995
1942 Michael York, born in England, actor, Cabaret, Logan's Run, 3 Musketeers
1942 Raymond J. McGrath, born in Valley Stream, New York, Representative-R-New York 1981 - 1993
1941 Charles Pashayan, Representative-R-California 1979 - 1991
1941 Liese Prokop, born in Austria, pentathlete 1968 Olympics silver 1968
1940 Austin Pendleton, born in Warren, Ohio, actor, Short Circuit, Simon, Hello Again
1940 June Wilkinson, born in Eastbourne, England, actress, Absolutely Glamarous
1939 Cale Yarborough, auto racer, Daytona 500-1968, 77, 83, 84
1939 Jay Kim, born in Seoul, South Korea, Representative-R-California 1993 - 1999
1939 Judy Carne, comedienne, Laugh-In, Love on a Rooftop
1939 Charles Lyell, born in England, born Charles Lyell, 3rd Baron Lyell, politician, Conservative Party, whip, House of Lords, Peerage of the United Kingdom
1939 Ruth Ashton, general secretary, Royal College of Midwives
1938 A. J. Bellingham, president, Royal College of Pathologists
1938 Jock Slater, born in the United Kingdom, admiral, Royal Navy, served 1958 - 1998, Equerry to Her Majesty The Queen, 1968 1971
1938 P. Daubeny, CEO, Electricity Association
1937 Johnny "Clyde" Copeland, U.S. blues guitarist/singer, Lion's Den
1936 Jerry Lacy, born in Sioux City, Iowa, actor, Play it Again Sam
1936 Malcolm Goldstein, composer
1935 Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire
1935 Julian Glover, born in London, England, actor, QED, Heat and Dust, Mandela
1934 Arthur Mitchell, choreographer, Dance Theater of Harlem
1934 David Hancock, secretary, British Department of Education and Science
1933 DRG Andrews, CEO, Land Rover-Leyland
1933 Frank Taylor, Chief Constable, Durham
1932 Wes Covington, baseball player for the Philadelphia Phillies
1931 R. P. Bauman, CEO, British Aerospace
1931 Yoriaki Matsudaira, composer
1930 Bob den Uyl, Dutch journalist and writer, Bird Watching
1930 David Janssen, born in Naponee Nebraska, actor, Fugitive, Harry O
1930 Richard Hayman, born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, orchestra leader, Vaughn Monroe Show
1928 Douglas Applegate, born in Steubenville, Ohio, Representative-D-Ohio 1977 - 1995
1927 Mstislav Rostropovich, born in Russia, Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich, nickname "Slava", cellist, conductor, commissioned new works, enlarged cello repertoire more than any cellist, considered greatest cellist of 20th century
1927 Anthony Lewis, columnist New York Times and author, Gideon's Trumpet
1927 Cecil Bodker, born in Fredericia, Denmark, writer, won Mildred L. Batchelder Award for her book titled, The Leopard, considered the most outstanding book originally published in a foreign language in a foreign country, then published in the United States
1927 Lord Fanshawe of Richmond, MP
1926 Louis Blom-Cooper QC/press arbiter
1925 Charles Henry Plumb, born in England, Charles Henry Plumb, Lord Plumb, Baron Plumb of Coleshill, County of Warwickshire, Conservative Party, politician, leading figure, National Farmers Union
1925 R P Cohan, choreographer
1925 Robert Cohan, artistic director, Contemporary Dance Trust
1924 Harold Nicholas, U.S. actor, Tap, 5 Heartbeats, Stormy Weather
1924 Sarah .L Vaughan, born in Newark, New Jersey, jazz scat singer, Broken Hearted Melody
1924 Sarah Vaughan, American Musician
1923 Louis Simpson, Jamaican and US poet, Good News of Death
1923 Shusaku Endo, writer
1923 Victor Hochhauser, British impresario, Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra
1922 Margaret Stacey, sociologist
1921 Tom Bevill, born in Townley, Alabama, Representative-D-Alabama 1967 - 1997
1920 Richard Hayman, bandleader, conductor and pianist, Theme of 3 Penny Opera
1919 Julian Amery, conservative minister
1919 Simon van Collem, Dutch journalist and TV host, Amsterdamned
1917 Cyrus R. Vance, U.S. Secretary of State, 1977 - 1980
1917 Harry West, Unionist party leader, Unionist
1917 Cyrus Vance, American Statesman
1915 Richard Sharp, civil servant
1914 Budd Schulberg, born in New York City, novelist, On the Waterfront
1914 Richard Denning, born in Poughkeepsie, New York, actor, Steve-Karen, Hawaii Five-0
1914 Snooky Lanson, born in Memphis, Tennessee, singer, Your Hit Parade, 5 Star Jubilee
1913 Godfrey Turner, composer
1912 James Callaghan, L, British Prime Minister, 1976-79
1912 Reuel Lahmer, composer
1912 Robert Watson Hughes, composer
1910 Ai Qing, born in Eastern China, modern Chinese poet, original name Jiang Zheng Han, influenced by Kant and Hegel, modern poet Mayakovsky and Belgian poet Verhaeren
1910 Rudi Ball, Germany, Jewish ice hockey star, 1932 Olympics bronze
1909 Ben Webster, U.S. tenor saxophonist
1909 Golo Mann, Gottfried, German and U.S. historian, Antisemitism
1908 Jacques [Izaak] den Haan, Dutch writer, Dangerous Book
1907 Mary Treen, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actress, Emily-Willy
1905 Laszlo Kalmar, born in Hungary, mathematician, discovered mathematical logic, founder, theoretical computer science in Hungary
1903 Walt Kiesling, NFL guard/coach, HOF
1901 Albert Henneberg, composer
1901 Erich Ollenhauer, German politician, SPD
1901 Sato Eisaku, Lib, Japanese PM, 1964-72, Nobel 1974
1901 Wilhelm Conrad von Rontgen, physicist, Nobel
1901 Carl Barks, American Artist
1899 Gloria Swanson, born in Chicago, Illinois, actress, Sadie Thomson, Queen Kelly
1899 Francis Ponge, French Poet
1897 Carlo Mierendorff, German politician and anti-fascist
1894 William Harrigan, New York City
1893 Karl Mannheim, Hungarian/German/British sociologist, Ideology and Utopia
1892 Ferde, Ferdinand Rudolf von, Grofe, born in New York, composer
1892 Thorne Smith, author, Topper, Rain in the Doorway, Stray Lamb
1891 Lajos Zilahy, Hungarian/US author, Ararat/Sud a nap
1889 Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoglu, Turkish writer and diplomat
1886 Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, German/U.S. architect, Bauhaus
1883 Jan Kunc, born in Doubravice na Svitavou, Czech Republic, composer, writer, pedagogue, composed chamber music, piano, solo vocal
1879 Edward Steichen, pioneered American photography
1871 Heinrich Mann, born in Germany, novelist/essayist, Blue Angel, ; bros of Thomas
1871 Petrus J M Aalberse, Dutch minister of Labor, 1918-25
1868 Patty Smith Hill, author and songwriter, Happy Birthday To You
1867 Edyth Walker, U.S. singer
1863 Henry Royce, automobile founder, Rolls-Royce
1859 George Giffen, cricketer, one of Australia's greatest all-rounders
1858 Peter Christian Lutkin, composer
1857 Karl Pearson, born in London, England, mathematician
1857 Pearson, mathematician
1854 Edgar Tinel, Flemish composer, Le Chant Gregorien
1851 Paul-Marie-Theodore-Vincent d'Indy, born in Paris, comp, Symphonie Cevenole
1851 Ruperto Chapi y Lorente, composer
1847 Otto Wallach, Germany, chemist, Nobel 1910
1845 Wilhelm Konrad Rontgen, born in Germany, discovered X-rays, Nobel 1901
1844 Alophus Washington Greely, U.S., Arctic explorer
1823 Samuel Kosciusko Zook, Major General Union volunteers
1818 Jakob Axel Josephson, composer
1816 George Elvey, composer
1814 Charles Mackay, born in Perth, Scotland, poet, writer, journalist, songwriter, wrote for the Morning Chronicle, Illustrated London News, wrote book 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds', 1841, wrote popular song 'Cheer, Boys, Cheer'
1813 Nathaniel Currier, lithographer, Currier and Ives
1810 A Glabbrenner, writer
1810 William Hepworth Thompson, English Educator
1809 Georges Eugene Haussmann, born in Paris, France, architect
1797 Alfred V Comte de Vigny, French musketeer/writer, Moise, Chatterton
1797 Alfred de Vigny, French Poet
1785 Louis XVII Charles, king of France, 1793-95
1780 August L Crelle, German inventor/mathematician, 1st Prussian Railway
1772 Giovanni Liverati, composer
1765 Franz Xaver von Baader, German philosopher/theologist
1760 Ishmail Spicer, composer
1760 MJ Auguste Vestrius, French ballet dancers
1757 Richard John Samuel Stevens, composer
1746 Augustin Ullinger, composer
1746 Carlo Bonaparte, Corsican attorney/father of emperor Napoleon
1710 Joseph Marie Clement dall' Abaco, composer
1702 Johann Ernst Eberlin, composer
1665 Benjamin Neukirch, German poet, Herrn von Hofmannswaldau
1554 Everhardus van Bronchorst, Dutch lawyer
1416 Antonio Squarcialupi, composer