March 28 Birthdays in History - March 28 Deaths - March 28 Events
1981 Julia Stiles, born in New York City, New York, actress, films include, '10 Things I Hate About You', 'Mona Lisa Smile', 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'The Bourne Ultimatum'
1980 Cara Lewis, Miss Mississippi Teen USA, 1997
1979 Juli Keech, Miss South Dakota Teen USA, 1997
1978 Nafisa Joseph, Miss India Universe, 1997
1977 Angelo Garcia, born in Brooklyn, New York, singer, Menudo-Cannonball
1975 Atta-ur-Rehman, cricketer, Pakistani quickie, debut vs. England, age 17
1974 K C Jones, NFL center, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1973 Andrew Whittall, cricketer, cousin of Guy Zimbabwe off-spinner 1996
1972 Derek West, offensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts
1972 Jonathan Edwards, born in Boston, Massachusetts, doubles luger 1994 Olympics
1972 Keith Tkachuk, born in Melrose, Massachusetts, NHL left wing, Winnipeg Jets, Phoenix, USA
1972 Michael Smith, NBA forward for the Sacramento Kings
1972 Mike Morton, linebacker for the Oakland Raiders
1972 Shannon Mitchell, NFL tight end for the San Diego Chargers
1971 Wesley Person, NBA guard, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers
1970 James Johnson, NFL/WLAF running back, Tampa Bucs, Frankfurt Galaxy
1970 Jason B. Gailes, born in Taunton Massachusetts, rower 1996 Olympics silver
1970 Shawn Price, NFL defensive end, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, Buf Bills
1970 Vince Vaughn, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, actor, films include, 'Swingers', 'The Lost world: Jurassic Park', 'Couples Retreat', 'The Break-Up'
1969 Craig Paquette, born in Long Beach, California, infielder for the Kansas City Royals
1969 Earnest Stewart, soccer player, Willem II
1969 Elliot Perry, NBA guard, Phoenix Suns, Milwaukee Bucks
1969 Salt, rocker, Salt 'n' Pepa-Shake Ya Thang
1969 Scottie Graham, NFL running back, Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals
1968 Chad Biafore, hockey defenseman, Team Italy 1998
1968 Dennis Postlewait, born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Nike golfer, 1994 Wichita Open
1968 Max Perlich, actor, JH Brodie-Homicide
1968 Nasser Hussain, cricketer, Essex and England batsman
1968 Teee Williams, born in Los Angeles, California, volleyball outside hitter, Olympics bronze 1992, 1996
1968 Iris Chang, Chinese Historian
1967 David Lang, NFL running back for the Dallas Cowboys
1967 Ed[ward] Grose, born in Juneau, Alaska, rower 1996 Olympics
1967 Shawn Boskie, born in Hawthorne, Nevada, pitcher for the California Angels
1966 Jason Garrett, NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys
1966 Nathalie Herreman, France, tennis star
1966 Serge Djelloul, hockey defenseman, Team France 1998
1965 Jeff Beukeboom, Ajax, NHL defenseman for the New York Rangers
1963 Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.
1963 Therese Washtock, Vancouver BC, 3 day equestrian 1996 Olympics
1961 Byron Scott, NBA guard for the Vancouver Grizzlies
1959 Petra Delhees, born in Jauch, Switzertand, tennis star
1959 Todd Curtis, actor, Capitol, Skip-Young and Restless
1958 Bart Wayne Conner, born in Morton Grove, Illinois, gymnast 1984 Olympics 2 gold
1957 Harvey Glance, 4x100m runner, 1976 Olympics gold
1956 Asoka De Silva, cricket leg-spinner, Sri Lanka in 10 Tests 1985-91
1956 Evelin Jahl, born in East Germany, discus thrower, Olympic-2 gold-1976
1956 T. A. Sekar, Indian cricket pace-bowler, 2 Tests 1982-83 little impact
1956 Steve Ballmer, American Businessman
1955 Reba McEntire, born in McAlester, Oklahoma, country singer, Can't Even Get the Blues
1953 Nydia M. Velazquez, born in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, Representative-D-New York 1993 -
1951 Karen Kain, Canadian Dancer
1949 Milan Williams, U.S. keyboardist, Commodores-Three Times a Lady
1949 Ronnie Ray Smith, 4 x 100m relay runner, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1949 Shafiq Ahmed, cricketer, Pakistani batsman during the 70's
1948 Dianne Wiest, born in Kansas City, Missouri, actress, Hannah and Her Sisters, Footloose
1948 John Evans, Aka Evan, rock drummer, Jethro Tull
1948 Wubbo J. Ockels, born in Almelo, Netherlands, astronaut, STS-22
1947 Bruce Gilbert, producer, China Syndrome, 9 to 5, On Golden Pond
1945 Chuck Portz, born in Santa Monica, California, bassist, Turtles-Happy Together
1945 Hans Brunhart, leader of Liechtenstein, 1978-93
1944 Ken Howard, born in El Centro, California, actor, Ken-White Shadow, Dynasty, 1776
1944 Rick Barry, ABA/NBA forward, New York Nets, Golden State Warriors
1943 Conchata Ferrell, born in Charleston, West Virginia, actress, Deadly Hero, Susan-LA Law
1943 Mike Newell, director, Bad Blood, Awakening, Amazing Grace and Chuck
1943 Richard Eyre, British director, National Theatre
1942 Brian Jones, Lewis B Hopkin, English pop guitarist, Rolling Stones
1942 Neil Kinnock, Wales, leader, Labour Party
1942 Samuel Ramey, born in Colby, Kansas, bass, La Scala
1942 Daniel Dennett, born in Boston, Massachusetts, philosopher, atheist, focus of study includes philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, relative to cognitive science and evolutionary biology
1941 Alf Clausen, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, orchestra leader, Mary, Simpsons
1941 Charlie McCoy, born in Oak Hill, West Virginia, harmonica player, Hee Haw
1940 J Michael Plumb, born in Islip, New York, equestrian, 1976, 1984 Olympics
1940 Kevin Loughery, NBA star/coach
1940 Russell Banks, American Author
1936 Mario Vargas Llosa, born in Peru, writer, Aunt Julia, and President candidate
1935 Michael Parkinson, British Journalist
1934 Siegfried Thiele, composer
1933 Frank H. Murkowski, American Politician
1933 Frank Murkowski, American Politician
1932 Sven Oskar Lindqvist, Swedish writer, Myten om Wu Tao-tzu
1931 Jane Rule, Canadian Author
1930 Amelia Rosselli, born in Paris, France, poet, of Italian origin, daughter of political activist Carlo Rosselli, worked in Italy as a poet and literary translator, wrote prose in English, French and Italian, major work, 'Spazi metrici'
1930 Robert Ashley, born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, composer, audio synthesis pioneer, works incorporate extended techniques, electronics
1930 Jerome Isaac Friedman, American Physicist
1929 Aubrey J Watson Sr, bishop
1928 Jose Luis de Delas, composer
1928 Zbigniew Brzezinski, born in Warsaw, national security advisor, Carter
1926 Francis Burt, composer
1926 Polly Umrigar, cricketer, Indian batsman and captain
1925 Innokenti Smoktunovsky, actor, Bely Prazdnik, Zakoldovannye
1924 Freddie Bartholomew, born in England, actor, Anna Karenina, David Copperfield
1924 Gerhart Fritsch, writer
1924 Peter Baer, artist and printmaker
1920 Dirk Bogarde, born in London, England, actor, Death in Venice, Servant
1920 Eugene A. Chappie, born in Sacramento, California, Representative-R-California 1981 -1986
1920 William Butterfield, born in England, born William John Hughes Butterfield, Lord Butterfield, life peer as Baron Butterfield of Stechford, Order of the British Empire, medical researcher, clinician, administrator
1919 Jacob Avshalomov, born in Tsingtao, China, composer, Sinfonietta, The Oregon
1919 Tom Brooks, cricketer, NSW fast bowler of the 30's, later Test umpire
1918 Youly Algaroff, ballet dancer
1915 Jay Livingston, composer, Buttons and Bows, Mona Lisa, Tammy
1915 Raymond Emery, cricketer, New Zealand Test batsman vs West Indies 1952
1914 Bohumil Hrabal, born in Brno-Zidenice, Moravia, Czechoslovakian writer, storyteller, wrote hyper-realist texts, studied at Charles Univerisity in Prague, known for novels titled Closely Watched Trains and I Served the King of England
1914 Edmund Muskie, born in Rumford, Maine, Governor of Maine 1955 - 1959, Senator-D-Maine 1959 - 1980, U.S. Secretary of State 1980 - 1981
1914 Frank Lovejoy, born in Bronx, New York, actor, Man Against Crime, Meet McGraw
1914 Edmund S. Muskie, American Politician
1912 A[rthur] Bertram Chandler, UK, sci-fi author, Empress of Outer Space
1911 Myfanwy Piper, librettist
1911 J. L. Austin, English Philosopher
1910 Ingrid, Queen Mother of Denmark
1909 Nelson Algren, U.S., novelist, Man with the Golden Arm
1907 Herbert "Herb" Hall, clarinetist and saxophonist
1906 Joseph Wright, born in Canada, oarsman, 1928 Olympics gold
1906 Robert, Bob, Allen, actor for the Texas Rangers
1905 Marlin Perkins, born in Carthage, Missouri, TV host, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
1905 Pandro S. Berman, film producer
1904 Fosco Giachetti, born in Livorno, Italy, actor, Wastrel, We the Living
1903 Rudolf Serkin, born in Eger, Bohemia, pianist, Marlboro Sch of Music
1902 Flora Robson, born in South Shields, England, actress, Dominique is Dead
1902 Paul Godwin, Polish/Dutch violinist
1900 Achille Longo, composer
1900 Robert Harris, actor, Big Caper, Laughing Anne
1895 Spencer W. Kimball, 12th prophet of Mormon church
1891 Karel MJF Cruysberghs, Flemish author
1891 Peter Suhrkamp, German publisher, Suhrkamp Verlag
1890 Paul Whiteman, born in Denver, Colorado, orchestra leader, Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club
1887 Rudolf F. W. Boskaljon, Curacao, musician/composer
1886 Jaroslav Novotny, composer
1885 Marc-Jean-Baptiste Delmas, composer
1883 William H Harris, composer
1880 Rosina Lhevinne, born in Kiev, Ukraine, pianist and professor, Juiliard Graduate School
1872 Jose Sanjurjo y Sacanell, Spanish general, Morocco
1871 Willem Mengelberg, born in Utrecht, Netherlands, conductor, New York Philharmonic 1922-30
1868 Cuno Amiet, Swiss painter
1868 Wojciech Gawronski, composer
1862 Aristide Briand, born in France, 11x premier, 1909-22, Nobel 1926
1859 Josephin Peladan, French writer/founder, French Rosicrucians
1853 Rudolf Kittel, German theologist, Psalms
1840 Mehemed Emin Pasja, German explorer/governor, Equatoria
1821 William Howard Russell, Irish Journalist
1818 Wade Hampton, born in South Carolina, Lieutenant General Confederate Army
1817 Mariano Soriano Fuertes y Piqueras, composer
1806 Ludolf AJW Sloet van de Beele, Governor-General of Netherlands Indies, 1861-66
1799 Karl Adolph von Basedow, German artist, Ziekte van Basedow
1779 Angelo Maria Benincori, composer
1770 Sophie Mereau, writer
1766 Joseph Weigl, Austria composer and conductor, Emmeline
1750 Francisco A G de Miranda, Venezuelan freedom fighter
1741 Johann Andre, composer
1737 Francesco Zannetti, composer
1731 Ramon de la Cruz, Spanish playwright/interpreter
1729 Pieter Fouquet, Dutch art seller, Atlas of Fouquet
1727 Maximilian III Jozef, Elector of Bayern, 1745-77
1660 Arnold Houbraken, Dutch schilder/writer
1660 Georg Ludwig, German monarch of Hannover/King George I of Gt Britain
1643 Jose Solana, composer
1621 Heinrich Schwemmer, composer
1615 Pieter de Groot, Dutch regent/diplomat
1592 Jan Amos Komensky, Comenius, Moravian educational reB03281603 Stephan Otto, composer
1592 John Comenius, Czechoslovakian Educator
1515 Theresa of Avila, Spanish mystic writer/saint
1515 Saint Teresa of Avila, Spanish Saint
1515 Saint Teresa, Spanish Saint
1483 Raphael, born in Urbino, Italy, painter, School of Athens
1472 Fra Bartolomeo, monk, Florentine Renaissance painter
1468 Charles I, Duke of Savoy