March 29 Birthdays in History - March 29 Deaths - March 29 Events
1987 7th Golden Raspberry Awards: Howard the Duck wins
1976 Jennifer Capriati, born in Long Island, New York, tennis pro, 1992 Olympics gold
1975 Christopher Yule, hockey forward, Team Japan 1998
1973 Brad Bridgewater, U.S., 200m backstroke, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 John Oppio, Sparks Nevada, double trap 1996 Olympics
1973 Marc Overmars, Dutch soccer player, Ajax
1973 Mark Platt, born in Peterborough, Ontario, rower 1996 Olympics
1972 Alex Ochoa, born in Miami, Florida, outfielder for the New York Mets
1972 John Rothell, Titusville Florida, 400m hurdler
1972 Paul Michael Kent, born in Australia, New Zealand breastroker 1996 Olympics
1972 Trevor Kidd, Dugald, NHL goalie for the Calgary Flames
1971 Lara Logan, South African Journalist
1969 Darren Chandler, WLAF receiver, Amsterdam Admirals
1969 James Atkin, rocker, EMF-Unbelievable
1969 Jeff Blackshear, guard for the Baltimore Ravens
1969 Jimmy Spencer, NFL cornerback, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals
1969 Kai Nurminen, Turku FIN, hockey forward, Team Finland
1969 Kim Batten, McRae Georgia, 400m hurdler, Silver Medal 1996 Olympics
1968 Chris Calloway, NFL wide receiver for the New York Giants
1968 James Williams, NFL tackle for the Chicago Bears
1968 Lucy Lawless, New Zealander Actress
1967 Brian Jordan, born in Baltimore, Maryland, outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals
1967 Jerry Olsavsky, NFL linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1966 Dwayne Harper, NFL cornerback for the San Diego Chargers
1966 Eric Gunderson, born in Portland, Oregon, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
1966 Robb Thomas, NFL receiver, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1965 Jill Goodacre, American Model
1964 Elle MacPherson, born in Sydney, Austrailia, model, SI, actress, Sirens
1964 Jill Goodacre Connick, Lubbock, Texas, model, Victoria Secrets
1962 Kirk Alan Triplett, born in Moses Lake, Washington, PGA golfer, 1992 Shell Houston-2nd
1961 Ane-Marie Sanches, newscaster, Suriname TV/Radio
1961 Mike Kingery, born in St. James, Minnesota, outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates
1961 Amy Sedaris, American Actress
1961 Michael Winterbottom, British Director
1959 Brad McCrimmon, Dodsland, NHL defenseman, Hartford Whalers
1959 Marina Sirtis, born in London, actress, Troi-Star Trek: The Next Generation
1958 Fiona Reynolds, director/Council for Protection of Rural England
1957 Christopher Lambert, actor, Highlander, Subway, Greystoke, Why Me
1956 Kurt Thomas, U.S., gymnast, Olympics, actor, Gymkata
1956 LaToya Jackson, singer, If You Feel the Funk
1956 Lisa J. Allen, TV reporter and lawyer
1956 Sue Fogleman, LPGA golfer
1955 Christopher Lawford, actor, Charlie Brent-All My Children
1955 Dianne Kay, born in Phoenix, Arizona, actress, Nancy-8 is Enough, Reggie, Glitter
1955 Earl Campbell, NFL running back, Houston, New Orleans, 1977 Heisman
1955 Henry Bellingham, born in Cheltenham, England, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for North West Norfolk
1954 Karen Anne Quinlan, born in New Jersey, famous comatose patient, right to die case
1952 Teofilo Stevenson, born in Cuba, heavyweight boxer, Gold Medal 1972, 1976, 1980 Olympics
1951 Barry Goudreau, born in America, guitarist, vocalist, original guitarist for Boston, the rock band, recorded his first solo LP using Brad Delp and Fran Cosmo, and Sib Hashian
1951 Geoff Howarth, cricketer, New Zealand captain early 80's
1949 Michael Brecker, rocker, Brecker Brothers
1949 Uton Dowe, cricketer, WI pace bowler 1972-73 "Dowe shall not bowl"
1949 Rob Walton, Canadian Athlete
1948 Bud Cort, New Rochelle, New York, actor and director, Electric Dreams, M*A*S*H
1947 Aleksandr Stepenovich Viktorenko, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-3, 8, 14, 20
1947 Bobby Kimball, Robert Toteaux, Vinton, Louisiana, rocker, Toto-Roseann
1947 Peter Hinchcliffe, co-founder, Iceland Frozen Foods
1946 Bruce Weber, director, Broken Noses
1946 Ronald Farrow, radio producer and priest
1945 Julie Goodyear, British actress, Bet Lynch-Coronation Street
1945 Walt "Clyde" Frazier, NBA guard for the New York Knicks
1945 Willem Ruis, Dutch TV host, Willem Ruis Show
1944 James Diggle, FBA, classicist
1944 John Suchet, British TV journalist, Independent TV News
1943 Eric Idle, born in England, comedian and actor, Monty Python
1943 John Major, British Prime Minister, C, 1990-97
1943 Vangelis, Papathanasiou, composer/keyboardist, Chariots of Fire
1942 Larry Pressler, born in Humboldt, South Dakota, Senator-R-South Dakota 1979 - 1997
1941 Terence Hill, born in Venice, Italy, actor, Super Fuzz, They Call Me Trinity
1940 Raymond Davis, U.S. rock vocalist, Funkadelic-Knee Deep
1939 Hanumant Singh, cricketer, 14 Tests for India-century on debut
1939 Nancy Kwan, born in Hong Kong, actress, Flower Drum Song, Night Creature
1938 Bert de Vries, Dutch minister of Social Affairs, CDA
1938 Margaret Howard, British broadcaster
1937 Billy Carter, Plains Georgia, brother of President Carter
1936 Richard Rodney Bennett, Broadstairs Kent England, composer
1936 Judith Guest, American Novelist
1935 Ruby Murray, Irish pop singer, Softly Softly
1934 Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, composer
1931 Evelyn de Rothschild, English banker/multi-millionaire
1931 James Weatherhead, moderator, General Assembly of Church of Scotland
1931 Norman Tebbit, born in Southgate, England, politician, Member of Parliament
1931 Sylvia Law, British town planner
1930 Donny Conn, rocker, Playmates
1930 G R Sunderam, cricket pace bowler, 2 Tests India vs. New Zealand 1955-56
1930 Hugh Seymour, born in Britain, 8th Marquess of Hertford, Peerage of Great Britain
1929 Ronald Clive Williams, actor and comedian
1929 Sheila Kitzinger, author, anthropologist and child birth educator
1928 Vaclav Felix, composer
1927 John McLaughlin, commentator, McLaughlin Report
1927 Arthur Ravenel, Jr., born in Charleston, South Carolina, Representative-R-South Carolina 1987 - 1995
1927 John McLaughlin, TV commentator, McLaughlin Group
1927 John Vane, FRS/pharmacologist
1925 Emlen Tunnell, NFL safety, Giants, Packers
1924 Jules de Corte, blind Dutch ballad singer
1923 Julia Montgomery Walsh, political consultant/writer
1921 Hugh Neill, Lord-Lieutenant, South Yorkshire
1921 Sam Loxton, cricketer, flamboyant Australian batsman of late 40's
1919 Eileen Heckart, born in Columbus, Ohio, actress, Doll's House, Trauma Center
1918 John Read, CEO, TSB Group
1918 Pearl Bailey, born in Newport News, Virginia, singer, Hello Dolly
1918 Sam Walton, billionaire CEO, Wal-Mart
1917 Arthur Knight, CEO, Courtaulds
1917 Man O'War, racehorse, winner of 20 out of 21 races and $249,465
1916 Eugene J. McCarthy, born in Watkins, Minnesota, Senator-D-Minnesota, President candidate 1968
1916 John Paul, Governor-General, Bahamas
1915 George Chisholm, Scottish jazz trombonist
1914 Chapman Pincher, British journalist/author, about secret service
1913 Jack Jones, British trade unionist, CH
1913 Niall MacGinnis, born in Dublin, Ireland, actor, Curse of the Demon
1913 Phil Foster, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedian, Frank De Fazio-Laverne and Shirley
1911 Philip Ahn, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Master Kan-Kung Fu
1909 Moon Mullican, hillbilly pianist, 7 Nights of Rock
1909 Yvonne Waegemans, Flemish writer, Gnome Patjoepelke
1908 Arthur O'Connell, born in New York City, actor, Mr Peepers, Second Hundred Years
1908 Dennis O'Keefe, born in Fort Madison, Iowa, actor/dir, T-Men, Fighting Seabees
1906 E Power Biggs, Westcliff-on-Sea England, organist/composer, CBS
1905 Annunzio Mantovani, born in Venice, Italy, orchestra leader, Mantovani
1902 Marcel Ayme, French writer, Jument Verte
1902 Onslow Stevens, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Mr Fisher-This is the Life
1902 William Walton, born in England, composer, Troilus and Cressida, Wise Virgins
1901 Frans U Kailas, Finnish poet
1898 Cecil Lewis, airman and writer
1895 Ernest Junger, German philosopher, Anschwellender Bocksgesang
1892 Jozsef Mindszenty, Joseph Prehm, Hungarian cardinal
1891 Yvan Goll, born in Saint-Die, France, writer, poet, surrealist, expressionist, most famous war poem 'Requiem for the Dead of Europe'
1889 Howard Lindsay, born in Waterford, New York, playwright, actor and director, State of Union
1889 Warner Baxter, born in Columbus, Ohio, actor, In Old Arizona, Cisco Kid
1888 Adrianus M de Jong, Dutch writer, World Tour of Bulletje and Bonestaak
1888 James E. Casey, founder, United Parcel Service
1886 Gustaf Adolf Tiburtius Bengtsson, composer
1883 Donald Dexter Van Slyke, U.S. chemist, Micromanometric analysis
1876 Jan Ingenhoven, composer
1876 Joseph Schmidlin, German church historian/antifascist
1875 Lou Henry Hoover, 1st lady, 1929-33
1875 Paul Rubens, composer
1871 Tom Hayward, cricketer, great England batsman of the Golden Age
1869 Ales Hrdlicka, U.S., anthropologist and curator, US National Museum
1869 Edwin Lutyens, architect, London
1867 Cy Young, born in Gilmore, Ohio, pitcher, 511 wins, 1890 - 1911
1848 Aleksei Kuropatkin, Russian general and minister of War
1831 Amelia Barr, born in Ulverston, England, writer, novelist, wrote for religious periodicals, novels include 'The Lone House', 'Shela Vedder'
1829 Ritta and Christina, Siamese twins, in Sardinia
1829 Robert Emmet Rodes, Major General Confederate Army
1826 Wilhelm Liebknecht, German MP, social-democratic
1822 Joseph Quinaux, Belgian painter
1821 Joshua Thomas Owen, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1819 Edwin Drake, drilled 1st productive U.S. oil well
1819 Isaac Mayer Wise, rabbi and founder American Hebrew Congregations
1817 Constantine S. Aksakov, Russian historian and poet
1816 James Gallant Spears, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1813 John Letcher, Gov, Confederacy
1799 Edward Stanley, Earl Derby, C, British Prime Minister, 1852, 1858-59, 1866-68
1790 John Tyler, born in Virginia, 10th President, 1841-1845
1752 Edward Jones, composer
1725 Joseph Franz Xaver Dominik Stalder, composer
1636 Esaias Reusner, composer
1616 Johann Erasmus Kindermann, composer
1602 John Lightfoot, English theologist and literary, Horae Hebraicae
1561 Santorio Sanctorius, born in Italy, physician
1519 Carlo Caraffa, Italian cardinal
1484 Johann Spangenberg, composer