March 4 Birthdays in History - March 4 Deaths - March 4 Events
1993 Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
1977 Anna Baitchik, Miss Russia Universe 1997
1974 Jarrett Deuling, born in Vernon, NHL left wing for the New York Islanders
1974 Karol Kucera, born in Bratislava, Slovakia, tennis star, 1995-Rosmalen
1974 Sherry Wigginton, born in Austin, Texas, diver in 1996 Olympics
1973 Phillip Daniels, NFL defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks
1972 Chris Borg, born in Lexington South Carolina, canoe, alternate in 1996 Olympics
1972 Martin St. Pierre, born in Ripon, Quebec, 20k walker in 1996 Olympics
1972 Robert Smith, NFL running back for the Minnesota Vikings
1972 Sherida Pawiroredjo, Suriname Miss Indra Maju 1993
1971 Edwin van Holten, soccer player, FC Volendam
1970 Dave Stevens, Fullerton California, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins
1970 Marja Helena Paluila, ice hockey defenseman, Finland, 1998 Olympics
1970 Matt Gay, WLAF safety for the Rhein Fire
1970 Tina Paternostro, born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, golfer, 1995 JAL Big Apple-57th
1969 Chastity Bono, born in Los Angeles, California, daughter/actress, Sonny and Cher Show
1969 Jeff Tinsley, born in Shelbyville, Kentucky, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox
1969 Karrie Poppinga, born in Manhattan Beach, California, volleyballer, Pismo Beach 4/1995
1969 Kenneth Benson, CFL linebacker for the Toronto Argonauts
1968 Brian Hunter, born in Torrance, California, infielder for the Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros
1968 Dinky van Rensburg, South Africa, tennis star
1968 Dionna Harris, born in Wilmington Delaware, softball outfielder, 1996 Olympic gold
1968 Evan Dando, rocker with the Lemonheads
1968 Patsy Kensit, London, actress in Lethal Weapon 2, Hanover St.
1967 Daryll Cullinan, South African cricketer, batsman Warne's bunny
1967 Juli Furtado, born in New York City, mountain cyclist, world champion 1991, 92
1967 Tim Vine, born in London, Enlgand, actor, comedian, performs stand up comedy, television, appears at festivals, tours through the United Kingdom include 'Current Puns' and 'Punslinger', achieved Guinness World Record for most jokes told in an hour
1966 Kevin Johnson, NBA guard for the Phoenix Suns
1966 Mike Small, born in Aurora Illinois, Canadian Tour golfer, 1993 Emerald Coast
1966 Patrick Hannan, English pop drummer, Sundays-Can't Be Sure
1965 Alexandra Harbold, New York City, sprint kayak, 1996 Olympics
1965 Dana Brown, born in Memphis, Tennessee, Miss Tennessee - America, 1991-3rd
1965 Stacy Edwards, Glasgow, Montana, actress, Santa Barbara
1964 Emilia Eberle, Romania, gymnast, won Olympic silver in 1980
1964 Linda French, born in Oak Park, Illinois, badminton player 1996 Olympics
1964 Tom Lampkin, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, catcher for the San Francisco Giants
1963 Anne Minter, Australia, tennis star
1963 MDV, Michiel de Vos, Dutch pop bassist, Burma Shave-Stash
1963 Jason Newsted, born in Battle Creek, Michigan, bassist, Metallica, heavy metal band member, founder of Chophouse Records studio
1962 Brant Ian Woodward, born Hurstville, New Zealand, trap shooter 1996 Olympics
1962 Greg Kragen, NFL nose tackle for the Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers
1961 David "Tinker" Juarez, born in Los Angeles, California, cyclist,Olympics 19th in 1996
1961 Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, boxer, killed a boxer in the ring
1961 Roger Wessels, born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, golfer, 1994 Canadian Masters
1961 Steven Weber, born in Queens, New York, actor, Brian Hackett-Wings
1960 Reggie McElroy, NFL tackle for the Denver Broncos
1960 Russell Todd, born in Troy, New York, actor, Dr. Jamie Frame-Another World
1959 Kelly Lynch, born in Golden Walley, Minnesota, actress, Warm Summer Rain, Cocktail
1958 Patricia Heaton, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, played Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond
1955 Benny Alexander, secretary general, South Africa Pan-Africanist Movement
1954 Catherine O'Hara, born in Toronto, Ontario, comedienne, Beetlejuice, SCTV
1954 Peter Erling Jacobsen, born in Portland, Oregon, PGA golfer, 1990 Bob Hope
1953 Chris Smith, born in Rahway, New Jersey, Representative-R-New Jersey 1981 -
1953 Kay Lenz, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Moving Violations, Rich Man Poor Man
1952 Ronn Moss, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Ridge-Bold and Beautiful, Santa Barbara
1951 Chris Rea, English rock guitarist, Fool If You Think It Is Over
1951 Gwen Welles, born in New York City, actress, Desert Hearts, Sticky Fingers
1951 Kenny Dalglish, born in Dalmarnock, Glasgow, soccer player, soccer team manager, named the greatest post-war British striker by FourFourTwo magazine
1950 Emilio Estefan, born in Cuba, rocker, Miami Sound Machine-1 2 3
1950 Judy Dickinson, born in Akron, Ohio, LPGA golfer, 1985 Boston Five Classic
1950 Rafael Canizares Poey, Alacs Mtnzs Cuba, basketballer, Olympic bronze 1972
1950 Rick Perry, born in Paint Creek, Texas, politician, Republican, 47th Governor of Texas, chairman Republican Governors Association, 2008
1948 Billy Gibbons, rock guitarist, ZZ Top-She Got Lets, Fandango
1948 Chris Squire, born in London, rock bassist, Yes-Fish Out of Water
1948 Shakin' Stevens, Mike Barrett, Wales, rocker, You Drive Me Crazy
1948 James Ellroy, American Writer
1948 Jean O'Leary, American Activist
1946 Haile Gerima, director of Ashes and Embers
1946 Harvey Goldsmith, impresario
1946 Michael Ashcroft, English entrepreneur/multi-millionaire, Hawley-ADT
1946 Ralph Kirshbaum, born in Denton, Texas, cellist, RNCM Manchester International Festival
1945 Dieter Meier, Swiss singer and children book writer, Yello
1945 Jaime Tirelli, born in New York City, actor, Orlando Lopez-Ball Four
1945 Curtis Hanson, American Director
1944 Bobby Womack, Cleveland, R&B singer and guitarist, Woman's Got to Have It
1943 Zoltan Jeney, born in Szolnok, Hungary, composer, minimalist style, studied with Ferenc Farkas in Budapest, Goffredo Petrassi, in Rome
1941 Adrian Lyne, director, Fatal Attraction, 9 Weeks, Jacob's Ladder
1941 John Aprea, born in Englewood, New Jersey, actor, Lucas-Another World, Godfather 2
1941 John Hancock, born in Hazen, Arkansas, actor, Black Marble, Traxx, Houston Knights
1940 Kas Garas, born in Kaunas, Lithuania, actor, Hamlyn-Strange Report
1939 James Aubrey Turner, scientist
1939 Paula Prentiss, born in San Antonio, Texas, actress, Parallax View, He and She
1937 Graeme Dowling, cricketer, New Zealand, 239 vs. India 1968
1937 Ron Carter, jazz bassist, Ron Carter Meets Bach
1937 Yuri Aleksandrovich Senkevich, Russian cosmonaut
1937 Wilen, musician
1936 Aribert Reimann, composer
1936 David Thompson, British food magnate and multi-millionaire
1936 Eric Allandale, rocker, Foundations
1936 Jim Clark, race car driver, Indianapolis 500
1934 Barbara McNair, born in Racine, Wisconsin, singer and actress, Barbara McNair Show
1934 Jane van Lawick-Goodall, ethologist and chimp expert, 1974 Walker Prize
1934 John Duffey, bluegrass musician
1934 Mario Davidovsky, born in Buenos Aires, Argentinia, composer, Synchronisms
1933 Ann Burton, singer
1932 Hessel Rienks, economist/Dutch 2nd chamber member, PvdA
1932 Miriam Makeba, born in Johannesburg, South Africa, singer, Grammy 1965
1932 Ryszard Kapuscinski, Polish Journalist
1931 Ernesto Rosenstand, Arubian playwright, Kiko Ta Di Nos?
1931 Gennady Rozhdestvensky, composer
1931 Han Jansen, Dutch painter
1929 Bernard Haitink, born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, conductor, London Philharmonic Orchestra 1969 - 1978
1929 Josep Mestres-Quadreny, composer
1928 Alan Sillitoe, born in England, writer, Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
1928 Samuel Adler, composer
1927 Robert Di Domenica, composer
1927 Thayer David, born in Massachusetts, actor, Eiger Sanction, Rocky, Nero Wolfe, Savages
1927 Robert Orben, magician, comedy writer, author, specializes in observational comedy, wrote, 'Encyclopedia of Patter', 'Speaker's Handbook of Humor', speechwriter for Vice President Gerald R. Ford, became Director, White House Speechwriting Department
1926 Richard DeVos, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, World War II veteran, businessman, author, billionaire, co-founder Amway - now Alticor, owner Orlando Magic, wrote 'Hope from My Heart: Ten Lessons For Life'
1923 Patrick Moore, born in England, astronomer and writer, A-Z of Astronomy
1923 Piero J d'Inzeo, born in France, equestrian show jumper, Olympic gold in 1952, 1964
1921 Halim El-Dabh, composer
1921 Joan Greenwood, born in London, actress and director, Amorous Mr. Prawn
1920 Marcella Grady Jennings, rancher
1919 Buck Baker, American Celebrity
1918 Margaret Osborne DuPont, born in Joseph, Oregon, tennis pro, U.S. Open 1948-50
1918 Dwayne Andreas, born in Worthington, Minnesota, called the 'Soybean King', CEO of Archer Daniels Midland - ADM, largest producer of farm commodities in the U.S. for over 30 years
1916 Giorgio Bassani, Italian writer, Botteghe Oscure
1916 Hans Eysenck, psychologist
1915 Carlos Surinach, born in Barcelona Spain, composer, Monte Carlo
1915 Eunice Catunda, composer
1915 Petrus de Jong, Dutch premier, KVP, 1967-71
1912 Afro, Italian painter
1912 John Garfield, born in New York City, actor, Air Force, Destination: Tokyo, Juarez
1910 Tancredo Neves, Civil rights activist
1909 Harry B. Helmsley, born in New York City, billionaire builder, Empire State Building
1909 Joseph Force Crater, American Judge
1908 Boris N. Poveloi, Kampov, Russian journalist/writer
1907 Edgar Barrier, born in New York, actor, Cobra Woman, Macbeth, Rocky, Cornered
1905 Lili Krus, born in Budapest Hungary, pianist, Austrian Cross of Honor 1978
1903 Harold Berens, comedian
1901 Charles H. Goren, bridge master, 26 U.S. Titles
1901 Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, Madagaskisch poet, Enfants d'Orphee
1900 Roberto Soundy, born in El Salvador, trap shooter, 1968 Olympics
1897 Francis "Lefty" O'Doul, baseball player and organized Japanese baseball
1891 Dazzy Vance, hall of fame pitcher, led NL in strike-outs 7-yrs
1889 Pearl White, Victoria, U.S. actress/stunt woman, Perils of Pauline
1888 Knute Rockne, Norwegian/U.S. football player and coach, Notre Dame
1885 Willem H. Winkel, Dutch physician/founder, Red Cross of Curacao
1879 Bernhard Kellermann, writer
1877 Alexander Fyodorovich Gedike, composer
1877 Daniel G. van Beuningen, Dutch art collector
1875 Alberto Vaccari, Italian jesuit and old testament scholar
1875 Enrique Larreta, E R Maza, Argentine diplomat, Gloria de Don Ramiro
1875 Suze Groeneweg, 1st Dutch female parliament member, SDAP, 1918-37
1862 Robert Emden, Swiss geo/astro physics, Emden-polytroop
1844 Josip Jurcic, Slovenian writer, 10th Brother
1841 Kristian Mandrup Elster, Norwegian author, And fremmed Fugl
1838 Paul Lacome, composer
1835 Giovanni Schiaparelli, born in Italy, astronomer, discovered canals of Mars
1834 Peter Nicolai von Wilm, composer
1828 Elisha Franklin "Bull" Paxton, Brigadier General, Confederate Army
1826 John Buford, American Soldier
1819 Charles Oberthur, composer
1813 Wijnand J J Nuijen, romantic/water colors painter, Wrecked
1789 Pavel P. Gagarin, Russian monarch
1782 Johann Wyss, Swiss folklorist/writer, Swiss Family Robinson
1773 Pierre-Louis Hus-Desforges, composer
1766 Emanuel ADMJ, French historian, Napoleon
1765 Charles Dibdin, England, composer/author, Sea Songs
1757 Ignaz Malzat, composer
1754 Benjamin Waterhouse, physician, smallpox vaccine pioneer
1754 Dieudonne-Pascal Pieltain, composer
1748 Casimir Pulaski, Count/American Revolutionary War general
1742 Johann Heinrich Egli, composer
1719 Aert Schouman, Dutch bird/portrait painter
1678 Antonio Vivaldi, Venice, Baroque violin virtuoso/composer, 4 Seasons
1651 John Baron Somers, Whig, William III's chief minister, 1696-1700
1492 Francesco de Layolle, composer
1394 Henry the Navigator, Prince/sponsors Portuguese voyages of discovery