May 11 Birthdays in History - May 11 Deaths - May 11 Events
1983 Holly Valance, Australian Musician
1982 Jonathan Jackson, Orlando, Florida, actor, Lucky-General Hospital
1981 Austin O'Brien, actor, Apollo 13, My Girl 2, Lawnmower Man
1980 Matthew Lawrence, Philadelphia, actor, Dynasty, Matthew-Brotherly Love
1978 Laetitia Casta, born in Pont-Audemer, France, model, actress, appeared in L'Oreal, Dior, Chanel campaigns, featured on 100 magazine covers, films include, 'Visage'
1974 Roger Juffing, soccer player, Fortuna Sittard
1973 Dean Pullar, Cobram Victoria Australia, diver 1996 Olympics
1973 Michelle Venturella, U.S. softball infielder, 1996 Olympics gold
1973 Patrick Sapp, NFL offensive linebacker for the San Diego Chargers
1973 James Haven, actor producer, Angelina Jolie's brother, appeared in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' television show and the film 'Monster's Ball'
1972 Andrew Bonhomme, Melbourne VIC, Australasia golfer
1972 Hicham El-Mashtoub, NFL center for the Houston Oilers
1972 Stefen Reid, CFL linebacker, Montreal Alouettes
1971 Corey Fuller, NFL cornerback for the Minnesota Vikings
1971 Yo Murphy, WLAF receiver for the Scottish Claymores
1970 Dean Capobianco, Australian 200m/400m, 1992, 1996 Olympics
1970 Michael Joubert, Australian 400m/800m 1996 Olympics
1969 Amy Legacki, Terrytown, New York, 10k runner
1967 Eric Young, born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, infielder for the Colorado Rockies
1967 Jamie Brayshaw, cricketer, son of Ian WA and SA right-handed batsman
1967 Kenneth Gould, born in Chicago, Illinois, Welterweight boxer 1988 Olympics bronze
1966 Chris Mohr, NFL punter for the Buffalo Bills
1966 Trenidad Hubbard, born in Chicago, Illinois, outfielder for the Colorado Rockies
1964 Bobby Witt, Arlington, Virginia, pitcher for the Texas Rangers
1964 Drew Story, San Clemente, California, canoe alternate for 1996 Olympics
1964 Floyd Youmans, baseball pitcher, Expos
1964 Jeff Sellers, baseball pitcher, Red Sox
1964 John Parrott, born in Liverpool, England, professional snooker player, winner, World Snooker Championship, 1991, won UK Championship title, 1991
1964 Katie Wagner, daughter of Robert Wagner/model/guest VJ, MTV
1963 Blair Piercy, Vancouver, Canadian Tour golfer, 1992 Cordova Bay Open
1963 Mark Breland, born in Brooklyn, New York, welterweight boxer 1984 Olympics gold
1963 Natasha Richardson, born in London, England, actress, Gothic, Handmaid's Tale
1962 Steve Bono, NFL quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers - Superbowl 31
1961 Cecile Licad, Manila, Philippines, pianist, Leventritt Award-1981
1960 Jurgen Schult, born in West Germany, discus thrower, world record 1986
1959 Martha Quinn, born in Albany, New York, MTV VJ, Tracey-Bradys
1958 Peter Antonie, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1958 Walt Terrell, born in Jeffersonville, Indiana, professional baseball player, starting pitcher, played for the New York Mets, New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates
1957 Luca Urbani, Rome, Italy, MD/astronaut, STS-78-alt
1955 Jos Haagmans, Dutch singer, Frank Boeijen Group
1955 Mark Herndon, Springfield, Massachusetts, country drummer, Alabama-Take Me Down
1954 Judith Weir, born in Cambridge, England, composer, professor of music at Cardiff University, Artistic Director, Spitafields Festival, Composer in Association for the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
1953 Boyd Gaines, born in Atlanta, Georgia, actor, Mark-One Day at a Time, Sure Thing
1952 Darrow Igus, Newark, New Jersey, comedian, Fridays, Roll Out
1950 Dane Iorg, baseball player, Philles, Cards
1950 Jeremy Paxman, born in Leeds, England, journalist, television presenter, broadcaster, worked for the BBC since 1977, known for abrasive interview style
1949 Joao Botelho, Lamego Portugal, director, Trafico, Hard Times
1948 Alfred Matt, Austria, slalom 1968 Olympics bronze
1947 Claude "Butch" Hudson Trucks, drummer, Allman Brothers
1944 John Benaud, cricketer, brother of Richie, Australian bat 1972-73
1943 Les Chadwick, bassist, Gerry and Pacemakers-Ferry Crossed the Mersy
1943 Nancy Greene, Canada, giant slalom, Gold Medal 1968 Olympics
1942 Rachel Billington, British writer
1941 Eric Burdon, England, rock vocalist, Animals-House of the Rising Sun
1941 Ian Redpath, cricketer, dependable Australian opening batsman 1964-76
1940 Ronald Anthony Pellegrino, composer
1939 Milt Pappas, baseball pitcher
1938 Carla Bley, Carla Borg, Oakland, musician, Escalator Over the Hill
1938 Harvey Sollberger, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, flutist/composer, 2 Oboes Troping
1937 David Allan, cricketer, West Indian wicketkeeper 1962-66
1935 Doug McClure, born in Glendale California, actor, Checkmate, Virginian, Roots
1934 James Jeffords, American Politician
1934 Jim Jeffords, American Politician
1933 Louis Farrakhan, minister, black islam nation, million man march
1932 Henriette Santer, clinical Psychologist
1932 Valentino [Garavani], Milan Italy, fashion designer
1931 Stephen Smalley, rev/dean, Chester
1930 M J Hamlin, Principal/Vice-Chancellor, Dundee University
1930 Stanley L Elkin, born in Brooklyn, New York, writer/professor, Living End
1930 Stanley Elkin, American Author
1929 Edward Anson, British Vice-Admiral
1928 Yaacov Agam, Israeli sculptor
1927 Mort Sahl, Montreal, comedian/political satirist/beatnik, Big Party
1927 Zilpha Keatly Snyder, U.S., sci-fi author, Headless Cupid
1926 Ernest Harrison, CEO, Racal Electronics
1926 Frank Thring, Melbourne Australia, actor, El Cid, Ben-Hur
1925 Rhodes Boyson, born in Lancashire, England, Sir Rhodes Boyson, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Brent North
1924 Antony Hewish, radio astronomer
1924 Jackie Milburn, English soccer star, Newcastle United
1924 Tim Flock, American Celebrity
1923 Joan Moriarty, Brigadier matron-in-chief/dir, Army Nursing Services
1923 Lord Gordon "Gordy" White, English industrialist/multi-millionaire
1923 Vincent Gordon Lindsay White, tycoon
1921 Ian Percival, born in England, politician, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for Southport, served in World War II in North Africa and Burma, earned rank of Major
1920 Beryl Bryden, jazz singer
1920 Denver Pyle, Bethune, Colorado, actor, Dukes of Hazzard, Tammy, Doris Day
1919 John Michael Hayes, born in Massachusetts, screenwriter, scripted several famous Alfred Hitchcock films
1918 Richard P. Feynman, physicist, Feynman-diagrams/Nobel prize 1965
1918 Robert Hunt, CEO, Dowty Group
1918 Richard P. Feynman, American Physicist
1917 Hon Montague Woodhouse, Greek resistance organiser
1916 Camilo Jose Cela, Spain, author, La Colmena-1951
1913 Clare Grundman, composer
1913 Tutti Camarata, Glen Ridge, New Jersey, orchestra leader, Vic Damone Show
1912 Foster Brooks, born in Louisville, Kentucky, comedian/actor, Miles-Mork and Mindy
1912 Phil Silvers, born in Brooklyn, New York, comedian, Sergeant Bilko-Phil Silvers Show
1911 Doodles Weaver, born in Los Angeles, California, comedian, Spike Jones and City Slickers
1911 Edgar Beck, president, John Mowlem
1911 Roy James Alfred Kaulback, soldier
1910 Jorge Croner de Vasconcelos, composer
1909 Herbert Murrill, composer
1909 Terry McAuliffe, American Politician
1907 Rose Auslander, writer
1906 Kent Taylor, Louis Weiss, Iowa, actor, Boston Blackie, Rough Riders
1905 Marjorie Sykes, peace campaigner
1904 Guus Weitzel, Dutch radio-announcer
1904 Salvador Dali, Figueras, Spain, surrealist artist, Crucifixion
1903 Charlie Gehringer, Detroit Tigers' 2nd baseman, 1924-42
1902 Bidu Sayao, Niteroi Brazil, soprano, Mimia-La Boheme
1902 Kaarlo Sarkia, Finnish poet, Unen Kaivo
1901 Mari Sandoz, Nebraska, author, Cheyenne Autumn
1900 Norris Cotton, American Politician
1897 Izak W van der Merwe, Boerneef, South Africa writer, Tweetalige Woordeboek
1896 Josip Slavenski, composer
1896 Philippo de Pisis, Italian painter
1895 Jan Parandowski, writer
1895 William Grant Still, Woodville Mississippi, composer, Afro-American
1894 Anton A Mussert, Dutch nazi leader, NSB
1894 Florimond Cornellie, Belgium, yachting, Gold Medal 1920 Olympics
1894 Martha Graham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, choreographer, Appalachian Spring
1892 Margaret Rutherford, England, actress, Murder Most Foul
1891 Henry Morgenthau, Jr., U.S. Secretary of Treasury, 1934 - 1945
1888 Irving Berlin, Temum Siberia, composer, White Xmas,
1888 P A J Losecaat Vermeer, leader of Dutch High Council
1882 Joseph Marx, Austrian composer/critic
1881 Jan van Gilse, composer/resistance fighter, Frau Helga von Staveren
1881 Pascual Rogatis, composer
1869 Francisco Lacerda, composer
1858 Carl Hauptmann, writer
1855 Anatol Konstantinovich Lyadov, Russian composer, Bewitched Lake
1854 John Blackham, cricketer, Australia's 1st wicketkeeper
1854 Ottmar Mergenthaler, Hachtel Germany, inventor, linotype
1852 Charles W. Fairbanks, R, 26th U.S. Vice President, 1905 - 1909
1847 Godefroid Kurth, Belgian historian, La cite de Liege au moyen age
1841 Ernst von Possart, German actor/stage manager/reciter
1840 Filippo Capocci, composer
1830 John Converse Starkweather, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1823 Alfred Stevens, Belgian painter
1821 [Carlos] Charles John Stolbrand, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1811 Chang and Eng Bunker, Chinese Siamese twins
1807 Ira Aldridge, Great 19th century black Shakespearian actor, Othello
1791 Jan Vaclav Hugo Vorisek, composer
1772 Henri-Jean Rigel, composer
1731 Johann Gottfried Seyfert, composer
1722 Peter Camper, Leyden Holland, anatomist/professor, Amsterdam
1654 Cornelis van Alkemade, Dutch historian
1568 Christian I, ruler of Anhalt-Bernburg, Battle of White Mountain