May 12 Birthdays in History - May 12 Deaths - May 12 Events
1978 Thomas Odoyo, cricketer, Kenyan all-rounder 1996 World Cup
1978 Jason Biggs, born in Pompton Palins, New Jersey, actor, breakout role, Jim Levenstein in movie, 'American Pie'
1977 Iva Majoli, Yugoslavia, tennis star
1977 Monique de Bruin, Porland, Oregon, fencer-foil 1996 Olympics
1976 Matthew P Newmark, actor, Joseph Carroll-Guns of Paradise
1975 Lawrence Phillips, running back for the St. Louis Rams
1975 Jonah Lomu, New Zealander Athlete
1974 Anna Ozolins, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1974 Tiffany Stoker, Clovis, California, Miss America, California-4th-1996
1973 MacKenzie Astin, born in Los Angeles, California, actor, Facts of Life, Garbage Pail Kids
1973 Stefano Margoni, hockey forward, Team Italy 1998
1972 Annette Albertson, Reno, Nevada, Miss America-Nevada 1997
1972 Jason Kyle, NFL linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks
1972 Michelle Kahn, Miss Universe-Trinidad and Tobago 1996
1972 Paul Stout, Saugus California, actor, Phillip-Scarecrow and Mrs. King
1971 Craig Novitsky, NFL tackle for the New Orleans Saints
1971 Jamie Luner, Palo Alto California, actress, Cindy-Just the 10 of Us
1971 Tommy Johnson, WLAF cornerback for the Amsterdam Admirals
1970 Andreas Hestler, Victoria BC, cyclist 1996 Olympics
1970 Andrew Coltart, Dumfries Scotland, Australasia golfer
1970 James Michael Furyk, West Chester, Pennsylvania, PGA golfer, 1994 Las Vegas-5th
1970 Mike Malizia, Utica, New York, Nike golfer, 1993 Doral-Ryder Open-61st
1970 Mike Weir, Sarnia Ont, Canadian Tour golfer, Ontario Amateur-1990, 92
1970 Stevie Anderson, NFL wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals
1970 Todd Hallett, Shelburne Nova Scotia, rower, Olympics-7-92, 96
1970 Samantha Mathis, American Actress
1969 Kim Fields Freeman, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Tootie-Facts of Life
1969 Kim Fields, American Actress
1968 Mark Clark, Bath, Illinois, pitcher for the New York Mets
1968 Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder, completed the first 2.5-revolution aerial spin, the 900, licensed the 'Tony Hawk' videogame series
1967 Cara Coughenour, born in Sioux City, Iowa, female pitcher, Colorado Silver Bullets
1967 Lawrence Rucchin, hockey defenseman, Team Italy 1998
1967 Robert Blackmon, defensive back, Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks
1967 Warren Rychel, Tecumseh, NHL left wing for the Colorado Avalanche
1966 Rafael Bournigal, Azua, Dominican Republic, infielder for the Oakland A's
1966 Stephen Baldwin, actor, Beast, Lawrenceville Stories, Usual Suspects
1966 Steven Conran, Lithgow NSW, Australasia golfer
1965 Stacy Wilson, ice hockey forward, Canada, 1998 Olympics
1965 Steve Finley, Union City, Tennessee, outfielder for the San Diego Padres
1964 Joy Ellen Kitzmiller, born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. badminton player 1992 Olympics
1962 Amy Benz, born in Rochester, New York, LPGA golfer, 1994 Oldsmobile Classic-3rd
1962 Emilio Estevez, New York City, actor, Breakfast Club, Young Guns, Mighty Ducks
1962 Mark Bradshaw, Happy Camp California, diver 1996 Olympics
1961 Billy Duffy, rocker, Cult-Hell's Kitchen
1961 Paul Begala, born in New Jersey, political commentator, consultant, former advisor to President Bill Clinton, co-host on 'Crossfire' television show on CNN
1961 Thomas Dooley, German Athlete
1961 Bruce McCulloch, Canadian Actor
1960 Lisa Martin, Australian marathoner, Olympic-silver 1988
1960 Lisa Ondieki, Australian marathoner, Olympics-7th-84, 88, 96
1959 Dave Christian, Minnesota, NHL right wing, Washington Caps, Gold Medal 1980 Olympics
1959 Ving Rhames, American Actor
1958 Beth Maitland, actress, Traci-Young and Restless
1958 Christian Brando, son of Marlon/killed sisters boyfriend
1958 Kim Greist, Stamford CT, actress, CHUD, Brazil, Payoff, Manhunter
1957 Lou[is Rodman] Whitaker, 2nd baseman for the Detroit Tigers
1955 Kix Brooks, born in Shreveport, Louisiana, singer, Brooks and Dunn-Brand New Man
1951 Gunnar Larrson, Sweden, 200m/400m swimmer, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1950 Billy Squier, Massachusetts, heavy metal guitarist, Don't Say No
1950 Bruce Boxleitner, Elgin, Illinois, actor, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Babylon 5
1950 Gabriel Byrne, Dublin, Ireland, actor, Hello Again, Cool World
1950 Jocko Marcellino, rocker, Sha Na Na
1950 Renate Stecher, born in East Germany, sprinter, 3 Gold Medals 1972, 1976 Olympics, Silver Medals 1972, 1976 Olympics, Bronze Medal 1976 Olympics
1948 Lindsay Ann Crouse, New York City, actress, Slapshot, Iceman, Places in Heart
1948 Steve Winwood, England, rock bassist, A Higher Love
1948 Dave Heineman, American Politician
1947 Michael Ignatieff, Canadian Politician
1946 Ian McLagen, rocker, Faces
1946 Leonard Baichan, cricketer, WI opener, 103 vs. Pakistan on debut 1975
1946 L. Neil Smith, American Writer
1945 Jayotis Washington, rocker
1945 Linda Carlson, born in Knoxville, Tennessee, actress, Bev-Newhart, Katie-Kaz
1945 Willie Parnell, U.S. singer, Archie Bell and the Drells
1944 James Purify, U.S. singer, I'm Your Puppet
1944 Chris Patten, British Politician
1943 Billy Swan, Cape Giradeau, Louisiana, rocker, I Can Help
1943 David Walker, rock keyboardist, Gary Lewis and Playboys-Diamond Ring
1943 Linda Dano, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Felicia Gallant-Another World
1942 Barry B[rookes] Longyear, U.S., sci-fi author, City of Baraboo
1942 Dumitru Dediu, Romania, cosmonaut, Soyuz 40 backup
1942 Ian Dury, Upminster Essex, rocker, Blockheads, actor, Judge Dredd
1942 Timothy Hugh Brown, theatre critic
1941 Anthony Newman, born in Los Angeles, California, harpsichordist/organist, Bhajeb
1941 Little Jayotis Washington, U.S. R&B singer, Persuasions
1941 Ruud de Wolff, singer/guitarist, Blue Diamonds
1939 Ronald Ziegler, press secretary, Nixon
1939 Ron Ziegler, American Politician
1938 Andrei Amalrik, Russian writer/dissident
1938 Millie Perkins, Passaic, New Jersey, actress, Jane-Knots Landings
1938 Susan Hampshire, born in London, England, actress, Vanity Fair, Living Free
1937 Beryl Burton, UK, won record, 7, women's cycling titles
1937 George Carlin, born in New York, American comedian, actor, author, Grammy Award winner
1937 Gerry Studds, born in Mineola, New York, Representative-D-Massachusetts 1973 - 1997
1936 Tom Snyder, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, radio, television, news anchor, famous for 'The Late Late Show'
1936 Frank Stella, American Artist
1931 Johan Fleerackers, Flemish vice-president of Dutch One
1930 Pat McCormick-Keller, Lakewood California, diver, 4 Gold Medals 1952, 1956 Olympics
1929 Burt Bacharach, born in Kansas City, Missouri, composer, I'll Never Fall in Love Again
1928 Manuel Lujan, Jr., born in San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, Representative-R-New Mexico 1969 - 1989
1926 Earl Dewitt Hutto, born in Midland City, Alabama, Representative-D-Florida 1979 - 1995
1926 Mervyn M. Dymally, born in Cedros, Trinidad and Tobago, Representative-D-California 1981 - 1993
1926 George C. Williams, American Scientist
1926 James S. Coleman, American Sociologist
1925 John Simon, theater critic, New York Times
1925 Tony Hancock, Birmingham England, actor, Rebel, Wrong Box
1925 Yogi Berra, American Athlete
1923 Ewart G Abner, record company executive
1923 Giovanni Testori, Italian writer, Rocco e i suoi fratelli
1923 Lord Laing, English biscuit manufacturer/pilot/multi-millionaire
1922 Barend Busnac, office clerk/resistance fighter
1921 Edvard Mikcaeli Mirzoyan, composer
1921 Giovanni Benelli, archbishop, Florence, Papal candidate
1921 Henry Mackie, designer of the Belfast Calorimeter
1921 Joseph Beuys, Germany, avant-garde painter/politician
1918 Oscar Beregi, Jr., Hungary, actor, Young Frankenstein, Panic in City
1917 Andre A Rieu, Dutch conductor
1916 Ellis Bonoff Kohs, composer
1914 Bertus Aafjes, Dutch poet/writer
1914 Dan Daniel, born in Chatham, Virginia, Representative-D-Virginia, 1969 - 1988
1914 Howard K Smith, Louisiana, TV newsman, ABC, Moderated Kennedy-Nixon debate
1912 Marshall Royal, jazz sax/clarinet
1910 Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin, British chemist, penicillin/B12/Nobel 1964
1910 Gordon Jenkins, Webster Grove, Missouri, orchestra leader, NBC Comedy Hour
1909 Robert Kagan, American Writer
1909 Roddy Doyle, irish Novelist
1909 Silvan Shalom, Israeli Politician
1907 Katharine Hepburn, born in Hartford, Connecticut, actress, 'Adam's Rib', 'On Golden Pond'
1907 Leslie Charteris, English/US detective writer, Enter the Saint
1906 William M. Ewing, U.S. geologist/geophysicist
1903 Lennox R F Berkeley, British composer, Castaway
1903 Wilfrid Hyde-White, England, actor, My Fair Lady, Peyton Place
1902 Heinrich Kirchner, German sculptor
1901 Hyam Greenbaum, composer
1900 Helene Weigel, Austria/German actress, Metropolis, Mutter Courage
1898 Paul Tournier, born in Geneva, Switzerland, author, physician, famous Christian physician, pioneer of person-centered psychotherapy, wrote 'Medecine de la Personne', advocating we are more than our body, we are spiritual beings
1895 Jiddu Krishnamurti, India, philosopher, Songs of Life
1894 Cleo Ridgely, New York, silent screen actress, I Remember Mama
1890 Kurt Student, German Soldier
1889 Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank
1887 Nandor Zsolt, composer
1886 Albert Saverys, Flemish painter
1886 Hermann Grabner, composer
1886 Piotr F Scharoff, Russian/Italian actor and director, Chechov
1880 Lincoln Ellsworth, led 1st transarctic, transantarctic flights
1880 W Hupkes, engineer/director, Dutch Rail 1938
1876 Harold, grandson of English queen Victoria
1874 Clemens Freiherr von Pirquet, Austrian physician, Reaction of Pirquet
1868 Halsey William Wilson, U.S., publisher of reference books
1867 Hugh Trumble, cricket off-spinner, great Australia at turn of century
1863 Charles Bordes, composer
1861 Ivan Caryll, U.S., composer, Pink Lady
1845 Gabriel Urbain Faure, Pamiers France, composer, Requiem, Ballade
1842 Jules Emile Fred Massenet, Montaud France, composer, Manon, Le Cid
1842 Jules Massenet, French Composer
1829 Paul Karrer, composer
1828 D G Rossetti, writer
1828 Gabriel Dante Rossetti, England, poet/painter, Pre-Raphaelite
1820 Florence Nightingale, Florence, Italy, nurse, Crimean War
1813 Johann Czerski, German chaplin
1812 Edward Lear, England, landscape painter, Complete Nonsense Book
1812 Louis Ludwig Blenker, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1809 Robert Charles Winthrop, American Politician
1809 Giuseppe Giusti, Italian Poet
1806 Amos Beebe Eaton, Major General Union Army
1806 J V Snellman, Finland, journalist/statesman/nationalist
1804 Robert Baldwin, L, help establish government in Canada, or 1904
1803 Justus Freiherr von Liebig, German chemist, agricultural chemics
1797 Johann Hermann Kufferath, composer
1790 Carsten Hauch, Danish writer
1776 Juan Bros y Bertomel, composer
1754 Franz Anton Hoffmeister, composer
1751 Gaetano Manna, composer
1739 Jan Krtitel Vanhal, composer
1739 Johann Baptist Vanhal, composer
1729 Michael F B Freiherr von Melas, Austrian general, 7 Year Wars
1700 Luigi Vanvitelli, Italian architect
1679 Giovanni Antonio Ricieri, composer
1670 August II, the Strong One, King of Poland, 355 children
1662 Jan F van Bloom, Orizonte, Flemish painter, baptized