May 14 Birthdays in History - May 14 Deaths - May 14 Events
1983 Amber Tamblyn, born in Santa Monica, California, actress, Emily Bowen-General Hospital
1978 Heather Brink, Lincoln, Nebraska, gymnast 1996 Olympics
1977 Anca Barna, Cluj, Romania, tennis star, semifinals 1995 ITF Poland
1977 Cesarina Mejia, Miss Dominican Republic Universe 1997
1977 Jayna Hefford, ice hockey forward, Canada, 1998 Olympics
1976 Terrance Cauthen, Trenton, New Jersey, lightweight boxer 1996 Olympics bronze
1975 Carmen Klomp, Australian rower 1996 Olympics
1974 Ken Belanger, Sault-ste-marie, California, NHL left wing for the New York Islanders
1974 Keram Malichi-Sanchez, actor, No Contest, Catwalk, Boulevard
1973 John Davis, WLAF tight end, Amsterdam Admirals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1973 Shanice, Wilson, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, vocalist, Discovery, Loving You
1973 Voshon Lenard, NBA guard for the Miami Heat
1973 Natalie Appleton, Canadian Musician
1972 Chad Cascadden, NFL linebacker for the New York Jets
1972 Gabriel Mann, born in Middlebury, Vermont, actor, fashion model, appeared in films, 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist'
1971 Raphael Wiggins, born in Oakland California, rapper, Lifelines
1971 Sofia Coppola, born in New York City, New York, writer, actress, producer, appeared in 'The Godfather', produced, 'Lost In Translation', 'The Virgin Suicides'
1970 Natasha Ryan, born in Los Angeles, California, actress, Amy-Ladies' Man
1970 Sylvester Stanley, WLAF defensive tackle for the Rhein Fire
1969 David William Wood, Boston, rocker, New Kids-Lovin' You Forever
1969 Cate Blanchett, born in Ivanhoe, Australia, actress, Academy-Award winning performance in 'The Aviator', other films include, 'Elizabeth', 'The Lord of the Rings'
1968 Hiroshi Matsuura, hockey forward, Team Japan 1998
1967 Natasha Elaine Kaiser-Brown, Des Moines Iowa, 400m runner
1967 Shaun Creighton, Australian distance runner 1996 Olympics
1967 Tony Siragusa, NFL defensive tackle, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens
1967 Valeria Marini, Rome, Italy, sports commentator, Italian Soccer
1966 Fab Morvan, France, Lip Syncher, Milli Vanilli
1966 Fabrice Morvan, Guadeloupe, singer, Milli Vanilli-Girl You Know
1966 Leroy Blugh, CFL defensive end for the Edmonton Eskimos
1966 Mark Jackson, NBA guard for the Indiana Pacers
1966 Pooh Richardson, NBA guard for the Los Angeles Clippers
1965 Curt Harnett, born in Toronto, Ontario, sprint cyclist, Olympics-bronze-92/96
1965 Dave Widell, NFL center/guard for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1965 Joey Cora, Caguas Puerto Rico, infielder for the Seattle Mariners
1965 Kelvin Martin, NFL wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles
1964 James M. Kelly, Burlington Iowa, Captain USAF/astronaut
1964 Nancy Sorel, actress, Generations, Black Foix
1963 Pat Borders, Columbus, Ohio, catcher for the California Angels
1962 C C Deville, rocker, Poison-Talk Dirty to Me
1962 Ian Astbury, Merseyside, rock vocalist, Cult-Fire Woman
1962 Martin Rongen, Dutch pop drummer, Rowwen Heze-Boem
1961 Tim Roth, born in London, England, actor, Reservoir Dogs, Vincent and Theo
1960 Carlyle Best, cricketer, WI batsman late 80's
1960 Frank Nobilo, Auckland New Zealand, Australasia golfer
1959 Connie Brighton, Wichita Falls, Texas, playmate, Sept, 1982
1959 Mike Quick, NFL wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles
1959 Patrick Bruel, Algerian/French actor/rock vocalist, Coup of Sirocco
1957 William G. Gregory, born in Lockport, New York, Major USAF/Astronaut, STS-67
1956 Gillian [Marucha] Bradshaw, U.S., sci-fi author, Hawk of May
1956 Steve Hogarth, Kendal England, vocals, "Brave"
1955 Peter Kirsten, cricketer, South African middle-order batsman
1955 [Jose] Dennis Martinez, Nicaragua, pitcher, Orioles, Expos, Indians
1953 Tom Cochrane, born in Toronto, Canada, rock vocalist and guitarist, Red Rider
1953 Norodom Sihamoni, Cambodian Royalty
1952 David Byrne, Dumbarton Scotland, rock guitarist/singer, Talking Heads
1952 Donald R. McMonagle, born in Flint, Michigan, Major USAF/astronaut, STS-39, 54, 66
1951 Jay Beckenstein, saxophonist, Spyro Gyra-Morning Dance
1951 Seasan Hubley, Susan, New York City, actress, Vice Squad, Hardcore
1950 Mark Blum, Newark, New Jersey, actor, Worth Winning, Blind Date, Presidio
1948 Bob Woolmer, cricketer, England batsman mid-70's
1948 Dave LaRoche, baseball pitcher, New York Yankees
1948 Robert Zemeckis, director, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future
1948 Walter Olkewicz, Bayonne, New Jersey, actor, Last Resort, Wizards and Warriors
1947 Al Ciner, born in Chicago, Illinois, rock guitarist, American Breed
1947 Dick "Dirt" Tidrow, baseball pitcher, New York Yankees
1947 Karin Struck, born in Germany, author, wrote women's literature, politically liberal, openly opposes abortion, converted to Catholicism, 1996
1947 Tamara Dobson, born in Baltimore, Maryland, actress, Amazons, Cleopatra Jones
1946 Alan David Marks, pianist/composer
1946 Derek Lek Leckenby, rock guitarist, Herman's Hermits-Kinda Hush
1946 Robert Jarvik, surgeon/inventor, Jarvik 7 artificial heart
1944 Francesca Annis, born in London, England, actress, Madame Bovary, Dune
1944 Gene Cornish, Ottawa, rock bassist/vocalist, Fotomaker, Rascals
1944 George Lucas, Modesto, California, director, Star Wars, Indiana Jones
1944 Troy Shondell, rocker, Many Sides of Troy Shondell
1943 Alan Mollohan, born in Fairmont, West Virginia, Representative-D-West Virginia 1983 -
1943 Dereck "Lek" Leckenby, guitarist
1943 Elizabeth Ray, Marshall, North Carolina, congressman Wayne Hays lover
1943 Jack Bruce, Lanarkshire Scotland, bassist, Cream-White Room
1942 Byron Dorgan, born in Dickinson, North Dakota, Representative-D-North Dakota 1981 - 1992, Senator-D-North Dakota 1992 -
1942 Gerald Mark Shapiro, composer
1942 Lord McAlpine, English contractor/multi-millionaire
1942 Tony Perez, baseball player
1942 Byron Dorgan, American Politician
1941 Nasim-ul-Ghani, cricketer, Pakistani left-handed all-rounder 1958-73
1940 Chay Blyth, English sailor, Alone in Order to the World
1937 Dick Howser, shortstop, Kansas City A's, manager for the Kansas City Royals
1937 Eric Herfst, Dutch cabaret performer/actor, Floris
1937 Peter Frederic Williams, composer
1936 Bobby Darin, Walden Waldo Cassotto, Bronx, singer, Mack the Knife
1934 Frederik von Pallandt, singer
1933 John Mortimore, cricketer, England off-spinner 1959-64
1933 Lajos Kovacs, Hungary, actor, Wings of Desire
1931 Alvin Augustus Lucier, Jr., composer
1930 Edward V "Ned" Regan, Planfield, New Jersey, Controller-R-NY, 1978-
1930 Phillipo Seed, social work academic
1929 Vladimir Antoshin, U.S.S.R., International Chess Grandmaster, 1964
1927 Shirley Spork, LPGA golfer
1926 Cestmir Gregor, composer
1926 Eric Morecambe, London, comedian, Morecambe and Wise, Picadilly Palace
1925 Patrice Munsel, Spokane, Washington soprano, Patrice Munsel Show
1925 Tristram Ogilvie Cary, composer
1924 Joly Braga Santos, composer
1923 Diane Arbus, New York City, photographer, Vogue/Harper's Bazaar
1922 Agha Hasan Abedi, banker
1922 Richard Deacon, actor, Mel Cooley-Dick Van Dyke Show
1922 Franjo Tudjman, Croatian Statesman
1919 Maarten Vrolijk, Dutch soc-dem party minister, CRM 1965-66
1918 Arthur McIntyre, cricket wicket-keeper, England 3 times early 50's
1917 Herta Ryder, literary agent
1917 Lou Harrison, born in Portland, Oregon, composer, Rapunzel
1915 Harry Joseph Chick Daugherty, trombonist, Spike Jones and City Slickers
1912 Marguerite Fawdry, museum curator
1911 J Borremans, Belgian politician, communist, MP
1909 Vladimir Alatortsev, U.S.S.R., International Chess Master, 1950
1909 Eleanor Mondale, American Actress
1909 Helen Fielding, British Author
1909 Scott McCloud, American Cartoonist
1909 Jeffrey Eugenides, American Novelist
1909 Hassan Nasrallah, Lebanese Revolutionary
1907 Dick Bentley, entertainer
1907 Mohammed Ayub Khan, general/premier/president, Pakistan
1906 Hastings Kamuzu Banda, president of Malawi, 1964-94
1906 James Flavin, Portland Me, actor, Man With a Camera
1900 Billie Dove, Lilian Bohny, New York City, actress, Black Pirate, Stolen Bride
1900 Leo Smit, born in Amsterdam, Holland, composer, killed in Poland during the Holocaust
1898 Bonifacio Gil Garcia, composer
1898 Zutty Singleton, U.S. jazz drummer
1897 Sidney Bechet, U.S., jazz clarinetist/saxophonist/band leader
1895 Lew Lehr, Philadelphia, comedian, Stop Me if I heard this One
1895 Renato Lunelli, composer
1893 Ivan Alexandrovich Vishnegradsky, composer
1892 Arthur Vincent Lourie, composer
1892 Felix Petyrek, composer
1891 Egon Kornauth, composer
1888 Miles Mander, Wolverhampton England, actor, Tower of London
1885 Otto Klemperer, Breslau Germany, conductor and composer, Das Ziel
1883 Jan Olieslagers, Belgian aviation pioneer, Antwerp Devil
1883 Julian Eltinge, Massachusetts, vaudeville star/greatest female impersonator
1881 Ed Walsh, pitcher, lowest lifetime ERA, 1.82
1880 B. C. Forbes, born in New Deer, Scotland, Bertie Charles Forbes, founder Forbes magazine, financial journalist, books include, 'Forbes Epigrams', '101 Unusual Experiences'
1870 Zygmunt Denis Antoni Stojowski, composer
1867 Kurt Eisner, German premier of revolutionary Bavaria, 1918-19
1864 Eleanor Everest Freer, composer
1853 Hall Caine, British Novelist
1846 Arnold Kerdijk, Dutch lib politician/founder, Social Weekly newspaper
1846 Pieter W A Cort van de Linden, Dutch premier, 1913-18
1836 James Patrick Major, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1830 George Pierce Doles, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1816 Gualtiero Sanelli, composer
1805 Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann, composer
1798 Frantisek Palacky, Czechoslovakian historian
1781 Friedrich von Raumer, German historian/parliamentarian
1780 Auguste De Polignac, premier France, Reponse mes adversaires
1771 Robert Owen, England, factory owner/socialist
1755 George Barrington, Irish Celebrity
1727 Thomas Gainsborough, English painter, Blue Boy, baptized
1710 Adolf Frederik, king of Sweden, 1751-70
1707 Antonio Teixeira, composer
1701 William Emerson, English Mathematician
1686 Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, Prussia, inventor, thermometer
1679 Peder Horrebow, Danish astronomer
1652 Johann Philipp Fortsch, composer
1316 Charles IV, King of Bohemia, 1346 - 1378, emperor, 1355 - 1378