May 18 Birthdays in History - May 18 Deaths - May 18 Events
1980 Matt Long, American Actor
1979 Kaci Thompson, Miss Nevada Teen USA 1997
1978 Jennifer Streblow, Oshkosh Wisconsin, Miss America-Wisconsin 1997
1978 Jessica Cutler, American Celebrity
1976 Ron Mercer, NBA guard for the Boston Celtics
1975 John Higgins, Scottish Celebrity
1973 Darren Van Impe, Saskatoon, NHL defenseman, Anaheim Mighty Ducks
1973 David Bailey, WLAF tackle for the Frankfurt Galaxy
1973 Donyell Marshall, NBA forward, Golden State Warriors
1973 Markus Brunner, hockey forward, Team Italy 1998
1973 Tory James, NFL defensive back, Denver Broncos Superbowl 32
1973 Walter Scott, NFL defensive tackle, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1972 Turner Stevenson, Prince George, NHL right wing, Montreal Canadiens
1971 Ben Coleman, guard/offensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars
1971 Clifton Sunada, born in Honolulu, Hawaii, extra-lightweight judoka 1996 Olympics
1971 Craig Hentrich, NFL punter, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1971 Daniel Gowing, Germany, New Zealand judoka 1996 Olympics
1971 Karen Bye, ice hockey forward, USA, 1998 Olympics
1971 Lael Perlstrom, Laguna Beach Cal, WPVA volleyballer, U.S. Open-25-1995
1971 Rich Garces, Maracay Aragua Venezuela, pitcher for the Boston Red Sox
1970 Clemens Zwijnenberg, soccer player, FC Twente
1970 Vicky Sunohara, ice hockey forward, Canada, 1998 Olympics
1970 Tina Fey, born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, actress, writer, producer, Emmy Award winner, appeared on 'Saturday Night Live', '30 Rock' television shows
1969 Jean-Chris. Filippin, hockey defenseman, Team France 1998
1969 Martika, Marta Marrero, Cuba, singer, Toy Soldiers
1968 Ernie Logan, NFL defensive end, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets
1967 Jaime Gomez, Arlington, Texas, Nike golfer, 1992 Boise Open
1967 Karl Dunbar, NFL defensive tackle for the Arizona Cardinals
1966 Mike Inez, U.S. rock bassist, Alice in Chains-Facelift
1965 Erik Hanson, Kinnelon, New Jersey, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays
1965 Rufus Porter, NFL linebacker for the New Orleans Saints
1964 Will Wolford, NFL tackle, Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers
1963 Marty McSorley, Hamilton, NHL defenseman, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers
1962 Mike Whitmarsh, born in San Diego, California, beach volleyballer, 1996 Olympics silver
1960 Jari Kurri, Helsinki Fin, NHL left wing, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings
1960 Tom Jackson, Oakville, Ontario, Canadian Tour golfer, 1991 CPGA Winter
1960 Yannick Noah, France, tennis player, French 1983
1959 Graham Dilley, cricketer, England wicket-taker of 80's
1958 Ray Donaldson, NFL center for the Dallas Cowboys
1958 Toyah Wilcox, Birmingham, England, rocker, I Want to Be Free
1957 Michael Cretu, born in Bucharest, Romania, born Mihai Cretu, known as Curly M.C., Enigma project creator, sold over 50 million albums by the year 2008
1956 Joe [Naomichi] Ozaki, Tekushima, Japan, golfer, 1995 Phoenix Open-8th
1955 Chow Yun-Fat, born in Lamma Island, China, actor, appeared in 'The Killer', 'A Better Tomorrow', 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'
1954 Wreckless Eric, rocker, Waxworks, Be Stiff
1953 Helen Chadwick, born in Britain, conceptual artist, feminist perspective
1952 Diane E[lizabeth] Duane, U.S., sci-fi author, Door into Fire
1952 George Strait, Pearsall, Texas, country singer, All My Exes Live in Texas
1952 Martin Hoke, born in Lakewood, Ohio, Representative-R-Ohio 1993 - 1997
1952 Diane Duane, American Writer
1951 Angela Voigt, born in East Germany, long jumper, Gold Medal 1976 Olympics
1951 Denny Dillon, comedian, SNL, Dream On
1951 James Stephens, Mount Kisko, New York, actor, Paper Chase, Devil's Island
1951 Rodger Davis, Sydney NSW, Australasia golfer
1950 Rodney Milburn, Jr., USA, hurdler, Gold Medal 1972 Olympics
1950 Thomas Gottschalk, Bamberg Germany, Telespiele
1949 Bill Wallace, rocker/actor, Fear, Avenging Force, Desperate
1949 Rick Wakeman, rock keyboardist, Yes-Fish Out of Water
1949 Stuart Gannes, born in Detroit, Michigan, writer, Fortune
1949 William Wallace, rocker, Guess Who
1948 Felix MH Troch, Flemish actor and director, Gekkenbriefje
1948 Joe Bonsall, Philadelphia, country singer, Oak Ridge Boys-Elvira
1948 Tom Udall, American Politician
1947 Candice Azzara, born in Brooklyn, New York, actress, Fatso
1947 John Bruton, Prime Minister, Republic of Ireland
1946 Reggie Jackson, Mr. October - baseball rightfielder, Yankees, A's
1946 Andreas Katsulas, American Actor
1945 Bhagwat Chandrasekhar, cricketer, brilliant Indian leggie 1964-79
1945 John Richard Patterson, businessman
1945 Maarten van Traa, Dutch MP, PvdA
1944 Albert Hammond, born in London, England, rocker, musician, songwriter, producer, collaborated with Mike Hazelwood on The Air That I Breathe for the Hollies, wrote hits for Tina Turner
1944 Peter Ryan, British national director, Police Training
1944 W. G. Sebald, German Writer
1942 Keith Hellawell, Chief Constable, West Yorkshire
1942 N P, Nobby, Stiles, footballer
1942 Rodney Dillard, rocker, Glittergrass
1941 Diane McBain, born in Cleveland, Ohio, actress, Surfside Six, Spinout, Donner Pass
1941 Malcolm Longair, born in Dundee Scotland, astronomer, physicist, chairman of the Gemini Board, President, Royal Astronomical Society
1940 A Marshall Stoneham, FRS, physicist
1940 Pat Trimborn, cricket pace bowler, South African in 4 Tests 1966-70
1939 Patrick Cormack, born in Grimsby, England, politician, journalist, author, historian, Conservative Party, Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire
1939 Giovanni Falcone, Italian Judge
1937 Brooks Robinson, Baltimore Oriole 3rd baseman, 1955-77
1937 Ildiko Sagi-Retjo, Hungary, foils, 2 Gold Medas, 3 Silver Medals, 2 Bronze Medals 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976 Olympics
1937 Jacques Santer, President, European Commission
1934 Dwayne Hickman, Louisiana, actor, Dobie Gillis, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini
1932 John Clement, chairman, Unigate Group
1931 Robert Morse, Newton Massachusetts, actor, That's Life, Jack Frost
1930 Barbara Goldsmith, New Rochelle, author, Little Gloria Happy At Last
1930 Don Leslie Lind, Midvale Utah, astronaut, STS-51-B
1930 Fred[erick Thomas] Saberhagen, U.S., sci-fi author, Book of Swords
1930 Geoffrey Littler, CEO, County NatWest Group
1930 Warren Rudman, born in Boston, Massachusetts, Senator-R-New Hampshire 1980 - 1993
1930 Fred Saberhagen, American Author
1929 Johan N Block, aviation pioneer, Martinair/Transavia/Air Holland
1929 Lord St. John of Fawsley
1929 Roger Matton, composer
1928 G R Hall, nuclear scientist
1928 P G Hammersley, British Rear-Admiral
1928 Pernell Roberts, Waycross, Georgia, actor, Adam-Bonanza, Trapper John MD
1927 Richard Body, born in England, Sir Richard Bernard Frank Stewart Body, politician, Member of Parliament for Billericay from 1955 to 1959
1924 Jack Whitaker, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, sportscaster, ABC, CBS
1923 Liam Sullivan, Jacksonville, Illinois, actor, Mapoy-Monroes
1922 Kai Winding, born in Aarhus, Denmark, jazz composer, trombonist, worked with J.J. Johnson, Benny Goodman, Paul Chambers, recorded "More" from "Mondo Cane" movie with Verve records
1922 Bill Macy, Revere Massachusetts, actor, Walter-Maude, Oh! Calcutta
1922 GMcC Kitson, British principal, Central School of Speech/Drama
1921 Anthony Epstein, FRS/pathologist
1920 Pope John Paul II, Polish Pope
1920 Anthony Storr, born in London, England, English author and psychiatrist, wrote 'Art of Psychotherapy' and 'Human Aggression'
1919 Margot Fonteyn, Surrey England, prima ballerina, Giselle
1918 John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, 264th Roman Catholic pope, 1978-
1917 Charles Wintour, journalist
1917 James Donald, Aberdeen Scotland, actor, Bridge on River Kwai, Vikings
1915 Leon Shenandoah, native American leader
1914 Anthony Fell, British MP
1914 Boris Christoff, Bulgaria/Italian bass, Boris Godunov
1914 Pierre A Balmain, France, fashion designer, 1940's "New Look"
1912 Georg von Opel, German auto manufacturer
1912 Perry Como, Pierino, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, singer/TV, Perry Como Show
1912 Richard Brooks, Philadelphia, director, Blackboard Jungle, In Cold Blood
1911 Joe Turner, KC, blues singer, Corrine Corrina, Shake Rattle and Roll
1911 Sigrid Gurie, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Algiers, Sofia, Refugee
1910 Arthur van Schendel, Dutch art historian
1909 Fred Perry, English tennis star/commentator, Wimbledon, 1934-36
1909 Michel Gondry, American Writer
1909 Melinda Gates, American Clergyman
1907 Clifford Curzon, born in London, England, pianist, MacFarren Gold Medal
1907 Robley D Evans, nuclear physicist
1905 Eric Zeisl, composer
1905 Hedley Verity, cricketer, terrific slow lefty for England pre-WW II
1904 Jacob K. Javits, born in New York City, New York, Senator-R-New York 1957 - 1981, Representative-R-New York 1947 - 1954
1904 Shunryu Suzuki, Japanese Leader
1903 George E. Stone, Lodz Poland, actor, Viva Villa, Last Mile
1902 [Robert] Meredith Willson, Mason City Iowa, composer, Music Man
1902 Meredith Willson, American Composer
1901 Harry Robert Wilson, composer
1901 Henri-Pierre Sauguet, Bordeaux France, composer, La Chotte
1901 Vincent du Vigneaud, U.S. biochemist
1900 Sarah Miriam Peale, U.S., portrait painter, General Lafayette-1825
1898 Juan J Domenchina, Spanish poet/interpreter, sombra desterrada
1897 Frank Capra, Italy, director, Its a Wonderful Life, Arsenic and Old Lace
1897 Jack Raine, born in London, England, actor, Quartet
1896 Walter Fitzgerald, Keyhan Devonport England
1891 Rudolf Carnap, philosopher, German Logical Positivist
1887 Ernst Wiechert, writer
1886 Ole Windingstad, composer
1885 Eurico Gaspar Dutra, president of Brazil, 1945-50
1883 Walter Gropius, Berlin Germany, architect, Bauhaus school of design
1882 Eduardo Fabini, composer
1881 Georgi Atanasov, composer
1875 Guido Alberto Fano, composer
1872 Bertrand Russell, England, mathematician/philosopher, Nobel 1950
1871 Franiska zu Reventlow, writer
1869 Ruprecht, crown prince of Bavaria/general-Field Marshall
1868 Nicholas II Aleksandrovitsj, last tsar of Russia, 1894-1917
1865 William Heinemann, England, publisher, Chemical Instrumental
1864 Jan P Veth, Bayern, Dutch painter/etcher/lithographer/art historian
1862 Freiherr Albert von Schrenk-Notzing, German para-psychologist
1862 Josephus Daniels, American Politician
1855 Francis Bellamy, American Clergyman
1854 Bernard Zweers, Dutch composer, To my Fatherland
1850 Oliver Heaviside, London, physicist, predicted ionosphere
1836 Isidor Vorobchievici, composer
1836 Wilhelm Steinitz, Austria, world chess champion, 1866-94
1830 Karl Goldmark, Keszthely Hungary, composer, Sakuhtala
1819 Julius Hopp, composer
1817 James William Denver, Brigadier General Union volunteers
1815 Thomas Stanhope Bocock, Confederacy
1798 Ethan Allen Hitchcock, Major General Union volunteers
1798 Ethan A. Hitchcock, American Soldier
1797 Frederik Augustus II, King of Saxon, 1836-54
1788 Hugh Clapperton, Annan Scotland, African explorer
1785 John Wilson, Scottish Writer
1759 Charles Duquesnoy, composer
1744 Joseph Beer, Bohemia clarinetist/composer, 5th clarinet flap
1711 Ruggiero G Boscovich, Rudzer J Boskovic, Italian astronomer
1692 Joseph Butler, Wantage Berkshire, theologian
1048 Omar Khayyam, born in Nayshapur, Iran, poet, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, wrote, Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra