May 19 Birthdays in History - May 19 Deaths - May 19 Events
1976 Kevin Garnett, NBA forward for the Minnesota Timberwolves
1973 Andreas Johansson, Hofors SWE, NHL forward, Pitts, New York Islanders
1972 Ronald Williams, CFL running back for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1972 Willie Brown, NFL/WLAF linebacker, Seattle Seahawks. Rhein Fire
1971 Darryl Morrison, NFL safety for the Washington Redskins
1971 Lori Ann Mundt, Yorkto,n Saskatchawan, volleyball player 1996 Olympics
1969 Cecile Ulbrich Tucker, Warren, Maine, rower 1996 Olympics
1969 David Wharton, born in Warminster, Pennsylvania, U.S. Olympic swimmer, Silver Medal 1988 Olympics
1969 Kevin Scott, WLAF cornerback for the Scotland Claymores
1969 Richard Dumas, NBA forward for the Philadelphia 76ers
1968 James Parrish, NFL outside linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers
1968 Jeanne Basone, Brubank, California, wrestler, Hollywood-GLOW
1968 Mark Janssens, Surrey, NHL center, Hartford Whalers
1968 Paul Justin, NFL quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts
1968 Theo de Raadt, South African Scientist
1967 John Friesz, NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks
1967 Turk Wendell, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, pitcher for the Chicago Cubs
1966 Sophia Crawford, born in London, England, actress, Power Rangers
1966 Keith Jennings, NFL tight end for the Chicago Bears
1966 Marc Bureau, Trois Rivieres, NHL center, Montreal Canadiens
1965 Edward Odumbe, cricketer, Kenyan pace bowler 1996 World Cup
1965 Joshua Rifkind, actor, Marshall Chronicles
1964 Michael Dean Standly, Abilene, Texas, PGA golfer, 1993 Freeport-McMoRan
1963 Yazz, Yasmin Evans, Mrs. Simon La Bon/rocker, Fine Time
1962 Iain Harvie, Scottish rock guitarist, Nothing Ever Happens
1961 Lisa Rathgber, Hillsboro, Illinois, bowler, LPBT Rookie of Year 1980
1961 Lisa Wagner, bowler, 3-time LPBT Player of Year, Bowler of Decade
1959 Nicole Brown Simpson, Frankford Germany, Mrs. O. J. Simpson, murdered
1957 Bill Laimbeer, NBA forward, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons
1956 Althea Gwyn, WBL center, New York Stars
1956 Martyn Ware, rocker, Heaven 17-Electric Dreams
1956 Steve Ford, actor, Young and Restless, son of President Gerald Ford
1955 Ed Whitson, pitcher, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres
1955 Pierre J Thuot, Groton Conn, Lieutenant Commander USN/astronaut, STS-36, 49, 62
1954 Rick Cerone, Newark, New Jersey, catcher, Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/Expos
1953 Henry Lascelles, English grandson of princess Mary
1952 Joey Ramone, Jeffrey Hyman, rock drummer, Ramones - Baby I Love You
1949 Dusty Hill, rocker, ZZ Top
1948 Grace Jones, born in Spanishtown Jamacia, singer and actress, Vamp
1948 Jean-Pierre Haignere, France, cosmonaut, Soyuz TM-17
1948 Tom Scott, Louisiana, saxophonist/bandleader, Pat Sajak Show
1947 Jerry Hyman, Brooklyn, rock singer/trombonist, Blood Sweat and Tears
1946 Diedre Lenihan, born in Atlanta, Georgia, actress, Wendy-Needles and Pins
1946 Michele Placido, Foggia Italy, actor, La Lupa, Poliziotti
1946 Phillip Rudd, Melbourne, rock drummer, AC/DC-Rock 'n Roll Damnation
1945 Pete Townshend, British Musician
1944 Peter Mayhew, British Actor
1942 Gary Kildall, creator of CP/M
1942 James Topping, author of CP/M
1941 Jane Brody, writer/nutritionist
1941 Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., son of Jimmy Hoffa/Teamster union leader
1941 Marc-Antonio Consoli, composer
1941 Nora Ephron, New York, novelist/screenwriter/director, Michael, Heartburn
1941 James P. Hoffa, American Businessman
1940 Carlos Diegues, actor, Xica
1940 Frank Lorenzo, airline executive, Continental, Texas Air, Eastern
1940 Joan Staley, playmate, Nov, 1958
1940 Mickey Newbury, born in Houston, Texas, singer, member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, wrote songs for Acuff-Rose Music
1939 17th earl of Pembroke, English landowner/director, Emily
1939 Francis R. Scobee, Wash, USAF/astronaut, STS-41C, 51L-Chal disaster
1939 James Fox, born in London, England, actor, Greystoke
1939 Nancy Kwan, Hong Kong, actress, Flower Drum Song, World of Suzie Wong
1939 Richard Lowe Teitelbaum, composer
1939 Tomasz Sikorski, composer
1938 James Bilbray, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Representative-D-Nevada 1987 - 1995
1937 Sanne Sannes, Dutch photographer
1936 Elisabeth Schwartz, Austria, pairs figure skater 1956 Olympics gold
1935 David Hartman, Pawtucket, Rhode Island, TV personality, Good Morning America
1934 David Sinclair, actor, Love and Hate
1934 James Charles Lehrer, Wichita, Kansas, news anchor, McNeil-Lehrer Report
1934 Jan Wijn, born in Amsterdam, Holland, Dutch pianist, piano teacher, played contemporary classical music to national and international audiences
1934 Jim Lehrer, American Journalist
1933 Edward de Bono, physician, inventor, consultant, author, invented term lateral thinking, promoted deliberate teaching of thinking as a subject in public schools, advanced applied psychology, making theories about creativity, perception into usable tools
1931 Eric Davidson, comedy scriptwriter
1930 Lorraine Hansberry, playwright, Raisin in the Sun
1929 Harvey Cox, U.S. theologist, Secular City
1929 Michael Adamis, composer
1928 Anthony C B Chapman, England, sports car builder/autoracer, Formula 1
1927 Serge Lang, Mathematician
1925 Malcolm X, Little, Detroit Red, Omaha NB, founder, Black Muslims
1925 Malcom X, American Clergyman
1924 Sandy Wilson, born in Sale, England, composer, songwriter, musicals include 'The Boy Friend', 'Divorce Me', 'Darling!', 'Aladdin'
1922 David McLean, born in Akron, Ohio, actor, Tate-Tate
1921 Charles van de Reve, slavic, Belief of Kameraden
1921 Daniel Gelin, Angers France, Maria Schneider's dad, actor, Obsession
1921 Karel van het Reve, Dutch Slavist, Comrade's Religion
1919 Betty Jameson, Norman, Oklahoma, LPGA golfer, 1947 U.S. Women's Open
1918 Florence Chadwick, swimmer, 1st to swim English Channel both ways
1918 Abraham Pais, Dutch Scientist
1915 Pol Pot, dictator/mass murderer
1913 Albert Hardy, photographer
1913 Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, president of India
1910 Alan Melville, cricketer, graceful South African batsman 1938-49
1909 Bruce Bennett, born in California, Olympic shot-put silver medalist, actor, played 'Tarzan', given name, Herman Brix
1909 Schlomo Joffe, composer
1909 Matt Gonzalez, American Politician
1909 Carsten Nicolai, German Artist
1909 Augusten Burroughs, American Writer
1904 Anthony Bushell, Kent England, actor, Journey's End
1904 Sven Thofelt, Sweden, pentathlete 1928 Olympics gold
1899 Leonid Maksimovich Leonov, novelist/playwright
1896 Michael Balcon, Birmingham England, producer/father of Jill Balcon
1895 Albert Hay Malotte, composer
1895 Cecil Gray, composer
1892 Konstatin G Paustovski, Russian author, Povestj Zjizni,
1890 Ho Chi Minh, trail blazer/leader of Vietnam, 1946, 1969
1884 Arthur Meulemans, Belgian composer, Adriaan Brouwer, or 5/10
1883 Henricus WJM Keuls, Dutch lawyer/poet, Dancing Lamp
1880 Allard R Hulshoff, architect of Amsterdam, 1924
1879 Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, US/Eng's feminist/ex of Waldorf Astor
1879 Nancy Astor, British Politician
1878 Adam von Ahn Carse, composer
1876 Saint-Georges de Bouchelier, French author, Le Rois Sans Couronne
1876 Wilson Mizner, born in Benicia, California, playwright, entrepreneur, raconteur, wrote, 'The Deep Purple', 'The Greyhound', opium addict, boxing manager, hotel manager, managed restaurant The Brown Derby, with brother, Addison Mizner
1874 Gilbert Laird Jessop, cricketer, The Croucher
1873 Federico Gerdes, composer
1869 Jules Poncelet, Belgian minister of State
1864 Carl Ethan Akeley, U.S., naturalist, devoleped animal mount process
1860 Victor E Orlando, Italy's premier, 1917-19
1859 Nellie Melba, Heal Mitchell, Australian soprano, Peach Melba
1858 Roland Napoleon Bonaparte, French officer/traveller, Surinam
1839 Alice Mary Smith, composer
1828 Adin Ballou Underwood, Major General Union volunteers
1815 John Gross Barnard, Major General Union Army
1812 Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1808 Samuel Jameson Gholson, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1795 Johns Hopkins, philanthropist, founded Johns Hopkins University
1770 Antoine-Charles Glachant, composer
1762 Johann G Fichte German philosopher, Wissenschaftslehre
1755 Gabriele Prota, composer
1746 Johann Friedrich Peter, composer
1616 Johann Jacob Froberger, German singer/organist/composer
1611 Innocent XI, Benedetto Odescalchi, Italy, 240th Pope, 1676-89
1469 Giovanni della Robbia, Italian sculptor