May 21 Birthdays in History - May 21 Deaths - May 21 Events
1985 Frustaci Septuplets, California, Patricia Frustaci gives birth to 7
1981 Beth Botsford, 100m/200m backstroke, 1996 Olympics gold
1978 Kandy Marshall, Miss Virginia Teen USA 1996
1977 Ricky Williams, American Athlete
1974 Fairuza Balk, The Craft, Gas Food Lodging
1972 Alesha Oreskovich, born in Tampa, Florida, playmate, Jun, 1993
1972 Liliko Ogasawara, Englewood, New Jersey, middleweight judoka 1996 Olympics
1971 Eric Nies, actor, MTV Real World, Grind
1971 Jeff Stavroff, Columbus, Ohio, Canadian Tour golfer, 1994 Space Coast-4
1970 Dorsey Levens, NFL running back, Green Bay Packers Superbowl 31
1970 Roman Turek, Strakonice, Czech Republic, hockey goalie, Team Czech Republic, 1998 Olympics
1970 Scott "Munnster" Munn, Larkspur California, rower 1996 Olympics
1970 Veronica Sanchez, born in Michoan, Mexico, WPVA volleyballer, Hermosa-17-1994
1969 Reid Simpson, Flin Flon, NHL left wing for the New Jersey Devils
1967 Cindy Haley, Tyler, Texas, LPGA golfer, 1987 Texas Amateur-2nd
1967 Rogel Nachum, Israel, Men's triple jump, 1996 Olympics
1967 Todd Doohan, Sarnia Ont, Canadian Tour golfer, Western Ont Amateur-92
1967 Tracy Simien, NFL linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs
1966 Manon Kelley, Quebec City Canada, actress, Red Lips 2
1964 Annabel Schofield, Llanelli, Wales, actress, Laurel Ellis-Dallas
1964 Tom Harding, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Canadian Tour golfer, 1991 Transamerica
1964 Tommy Albelin, Stockholm, Sweden, NHL defenseman for the Calgary Flames
1963 Yelena Vodorezova, U.S.S.R., figure skater, Olympic-1976
1963 Kevin Shields, Irish Musician
1961 Tim Lever, keyboard/sax, Dead or Alive-You Spin Me Round
1960 Mark Kevin Carnevale, Annapolis, Maryland, PGA golfer, 1992 Chattanooga
1959 Nick Cassavetes, actor, Rosemary's Baby, Quiet Cool
1958 Mike Barson, rock keyboardist, Madness
1958 Monte Lynch, cricketer, Surrey batsman, WI Rebel, England ODI player
1958 Tom Feeney, American Athlete
1957 Judge Reinhold, Wilmington, Delaware, actor, Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1957 Sue Woodstra, Colton California, volleyball player 1984 Olympics silver
1956 Joanna M C "Annemarie" Henselmans, singer/cabaretiere, School Desk
1955 John Glavin, rock keyboardist, Molly Hatchet
1955 Liaqat Ali, cricket pace bowler, Pakistani in six Tests 1975-79
1955 Stan Lynch, Gainesville, Florida, rock drummer, Tommy Petty and Heartbreakers
1954 Bill Abbott, Sarnia Ontario, yachter 1996 Olympics
1954 Marina Langner, Dusseldorf Germany, Miss World runner-up, 1975
1952 Mr T, Lawrence Tero, Chicago, actor, A-Team, Rocky III, T and T
1951 Al Franken, comedian/writer/actor, SNL, Stuart Saves His Family
1950 Roger Hodgson, London, rocker, Supertramp
1949 Andrew Nell, editor, Sunday Times
1949 Arno Hintjens, Belgian singer, T C Matic
1949 Rosalind Plowright, British soprano, Aida, Senta
1948 Carol Potter, actress, Beverly Hills 90210
1948 Leo Sayer, Gerard, England, singer, When I Need Love
1947 Bill Champlin, born in Oakland California, rocker
1947 Dorothy Germain, LPGA golfer
1947 Richard Hatch, born in Santa Monica, California, actor, Battlestar Galactica
1946 David Hill, Australian TV-reporter/owner, Fox Sports
1946 Ronald Bear, actor and director, Havana, Make-up
1945 Ernst Willi Messerschmid, Reutlingen Germany, astronaut, STS-22
1944 Janet Dailey, U.S., author
1944 Manual Pina, fashion designer
1944 Marcie Blane, born in Brooklyn, New York, given name, Marcia Blank, singer, pop music, known for hit song 'Bobby's Girl'
1944 Mary Robinson, President of Republic of Ireland, Labour, 1990-
1943 Hilton Valentine, rock guitarist, Animals-House of the Rising Sun
1942 David Hunt, Wales Secretary of State
1942 Robert C Springer, St. Louis, Col USMC/astronaut, STS-29, STS-38
1941 Anatoli Semyonovich Levchenko, U.S.S.R., cosmonaut, TM-4
1941 Ronald Isley, born in Cincinnati, Ohio, singer, Isley Brothers-Twist and Shout
1939 Peter Phillips, born in Birmingham, England, artist, painter, sculpture, screenprint, lithography, pioneer, Pop Art Movement
1939 Heinz Holliger, born in Langenthal, Switzerland, studied with Pierre Boulez, composer, world's most famous oboe player
1938 David Groh, born in Brooklyn, New York, actor, Joe-Rhoda, Don-Another Day
1936 Ama Samy, Burma, Jesuit priest/Zen teacher/disciple of Yamada Koun
1936 Dipak Nandy, founder, Runnymead Trust
1935 Terry Lightfoot, clarinetist/bandleader, New Orleans Jazzmen
1934 Phillip King, British sculptor
1933 Barry Norman, Britain, film critic, Film Greats
1932 John Armitage, principal, College of St. Hilda and St. Bede Durham
1932 Robert Sherlaw Johnson, composer
1931 Desmond Wilcox, broadcaster
1931 George Vassiliou, president of Cyprus, 1988-93
1930 David Smith, principal/vice chancellor, Edinburgh University
1930 Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister of Australia, Liberal, 1975 - 1983
1930 Stanley Wells, director, Shakespeare Institute University of Birmingham
1929 Charles Wadsworth, Barnesville Georgia, pianist, Lincoln Center
1929 Paul Winslow, cricketer, big-hitter for South Africa, 108 vs. England 1955
1929 Robert Welch, designer/silversmith, Robert Welch flatware
1927 George Levy, antique dealer/heritage campaigner
1927 Kay Kendall, born in Yorkshire, England, actress, Genevieve, Les Girls
1926 Joseph Horovitz, composer
1926 Rick Jason, New York City, actor, Day of the Wolves, Eagles Attack at Dawn
1926 Robert Creeley, Massachusetts, poet and novelist, Island
1924 Peggy Cass, born in Boston, Massachusetts, actress/TV panelist, To Tell the Truth, Mame
1924 Robert Parris, Philadelphia, composer, Book of Imaginery Beings
1923 Bettye Danoff, LPGA golfer
1923 Doris Mae Akers, gospel singer and songwriter
1921 Andrei Sakharov, Moscow, physicist, human rights worker, Nobel '75
1920 Anthony Steel, London, actor, Malta Story, Wooden Horse
1919 Lord Maxwell, senator and professor, college of Justice Scotland
1919 Mark Wood, bishop, Ludlow
1918 Leonard Mullens, rubber physicist
1917 Dennis Day, Irish tenor/comedian, Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy
1917 Heather Swift, local councillor
1917 Jean-Louis Curtis, French writer, Just Causes
1917 Raymond Burr, BC Canada, actor, Perry Mason, Ironsides, Godzilla
1917 Ronald John Bilsland Colville, businessman
1916 Harold Robbins, New York City, author, Moneychangers, Carpetbaggers, Betsy
1916 Helen Willis Moody Roark, tennis player, U.S. Open 1923-25, 27-29, 31
1916 Joseph Janni, producer
1916 Leonard Manasseh, architect
1909 Guy de Rothschild, French banker
1909 Laura Hillenbrand, American Author
1906 Keith Rigg, cricketer, Australian Test batsman in the thirties
1905 Edward Lockspeiser, composer
1904 Fats Waller, Thomas Wright, jazz singer/composer, Ain't Misbehavin'
1904 Robert Montgomery, Beacon, New York, actor/dir, Earl of Chicago, Yellow Jack
1903 Ali Sastroamidjojo, Indonesian attorney/minister/premier, 1953..7
1903 Manly Wade Wellman, Angola, sci-fi author, After Dark, Devil's Planet
1903 Pedro Aramburu, president Argentina
1901 Horace Heidt, Alameda California, orchestra leader, Swift Show Wagon
1901 Suzanne Lilar, Verbist, France/Belgian writer, Le burlador
1899 Ralph Sanford, Springfield Massachusetts, actor, Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1898 Armand Hammer, New York City, millionaire industrialist, Occidental Petroleum
1898 Charles Haba, Czechoslovakian violinist and composer
1898 Karel Haba, composer
1893 Arthur Carr, cricket captain, England vs. Australia 1926
1893 Simon Delmonte, actor and director, Boemeladvocaat
1892 John Peale Bishop, U.S. poet, This Side of Paradise
1890 Albert van Raalte, conductor, AVRO-orchestra
1888 May Aufderheide, composer
1887 Mabel Taliaferro, New York City, actress, Sentimental Tommy, My Love Come Back
1882 Georgine M "May" Basting, actress, Hostage Rights of Aemstel
1880 Pablo Luna y Carne, composer
1878 Glenn Hammond Curtiss, U.S., inventor, hydroplane
1878 Louis L H de Visser, Dutch MP, CPN
1873 Emil Ermatinger, born in Switzerland, literature historian
1873 Everard Verachtert, Flemish translator, I speak beschaafd Dutch
1873 Hans Berger, German Scientist
1872 Henry Warren, born in Boston, Massachusetts, inventor, Telechon electric clock
1870 William Cameron Forbes, American Diplomat
1867 John James Ferris, cricketer, mighty Australian bowler of late 1880's
1867 Marie Joseph Leon Desire Paque, composer
1865 C J Thomsen, Denmark, archaeologist, named Stone/Iron/Bronze Ages
1860 Willam Einthoven, Dutch physiologist/inventor, electrocardiograph
1858 Jose Battle Ordonez, Uruguay, politician
1855 Emile A G Verhaeren, Belgian poet and writer, Les Flammes Hautes
1851 Leon Bourgeois, France, politician, internationalist, Nobel 1920
1844 Henri Rousseau, French Artist
1843 Louis Renault, French lawyer
1841 Joseph Parry, composer
1835 Newton Martin Curtis, Major General Union volunteers
1834 Charles-Albert Gobat, born in Switzerland, politician, lawyer, and author, Nobel 1902
1826 Danillo II, ruler of Montenegro
1825 George Lafayette Beal, Major General Union volunteers
1822 Dabney Herndon Maury, Major General Confederate Army
1822 Mosby Monroe Parsons, Brigadier General Confederate Army
1821 John F Loudon, Dutch entrepreneur/colonial director.
1808 Gerard de Nerval, Labrunie, French poet and writer, Sylvia
1796 Reverdy Johnson, rep, Union
1780 Elizabeth Fry, Quaker minister/prison reformer/nurse
1775 Lucien Bonaparte, prince of Canino/Musignano
1722 Wilhelm Gottfried Enderle, composer
1720 Antonio Corbisiero, composer
1680 Frederich Karl Erbach, composer
1671 Azzolino Bernardino Della Ciaia, composer
1633 Joseph de La Barre, composer
1527 Philip II, King of Spain, 1556 - 1598, and Portugal, 1580 - 1598
1471 Albrecht Durer, Nurnberg Germany, Renaissance painter/print maker
427 Plato, born in Athens, Greece, writer, philosopher, mathematician, laid foundations of natural philosophy, science, Western philosophy